100 Replies to “Watch Live: July 4th In Washington, Trump’s ‘Salute To America’ Military Event | NBC News”

  1. How could NBC News be so obviously obtuse about presenting this celebration of the country. I will never trust this "news" corporation.

  2. They showed the Capitol building for so long because the parade ended at 2:00 but the address didn't begin until 6:30 (actually got delayed 2x because of the rain). Trust me I was there, took forever.

  3. Oh my God he really said that they conquered the airports!! 😂😂 Wow he is so stupid I swear. That's embarrassing😂😂😂😂.. to everyone around the world please we're sorry.

  4. How can you hear those voices chant USA, and still down vote? I'm so proud to live with freedom in the USA, and I will continue to fight for it!

  5. NBC really? Where is the live stream part? No parade here!THERE IS NO PARADE HERE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME go to FOX NEWS!! THEY are the real news!! BS TYPICAL FAKE EFFING NEWS WANNABE NEVER WILL. THIS is why I never watch your lying channel!

  6. Gave a lot of schools, Vets, and current Soldiers the opportunity to march in a 4th of July Parade. I saw people of every race, creed, and color. It’s not what the media portrayed it to be.

  7. That chick in the red dress just could not force herself to say that the crowd was huge, despite the rain. She kept avoiding saying exactly that and the woman in the studio had to finally say that SHE could see it from the studio!

  8. Why you Americans celebrating independence day on July the 4th your July the fourth is ceaser salad day

  9. America is great. God bless America. Thanks to the president giving special attention to our air forces.

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  11. We have a 4th of July parade in my hometown. I like the marching bands and no mention of politics. We just enjoy watching and talking with our neighbors, running into old friends, meeting new people. We saw James Taylor the night before at Tanglewood. This year on the 4th we took our picnic by the lake. The neighboring town had a street fest … argh even more food. Good music and dancing for a couple of hours. Then the fireworks. There was lots of laughter and chatter along with ooohs and aaahs as the fireworks started. Stolen kisses. People seemed happy and at peace. It was a nice holiday for me and my family.

  12. Very nice to read all the comments from people in other countries saying "happy 4th" and congrats and all. A very nice gesture from those individuals.
    Thanks for the comments!. Wasn't just us Americans enjoying this event. Nothing wrong with this celebration and putting on a show for us by our president. Wasn't a show of force at all. Was a fantastic celebration!! And what I want some of my tax $ going to!! 👌

  13. I have nothing against parades but this is kinda bad like somebody organized this at the last minute, not professional

  14. At least he's smart enough to stay behind bullet proof glass. I'm sure there's plenty of people who would want to pop him.

  15. this is sad and ridiculous, this is the infamous parade?! BTW, not only dictatorships have parades, EVER HEARD OF FRANCE?! Now that's a country that knows how to put on a military show! this is sad, I bet Jamaica could show more military than this!

  16. Well, I'm a Socialist and I'll be voting for Trump 2020 all the way. The world is now a safer place because of Trump. So far there's been no tough talk against Russia or North Korea, (not really), unlike former US presidents; no military intervention in Venezuela OR ANY OTHER COUNTY (WOW!), in fact, Trump withdrew the US troops from Syria; Guaido is about to get arrested like any worthless irrelevant criminal; Trump has rejected NATO; no Mex-US border wall has been built so far; there was no border closing; no tariffs on Mexico, there's been two US government shut downs; there are Russian troops in Venezuela, Cuba; there's now a Russian nuclear plant in Bolivia; members of Trump's cabinet are being fired like popcorn; China is taking Taiwan, Hong Kong and the China Sea back… So, yeah, I say let's have Trump for a second term. He's the only logical choice (not so much for what he says in his speeches, but for what he HASN'T done). The rest of the world definitely supports Trump. Cheers!

  17. I'm urging everyone to support Brendon in his efforts to expose Israel to the world.
    He is having problems financially cz he is on the run from the Zionist mafia. Please help the guy financially & help spread his message before Talmud takes over the world. Israel is stealing tech & jobs from the US & handing it over to Russia , China & Iran . All high-tech companies will move to Israel.Belt and Road Initiative is United State's way back to corn.


  19. Today in Paris demonstration of Frankie Zappata, Marseille, France at the traditionnal Military Défilé du 14 juillet which celebrate the french Revolution and la prise de la Bastille.
    You know Donald Trump was at the défilé in 2017. He said he wants the same in Usa.
    Watch this short extrait. I suppose that Stark migrated in France.

  20. GOD ANSWERED TAMARAMA'S PRAYER AND GOODWILL TO AMERICA – New reply on "God bless you my American friends! This is the first time in my 50 years on earth that I have made it a point to watch your celebrations. Because this is the first time in my life that is can that God is still present in your great country! Your great President and all of YOU who support him have made your country great again! Happy Independence Day! Hope you all have a wonderful time!"

  21. Lol I live in Finland, we hold military parades every year, many times a year. And still yall democraps call us nordic countries, prime example of socialism. xD even tho our governments are using the same system as yours.

  22. President Trump is the best POTUS in our Republic's history. Wait until you all wake up to the lies and deception from the MSM. It's going to be Biblical!

  23. OMG, July 4th parade looks like some kind of nursery mickey mouse parade compare to China Beijing national parade.
    Live: Grand celebration honoring 70th anniversary of PRC's founding 庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年
    And National Day night gala:

  24. Military Parade is also to entertain the people and make their armed forces proud. It could also help the morale of the army. Doing it every year will be the tradition of the US Army to show their force like Russia doing their parade every year. It doesn't mean that where are going to war. It will help the people to be at ease because they are feel secure. Criticizing your own army capabilities by just doing a parade won't makes you a successful person. Why not just support your own troops.

  25. ?????….why were those guys wearing red coats instead of Blue coats. The red coats were what the british troops wore during the American revolution George Washington Continental American Army wore the blue coats, so what's up with that?

  26. americans love pushing out fake news. But where is this military that americans claim to have? Seriously. The usa military is trash. China is just far too superior

  27. Trump for President come 2020 and its time these parades become an annual Independence Day event to showcase our military strength!

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