92 Replies to “Trump Embarrassment: MAGA Officials Resign As Dems Prep New Impeachment Hearings | MSNBC”

  1. Trump and all his supporters are traitors to the country and its constitution. They should all be ashamed of themselves and the liars they choose to follow. History won't remember them kindly and neither will their children.

  2. The Republikkkens and the Trumpsterkkkens will cover for Trumpkkken and he'll walk. It's the new United States of Russia way. It doesn't get any better than this.

  3. Amazing the amount of Deplorable Maggots who are still supporting this Criminal. Make Education Great Again (MEGA) USA !

  4. Proud to be a New Yorker again. Between the SDNY pushing, and Trump running away to Florida, it's like a dream come true. He's been a stain. I'm happy to see it go to die in FL.

  5. Wow! They knew all this even before he went into the White House , he said it himself it was going to be bigger than Watergate…… nobodys listening…..

  6. Compared to Trump, Nixon was a saint. It's too bad they can't just make Trump testify and get this over with once and for all.

  7. God IS FOR ALL . NOT SIN FOR ALL . FOR , JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON. REPENT OF YOU'RE SINS. President Trump you're were appointed by God. Beware of the Evil , trying to get you out . God's not pleased ?. The American People are Praying for you and your family.

  8. The Sheer Wonderfulness of Donald J. Trump With Perhaps Nearly Imperceptible Embellishments

    I’m just puzzled as to why a couple of people would bother to post even the mildest complaints against such a wonderfully gifted person as Donald J. Trump. Even though the vast majority of Americans adore his folksy style, family values, moral purity, humility, honesty, transparency, forthrightness, courage, cooperation, moderation, self-control, selflessness, patience, maturity, kindness, generosity, intellect and devotion to our beloved republic, there yet remains perhaps only a couple of individuals who would bother to turn over every possible rock to reveal the most ridiculously petty peccadillo which one should rightfully expect to find even in a “perfect individual”.

    Donald J. Trump is undoubtedly the most intellectually gifted politician in the entire history of our nation. There are some who insist that perhaps only Thomas Jefferson might possibly challenge his mental acuity, but readily admit that even he would only compare as a very “distant second” to the sheer heights of Donald’s cerebral grandeur. No other politician in American history could possibly stand so soundly on the mere recall, fluency and mastery of facts and policy understanding as President Trump and when he is in the room …all others are simply “lost” by comparison to his profound knowledge….of history, science, mathematics, economics, philosophy, geo-political insight, geography and of course…the matter of ethics. The matter of debates is completely obviated by the sheerness of his intellectual gravitas. Even his adversaries hold him in the highest regard as he …more than any other American …past or present.. demonstrates the utter respect, compromise and goodwill of the consummate statesman.

    President Trump’s integrity has been rightfully compared to that of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It’s nearly impossible to say if either of these two presidents could really measure up to Donald’s nonpareil standards when it comes to truthfulness and honesty; after all, George Washington is but “rumored to have never lied” whereas no such rumor has ever even soiled Donald’s character. And as to Abe Lincoln, people would probably have to admit that they would give the nod to Donald on honesty as he is completely trusted everywhere . . .even in the South whereas Abe Lincoln was trusted only in the northern “Blue states”.

    Never has America been so enamored with such incomparable giftedness so devoted to the unity of all American perspectives and persuasions. Given the obvious universal respect he wields (in his own mind) and a very careful examination (if that is even necessary) of his body of work (if one can even be found), this could only mean one thing for this wonderful president; he’ll enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean cruise which will immediately commence upon his official retirement from office on January 20, 2021 at midday or perhaps a rather drastic downsizing of his current domicile to one with dimensions close to 8’X12’ but absent maid service and unfettered access to the outside.

  9. From day one the dems have been after Trump just because he won that's it there like a school yard bully who can't stand to lose

  10. This isn't about this video but if you watch 60 minutes Australia about the South China Sea I think it's a a plan for war…

  11. Russia, Russia, Russia, Trumps a Russian asset, NO!! Mueller's investigation!! No, it's Impeachment with Ukraine!! No, No, No, it's more!!! Breaking News!!! They Got Trump now!!! THE SCHIFF CIRCUS!!! NO, IT'S THE NADLER CIRCUS STARTS!!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!! LOL

  12. Speaking as someone on the left, the president wil not be removed. The intelligence committee has gone public with their findings, and it hasn’t changed a single trumpists mind. Instead they have put their fingers in their ears and said lalalalalalala. As a result, trump 2020 will. Become more powerful and he will be re-elected. I don’t see why anyone would be cheering this

  13. People always wonder how could people follow A leader like Hilter because he said he was putting Germany first while making some of the worst crimes in the history of the world. And many follow alone and never stop him defended him to he was unstoppable by any powers within his country

  14. Trump's crimes should be listed in alphabetical order and distributed on a downloadable spreadsheet. There are too many to keep track of.

  15. MSNBC's dwindling audience has been "grabbing for the popcorn" so long it's gone beyond pathological delusion — but I guess it's appropriate being as MSNBC is now the Popcorn Fart Network.

  16. You can run butt you can't HIDE ? ??
    Sounds like Rudy is holding A ROYAL FLUSH in his hand,

  17. Giuliani said, while examining that drumpf and the rest have done nothing wrong, that if they come after him he has dirt on all of them….wtf

  18. Well, I absolutely hate the corrupt Trump family administration…I rejoice our News Casters for covering, and documenting the Truth! without our News casters…we would be without truth… (however I do reject all Fox n' Friends news at all times!) I will never listen to Fox news …because, they truly are "FAKE NEWS FOR TRUMP & FAMILY!"

  19. Somebody's about to catch a ? rudy ghoulish ghuliani oh my bad rudy I meant under the ?. Oh well rudy there's always Siberia Russia comrade mouth piece.

  20. Sure hope they throw the book at him so hard it will be felt in all 50/51 states

    Trump's motto before he leaves is #MASHINGA=Make America a Smoking Hole In the Ground Again

  21. It is time to throw the bums out. By that I mean every single Republican who will not safeguard American security. They know that Russians hacked and meddled in our election, are still trying to do it and Mitch McConnelland every Republican will do nothing about it. Nothing!

    By throw the bums out I mean clean house. Every one of Trump's henchmen needs to get thrown in jail for the criminal behavior they all, every one have displayed. Everything from lying to Congress, failure to appear before Congress, buying lavish furnishings for offices and homes and just incompetence has happened and more. Out with them and prosecute the criminals.

    It is time to safeguard our election. We need to have proper district lines, we need to stop assuming every voter is cheating and voting twice. There is no evidence of that. These things make people distrust Democratic elections. This is just criminal behavior. It does not insure our freedom. More crooked behavior. Out with them.

    It is time to make sure every American has access to affordable health care, regardless of income level. Health care is a right like clean water and free K-12 education. For that matter, higher education is necessary for all who can do the work. We have more complex jobs and our people need higher education to do them. That should be free too. Out with DeVos. She is detrimental to our children.

    It is time for Bernie. I know that the cable media, and corporate powers want moderation, but moderate is another word for no change. I am tired of no change no matter which party is in power. Then we get Trump and we get change but all the wrong change. No legislation to protect the environment, to defend against global warming. No help for those who cannot afford the expensive Obama Care health plan that protects the insurance industry but does not deliver proper care to sick people. Insurance companies make money by not allowing procedures and proper care when they can get away with it.

    Trump lies, cheats, and is a complete nut when he insists that everyone treat him like The Dear Leader. He has to go! Let us do something thoughtful, kind and new. Let's elect a president who can help ordinary people and make corporations and billionaires pay their fair share. Out with static do nothing public officials.

  22. I can not believe you humans are so nieve to believe all of this …..and let him with no sin cast the first stone ! Your name calling and finger pointing makes you no better to any of them …and no better then ANY OF THEM …what you are seeing is deceiving……if they tell you to jump will you ?

  23. It's kinda sad that all you sheep still trust these news organizations. You guys don't think it's kinda odd that they ignore a extremely high profile pedophile story, but lead you guys on a wild goose chase with the POTUS? Wake up and realize who owns these news stations, and the people they are protecting. What are you guys gonna do with yourselves when this fails…yet again?

  24. Who cares? We are waiting for the IG and DOJ reports on the origins of the Russian hoax. Then I guess we will be looking at the origins of the Ukraine hoax. Rudy is a private citizen and can go where he wants.

  25. Funny how leftists still can’t get over their gal losing in 2016. Keep tilting at windmills until 2020….then, you can find more windmills to tilt at. Meanwhile, the country waits for our government to produce any legislation beneficial to our legal citizens.

  26. These people walk in with big stupid grins on there faces then the next thing they know there is the sound of a rapidly approaching bus and an even more rapidly disappearing Trump. And it's not like it should be a surprise to them. It's not like they did not see this happen before.

  27. Watch as we mock TRUMP in this comedic rap video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrOu_TLpH1I.   Un-editied

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mYqAa61f-o.  Clean Version. There are 2 versions of the video. like, subscribe

  28. Trump has violated so many laws even before being sworn in. And the Democrats knew it and didn't do anything about it. Good luck trying to get him indicted and in jail

  29. TRUMP HAS GONE ROGUE AND HIS GOP WHORES ARE VERY WORRIED! He still has a mesmerizing grip on the GOP blind-deaf-dumb base but it might not be enough to get him and the GOP over the line in 2020. The elections of the last few weeks have shown signs that his influence is weakening. The GOP’s best bet is probably to convince Trump that it’s in his own best interests to resign sooner rather than later, perhaps on the grounds of ill health. They've just had a bad scare!

  30. That shist guy knows how to get paid. slander up the ying yang, and just keep it comlng. And I am sitting here waiseting my time just like he planed it to be.

  31. That bus will have to hit and run. Rudy is not the only one . The bus will have to going,, because Trump is going to do a lot of throwing.

  32. Republican Trolls & Sensitive Conservative men bring your sorrows & anger here , for the Democrats are about to spank your mango Mussolini …. on live television

  33. He's writing a new chapter the end of days for himself and the people that work for him around him and just as corrupted as he is are all going to go down.

  34. I don’t understand how anyone can support Trump with all the news and facts being available. Trump is even denying about Giuliani’s trip to Ukraine had anything to do with him. And the fact that Giuliani said if Trump throw him under the bus, he has the insurance. This means that Giuliani has material evidence to damage or to bring Trump down. Either way, this is bad news for Trump. So sad to see America being played out in the international scene. It will take years to undo all the damages that this current administration did. Once trust is broken, it is hard to rebuild.

  35. But about this video Trump is my favorite president and you people trying to impeach him aren't about the people that's what I have to say about the press and democratic party in office I'm independent myself. hmm..why? you all are something trying to get rid of someone who caused stocks to go up and some jobs for the people I think for people in office can't have a say about the commander an chief that's not the people in my opinion everyone else who isn't in office should have a say also I think you all in office that do say things about the Commander an chief should try to pass a law about yourselfs to be arrested for trying to speak for the people

  36. Dean Cramer

    There is a great Judgment coming against Adam Shiff and all who oppose The Father, Son and Holy Spirit's Agenda through President Trump.

    All will witness the exposure of God!

    "There is nothing hidden that shall not be made known, nothing secret that shall not be brought to light." The Lord Jesus Christ.

    Get ready.

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