Trump impeachment debate highlights

If a president undermining our
national security and using the federal government for his own
selfish personal gain is not impeachable conduct, then,
Madam Speaker, I don’t know what is. I believe this is the most unfair,
politically biased, rigged process that I have seen in my entire life. If Republicans want to defend the president’s
indefensible behaviour, they can do so. I believe that Democrats are tearing this
country apart. They’re tearing families apart. This is incredibly divisive and has lowered
the bar for what future presidents will face. When Jesus was falsely accused of treason,
Pontius Pilot gave Jesus the opportunity to face his accusers. During that sham trial, Pontius Pilot afforded
more rights to Jesus than the Democrats have afforded this president and this process. Well, just because you hate the president
of the United States and you can find no other reason other than the fact
that you’re so blinded by your hate that you can’t see straight that you’ve
decided the only way we can make sure this president doesn’t get elected again
is to impeach him. President Trump’s behaviour is exactly
what our founders feared most. They knew that with the awesome power
of the presidency came the risk of a president abusing that power for
personal gain. Dear Ellie and James. This is a moment that you will read about
in your history books. Today, I will vote to impeach the president
of the United States. Mommy, what did grandma do? I want my daughter to be able to tell
her children grandma did the right thing because in America, no one is above the law. The president did nothing wrong in this issue. It’s a sham, a witch hunt, and it’s
tantamount to a coup. I see coming up a president who will
put his head down even through this sham impeachment and he will
do his job. He will put the American people first. He will tell them that I care about you. I am about to say something my Democratic
colleagues hate to hear. Donald J Trump is president of the United
States. [applause] We used to care about democracy. We used to care about our allies.
We used to stand up to Putin in Russia. We used to. On this vote, the ayes are 230, the nays are
197. Present is one. Article 1 is adopted. [applause starts and stops abruptly] The question is on the adoption of Article
2. Those in favour say .
[crowd says aye] Those opposed nay.
[crowd says no] The ayes have it. On this vote, the yays are 229,
the nays are 198. Present is 1. Article 2 is adopted.
[bangs gavel]

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  1. Donald Trump impeached ►

  2. Look at that evil smirk on her face as she bangs her gavel. She'll be sorry she's done this. Someone take her 10 layers of pancake makeup and throw her in prison!!!!!

  3. Let me sum this up for all who are confused
    Has he been impeached? Yes
    Will he be removed from office? You've got more chance of winning the lottery

  4. Honest question: what is the exact thing he's being impeached for? Did he abuse the law? Did he do things for personal gain?

    Just an European trying to follow what's going on over there, please don't hate, I just dont know why this is all happening and I find it strange that the reason isn't so obvious

  5. British people: what made you so conservative all of a sudden, and when will you be removing your elected officials for being so?

  6. Is it just me or does anyone else feel that almost every speech from both sides was pure theatrics with little substance?

  7. Basically Trump tipped off some people of corruption of Joe Biden and his son abusing power so they are crying foul and trying to get Trump impeached over basically nothing.

  8. All presidents are puppets. Look at these fat cat lying losers lol! Those of us with brains still working understand this.

  9. Impeachment is just another Bogus Act of Congress like the MARRIAGE ACT of 1996. It doesn't mean a damn thing because there is no enforcement.

  10. Donald trump is the president he has right to investigate on his citizen Joe biden is just a citizen he ex president . he is doing his job. Just because u lost the election democrat want to I'm preach him lol. F off. Trump all day he will the election . people loves him

  11. Wrong move no strong issue to I'm preach trump unless he is caught in corruption but trump never do anything not even war crimes? . he never even involved in wars so,far he improve economy in america his,policy is different from democrat. Every leader has his own style. If use I'm preach him USA will,be overtaken by China n USA will weaken under Nancy pelosi n rest of dmeocrats

  12. Republicans keep repeating themselves and lying under oath. Why are they allowed to obviously lie on the floor like this?

  13. Oh yeah this is real lol. they try to impeach him before his was president they've been doing that for the last three years how does this have any concrete, have more hate for him than actually trying to get things done for this country what a waste of taxpayers money!!!!

  14. If I was an American Democrat. I would prepare an arsenal of guns and whatever I could get. Defend yourself against the cult of 45.

    This is war.

  15. Finally got a presen with balls that actually makes the economy better and they impeach him
    that's the United States for you!
    pretty messed up!

  16. I'm not american but I wish I would have a president like Trump.He has mistakes ..because he is human,but HE LOVES HIS COUNTRY !!!

  17. I'm so confused. Didn't Joe Biden admit to having a prosecutor fired and threatening to withhold aid if they prosecuted or looked into his son Hunter?

  18. Trump has been impeached by the house, nothing new they have been trying to do that since he has been elected. Senate will not let this fly. Democrats would of had a better chance had they been fair. Im not a Trump supporter, but not that hard to see the Democrats hate Trump more than they love America.

  19. Trump was not impeached. Democrats created an illegal partisan act of treason. This will be thrown out in the senate and there will be indictments for those responsible for this act of treason.

  20. And now it's coming out that Pelosi – and other prominent Dems (and many of their staff) – had bets down offshore in early 2018 that Trump would be impeached before the 2020 election. The evidence is overwhelming and indisputable. Amazing.

  21. When there are highlights of Debbie Wasserman Shultz speaking about doing the right thing…you can’t take it seriously! ??

  22. The second religion is brought into a factual based debate, it’s over for you. Get it together Republicans, you’re getting sloppy! ?

  23. For the record!!! If Trump is impeached! I am going to war on demacrats. It's no secret. We will be coming for you. Not a threat. A promise!!!

  24. What a joke is happening in Washington!! What a joke on both sides!!! Is this what we elected these officials to do? Unbelievable!

  25. I love how Trump supporters try to defend using emotional spikes or higher moral ground, do they understand that logic and facts work on the real world, sure you can influence people but the law is logic and something you can’t persuade with funny wit or persona or higher moral ground.

  26. Where is the proof, all accusations and finger pointing. The supreme Court in the UK tried to tie Boris up in legalise. The people have now given him the power and mandate to get the country back from those that would sell us out. F the EU.

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