The Honorable Marcia S. Krieger – Distinguished Achievement – Judiciary

Chief Judge Krieger has been a leader
on our bench committed to raising the standards of professionalism and giving
back to a new generation of lawyers. She’s taught here at Colorado Law before,
we’ve honored her with our honorary Order of the Coif, and we have celebrated
her as a role model inspiration. She cares about mentoring, she cares about younger lawyers, and she has been a gift to our legal community. Back when I
graduated it wasn’t Colorado Law and I like that title of The Law School
because it captures the two components that are so critically important:
Colorado – I’m a Colorado native and I think Colorado is a wonderful place to live, and Law because I fundamentally believe that our
professional obligation – our ethos as lawyers – is to support the rule of law.
Judge Krieger, who I had at Law School – who then when I went to – I was working as
a staffer as general counsel for Senator Allard I helped get her nomination
through the confirmation process and now work with her on judicial nominations as the
District Judge. Not only was she this incredible professor who I have the utmost
respect for, but to watch the nomination process I really felt like I
knew her so well and could help answer any questions. But she introduced me then
to somebody who I work with all the time now and that’s Ed Perlmutter. He was one of
the guest lecturers in judge Krieger’s class and so years later now we’re still
working together so it’s all because of CU Law.

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