91 Replies to “Will the Senate Judiciary Committee agree to Christine Blasey Ford’s demands?”

  1. So if me or any other American is told we have to appear in court can we send the courts a list of demands 1st, and never mind what date the court says, I can just make the courts jump through hoops according to what is convenient for me ?

  2. Russias #2 supreme Court Justice judge for American. God hates all republicans and Donald Trump America communist party doing Satan's work in America

  3. I hate pornography!!!????him and Trump DIDN'T do anything wrong! You keep the GODDAMN devil out of this ! I am about to swing into action !!!???????

  4. This is such a travesty. How can he go first when he doesnt even know how or what to defend himself on? She hasnt even given a date or time that this attempted rape supposedly happened and the fact she wants to go 2nd tells me that she wants to craft her accusation/story around what he says. Its BS what they are putting him through and as a man it scares the hell out of me that this could potentially happen to any one of us due to the Metoo movement, where the woman has to be believed over the man mindset permeating our society regardless of if she provides evidence or not.
    How anyone can take this 11th hour last ditch effort to keep the Supreme Court from going Conservative is beyond me? Its complete and utter BS and if the Republicans dont grow a pair of balls than these types of smear tactics where the defendant is forced to prove his innocence instead of the other way around is going to become commonplace and were going to see situations like the Duke Lacrosse case a lot more.

  5. We gave them The House of Reps, Senate and Whitehouse.
    They need to grow spines and balls and
    The Dems failed Americans for 40+ years. Screw them.
    Are we taking Our Country back in the right direction or not?
    Mitch? YES OR NO?

  6. Neil? you thought it was the other way around? ??? you thought the accuser goes last? ???
    what snow bubble do you live in? why do you have a show?

  7. No more changes, Monday is the day.
    No more stalling.
    After last weeks BRIBERY and this weeks STALLING by this fraud woman and democrats LIES….
    enough is enough. Move forward.

  8. Pure BS. The vote is on Wednesday, she decides she wants to "testify" Thursday to delay the vote. On Thursday you can guarantee she will not show up because of whatever reason and will try to drag this lie out as long as the Dems on the Senate tell her to. Screw her and all the Dems in govt.. Vote to confirm Kavanaugh as planned.

  9. Her requests are politically strategic in EVERY, SINGLE, SOLITARY WAY. This is the exploitation of victims of sexual assault everywhere…and it is sickening.

  10. She should go to jail.. Not one sane person believes her. She told her "Psychiatrist" she didn't remember any names. Not the Time. The Place or When…

    She made it up…One reason she will not testify under oath.. She will be committing Perjury! Thus lying to Congress…. A known track record of the Left. Lie first. Deny it later on when caught…

  11. Committee, you've been played and you're fuked wether you do or don't, if she is not there on Monday, bet it all on black and let the cards come as they will.

  12. So tired of "Democrat's demands". Its far past time for Republicans to lay the hammer down. Quit allowing all this Democrat showboating. It's time we vote in some new Republicans…some fighters…like Jim Jordan and Trey Gowdy.

  13. Having the offender testify first is not acceptable. The senators are afraid to question her, as it will ruin them in the public view. Kavanaugh is afraid of an FBI investigation. Its true that they may never know the truth, but an investigation will at least show what evidence is available. Judges or Fords story may change when he or she faces charges for lying. Other witnesses can be questioned. Plus an FBI investigation may actually incriminate Kavanaugh. That would be disastrous for him, as Maryland does not have a statute of limitations on a crime such as this.

  14. She doesn’t want Kavanaugh there, lol. It’s a hearing by the Senate on HIS confirmation NOT one for HER! Just because she failed to report to city, county or state officials, or file a civil case, from then through today doesn’t mean she can get a special adjudicative hearing now because she’s a special snowflake! Plus, this isn’t a court proceeding anyway.

  15. America is gradually decaying. The country is getting destroyed. White sub-urban women? Well any white sub-urban that believes this craziness is stupid. If you have a brother; husband; son; then it could be your turn tomorrow.

  16. John Yoo is a legal genius. He would be tremendous for the Supreme Court. And he is a rock solid Constitutional Conservative.

  17. Agree to the terms, this will cut right through the bs….no waiting. Get her to testify. Call there bluff…the libs are expecting this to go back and forth and use up time. Lets see how good a liar she is.

  18. Let's face it Christine Ford is nothing but a liar, this is a stall tactic. Congress should subpoena her then she can testify Under oath. If she wants to be believed do it under oath

  19. I don't think so because then everyone will want special treatment while in court, she must make her statement first because she is the accuser and it is her job to prove Kavanaugh is guilty of what she is accusing him of.

  20. Lol all you people defending him once a woman accuses you with rape you are fucked because that is something serious and why would you support someone like him he is a supremacist and not someone that will help pure country

  21. So one woman has given power to take down our Justice system. Kavanaugh should go first if this happens. That witch can make up anything she wants. Confirm kavanaugh

  22. This witch is making all kinds of money and the American people should sue the crap out of her and the Democrats that are involved.

  23. I’ve been trying to get my sister to come forward. Grew up with Kavanaugh and he pushed her, hard, on a swing when they were both 5. Was a bully then and probably now.

  24. They can both testify but I think that you can't prove one a liar or one guilty. to me it's pointless cuz is it's just pointless. There won't be no evidence there will be just the emotion on her side and there will be greatly denials on his side. nobody would know what the truth is. This is waste of time.

  25. Every woman who had ever been sexually assulted never forgets what really happened. And we remember details that the man won't. Ford is not to be believed!

  26. I think it could go like this- Republicans will say "no way" to Ford's ridiculous demands that Kavanaugh testifies first and maybe that he not be allowed to face his accuser and Ford will not show up to testify, I think her lawyers set it up to fail on purpose so that she never had to testify from the start.

  27. Neil Cavuto is a piece of human crap he needs to hang for treason anybody watching Neil Cavuto needs to make a fist and punch themselves right in the face repeatedly and say I will never watch this douchebag again thank you for making America great again


  29. I hope the Republicans stand there ground
    Is the victim and democratic party trying to
    create new laws here and hold the senate
    at ransom. It is what it is he's nuts what a
    statement. Is this a war against white men
    ie what the news guy said. Take the vote
    Dems say they will impeach him along with
    Trump. Stop that by voting. Lets face it what
    they want is a liberal judge

  30. Too bad Dem's show little disregard for Keith Ellison's accuser, who should be just as credible as Ms. Ford. Isn't it ironic that one democratic woman accuser is to be believed, but 7 Republican women abused by Democrats aren't to be believed. Extremely troubling political BS hit piece. Ms. has no evidence, no details and no date, which is like trying to build a sand castle, without sand.

  31. All those old, perverted, molester, religious white men don’t want to wait. They want to tell you how to live your lives. It’s 1860 again.

  32. She can't look the man in the face when lying. That doesn't sound like a true democrat she needs to get some schooling from top democrats.

  33. The accusation comes first then the accused gets to respond. What she is asking for is stupid. Being unreasonable making demands and if it does not go her way what, she does not testify and then blame the republicans. My opinion it is a political stunt.

  34. No! She’s a fraud. Period. I never heard of a defendant going first. She goes first, then he knows where he stands and can communicate about her accusations. She is a very disturbed sick woman. She needs hospital attendance and not court appearance. She doesn’t have any right to demand the court do it her way. This is strictly a political plant job, to drag his confirmation out and hopefully they drag it out long enough where he quits. We can’t have that. He must be confirmed. She is the bad guy here. She has no case.

  35. She wants to make Kavanaugh testify first ??? That's what they did in the Spanish Inquisition: they had everybody testify first, when they didn't know what exactly they were going to be accused of, and then they came in with allegations that the defendants had no idea were going to be leveled against them, and so those allegations went unanswered, so they were able to railroad all of them, convict them, and execute them. She's trying to take us back to the Middle Ages.

  36. Sounds like the sad pathetic democRATs pulled out another hoax from their hat of lies & obstruction. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck….

  37. I'm so tired of people treating this woman with kid gloves. She was shown marching in a thinly-disguised anti-Trump rally (aka science rally) last year, her lawyer is tied in with Soros, and she's hurt a decent family who did not deserve this, the Kavanaughs. Dianne Feinstein is possibly the worst villain in all of this. Ms. Ford needs to get on her traveling shoes, get herself to Washington D.C. and accuse away. She doesn't need or deserve kid gloves. Republican Senators: Get on with it!!!!

  38. I hope they do not accept her demands. This is just a stall tactic by the Obstructionist DemonRats and she wants to be their hero.

  39. I actually went to school with Christine! She was a year older than me so I never remembered talking to her. However, my older brother did say all those years ago that he banged her in the ass in his buddy Carls camper. The funny part is his friends would bug him and call him Crissy Bum Fucker lololol

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