100 Replies to “VERY SOMBER: Adam Schiff Reads Out Articles of Impeachment on Senate Floor”

  1. Let them play their games and dig deeper holes for themselves, and then drop the hammer. These Democrats will be taken to the woodshed by not only the constituents in their areas, but by the true patriots known as the American people.

  2. Optics for media. Cant wait to see a which general will read his sensnce at Gitmo live world wide. The storm is here. Take shelter.


  4. Respect is Earned Not Given, Loyalty IN return this is unreal, Let's Make America Great again, we as American have rights, they are wasting tax payers dollar's, sad, pathetic, unprofessional for Government Officials

  5. Pencil neck should be the one on trial with crazy nanci with the leaker with the non whistle blowhard. MAGA Greatest President ever 2020 2024

  6. The shiff show💩🤣 . They continue to carry lies to the people who don't approve and don't approve of the houses actions. More from the manure spreader.

  7. The US Democrats. The deceitful, dishonest, despicable corrupt enemies within. Wishing to overturn the will of the people, in order to take power with fabrications.

  8. Very sad for America
    I'm glad my pass family is not here to see what their party leaders from the Democrats are doing.

  9. Sad for Californian voted this Dem Rats politicians crimes shifty Schiff liar.. illegal immigrants and drug cartels pay to play.

  10. It's over for the blue titanic, that's what happens when the captain is an old drunk!! I hope they hold these people accountable ……CORRUPTED CLOWNS !

  11. Can't wait till the day this boomerrangs back on these wicked people!!….the american people are seeing exactly what these democrats are made of..

  12. I wish Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were assassinated! This MEANS WAR!!!🇺🇸😡🗡🛡🔫🏹💣💥

  13. trump want to become a king in USA,if you don't stop him , usa will have no freedom ,and he will become a president forever ,then the world will be end.

  14. These idiots really believe their lie; and truly believe we the people will follow them blindly. Vote these traitors out of office!

  15. I still dont know what Trump did wrong. Shouldn't Trump make sure there is no corruption before giving the money to Ukraine. What about Biden? Wheres Hunter?

  16. I pray all of the dirtbags that had anything to do with this false impeachment (insurance policy) gets prosecuted for illegal actions and for submitting false information. Donald Trump has been a great president by far thus far and that is proven with the results we can see. The democRATs have made a mockery of our government and the corruption they are involved in. TRUMP 2020!

  17. I wish that all these crooked democRATs would get hit with a drone strike just like the other enemies of our country!

  18. There is no telling how much tax money we will have to spend to treat these liberals some Prozac are whatever it will take to cure them of their Trump syndrome issues.

  19. How was this man able to speak even honorable to be in a senate he's a quid pro quo he read sumthing that didn't have nothing inside of transcript that wasn't even there this system is insane smh😡😡😠 how is he able to not lose a job for reading something that wasn't in the transcript but he's able to stand to impeach a president that release the transcripts something's wrong with this picture poor Trump and through it all he still managed to make America great again I've never had much respect for a man in my whole life I hope I marry a man that's just like him strong and honorable loyal a business man that loves his country 💕💞

  20. It would've been glorious if the President barged through the doors, with soldiers behind him and shouted "Seize these traitors, arrest them for treason"

  21. PELOSI sure put a hurt to the candidates in the President running , they can't do any politicing until the hoax impeachment is through, but Biden and one more canadiate can.

  22. The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present. ~ The Constitution

  23. All the way through, Schiff has hidden himself where he can't be questioned under oath. Here is your whistleblower. The whole thing is deplorable. It says more about the voter than the politician. A despicable breed of politicians backed by people way worse. But nevertheless this will not work. Frankly this entire charade is the worst America has shown to the world since 1776.

  24. When you don't care about having a political view or follow up on it often, it's like watching a Japanese show without English subtitles. XD

  25. Democrats will soon be extinct and on display in museums around the world as once upon a time a disgrace to the USA. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. Proof of our Freedoms,only in the United States can criminals impeach the President,lets put these impostors in prison where they belong what is going on is High Treason,and not so long ago,our military treated those convicted of treason to death,shame on the Dems:(

  27. When were PEDOPHILES allowed to question a President for impeachment?? Adam Schiff murdered a 10 year old boy at Standard Hotel and is WALKING FREE??????? The House DOES NOT IMPEACH!! OMG!!

  28. Pee wee shift can say all he wants he is doing this to cover up what the Democrats have been stealing from the American taxpayers.
    This is so wrong to let this happen.
    These very bad Democrats should be fired!

  29. In more enlightened times these treasonous traitors would be hung. I really hope people vote against him when he runs again.

  30. I actually hope peaceful language to Adam Schiff in the future. Nadler. Will you answer my questions ? Or hide behind your bodyguards. We know what your doing.

  31. Democrats are America's worst enemy and need to be removed from any position of power. "REMEMBER NOVEMBER" VOTE DEMOCRATS OUT🇺🇸

  32. What we know about you shifty is that you and your buddy have been drugging Black men and having sex with Them. Now 3 men are dead thanks to you and your buddy. You need hung your a threat to All Americans. You have no ideal about the law. You have been twisting law and making it up as you go for so long you don’t know what the law is. We want this so called WISSLE BLOWER. SHIFTY IS THE WISSLE BLOWER. SET UP COUP.


  34. Shameful Witch Hunt by Vile Democrats. Democrats are digging their own grave with their Sham impeachment scam. The ungodly MSM are Slanderers and harassing the best President day and night

  35. It’s somber because they know they cannot unring this bell, and oh the crap that’s gonna come out about them…!

  36. Hi to all Pro Trumpers! we all can help our President Donald J. Trump by open on YoyTube fake media

    like cnn and others and click on thumb down to show them that WE DISAGREE with them!!!!!!

    Share this message with your friends,have a nice day

  37. Can we build a special prison for all these corrupt politicians? Their jails should be worse than regular ones since they abused the power given to them by the people.

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