VT Calls Constitutional Convention Over Citizens United

on Friday Vermont became the first state
to call for a convention to amend the US Constitution to reverse the Citizens United decision which
allowed for this huge lot of money into politics and the US
Constitution can be amended only through an active
Congress ratified by the states or by a conventional the state’s acting
on their own it would take thirty-four States to
trigger a convention to propose amendments to the
Constitution and 30 eight states to oppose to approve an
amendment is there another way to reverse sitters citizens united that wouldn’t
require means this is great write-up reminders doing this but there is still this huge hill to
climb it I want to call it a hill is a huge understatement there is a
towering mountain to climb well there are legal challenges but
that’s not really a likely solution the Supreme Court has already set president precedent in a
number of these cases that say hey free speech money it’s exactly the same
thing so that’s not really looking too good vermont is pushing their own
single-payer healthcare proposal there now pushing for a
constitutional convention we don’t know what will happen with
these issues ultimately but vermont for being such a tiny stayed
with a small population is really making pretty significant
waves here Vermont is doing some great stuff I think I the kind of on the cutting
edge unfortunately how long is it until that the single-payer health care goes
into effect I don’t remember exactly i win we should
actually update that story I know what you’re saying the Louis which is that proposals alone don’t necessarily lead
to action in when we look at we need 34 or 30 eight states to do a perm I is
done I mean it’s completely disheartening in
this can this really happen in a unfortunately I think the problem here
might be with the Constitution itself as a whole I think maybe we
should be looking at that but Louis hold on a second that that’s
incredibly disrespectful to those who for whom the the
Constitution is their religion and they pray at the
alter the Constitution everybody knows that a document written
hundreds of years ago is completely relevant in modern society
even though society has changed in ways that could never have been foreseen hundreds of years ago it is an insult to
suggest that anything about the Constitution may need revision a college class for me David but perhaps
we need to rework the whole thing we are member supported and there’s a
whole other show that we do just for our supporters you get all love those member
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