The Impeachable Mr. Trump – SOME MORE NEWS

– Hey everybody, real quick, the Senior Advisor to the President is a white nationalist but that’s not what
we’re going to talk about even though that’s all anyone
should be talking about. Here’s some more news! We got a bum prez y’all. A real cauldron of cold
diarrhea in President form and now a bunch of people just sat around in a big fancy room
talking to other people to determine if we can
perhaps not have him as the president anymore
because we got a bad one folks. A super duper fart-noggin
of a potus he is. And you know what? Before we get jabbering
about laws and junk, allow me to be the first to
say that I do very much wish we could undo the 2016 election, the thing that Republicans are
accusing Democrats of doing with this impeachment. I sincerely wish that
one-fifth of the country didn’t get duped into voting for a sorta-rich racist steak peddler with absolutely no experience or even respect for our military who very clearly had only his
own personal gain in mind. He wasn’t even in the best Home Alone. I wish that the candidate who
actually got the most votes was the person who won, even though that candidate
wasn’t very good either, but less bad. I would totes undo the election like with a time machine or whatever that Butterfly Effect film did if only to maybe prevent a bunch of kids getting separated from their parents and thrown in cages and then lost and the number lost keeps
getting revealed to be higher, or the Senior Advisor to
the President to become not a white nationalist. I think it’s in the best
interest of this country to not have the president we have despite whether or not
he did something illegal. Luckily it sure seems like he
has done many illegal things and should be impeached for those things. But since our government is designed like a cascading clown show, there is a whole cluster of people whose job it is to pretend
like that isn’t true and obstruct the process
as much as possible and their sweaty diarrhea has
leaked down to regular folk who happen to be like-minded politically. As if their entire ideology is hinged on whether or not an obvious grifter did obviously bad things. And hey, the holidays are coming. Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and New Years and I think there’s one more in there too, and that means you all get to go home, sit at a table or table-like object and try to debate with your
relatives about basic reality. Reality that is being denied
by a whole lot of people who sure don’t want to admit that their president did
some crimes, obvious crimes. Because he thinks he can act like the same greasy business fink he always was while also holding the
highest office in the world. He’s very bad at this. So I thought I’d help
you all out a little bit. Not only by going through the evidence of the impeachment inquiry but calling out all the blatant diarrhea being slopped around to distract from the actual facts of
the impeachment inquiry. No better place to start
than the Constitution. Can I get a Constitution please? Get it our here, let’s get it. You didn’t get the original Constitution for me to roll out here and examine? Okay, let’s look at
this copy on the screen. Okay, zoom in on Article
Two, Section Four. Right there where some
honkey scribbled that “The president, Vice-President “and all civil officers
of the United States, “shall be removed from
office on impeachment for, “and conviction of treason, bribery “or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. That’s gonna be our
standard for impeachment. Now, you might be wondering, hey there sex buns, just what exactly is high
crimes and misdemeanors? Some kind of fancy
movie made by a pervert? To which I would say, yes, but also, totally not relevant for what we need to talk about because the word I’d
actually like to focus on, written right there in the Constitution I so desperately want to own, is bribery. And just because people are
going to act like obtuse idiots here is a legal definition of that word which specifically says, “demonstrating a quid pro quo relationship “in which the recipient
directly alters behavior “in exchange for the gift.” Quid pro quo being Latin for the phrase “something for something.” I give you a thing you
want and in exchange, you give me a thing I want. In legal code dumb s 201, it is described as when “a public official or person selected to be a public official, “directly or indirectly,
corruptly demands, seeks, “receives, accepts or agrees
to receive or accept anything “of value personally or for
any other person or entity, “in return for being
influenced in the performance “of any official act.” And just because people
are going to continue to act like obtuse idiots, that’s why we’re talking
about a personal quid pro quo. Because the President absolutely can, on an official level, withhold aid in exchange
for a country doing a thing, like when Jimmy Carter withheld aid from Chile, El Salvador,
Nicaragua and Uganda for human rights abuses. What they can’t do is use the office to bribe other countries
for their personal gain. That’s what we’re very
clearly talking about. The accusation that
Donald Trump ordered aid to be withheld from Ukraine unless they announced an
unwarranted investigation into one of his political rivals for his personal gain
in the next election. That’s the goalpost being clearly set. Not just by myself, but by
the GOP and conservatives. – Are you open minded if more comes out that you could support impeachment? – Sure, I mean, show me
something that is a crime. If you could show me that you know Trump actually was
engaging in a quid pro quo outside the phone call that
would be very disturbing. Not that we need their approval but that’s the now
commonly agreed on standard event though it doesn’t really have to be and the President is doing
all kinds of other crimes we could also be investigating. If there was evidence of a quid pro quo outside of Trump’s phone call
to the Ukrainian president, which did have evidence of a quid pro quo, but whatever, we’ll get to that later. If there’s evidence of that, well then, that’s very disturbing. To quote a very smart
boy, no quid pro quo, no impeachment, no moving goalposts. Are we all clear? A personal quid pro quo, as in bribery, is constitutionally described
as an impeachable offense. Not the only impeachable offense, but the one that these
impeachment inquiries are mostly about. Also, just to get it out of the way, all that Biden, Burisma, Ukraine stuff, what the President claims
to have been looking for, was investigated a bunch and they found no evidence of corruption specific to the
Vice-President and his son. – The pervasive and long-standing problem of corruption in Ukraine
included exposure to a situation involving the energy company Burisma. The primary concern with the
U.S. government since 2014, was Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky whose frozen assets abroad
we had attempted to recover on Ukraine’s behalf. In early 2015, I raised questions with the Deputy Prosecutor General
about why the investigation of Mr. Zlochevsky had been terminated. Based on our belief that prosecutors had accepted bribes to close the case. Later I became aware that Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma. Soon after that, in a briefing call with the National Security staff of the Office of the
Vice-President in February of 2015, I raised my concern that Hunter Biden’s
status as a board member could create the perception
of a conflict of interest. Let me be clear however, I did not witness any
effort by any U.S. official to shield Burisma from scrutiny. In fact, I and other U.S.
officials consistently advocated re-instituting a scuttled investigation of Zlechevsky, Burisma’s founder, as well as holding the corrupt prosecutors who closed the case to account. – Now don’t get this
news dude wrong alright, Burisma is corrupt as (beep). Nor am I saying that Biden’s
son should be involved in international business and in fact, I am right this second, saying they shouldn’t be. This goes for all politicians. No sons, nor should their sons-in-law or daughters be doing that sort of stuff. It’s a bad thing all around and perhaps the President should look into all the other instances
of sons or daughters or sons-in-law, ya know, having business dealings overseas. Maybe he should do that
if he’s so concerned about this kind of
corruption as he claims. But this isn’t about those things but rather whether or not
Trump had a good reason to specifically go after Biden, used proper channels to do that and if he used federal
aid to bribe a country into specifically going
after his political rival. So let’s get to those inquiries. Except, hold the (beep) up, let’s not because the
GOP has also questioned the legitimacy of the
inquiries themselves. For reasons that I’m sure are very serious reasons
that we now have to address. There was the demand for a house vote, something that wasn’t
necessary to begin the inquiry but whatever, they did one
anyway so let’s move on. Then Trump claimed that the inquiry was constitutionally invalid
because they denied him the ability to cross-examine
witnesses or call witnesses. But that’s not true as neither the Constitution or House rules require that and in the
past presidential rebuttals came at the end of the process. He does however, get the
right to cross-examine and rebut witnesses once
this gets to the Senate. This is probably stuff that the President and his toadies should know right, like law stuff. And it would be weird if
we elected a president who didn’t know these kinds of things. Then we get to Matt Gaetz, guy with a face and U.S. Representative for Florida. Now I’m not gonna give
Gaetz that much attention because it’s clearly what he wants but I simply must talk about the time when he and a group of House Republicans valiantly stormed into
the impeachment inquiry, quite stupidly and while
breaching security, to protest the idea that they
weren’t allowed in the room. That it was a shadowy and secret process designed to keep Republicans away. Which is weird because that
group of sit-in Republicans claiming they weren’t
allowed in the inquiry, 13 of them were allowed in the inquiry. The Foreign Affairs
committee holding the inquiry has 103 members that are split evenly between Republicans and Democrats. Something the House Republicans
absolutely should know which means that 13 of them
chose not to attend the inquiry in order to pretend like they
weren’t invited to the inquiry which they were absolutely invited to. In other words, they just lied. They lied to your face to pretend like the impeachment inquiry was corrupt in order to
later discredit the results. Also for one of the people
that was there was Steve King. Speaking of white nationalism
earlier, he was there. I thought the GOP was like no, no, no, no these are white nationalists, we don’t want anything to do with them but he was there anyway. I don’t know, that’s kinda weird. Anyway, Trump not only had
knowledge of the sit-in but supported it before it happened. And that’s, that’s a
little pathetic and obvious and something a guilty person
would do and maybe illegal? And Gaetz is being used,
like some kind of instrument, to carry out the President’s
wishes, like a tool. Sure is weird how even though they are
claiming the President is totally innocent, the GOP is putting all
kinds of intimidation and obstruction tactics on the inquiry. Demanding the media reveal
the whistle blower’s name and trying to force him
or her to appear in public and not just give written answers even though Trump 100% will
only give written answers and then threatening to
give up dirt on witnesses. Strange how the totally
not guilty President is doing everything he can to scare away the people testifying about him. But despite all of this, the impeachment inquiry has continued. Because it’s a completely legal and historically normal process with witnesses who are extremely credible, mainly concerned about
Ukraine and very serious even though some of them wear bow ties that look like a wacky scrotum. That’s George Kent, a
Harvard grade who can speak Ukrainian, Russian and Thai and also joined the
State Department in 1992. He is considered an expert
on the corruption in Ukraine. He was the Senior
Anti-Corruption Coordinator in the State Department’s European Bureau and even has the bow tie in his official State Department biography. Another person giving testimony is Ambassador Bill Taylor, a career diplomat who has served both Republican and
Democratic administrations. He graduated from West Point, served in the infantry for six years and fought in he Vietnam War. He was nominated to be
Ukraine’s ambassador by George W. Bush in 2006. Before getting hired as Deputy
Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Europe and Russia, Fiona Hill was an intelligence officer for both George W. Bush and Obama. These aren’t liberal nut jobs. They aren’t never trumpers
as Trump would call them and in fact, one of the key witnesses is Ambassador Gordon Sondland
who is a long-time GOP donor who was appointed by Trump after he donated a million dollars to Trump’s inaugural committee. So it’s kind of
interesting that the moment he flipped during this inquiry, our president would say this. – Let me just say I
hardly know the gentleman. – So that’s uh, weird. Like something a bad crime
president would say ya know? They are so credible that conservatives are having problems finding ways to make them uncredible. Like this is probably
the most damning headline Fox could come up with
about Marie Yovanovitch who served the U.S.
Foreign Service in 1986 and has been an ambassador
since the Bush administration. But the president said she’s bad news. When Lieutenant Colonel Alexander
S. Vindman came forward, the media was quick to point out that he is an extremely
respected solider and scholar who fled Ukraine at age
three and went to Harvard, became a decorated officer
in the United States Army and then an expert on Ukraine for the White House’s
National Security Council. He’s like everything
the GOP fantasizes about when they think of immigrants
assimilating to America. Gee, I wonder what detail
Fox News focused on? – Here we have a U.S.
National Security official who is advising Ukraine while working inside the White House apparently against the
President’s interests and usually they spoke in English. Isn’t that kind of an
interesting angle on this story? – I find that astounding
and you know some people might call that espionage. – Yes, some might call
a Ukrainian immigrant spending his life loyally working for the U.S. government with a
spotless record espionage, that some being people
who are liars and aw heck, maybe even xenophobic ones. So yeah, they got nothing
and for this reason, the main focus has been
on the whistleblower despite that the whistleblower
has now been joined by a bunch of credible
people backing them up. – Only Chairman Schiff knows
who the whistle blower is. We don’t, we will never get the chance we will never get the chance
to see the whistleblower raise his right hand,
swear to tell the truth and nothing but the, we’ll
never get that chance. More importantly, the American
people won’t get that chance. This anonymous so-called whistleblower with no first hand knowledge, who’s biased against the President, who worked with Joe Biden, who is the reason we’re
all sitting here today, we’ll never get a chance to
question that individual. – Yeah, how dare that lefty
communist whistleblower with bias against the President that we know literally nothing about how dare, how dare they, it doesn’t matter how many other people you get to confirm the President’s crimes because (grrr) that one
whistleblower and their bias, that we assume they have. Hey, quick side note, so that clip, you might have noticed has a Daily Caller logo on the top and I wanted to use that specific video because it’s a part of the Daily Caller’s 15 minute long recap video that completely cuts out nearly
all of the actual testimony and focuses only on the parts where the GOP kinda sounds good. Like the Daily Caller, a
site that calls itself news, that Facebook calls news, has a recap of the impeachment inquiry that cuts out nearly all
of the actual inquiry. The article that came with it
is no joke, 250 words long. That’s their coverage, by someone calling themselves a reporter. So great work Daily Caller
founder Tasker Coruscant. But can you blame them? Like if you were a partisan
propaganda organization pretending to be the news
and had to cover a story that was largely damning for your side, you kinda just have to
pretend it’s not happening. And uh, much more on that later. But for the moment, let’s actually stop and look at what has been said by these witnesses. No more teasing all right let’s get fully fisted by the truth and as implied by the fisting, well, it’s gonna be a lot to take in. No doubt more and more
revelations will show up along in the future but also like the fisting, well a little goes a long way and so we already have a pretty damning timeline so far, so let’s do it, fist away. (trumpet music) On April 21st, Volodymyr Zelensky was elected president of Ukraine and according to EU Ambassador,
Gordon Sondland’s testimony, he and several others later
met with President Trump to discuss Ukraine. This was on May 23rd and included
Special Envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, Rick Perry
and Senator Ron Johnson. This is also backed up by
Kurt Volker’s testimony. All in the transcript. And I can’t in good
conscience mention Rick Perry without checking in on what the president thinks of Rick Perry. – Rick Perry, watch him, he’s a comer. – During that meeting with
the comer and other people and according to both Sondland and Volker, Trump showed very little
actual interest in Ukraine and instructed them to
talk to Rudy Giuliani. A person who, and this is true,
is not a government employee nor an expert on the Ukraine nor a person with experience being an ambassador or a diplomat but rather the President’s
personal lawyer who, during this same time, was
taking trips to Ukraine specifically to investigate Hunter Biden for political reasons. To quote Giuliani at the time of his trip, “I’m asking them to do an investigation “that they’re doing already
and that other people “are telling them to stop. “And I’m going to give them reasons “why they shouldn’t stop it “because that information “will be very, very helpful to my client”. Give them reasons. And now, according to multiple witnesses, it turns out the President was referring U.S. ambassadors and envoys to Giuliani, a not-government official specifically tasked with going
after his political rival, to consult on Ukraine. The same Giuliani who hired
Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman to go to Ukraine and find
Ukrainians who were willing to make U claims against the Bidens for his client, the President, only for those two guys to get caught trying to leave the country after violating campaign finance laws connected to their time in Ukraine. A place Giuliani told them go to. Giuliani, the President’s lawyer, who once said, “I don’t do
anything that involves my client “without speaking to my client”. None of this is hearsay. I’m just saying things that happened. Hey look at this picture of the President standing next to those
crime guys I just mentioned. So what were those
crime guys up to anyway? Well it turns out that they were making hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign
donations while disguising where the money was
coming from in order to specifically push the firing of Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch. A woman that the president has and still continues to smear on Twitter. So what did Yovanovitch do wrong? Well back in March, Marie gave a speech before the
Ukraine Crisis Media Center where she called out Ukraine
for backsliding on corruption and before this had made a
lot of enemies in the country due to her criticism. And it turns out that Lev
Parnas and Igor Fruman, those crime gus who worked
for the president’s lawyer, well a lot of their
associates didn’t like her and so the crime guys
were making donations to U.S. officials in the
hope they would push her out. And they got their wish after donating to Congressman Pete Sessions On May 9th, Parnas
posted a photo of himself in Sessions office the
same day that Greasy Pete wrote a letter to U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, claiming
that Yovanovitch had made disparaging remarks against Trump. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s then top prosecutor, Yuriy Lutsenko floated a conspiracy theory that Yovanovitch had secretly
helped the Clinton campaign. This was based on literally nothing and was since recanted
by Lutsenko himself. Didn’t matter because Trump, great brain, had been successfully tricked
into the conspiracy theory as he is won’t to do and began to attack Yovanovitch. It didn’t help that many of the people who didn’t like her in Ukraine also happened to be the same people that Giuliani was
tapping for dirt on Biden and this is all according to
testimonies and indictments. So while you may have seen a lot of people wonder why Yovanovitch is even involved, this is mostly the reason. She was collateral damage, her ousting a sort of
side deal made between Giuliani and the people in
Ukraine he was working with to find Biden stuff for
the president of course. These people apparently had
a problem with Yovanovitch, an extremely serious ambassador who was focused on corruption. I wonder if, I wonder what type of people would have a problem with that. Anyhoo, according to
Yovanovitch’s testimony, she was called at 1:00
a.m. and told to get on the first plane out of Ukraine
and back to Washington due to concerns for her security. Her dismissal then
caused Michael McKinley, a 30 year ambassador
and then Senior Advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, to quit citing a continuous effort
by Trump and Giuliani to sideline and silence career
diplomats working on Ukraine. Wowee, that’s a lot of
sketchy-ass stuff I just said huh? But focus Cody. We’re looking for bribery, not the other clearly impeachable crimes. The key part so far is when the president told U.S. ambassadors to work with his personal crime lawyer on Ukraine. Next up is July 10th when,
according to testimony by Senior Director for Europe and Russia on the National Security
Council, Fiona Hill, there was a White House
meeting with the then National Security Advisor John Bolton and two Ukrainian officials who were trying to get a meeting between President Trump and
Ukrainian President Zelensky. In that meeting,
Ambassador Gordon Sondland, the guy who is very much team Trump and also a wealthy hotel owner who maybe shouldn’t be
involved in the government, let it be known that he had an agreement with Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney that if the Ukrainians agreed
to investigate Hunter Biden, they could get a meeting
with the president. According to Hill, everyone in the room
got real uncomfortable because Sondland hadn’t at
all discussed this officially and was basically just
throwing it out there. So Bolton stops the meeting
and they call it a day. Then at a follow up meeting
Sondland does it again, and this time Hill halts the meeting again and asks the Ukrainian
officials to leave the room. And according to her testimony, she then tried to explain to Sondland why he couldn’t keep doing that, specifically telling him that they couldn’t make any commitments without going through
the proper procedures to which Sondland then brought
up Giuliani as his defense. You know, the President’s personal lawyer who I’m pretty sure
shouldn’t at all be involved in matters of diplomacy as he wasn’t even named
as a Special Envoy. Later, she and Lieutenant
Colonel Alexander S. Vindman decide to report the
sketchy as (beep) meeting to John A. Eisenberg, the Chief Legal Adviser to
the National Security Council. And before they do it,
Bolton asks Hill to, quote, “Go and tell Eisenberg
that I am not part of whatever drug deal Sondland and Mulvaney are cooking up on this”. So here we see a clash where the Acting White
House Chief of Staff teamed with an Ambassador
with close support of Trump to set up unofficial and weird meetings under the condition
that Ukraine go forward with these investigations and members of the
National Security Council were getting very uncomfortable with that. Then came the time that Trump
withheld aid from Ukraine. According to testimony by Laura Cooper, a top Pentagon official
overseeing Ukraine, this happened near the end of July. You know what else happened
near the end of July? The date July 25th, which is also when Trump
made that phone call to President Zelensky. According to the transcripts that aren’t actually verbatim transcripts, according to the transcript itself that Trump is insisting we all read, the Ukrainian president
brings up his desire to buy more Javelins from
the US for defense purposes, to which Trump responds, I would like you to do us a favor though before bringing up an
investigation into CrowdStrike, an entirely different tangent that I guess we need to
talk about right now. CrowdStrike is the
cybersecurity technology company the DNC hired to analyze
their email hack five months before the 2016 election. The one that linked
Russia to our elections, a thing they totally messed with. CrowdStrike is the one who figured out that Russian agents had
broken into the DNCs network and stolen emails, the evidence of which was later used by Mueller to indict 12 members of Russia’s military
as laid out in his report that includes at least 10
other impeachable instances of obstruction of justice. But anyway, for that reason, there’s been a conspiracy
theory that CrowdStrike, a company that has also
worked with the GOP when they had hacking issues withheld knowledge that
it was actually Ukraine that hacked the DNC and
blamed it on Russia. Something that has zero evidence behind it and would be a pretty random thing for a non-partisan
company to decide to do. This was being pushed by Roger Stone, a man known for lying and
for having a back tattoo commemorating his friendship
with another crime president, who was just found guilty of witness tampering
and lying to Congress. Stone, if you forgot, was an adviser to Trump’s
2016 presidential campaign who was caught establishing a back-channel with those Russian hackers and WikiLeaks to dig up dirt on Trump’s election rival which sure seems like a thing
that keeps on happening, huh? And it just so happens
that Mueller’s testimony was a day before Trump called Zelensky. Which is why, in the transcript the president wants us to read, Trump specifically asks Ukraine to look into it because he wants, quote, “that whole nonsense ended
with a very poor performance “by a man named Robert Mueller”. This is the transcript the
President wanted us to read and it involves the Ukraine President bringing up purchasing weapons from the US before the President responds with, “I would like you to do us a favor though” as in, conditional to purchasing weapons, and that favor is for him to investigate a private company responsible for the investigations against him. They wanted us to read this, including the other part where Trump says “The other thing, there’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son” and so on. During this same time it
became very clear to everyone that there was a quid pro quo
between Trump and Zelensky. To quote Ambassador Bill
Taylor during his testimony, “That was my clear understanding, “security assistance money would not come “until the President committed
to pursue the investigation”. Taylor would later text Sondland and say, “I think it’s crazy to
withhold security assistance “for help with a political campaign”. On August 9th we also
have a text exchange, provided by former U.S.
Special Envoy Kurt Volker, between himself and Sondland arranging a White House meeting and statement from the Ukrainian president where Sondland remarks “potus really wants the deliverable” and they begin drafting a
statement for the event. Then three days later, we got the first whistleblower complaint about the July 25th call which begins to make
its way through Congress and seemingly causes Trump’s advisors to try to convince him to release the aid which he still doesn’t do. He is now withholding the aid despite people begging him to do it. The situation at this point
was getting so alarming that the senior State Department official in charge of Ukraine, George Kent, wrote up a memo
specifically addressing it, expressing concerns
that there were people, like Giuliani, pushing
communication with Ukraine and not going through any formal policy process while doing it. The implication there is that Trump was basically undermining
the official channels, working a different deal
that was under the table through his personal lawyer who he had directed his
ambassadors to work with. Then on September 1st is when, according to testimony, we get a very explicit
mention of a quid pro quo as William Taylor recalled
that during an event in Warsaw commemorating World War II, Zelensky flat out asked
Vice President Mike Pence about security cooperation. Pence deflected and said
he’d talk to Trump about it. Taylor testified that he then spoke to National Security Council
Advisor Tim Morrison about this and Morrison told him that Sondland told one of Zelensky’s
top aides that, quote, “security assistance money would not come “until President Zelensky
committed to pursue “the Burisma investigation”. Burisma being the company
Hunter Biden worked for. While that sounds like a game of telephone or second-hand information, both Tim Morrison and Sondland
would then corroborate this with their testimonies as well. According to Sondland himself, he explicitly told Zelensky’s people that Ukraine wasn’t going to get aid unless he investigated Biden. Meanwhile, thirteen
Ukrainian soldiers would die during this span of
withheld aid, fun fact. Having no choice in the matter, Zelensky then prepared to go on CNN to talk to Fareed Zakaria and announce publicly that he
was going to investigate Biden like Trump wanted but
before he could do that, the story broke about the whistleblower causing the White House to release the aid and because they released the money, Zelensky quickly canceled
the CNN appearance. – And then I was in Kiev
on September 12th and 13th and I met with him which often happens. They’ll you know wanna suss you out and make sure that they feel comfortable and we had a very nice conversation. No inkling of any of this and then we sort of had a date set, they’d essentially committed to it and I think the Washington
Post breaks the story about the whistleblower
and the whole thing, suddenly radio silence from their side. – That’s when the aid was released right? – Right, that was when
the aid was released and then I think the aid was released, the Post story breaks,
the Trump administration, I think I have this right, the, you know the story breaks,
I think it was the Post. The aid is quickly released and then the interview
is essentially canceled. So the way I looked at it was, you know the aid is released
so that’s the end of the quid and then the interview is canceled, that’s the end of the quo. – Did you catch all of that? Zelensky’s aide was told that he wasn’t going to get the money unless he announced an
investigation into Biden, despite there being no reason for that investigation beyond the fact that Biden was Trump’s political rival. And Zelensky was so clearly
only doing that for the aid that when it was finally released, he canceled the announcement
because he didn’t actually care about investigating Biden. He was doing something to get something and then once he got his something, canceled the something
he was supposed to give in order to get the something. And everything I just told you is from these inquiries, corroborated by various
advisors and ambassadors with varying loyalty
to Trump and for some, many years of bi-partisan service, none of this is from the
mysterious whistleblower, and it all very clearly points to Trump trying to set up a bribe, which is definitely
grounds for impeachment under the Constitution. There’s no wiggle room there. The idea that Ukraine didn’t
know about the quid pro quo, not that it would legally
matter, is not true. And everything I described here is just the thing that happened according to these very credible witnesses and backed up with text messages. Also, probably could have saved some time, but here’s the (beep)
White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney just saying
there was a quid pro quo. – That was, those were
the driving factors. Did he also mentioned to me in past the corruption related to
the DNC server, absolutely. No question about that but that’s it, that’s
why we held up the money. Now there was a report. – So the demand for an
investigation into the Democrats was part of the reason that he ordered to withhold
funding to Ukraine? – The look back to what happened in 2016, certainly was part of the
thing that he was worried about in corruption with that nation and that is absolutely appropriate. – Withholding the funding?
– Yeah. – Could’ve maybe led with
that, Cody but whatever. There it is, that quid pro quo that Lindsay Graham was talking about. Shall we now check in with
him to hear his thoughts? No doubt it’s some kind
of grand revelation that he’s been led astray
by the president, right? – [Reporter] Do you plan on reading his transcripts that were released? – No. Oh, okay, so all those
transcripts I just cited about how there was
totally a quid pro quo, Lindsay isn’t gonna read them. To his credit, that’s a pretty easy way to avoid taking responsibility
by just not doing his job. I honestly didn’t realize
that was an option but I guess it is. Like that’s seriously how
the GOP is handling this. By just ignoring it. Or in Trump’s case, claiming he’s not going
to watch the hearing and then tweeting about that
hearing he’s not watching. It’s just, it’s just, it’s just,
it’s just very transparent. Remember Ben Shapiro’s “no
quid pro quo, no impeachment, “no moving goalposts”
tweets before the hearing? Yeah you remember that. The whole thing where he wasn’t
gonna move any goalposts. Let’s, let’s check in with that! – The White House should stop saying there is no quid pro quo. There was a quid pro quo, the question is whether it
was a corrupt quid pro quo as I have been saying for weeks. – Oh, okay Ben, so
there was a quid pro quo as you have been saying for weeks and I guess we’ll just
have to trust you there because of how truthful you are and there’s no possible
way to look into the past and see what you’ve said. Special Ben. We could probably just end the video here but then we get to miss the fun part because as I believe I’ve explained, there is a lot of very damning and undeniable witness evidence from extremely credible sources pointing to an impeachable offense. And normal people should, at this point, be able to recognize that but
folks like Ben and the GOP keep on pushing those goalposts and trying to explain that sure, there was a quid pro quo
but not a corrupt one and in fact these things
happen all the time. – And that was the legality of the issue. – But to be clear, what you just described is a quid pro quo. It is funding will not flow
unless the investigation into the Democratic
server happens as well. – We do, we do that all the
time with foreign policy and I have news for
everybody, get over it. There is going to be political
influence in foreign policy. – Yeah, get over it bro. Investigating corruption is so 2018. Also buy these shirts. These official shirts from Trump, his branded argument about how quid pro quos are no big deal. A thing he also definitely
didn’t do according to him. See that’s the real fun part because while they are still
trying to discredit the idea that there even was a quid quo pro, they’re also simultaneously
pushing the idea that it would have been
totally normal if it happened. Like saying hey man, I didn’t (beep) in the
dressing room of this JC Penny but if I did that wouldn’t be
the end of the world, ya know? People (beep) places all the time. Why not a dressing room? It’s the same size of a bathroom. It happens all the time. And now we have to
backtrack all over again because at the start of this I pointed out that there are quid pro quos the government legally engages
in with other governments which was never the accusation here. This is an accusation about
a personal quid pro quo and so by trying to point
that out as a defense of Trump is a way to purposefully
bog down the conversation especially when, as clearly
stated in the evidence, these ambassadors and diplomats were working with Trump’s personal lawyer and were specifically worried about how they weren’t
dealing with Ukraine through proper channels and procedures. Saying yeah but the US
makes deals all the time is missing the entire point
of what the accusations are. It’s being purposefully
stupid, or just regular stupid but probably purposefully stupid. And again, they are doing
this all while trying to also claim it never happened. Here’s U.S. Representative Jim Jordan grilling William Taylor
and claiming that since Zelensky didn’t announce
the investigation into Biden that means there was no quid pro quo. – My clear understanding was they weren’t gonna get the money until President Zelensky committed to pursue the investigations. Now with all due respect Ambassador, your clear understanding
was obviously wrong because it didn’t happen. President Zelensky didn’t announce he was going to investigate
Burisma or the Biden’s. He didn’t do a press conference and say I’m gonna investigate the Biden’s. We’re gonna investigate Burisma. He didn’t tweet about it and you just told the ranking member, he didn’t do the CNN interview and announce he’s gonna
investigate Burisma or the Biden’s. – Okay so, despite all the evidence and the fact that Zelensky
was absolutely going to announce the investigation into Biden before the money was released
after public scrutiny, that’s going to be Jim
Jordan’s stupid opinion on the situation and he is
totally entitled to that. Now here he is speaking after
the same (beep) hearing. – Ukraine’s one, as Ernst and Young said, one of the three most corrupt
countries on the planet. President Trump and our administration, or his administration, was
checking them out and guess what? After President, after
Vice President Pence visited with Mr. Zelensky
after senator’s bipartisan, Senator’s Johnson and Murphy
visited with President Zelensky six days later the aid is released because they all became
convinced this is a guy worth sending the hard earned tax dollars of the American people to. – Oh, okay, it was all
a test of corruption. He was like an undercover cop buying drugs to bust the dealer. So here’s a question then. If Zelensky didn’t announce
they were looking into Biden like you, Jim Jordan, said
didn’t happen during the hearing then how did they pass
this corruption test you are now saying did happen? What did Zelensky do to convince Trump, famous anti-corruption President, that he was on the level? Because the only thing Zelensky was asked to investigate was Biden which Zelensky didn’t do
because he got the aid. So did this never happen, or did it actually happen and
was part of a corruption test? Which is it, Jord? Which lie do you want to tell? Because you can’t tell both lies. Ya just can’t, little buddy. Or I guess you can ’cause you did. So this is where we’re at. There’s a (beep) ton of damning evidence showing that the President
of the United States instructed various
ambassadors and officials to work with his personal lawyer to make a deal with another country exchanging aid for a personal favor and because it’s so clear, the GOP is going to
spend the inquiry ranting and tap-dancing conspiracies
and just flat out lying and confusing the subject. They have no other option. You know, besides acting in
the interest of the people and not themselves. And don’t get me wrong here, Democrats, possibly the
lesser of two evils, are also using this inquiry to preach and make big dumb speeches and use these very serious
witnesses to grandstand. It’s a lot of filling time sprinkled with extremely
important information hidden in hours of insufferable (beep). – My colleagues, couple of
my colleagues referenced the conversation, the hot mic conversation between President Obama
and President Medvedev, that was in 2012, there’s a
suggestion that he was saying that he was going to easy on Russia over the invasion of Ukraine but that invasion took place two years after that conversation. You don’t have any reason to believe that President Obama was
referring to going easy on Russia for an invasion that
hadn’t happened yet do you? – Mr. Chairman, I have no
knowledge of what was in. – It was more or less
a rhetorical question. – Hey, maybe don’t ask the
very serious ambassador rhetorical questions to dunk
on the Republicans, Schiffy. Dude isn’t made of time. This is a test of the
Legislative Branch as a whole, who is facing an Executive Branch that is very clearly corrupt. It’s everything the
Constitution talked about in terms of removing a
president from office. Trump, who believes in very little, could have just as likely grifted his way into the Democratic party. Like it really shouldn’t
be about party lines, at least specifically when
it comes to his crimes which are very numerous and obvious. This really shouldn’t
be hard and yet it is, because the system we
designed here is broken. All of it, from the
branches of our government to the terrible media coverage claiming that the inquiries are boring and dull and lacked pizzazz. No pizzazz, did you not
see the (beep) bow tie? But the true heroes of the (beep) parade is of course conservative media, who are going to give us
endless months of this. – You tune in, you’re either sound asleep or you can’t follow he said, she said, she said, he said, he said. It’s a bunch of gossip girls. It’s not a legitimate inquiry. – So you wanna stop the impeachment? – Again, it might just as
easily have been Democrats. But Republicans and conservatives
are on the slab here. They are most responsible for this mess and so they are the ones
being put to the test and they are just failing
the (beep) out of that test. Like you know how I’m being super detailed and explaining the definition of stuff and whipping out the Constitution or at least trying to? I’m not doing that to be a
condescending chuckle-dick. I’m doing it because I actually have to. – Okay, here’s the problem yeah, of course Nancy it’s in the Constitution, we can read okay. President may be impeached
for bribery, treason or high crimes or misdemeanors but even assuming the Democrats strained and ridiculous
interpretation of the facts, and I do not assume them, but just for the sake of their argument, attempted bribery isn’t
in the Constitution. – This is where we are at. And just in case your
uncle whips out that gem on Thanksgiving or on,
what’s the other one? Starts with an X, well in case of that, here I’m just gonna once
again show you this link to the legal definition of bribery that specifies that seeking
an exchange of value is also bribery. Do I have to play the Simpsons clip? – Convicted of a crime
I didn’t even commit. Huh, attempted murder,
now honestly what is that? Do they give a Nobel prize for
attempted chemistry do they? – This is just so embarrassing and we still haven’t hit the bottom. – Because life on earth is bribery. You say I want something from you, you give something to me, that’s how the world works everywhere. – Ah yea, the president
couldn’t have done bribery ’cause of how like, when
you think about it man, like everything’s bribery on
like a philosophical level. They’re grotesque, desperate, and lying constantly
about what’s happening. The only play they have left is to fundamentally change
the rules of reality and we probably shouldn’t
forget that, ya know? Like if in the future we
get to decide which party gets to be in charge, we should remember the
specific people who, when faced with a trial of integrity, put their partisan and personal interests over the people they are
supposed to be serving. We should remember the
television and social media hacks who claim to be warriors of logic but bend over backwards
to not change their minds. They shouldn’t be allowed
to influence this country, because they are hurting us. Just a suggestion. Also, p.s., there’s a white nationalist in charge of our immigration
policies right now so maybe there shouldn’t be. Just a little p and an s.

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