Trump Is Totally Fine with Being Impeached | The Daily Show

The 45th president
of the United States got impeached. -(cheering and applause)
-Hey, whoa! Well, you guys
might be cheering, but when Democrats in the House
tried to cheer last night, Nancy Pelosi shut it down real fast. NEWSWOMAN: House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi maintaining control of her caucus with a glance
and a gesture alone at one point yesterday. On this vote, the yeas are 230. The nays are 197. Present is one. Article I is adopted. (scattered applause) (laughter) Damn. Nancy didn’t want to hear
any gloating last night. She killed
that celebration quick. Did you see that? That kind of look
would send a champagne cork back into the bottle. That-That’s how intense
that was. They were like, “Pop! Whoop.” But while the Democrats
were impeaching, the impeachee himself
was holding a rally in Michigan, and he wants everyone to know that he’s totally okay
with being impeached. It doesn’t really feel like
we’re being impeached. Do you… That’s why…
You know, with Richard Nixon, I just see it
as a very dark era. Very dark. Very… Oh. You don’t even like to think. I don’t know about you,
but I’m having a good time. It’s crazy. Aw. Poor Trump, man. He just became
the third president in history to get impeached,
and you see what’s happening. He’s trying to convince everyone
that it doesn’t bother him. You know, he’s just like,
“It doesn’t even feel like… like we got impeached.” Like, yeah, no, not “we.”
You got impeached. There’s no “we.” You know what
this reminds me of? This reminds me of, like,
when you were a kid and then you wiped out
on your bike in front of all your friends, but then you got up
and you had to play it cool. And your friends were like,
“Hey, man, are you okay?” You’re like,
“Yeah, that wasn’t nothing. “I-I did it on purpose ’cause I thought
it would be funny.” And your friend is like, “Dude, I can see the white stuff
under your skin.” You’re like,
“Yeah, I’m going home.” (whimpers) So, Trump…
Trump really wants people to think that impeachment
is no big deal to him, but he also wants you
to think it was a travesty. I’m the first person to ever get
impeached and there’s no crime. I– Like, I feel guilty.
You know what they call it? Impeachment lite.
It’s impeachment lite. You know what they have done? They’ve cheapened
the impeachment process, and now… anybody
that becomes president, I mean,
they could have a phone call and they get impeached. Okay, first of all, “impeachment lite”? There’s no impeachment lite,
okay? Impeachment is like herpes. You either have it or you don’t. “Oh, don’t worry, baby. This is just
some diet herpes right here.” (chuckles)
And, also, I like how he says everyone who
becomes president from now on can get impeached
for having a phone call. Obviously, what Trump said
on the phone call with Ukraine is what matters, not the fact
that he just made a call. Like, Trump’s
either being disingenuous or he took completely the wrong
lesson from this whole thing. Because this would be like
O.J. going, “All right, fine,
I learned my lesson. I won’t wear gloves anymore.” Although…
(chuckles) although part of me,
part of me thinks that Trump is just setting up
an excuse for not calling Eric
on his birthday. That’s what he’s just doing.
“I’m sorry, Eric. I just can’t call you. I
can’t risk another impeachment.” “But you said
it was impeachment lite.” “Still too risky, boy.
Too risky.” So, look, man, Donald Trump
can try and act like he doesn’t care
about impeachment, but you cannot deny
that this is a bad way for him to end the year. So, here at The Daily Show,
we thought, with this being our final show
of 2019, we would do the president
a solid and focus on one of his major
achievements of this year, inventing an incredible array of new words. I know words.
I have the best words. ♪ ♪ He was awarded the Bronze Star and the Combat “Infantroopen”
Badge. Heart, lung
and liver “transpants.” And to “deligitimatize…” Made a “pivittible” f– Really, and, I mean, this was pivotal. “Heroilynn” alone– if you look
at the heroin epidemic… To fully reauthorize
the “9/Elective”– 11 victims. President Franklin
“De-lay-no” Roosevelt. We must seek
real “bipartiss solucius.” “Asbadidizziz,”
it-it meant something. And all 50 states
to immediately waive all “apliculibulls” state taxes. Americans of all walks of lice
“rofe”– rose up. And we used to have
“raydoh” f-f– like, I think radio. You know, we just sent
another “slock rocket.” Y-You saw that, right? The stock market. On January 23, “Veneswaylass…” By “Venezwellzso”… “Venezwhalezz.” I hope they now go
and take a look at the oranges– the oranges of the, uh, uh, investigation, the beginnings. You’ve really, uh, put
a big investment in our country. We appreciate it very much,
Tim Apple. More than 2,000 years ago, a brilliant star shone
in the “eastwisemen” traveled far, far afield. “Enentheyannouced
therewasnobyesno.” You know what… To improve this country
and “duurrrr” if a government… I have the best words.
I have the– But there’s no better word
than “stupid.” Can’t wait to see
what he comes up with next year.

100 Replies to “Trump Is Totally Fine with Being Impeached | The Daily Show”

  1. Lmao, I don’t like trump but these comments are just amazing. The misinformation just thrown out there is baffling. Trump isn’t going anywhere. His base is stronger then it’s ever been. The senates will not allow the impeachment to proceed. Let the man do his job and stop caring about what these talking heads opinions are. The American people aren’t stupid. He got voted in. Get over it. Tired of these people acting like they know what’s best for the people. And if I disagree I’m a bigot or whatever. ( btw I tend to lean on the left but your probably too into your TDS to overcome what I just said)

  2. Of course he does because he has the GOP controlled Senate to protect him no matter what. If that changes for whatever reason watch those shrugs turn into large orange colored sweat drops.

  3. He hasn't even been impeached . All they did was vote to send it to the Senate. So if this guy is so smart then how come you don't know that.

  4. Good luck with the impeachment trump holds the senate so lmao.

    Another nothing burgers being served.

    MAGA 2020

  5. i'm so old i can remember when the gop trolled obama over his use of teleprompters – but at least obama could read the telepromompters ..

  6. That is because the democrats are colluding against the president and he is doing a very good job from what the American people can see. Please stop your propaganda Trevor

  7. Did you just say that you'll now come next year??? ?
    I can't live without you Noah. I need your videos every other day. ?

  8. This reminds me of back in high school when you break up and you think you alright but as soon as you see that person with another you act insane

  9. Of course he is "okay" with it! That act of a do-nothing Congress just guaranteed his re-election and a Republican sweep of Congress next year. 😮

  10. OH AND NO HE DIDNT. Palosi, IS BACK TRACKING she hasn’t EVEN turned the articles over, DO YOU IDIOTS KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS??? Lol he hasn’t TECHNICALLY been impeached AND THEN, the Senate is goi g to LAUGH at this DERP DERP TO YALL lol

  11. Pelosi was being very shrewd there. She knew the right would try use footage of Dems cheering to fuel an accusation of Dem partisanship against Trump.

  12. It's not that trump is stupid; he definitely has some senility issues which is what's making him forget what to say!! However, to think that the world's most powerful leader is so handicapped should worry the rest of the world too!!!

  13. Why are you all celebrating like you have won the race when this is just the beginning. Yall acting like they just going to go in and drag his ass out. The trial hasn't even started in the Senate, and only after the Senate finds him guilty will he be removed from office. This means nothing until they send the articles of impeachment to the Senate. And Nancy has already refused to send the articles to the Senate (due to lack of evidence). So again "Why is everyone celebrating like this is the end". When this is only the first step to impeachment.

  14. We totally okay with his stupidity too. Time up give him back to Russia. That was the funniest thing Putin ever jokingly did.Where he ever get Trump from. Need to take back.

  15. Fuck Trump but he's not going no where unless a new candidate is elected into office. The GOP has the Senate therefore nothing is going to happen…

  16. You guys do realize he's not impeach yet, right. He's not impeached until Pelosi sends it over to the senate and she's holding onto it because she's afraid of the truth that will come out in the senate.

  17. I'm not too familiar with the US political system… does an impeachment mean early elections? Does it exclude him from the next race? What does it do exactly?

  18. Yeah no, Nancy didn't stop shit. They cheered, she gave look after the fact. Nice try, Nancy is only going through with Impeachment because of public pressure.

  19. He's losing it..but Nancy has been winning ever since the Democrats took back the House. First that sarcastic clap, then the standing up to Trump, now this.

  20. Looking forward to the movie about the trump precidency. We'll probably have to wait several more years for all the shit to be out on the table. But then, get on it moviemakers! And who should be the star playing the biggest clown in modern history? Its gonna be the comedy of the year

  21. The best way to know what is really going on, just invert everything he is saying. "Do nothing Democrats" – they have been busy as hell. "I don't feel like I'm being impeached" – why does he talk about it so much? "Perfect phone call" – if you want to be impeached its perfect. 🙂

  22. The oranges of the investigation. The ORANGES! You cannot make this up!! I think something else might have been on his mind, when that came out of him. Probably something about the way people referred to the color of his skin.

  23. Too bad the majority of the commenters in this thread have no idea of the impeachment process. Anyone wondering why Pelosi is holding on to the articles and not pushing them to the Senate?

  24. That time that every-time I thumbs down this hilarious comedian but it still is in my feed everyday. Too bad Trump didn’t stick a cigar in his interns because all of you love that. How many times was Clinton on Epstein’s plane? 26 hahah. Trevor Noah your not funny your a talking head.

  25. Hes stoned. Almost not funny cuz it's so bad. Like laughing at a drunk dude who fell and busted his head wide open. Especially if he was talking crap before.

  26. Not a democrats nor republic… Yay all you want people. As much as i want him gone Hes going no where.. true story! Dont get your hope high fellas

  27. every time that copper-colored turd opens his mouth, he has a stroke… god, i wanna break his jaw.

    i wish "impeachment" was synonymous with "execution".

  28. lol you guys got 1. Congrats. But now let's see how it pans out. I have a feeling you'll be raging after the 2020 election.

  29. She looks like that bitch teacher who hates fun and got fired for being a bitch ? and Trump is full of shit again ?

  30. That’s because he knows he’s going to be acquitted by the jerks in the senate! Good Job Nancy! Your an incredible woman!
    He’s a jerk

  31. I dont understand people's admiration for him, I truly dont.

    He's a fool. That's not being mean or cruel it's the truth. World leaders and diplomats openly laugh at his antics.
    Yet 63 million Americans in their best judgment thought this was the right decision.

    I'm still scratching my head over it.

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