100 Replies to “Trump impeachment hearing on evidence against the president | ABC News”

  1. Petition to exile those with false alligations against a President, have facts and proof or really move out like u said u would! It's a win win ,I'd think they'd be volunteering from the way I heard it before Trump's Victory

  2. The Repubs seem to conveniently forget that Ukraine corruption is because of Russian occupation essentially since WW2. The last Ukraine President was corrupt and fled to Russia after the winter protests. Manafort worked for him then fled back to the States, and became Trump's campaign manager!!!! Now he is in jail.
    So now there is a reform president Zalinsky. What does Trump do?
    He dismisses an anti corruption Ambassador. He praises a pro Russian corrupt former prosecutor in Ukraine, he withholds aid that Ukraine needs to fend off the Russian military. He fails to invite Zalinsky to the White House as a show of solidarity with Ukraine reform. And so on.

  3. DEMOCRAPS ARE AN EMBARASSMENT TO THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!! You are all delirious and should NOT be in charge of this country OR anything that my family or I are have to tolerate. SHAMEFUL… HOW DO YOU IDIOTS SLEEP AT NIGHT???

  4. Why is the Democrats not held Responsible??? "It is well known now that while Biden was V.P., he strong-armed the then Ukrainian President to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son within six hours or he wouldn’t get the billion dollars he was promised, “Son of a bitch, he was fired” Biden related recently to reporters and guests recently at a Council of Foreign Relations gathering.  Biden’s son was sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings which is an oil and gas company in Ukraine and getting $85,000 a month even though he had no experience in gas, oil or energy. He was obviously there to sell influence and admitted to an ABC reporter that he had no experience and was probably there because he was Joe Biden’s son. The media from CNN’s Anderson Cooper to the anchors on MSNBC immediately jumped to Biden’s defense and called the claim “unsubstantial.” Unsubstantial ???  We have Biden admitting it on tape stating what he did." https://amac.us/quid-pro-quo-joe-biden-could-be-in-trouble/
    Here is the video of him admitting a quid pro quo

  5. We are living in the last hour. The Book of Revelation is the future. The Holy Bible, (King James Version KJV). Jesus Christ is the only way to God John 14:6. Jesus Christ deity (He's God) incarnate, Isaiah 9:6, 7. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, one in the same. Repent believe and confess Romans 10: 8-13. Asked Jesus Christ to fill you with his Holy Spirit, (John 3:1-16 ; John 16:7 ; Luke 11:10-13 ; Acts 1:8 ; 2:1-4 ; Chapter 10 ; 19: 1-7 ; gifts of the Holy Spirit, 1st Corinthians 12:1-11. Jesus Christ is the only way to God John 14:6. We must forgive one another sins; because if we don't forgive one another, we will not be forgiven, Matthew 6:13, 14. With love…

  6. Lol what a circus this is. Those career democrat shitheads would MAYBE have more worth than a piece of dog shit if they were flipping burgers at McDonalds.

  7. Castor is a complete idiot he has nothing to work with, as there is literally no evidence or testimony that helps Trump’s case. But he’s proven to be so laughably bad at this, the Resistance is now rooting for him to start speaking and screw things up for the Republicans.

  8. This is the first time in America’s history that an entire political party, the Republicans, needs to hang for treason. Get 79 million nooses ready.

  9. I came to this comments section to get the opinions of a bunch of slackers, bottom-feeders, and societal rejects …. the YouTube audience.

  10. Republicans senators are lying so often it's difficult to listen. Hundreds of lies plain as day. Refuting all the facts put forward by the 13 witnesses.

  11. This is white collars version of SLAKING OFF MmmHmm freaking bullshit slackers ugh? Schiff never turned out because he risks jail time-freaking lying ass!!!

  12. Whether the process was done right or wrong we do know what the President’s actions have been has been wrong and shocking since he announced he was running for President.

  13. Sure seems to be a lot of 'witnesses' to The President's telephone call. How many people were on the listening on a 'tapped' line? What's really going on?

  14. If Trump is going to save his bacon he's going to have to do something spectacular and quick, like freeing the North Korean people.

  15. It’s mind-boggling that this president is allowed to stonewall Congress for so long. And like Nixon, he expects that this singular strategy will ultimately succeed. Has everybody forgotten how precipitously the situation changed for Nixon?

  16. The fact that Democrats can even bring up articles of impeachment with the evidence mounted against Biden being corrupt on pure circumstantial evidence alone is beyond me. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I suppose. Only the needy would justify impeachment because the only "evidence" there is was skewed to fit the agenda of having Trump impeached as a way to stop him from being re-elected or for some other reason. It is to say, there is no real evidence against him just as was the case with the Russian hacking conspiracy theory and the Muller Report and the list goes on…

    I am digressing when a say the goal of any political party is to hold onto power. This is true and we must keep this in mind. Of course a political party will certainly take the necessary steps to ensure they are at an advantage. We can all agree this generally should be considered a healthy part of any society; however, in the case of the Democrats they have shown their true colors. By using the media to change pubic opinion in a biased way repeatedly by over sensationalizing stories to make Trump seem as if he was a dictator, by taking advantage of his personal pitfalls such as arrogance, a seemingly low IQ, and a lack of common sense at times to somehow slowly work their way up to justify impeachment with no real reason, they have shown a flagrant disregard for due process from both a moral and legal standpoint. It is essentially one big hoax lead by a bunch of butthurt people who can't accept the fact that they lost. A circus if you ask me. On top of this, they have shown a lack of respect towards the Constitution of the United States which clearly sets the standard for impeachment. I must remind you that it isn't hard to break the rules of law when half of the country is convinced by the mass media with malicious intent that their president is a racist, diversity hating man. Right because everything we see on the news is factual and not bias and definitely no one can use a play of words to change the opinion of a viewer on a psychological level to favor a certain viewpoint. The vast majority of the public lacks the ability to see through the lies, manipulation and propaganda that is fed to them on a daily basis. A sad reality indeed as we come to terms with what is happening in Washington and around America.

    When Trump first came out and said "Fake News", he was not joking. The day Trump is impeached with no legitimate reason is the day America truly has failed.

  17. And now that the IG report was released chump didn't like the findings (surprise) nor did AG barr, these useless s**tbags gotta go NOW.

  18. I've watched all of these hearings and have no particular leaning but Jerry Nadler and the Democrats are selling magic beans, they have their own conclusions and their own view of it and since they've had the majority in the committees obviously they've concluded and found that Trump is guilty it's so transparent. Their strategy is making statements so they're on camera and on paper so they can say, see we concluded, this person agreed, this person said what we said and therefore it's true. Anyone who's ever met manipulative people or liars can see the way they manipulate language, they say or ask, would it be wrong if the president did this and the witness says yes and now they have a soundbite and go see it would be wrong, verbal gymnastics from Democrats are opinions and not facts

  19. TDS Trump hating democraps don't give a shit if Trump did anything wrong. They just butthurt over losing election and gonna bust his chops any way they can. That's obvious! ..derp?

  20. The Islamic government insiders are only doing this so he can't run another term. Do presidents really get impeached No….Think people…Look at Hillary's Clinton Sharia law and her bud Jeff epstien…

  21. Must be hard times for poor Republican Possums now Crooked Donald is walking the green mile. Same thing happened during the Neurenberg trials

  22. i hope the impeachment gets through the congress, and that people dont freak out on the streets if republicans keep covering up for him or worse enable a re-election

  23. If you can't see this reason for impeachment is just the last in a long line of coup attempts, led by The Establishment and their media propaganda machine, you are stupid or totally brainwashed and need to wake the hell up!

  24. The nerve of this scumbag Goldman lawyer who nobody knows who the hell he is trying to destroy our Democracy by making the last election null and void. Who the hell does this guy think he is? Nobody elected him. What a sick demented maniac!

  25. What's funny is that some people's IQ is so low, they actually think this is all legitimate. Anyone with half a functioning brain can see it is just the last in line of a long coup attempt.

  26. Wasted taxes is all I see the dens will burn ???this country in the ground ! Lies lies and more lies ! Get back to work dems and do something useful !!!!!!!!! Or waste my taxes that’s about all you Democratic know how to do ! Trump 20/20

  27. These liars know Trump will win again even with them using the media to spread their lies, FB & YouTube to ban the truth, & bring ppl to hearing that know absolutely nothing first hand but their own bias opinions that are donors to Clinton's & Obama. They said they were gonna impeach him the min they lost by accusing him of their own corruption cause they cant find shit in the years they've wasted our money. How stupid do they think we the ppl are is staggering & offensive. They're in a hurry before all their own corruption comes to light. But…. we already know about your lying dumb asses. These corrupt Dems gotta go, sick of their shit!!

  28. The Democrats wanted to impeached President Donald Trump from the get-go he was already baked in the cake if you agree give me a hoot y'all have a great morning

  29. I asked my 23 year old Daughter what her thought of this impeachment is , she says"I mean did he threaten the lives of the American people? Did he put the United States of America in harms way? I don't hear bombs being dropped on my head. And I don't see the secret service slicing my throat. I don't see a valid reason to. I don't give a fuck about seeing his taxes. I care about my wellbeing as a human. The economy seems great. We aren't at war. What's the problem again? "

  30. Democrats know how to frame someone. There shouldn't be any impeachment. Us American's are not STUPID. We see very well what the Democrats are doing and Pelosi as well as the others are wrongly accusing our president and they should be punished.

  31. When is this shit-hole Trump fake-assed president going to prison ? The only thing perfect about Trums phone calls is Tramp is a perfect asshoe ! I don't hate Trump just want him in prison !

  32. You don't even need a president to be a criminal like Trump to impeach them, they just need to be obnoxious and Trump has far surpassed all the reasons to be impeachable. Don't kid yourself, about that Retards ! Trump is dumbassed arrogant shithole helping to make welfare for millionaires & cheats on taxes while we pay for his welfare for millionaires & waisted government money into useless crap for furthering this sociopathic whemsies !

  33. Oh my god, these dems are really REALLY getting on my last nerve with this impeachment stuff against trump! Saying it’s about the constitution like they even abide by the constitution, their ultimate goal is to get rid of if starting with the 2nd amendment! Trump has literally done nothing impeachable as president so far, mainly because of the fact that the dems haven’t let him do anything as president! And the things he has been able to do so far are all good things that have benefited America in so many ways! Dems act like he’s anther Adolf hitler here to destroy the US and the world and saying things like “we need him out of office NOW before he does something to make America worse!” And saying “oh he’s corrupt!” First of all you dems are the ones trying to dismantle the constitution bit by bit, so don’t try and use it in a fight against trump! Second, you dems are the overly corrupt ones here, buying and selling each other off to do others biddings in order to pass a “cough” unconstitutional law like forcing buy backs on the people’s AR 15s which you know NOTHING about, I could go on and on when It comes to the Numerous gun laws you Democrats have cried and begged about to get them in place! Which if I might add have done nothing but cause more people to die because those people no longer have the means to protect them self’s! Nancy Pelosi and a few other dems have been trying to impeach trump since day one, if anything those dems need to be under investigation and be on trial for harassment and undermining trump! I mean at this point in time it sure as hell looks like harassment to me!

  34. Trump does not need to have criminal acts to be impeached, that is bullshit in the first place. He has gone so far beyond impeachable offences. Trump lies every single day several times, anything Trump says has no weight what so ever. Get this Turkey Sociopath . These Republitards talk about a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with factual information, which is tantamount to covering up criminal activity for purposes political party reasons. Enough is enough the president saying FBI is lying a big giant FU to Republitards.

  35. Flash some power point and highlight some shit and call it evidence. They are desperate. They just got him reelected all on their own

  36. This Castor a-hole is nauseating. Its bad enough that he's a slimy apologist but he's talking over the female counsel and co-opting her time by blathering on. Crap like that is misogynistic BS indicating he thinks he's more capable of answering the questions he thinks she won't ask.

  37. Jim Jordan just keeps spouting the same defenses even though they have been clearly debunked – I guess he doesn't have anything else. ?‍♀️

  38. Lol democrat party is crumbling before are eyes and I love watching them squirm. Impeach trump? They aren’t going to do shit

  39. hardly an impeachment – no crime, no cross examination of witnesses in fact no real witnesses and a violation of the constitution – in fact it's an attempted coup number 4 which will no work so why have the dems persisted with their unfair attack of the president? hate yes and they have nothing left in their armoury to win the next election – Nancy Pelosi and Schiff in fact have steered this fiasco into a no win situation which will ultimately cost the dems seats at next year's elections if the current trend in the polls continues

  40. Wow, what times we live in. This will be made fun off (hopefully) in the future. Its the same tactics toddlers use. Cry (annoy) until you get what you want.

  41. Is. It. Me. Or. Does anyone. Else. Notice. That the massive. Effort. To. Impeach. And. DESTROY. President. TRUMP. Is. Being. Lead by. Two. JEWS??? Nadler. And. Schiff???? This. Is getting. Very. Dangerous. People!¡!

  42. We need to reach this crucial goal so President Trump and his Senate Majority can Keep Making America Great!

    Obstructionist Democrats evil are working overtime to attack President Trump and ANYONE who stands with him. They are using personal attacks and smear campaigns to fire up their radical base and far-left supporters.

  43. All witnesses for the Dems were donors to the Democratic Party, and Republicans were not allowed to cross examine. In the end, Ukraine got the aide and Biden was not investigated. Witch hunt

  44. Keep America great,forever Trump,he is the one made America the greatest the way he spend his billions for America ,he fight for America with his family on all those wars,
    He build America ,all those Casinos serving people,
    And now he unite America like never before,look the way both parties hugging each-other.God help America if he don’t get impeached!

  45. Yes would like to thank God YAHWEH for Donald Trump's presidency, but these loosing Democratic morons won't shut up long enough to allow him the chance.

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