100 Replies to “Trump’s Humiliating Impeachment Trial: WH On Edge Over Rules That Can Change Anytime | MSNBC”

  1. it's interesting the Senate's sergeant-at-arms is also the only one empowered to arrest the president and forcibly remove him from office.
    Reference is made to the Senators being jarosz however listen test process has its flaws no Jura in any other trial would be able to say beforehand that they intend to acquit the accused before the trial has even started and expected to sit on that jury Mitch McConnell has clearly stated how intense the vote I just made it known he would do everything in his power to ensure the president is not held accountable for his actions.
    It is the Senators who determined how matters proceed at the trial they also have the authority to overrule the presiding judge by simply calling for a vote on a particular issue Lord alone knows what the trial is going to look like with the Republicans in charge in that they have a majority in the Senate and given how they have conducted themselves throughout the impeachment process.
    the Democrats need several defections in order for a guilty verdict that is not going to happen the president is going to take that as an endorsement to continue the way he has, it will then be up to the people of the United States to hold every senator and the president accountable in the 20/20 general elections the public must also be aware that Donald Trump will employ every tactic available to him including but not limited to solicitation for help from his good friend Russian and it's President Vladimir Putin for them to interfere in the elections in the hope things turn out in his favor.

  2. Now all these treasonous, hypocritical Republicans don't want to call ANY wittnesses, like say Mulvaney and Bolton. Hmmm, I wonder why!?? ??
    Pelosi's doing the right thing!!

  3. I'm surprised that the news media doesn't bring up the Clinton impeachment when Republicans whine that impeaching Trump will cause future gov'ts to impeach on frivolous grounds. Republicans think someone should be impeached for having an affair, but not for bribery and asking for foreign help with his re-election? They can't even claim to opposed marital infidelity and certainly not divorce any more, since no Republicans dare to criticize Trump for his horrible treatment of women.

  4. MSNBC is trying so hard to make Trump look bad and make false promises to their viewers, don't worry keep watching any day now he's going to go down the walls are closing in. ?

  5. McConnell should also be accused of OBSTRUCTION not allowing ANY house bills to even be debated or voted on!!!!!
    How is this not obvious pandering to Trump? How can this possibly be fair?

  6. How on earth will America ever be able to bounce back from this low in morale, lawlessness, rules-disregard, etc.? THIS is the new status quo and it would need an almost angelic president to lift the whole trainwreck out of the swamp again.

  7. Moscow Mitch looks exactly like the sexual sadist Mason Verger in red dragon, wheel chair guy with the horribly disfigured face.

  8. I wonder is CERTAIN, ave CLARITY on how the current republican SENATE…and congress are full of DOUBLE STANDARDS and HYPOCRISY now. Probably not.

  9. Soooooo? Democrats already accusing Republicans of making it up as they go along? Gee I wonder where they got that idea? Both sides accusing each other of the same stuff. All representatives on both sides need to go! Both sides only accomplishment is to weaken this country. Thay all need to go!

  10. Republicans have no wiggle room. Since house impeached Trump, the CONSTITUTION requires Senate to remove the president. To go against the Constitution, then the Senate has to exonerate the President. What witnesses who has first hand knowledge can come to the president's aid. The Senate hasto show that Trump did not commit those crimes. If the Senate cannot do that then they must remove the president.

    Do not lose focus on the wording of the Constitution. Republicans have no wiggle room

  11. How is it that [as I write this] 778 people would vote this down? It's nothing but informational — just like a Civics class.

  12. Trump and the people from the hundreds upon hundreds of districts he won are laughing at the Dems and their lame impeachment vote. Now the Dems are too scared to bring it to the Senate. An impeachment by a Pelosi-Schiff-Nadler led house is a badge of courage to Trump and another battle for him to win on behalf of the American people. Trump 2020!

  13. Trump will win again and there is nothing the Dems can do to stop it. Trump's win in the Senate is as inevitable as his 2020 victory. All the Dems can do is whine and yammer, so that is what they will do.

  14. Ari, yes, Republicans did a complete 360 from the Clinton trial, but what you fail to mention is this: so have the Democrats. Mitch McConnell is asking for the exact same guidelines with Trump as 100 senators voted to be good enough for Bill Clinton. Schumer is the one attempting to lock in witnesses before the trial. The reason that all of the witnesses had already been heard from in the Clinton impeachment is because Republicans in the House conducted a thorough, non-rushed investigation. That's the difference here. Democrats voted to impeach and vowed to pin a crime on Trump as soon as they can find a witness to parrot their political agenda under oath. The reason that Democrats don't want to use the same rules for Trump as were used for Clinton is because those rules led to Clinton's acquittal, even after he perjured himself, which is a legitimate crime and impeachable offense.

  15. OK, my question is… When Trump declared a national emergency due to our elections being interfered with, and says there will be no election in 2020, do we have any rights to get him out?

  16. I think the Senate's going to come to the Reality that They have NO CHOICE BUT TO CONVICT TRUMP.
    Pelosi is Sharp, and not playing with these Career Crooks.

  17. Ensuring the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”

    The Senator’s Oath in impeachment trials addresses the tension between the political and legal character of impeachment. The requirement of “impartial justice” means that every Senator must decide from behind the veil of ignorance — that is as if he or she did not know the party affiliation of the person impeached. This includes evaluating the evidence and deciding whether the proven misconduct justifies removal from office. Senators violate their oath if they apply friendlier standards to Presidents of their own Party than to those of the opposing party.

    Take care
    Ira C. Lupu, and Robert W. Tuttle // 12/19/19 // Commentary

  18. This impeachment is because of IG report and what is coming down from Durham….this president has been harassed since before he took office! This is all democratic cover up….Nancy’s son is also implicated in Ukraine

  19. Pelosi is even older. She looks to be one hearing away from a major stroke. Maybe that’s why she has no idea what to do next. It would be helpful if the Dums had any evidence. Until then there’s only one person being humiliated here….and that’s Pelosi !

  20. The entire Republican party should be impeached and prosecuted. They are trying to steal the very democracy that thousands died to provide for America. This party is a true threat to the American way of life. Also fox news and it's representatives should be prosecuted for spreading false propaganda. They are treasonous actions by the few in power against America.

  21. This is all a bunch of sht and trump will be reelected because Democrats cant win even with the media on there side….wake up the u.s is Republican! California and New York are not in charge of our nation

  22. Too bad the guy saying all this is obviously partisan. The reason the GOP isn't interested in a trial with witnesses is because everyone knows Trump did nothing wrong. After 3 years still 0 evidence. 0 witnesses that could provide any evidence in the House. We all know, the only reason they want to get rid of Trump is so they can get back to all their criminal activity overseas. Trump upset their drug routes and child trafficking routes. Too bad the House didn't want to be bi partisan but now demand the GOP do it. Not to mention the fact that everyone knows this whole thing is a hoax to guard against their Treason charges.

  23. #45 gets impeached for obstruction of Congress by stopping witnesses from testifying. So ofcourse, he repeats the exact thing that got him impeached as he withholds witnesses in the Senate trial.

  24. Impeached trump will testify in senate because he has been preparing for jurors since his immense lawsuits and losses. His ego will demand he represent himself in senate.

  25. this is quite informative!!! it is quite big news all over the world. but lots of us do not really understanding what this "impeachments" stuff means.

  26. Perhaps I can help the Democrats out here with a new article of impeachment. About 2 years ago MSNBC reported that at a White House dinner President Trump had two scoops of Ice Cream while everyone else only received one. If they were to subpoena the serving staff they could probably come up with an actual fact witness!

  27. Vote! Register and vote! Republicans don't want you to vote. They do everything they can to depress and suppress voting. The Republican Party is a disease on the body politic.

  28. If McConnell wants to pattern the trial after President Clinton's trial, he should put djt on the stand, accuse him of bribery in the Ukraine call and then let him perjure himself.

  29. Withholding Articles Of Impeachment From Senate Inadvertently Acquit Trump Of Impeachment-Havard Law Prof.
    Link to full story:https://conservativesdaily.com/karma-...

  30. Ari's guests really inspire me that there is great inspiring people in the world . I really enjoy all of the guests Ari has on his show. These people are truly enlightened and living in the light. Very inspiring to me. We are all living on a very scary time,and it's nice to see and hear the wonderful smart enlightened people .

  31. We need to vote for young people that actually know what is going on these old folks are just about there back pockets dam shame ? our laws are becoming a joke for the poor and a tool for the rich

  32. Ari impeachment expert tool
    Ari state it as it you tool he will get aquitted from senate….plus he still hasnt been impeached as they still havent passsed on the articles to the senate

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  34. This shows that holding an office for too long will lead you to contradict everything you've said and done in the past. Pure insanity.
    Great journalism by the way. Nothing speaks better than pure facts.

  35. There's the real world. Where things happen, good, bad, otherwise, you like some, hate others. But that's what happens.
    Then there's MSNBC. Trying 24/7 to manipulate reality into a sharp arrow that can paint the worst possible contrived scenario bullseye on Trump.
    Makes me wonder how MSNBC pulls off the total disconnect. Do they have an alternate stage set City where the employees live? Do they harness them up to a huge deprogramer so they can function outside? I don't know, but the contrast between MSNBC world and the real world is so great it would seem impossible to mix.

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  37. Trump is out for sure. They won’t throw it out. A Supreme Court judge can’t go against the constitution so enough said. Trump clearly went against the constitution no doubt so end of story.

  38. The truth is the Democratic party is a disgrace.. they run the house now Nancy pelosi wants to run the the Senate as well.. first it was the Mueller report where are the Democrats promise the people they had hard incriminating evidence.. at the end of the day the president was acquitted for lack of evidence.. and now the Democrats pushed for impeachment which will also fail.. the Democrats are an embarrassment and a disgrace not only to the Constitution but to this country.. God bless President Trump and our troops.. Godspeed..

  39. Humiliating? more like a JOKE!!!!! where is the impeachment papers if Trump is such a criminal? why is she siting on them? Because they are so weak….and no one cares…she will have to give them up at some point….she will have to send the impeachment papers to the senate for Trump to be convicted or acquitted….

  40. i do im God of earth if its good for America it helps others we feed half earth with are tax money government is taking it like when i said you don't work you don't eat and people are so stupid they looked in bible

  41. Points: 1) When petulant Nancy delivers the articles, McConnell will schedule the Senate to meet and establish/vote on a trial schedule and procedure rules. 2) McConnell has already defined his position, same as Clinton's impeachment, no mystery no negotiation. 3) Decisions will be made by a simple majority (51 votes) which the Republicans will dictate/decide every motion. 4) Schumer can propose all he wants, then cast his 1 vote


  43. wow I'm so confused, I listen to Fox ans OANN and believe Trump is great and innocent. I listen to MSNBC and CNN and Hollywood and think he's a terrible president. Then I listen to myself and realize the left has lost it, they are totally whacked.

  44. No other president got impeached this quickly… except the first of the two who have been impeached. Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial began March 5, 1868, 2 years and 11 months after he took office. Johnson was acquitted, but he was not elected to a second term.

  45. Trump is the republicans karma for what they did to Bill Clinton what Bill did is tame compare to what this traitorous back stabbing poser, this fake president and it's karma on the republican senate and congress and racist nazi kkk and Trumpsters as well.

  46. This DUDE is gonna have to splain to the whiny Nancy cause she's not getting it.
    She's not gonna deliver her peaches to the Senate so none of this Democrat's peachy lessons matter.

  47. The problem with the impeachment is all a problem for democrats because Trump actually hasn't done anything illegal as Muller discovered. However, if the Democrats were held to the standards they hold Trump they would all be fired and only a handful of honest Republican's and two Democrats would be left in office. LoL

  48. Impeachments first against democrats etc. because of the global warming danger fraud with only +2ppm/a CO2 forced COw tax payments etc.

  49. I have the volume turned down so I dont puke when I hear a lefties voice… but i think he said Russia… Russia… Russia.. you dims are worms

  50. They didn't even put an article in for bribery. Lack of evidence you see. Now Pelosi has totally lost control of the NARRATIVE. Each day she delays the worst it gets for her. Big mistake by Pelosi is this

  51. Any pawn who steps upon the "Trump did nothing wrong" trap /

    Forgot we've heard about the word "covfefe". Oh snap!

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