Shuddup & Listen With Rocci and Jeff

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children Of all ages. They said it would never happen They said it was impossible They said it couldn’t be done And we said shut up and we just went ahead and did it ladies and gentlemen here It is for the first time anywhere in the civilized world or even the uncivilized world rocky Succi the emotional meatball meet Geoffrey darting the Christian Whistleblower together for Shut up, and listen hoot. I love the name brother. I love the name I mean I got chills right when you said that Amen. That’s what it’s all about causing chills and cleaning up spills That’s what we’re all about, man. Yeah, brother. How you doing Jeff? I you know, what if I was any better, I’d have to be twins. I am really excited right now really fired up We’ve been talking about doing this for a while and we just said let’s just do it. Yeah, man, why not? You know, this is what we do Sometimes we seriously honestly don’t even know we’re gonna talk about sometimes when we come on the air But you know what we put on one hell of a program we do man. And you know, it’s it’s a lesson in life There’s a lot of people out there right now listening to us. They got great ideas. They’ve been I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna go here I’m gonna go there it’s time to stop planning and thinking and parsing and just go do it What’s the worst thing that can happen you fail and you learn something so you can do it right the next time well You know what? So in I kind of mention this last time when we did the program brother is is you know So I used to own two networks, and I’ve seen a lot of people come and go right You know in here see and I don’t mock them for that because they say something a lot of other people can’t They say at least they tried, you know Absolutely they created false perceptions on the outcome because I don’t think a lot of people really realize the Intensive work behind the scenes it takes in order to do what we do, especially at a daily level, you know If we did a one time a freaking week show it would be completely different but you know We gotta push content every single day and the only way we can do that successfully brothers by listening to the people that listen to us you Know that is absolutely true so much of my content comes from the people that are listening to us and folks It really isn’t as easy as it looks out There to be in here and it’d be a whole lot more difficult if it wasn’t for people like these 36 thousand plus that I am honored and privileged to have subscribed to my channel Hey, brother, we’re just looking for the next 36 thousand No, so if you know anybody tell them to head in this way, don’t let this way tell me the old people, you know I’m talking about us right we got we got a special special privileges over here a big cannoli eight You know what Jeff don’t be cannoli. So you’re a veteran. I am so I just want to just take about 30 seconds here Really quick this weekend coming up is the launch for carry the load right here in the Twin Cities and carry the load is this fabulous organization that does a ton for Disabled of veterans and all veterans and first responders and firefighters throughout the country so Just on behalf of myself and Jeff and all of our family right here in the chat room No matter what. Your political views are, you know when it comes to global conflict? we cannot tarnish our veterans with those political views and I just want to thank each and every one of you that I’ve ever put On the uniform that ever served this country God bless all you guys man And now we honestly Jeff and I and all of us that turn these microphones on what have the ability to do So unless it was for the bravery of all the men and woman fighting for this beautiful country around the world That’s so well stained and rocky and I have to tell you, you know The the six years that I wore our nation’s uniform in conflict and other countries Those are some of the the proudest years of my life I bet brother You know, I bet you got a lot of really good stories to tell us too, dude I have a lot of good stories to tell we really really do now. Let me read something to you real quickly We had talked about this today through text and I’m looking at US Constitution dotnet and it says US Constitution Article five The Congress whether two-thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary Shall propose amendments of this constitution or on the application of the Legislature’s of two-thirds of the several states Shall call for a convention for proposing amendments which in either case shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of this constitution when ratified by this Legislature’s of three-fourths of the several states So it sounds like rocking there is an opportunity if we really want to get organized and really work hard to Take our country back, but we have to get 3/4 of the legislators of the 50 states together and then it appears from this article that Congress cannot refuse a Constitutional convention, so that would be the convention of states Is so scouting. I talked about that because we were talking about term limits right and I you know it’s it’s really hard to go up to a politician who’s been in office for like 350 freaking years and has become a multi-millionaire off that profession to sit there and vote against themselves of coming out of office and I believe Correct me if I’m wrong folks and correct me from Ranjha, but I believe in order for that to happen we would need to have a convention of states in order for to them to get the three-quarters of The votes in order to put that into law. I might be wrong on that but we’d have to get three-fourths of the state’s conventions to say for example We want term limits and you have to because you had three-fourths of the state’s Legislators that would force a congressional redress and then you’d have to get three-fourths of the congressional votes as well I believe you know, I’ve always sat back and thought about how our system works and you know, our system works with the You know, I I don’t know how to say this our system works in a way that is supposed to balance itself out You know what I’m saying it? what are you supposed to be held accountable for more informa government and then the other but you know when we sit here Jeff as slaves to our system You know I believe that a lot of the laws that have been put in the place that are supposed to keep our Congress and check is Actually putting the American people at check and you know I often ask the question how much of a voice do we truly truly truly? Truly really have Nigel just brought this up and I wanted to ask you this question I have a hard time with this concept. Maybe I’m to pollyannish Maybe I’m to the red white and blue still but this idea that And there’s a lot of people that haven’t a lot of smart people that haven’t that voting doesn’t matter It’s already rigged why even bothered to vote? What say you rocky Succi? No, okay, so I’m on a teeter-totter on that one So I stand with you Jeff. I like to think that that is the one voice that we have left is our voting There’s a lot of factors in this conversation There’s a lot of tentacles in this conversation in regards to whether our votes is legitimate or not again as As how we were indoctrinated, I believe that our votes do count But when we look at the system in itself and the manipulation of the system and the bringing in the illegal immigrants and allowing them to vote You know, look at the companies that are owned by George Soros that controls the voting machines All the different factors, so maybe technically how our system is designed. Yes Our votes are meant to matter, you know, cuz that’s the one voice that we feel we have left is our voting power Well, when we look at all the technicalities behind the scenes How much really doesn’t matter now, here’s factor number two when we look at media distribution the distribution of information and the manipulation of weaponization of information Mugen learn, you know, we live in a society, dude That is very very vulnerable towards the information that is presented to them People don’t have the time Like you or I or the people in the chat room to sit down and to research the topics that we research only time people have is when they turn on that nine o’clock news every single night and watch it for 15 minutes and that becomes their entire global geopolitical National views on how our country works and how the world works without looking deeper into the matrix of confusion You know what I’m saying? Absolutely we are up against that too when you go on here Jeff and you try to bring truth to people when I go on my Program and try to spark conversations to try to make people not be hypocritical on their arguments We try to somehow to spark this conversation to make people think a little bit outside their box of comfort, right? But we’re starting to see less and less than that. Now faction number three look at our universities Look at our high school systems. We have college professors self-proclaimed Communist, right? They are teaching anti hatred towards this country They are teaching that the Constitution is a very very very bad thing. You know what I’m saying? there’s people that Here here’s a statistic because it’s not a real world Scotty the only place that works is in academia, and they’re allowed to live in that little Alternative world and make their money and not worry about having to deal with reality You know when we talked about two, you know the definition of an academic, you know A lot of people are academic and they’re very specific field of research You know when you talk to somebody who’s an academic do they actually step outside the boundaries of what they were taught to be legitimate? Research to explore Alternative options. You know what I’m talking about. Here’s a statistic model yet. There was a study done at Harvard University most students from Harvard go on to be into politics or state, you know, some kind of programs like that sixty percent of students in Harvard today believe in the suppression of the First Amendment sixty percent Rockin better tell anybody what the First Amendment is just in case we’re doing it right now. It’s a freedom of speech freedom Absolutely, and you know and I think I said this time the last time I was down with you and Scotty there’s a lot of people that walk our streets that I Absolutely without a doubt Disagree with them politically, right? Absolutely. I disagree with a lot of the protests that happened in this country, I you know So when I say protests I’m talking about a well organized Legal protest I’m not talking about thugs burn in the freaking streets up and terrorizing innocent citizens. That’s not protest That’s Anarchy. That’s um, that’s criminality It sure is bother but for some reason our mainstream media in this country glorify is that because the oppressors are fighting back against them you know rocky I wore the uniform and if there is a Islamic group Or let’s talk about our friends that neither one of us could seem to get on the radio with us like the Hebrew black nationalists or those kind of people if they want to march down the Main Street of Minneapolis and have a peaceful march share their views I would stand and fight for their right to do that I profoundly disagree with them, but I profoundly disagree that this country is a place where you’re able to present your Opinions and you have the protection of the First Amendment and I would for stand with those brothers and say I would I would I would have their back while they did it and I’d like think they’d have my back when they did it and maybe afterwards we can go out and have a beer and talk about our different philosophies That’s the way I wish the world worked, you know, and so, you know, you talk about the black key Burroughs relates, you know And you look at the rhetoric. Yeah, this is the part that bothers me If this is what I always seem I’m up against when I do my rope when I do my show Is that all see and I can’t help it because before the program came on tonight I was explaining to Genoa and sometimes when we’re topic driven when we’re on a network that is a politically driven Network Sometimes we kind of forget the damage that we’re doing I mean we are reporting certain stories, you know, my goal is not to put feel to the fire, right? Absolutely, and I’m guilty brother because sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it till I go back and I listen I just don’t like bad people. I don’t like thugs I drink people that hurts and destroy the lives of innocent people and I cannot control my emotions That’s why people dummy the emotional meatball because then it’s so fired up, but then I sit back and then I question myself What good am I doing because I’ve always believed just like you Jeff when you put your mouth to this microphone We want to have this belief in our heart that we’re challenging people enough to awaken We’re challenging people enough to step out of the manufactured matrix that zone and to be able to see the world from a different set of eyes and to be Smarter than the people that are, you know, inventing the propaganda into your thought process to try to always stay ahead of the game Which is almost damn near impossible yeah, but when we got groups, like, you know, the the black Israelites the black Hebrew Israelites when we got groups like the Nation of Islam When we got all right. Now, you know white nationalist Aryan Nation and the KKK When he got groups, like the black lives matter and all these other groups now This is where we start talking about the identity politics. So Clinton talking about common sense politics anymore We’re finding that one singular topic that we’re gonna be super pissed off about and we’re gonna go out and we’re gonna raise Anarchy in regards to this one singular topic and those are the issues. I got a problem with and Jeff I say it all the time no matter whether it’s protests in our country whether it’s a war around the world It’s always people like us the people I just want to be left alone That are always caught in the crosshairs and you know at the Syrian conflict we look at the Iranian conflict the Afghanistan conflict We look at what’s going on in the Congo right now with over a million people Massacred in the last 10 years over half of them have been children I mean even people Just wanting to go worship at their synagogue or just wanting to go worship at their mosque or just wanting to go worship at their Church and they end up with a bullet in their brain. What a horrific thing And those are people that probably just want to be left alone. They just want to live their lives You know, I think ultimately Jeff that’s what we want. Right? Absolutely. That’s what America is about. Come here. Whoever you are Whatever you are live your life Do what you do and your private land our home be proud of your heritage But let’s join together and build another heritage of being Americans. I think that’s why they always tell us don’t talk about politics Don’t talk about religion because those are the two main things that they use to control us and rocky when you and I sit down with people of other beliefs and religion of other races of other people it beliefs politically and Actually sit down and have a have a smoke or have a talk or have a drink with someone We begin to realize wow These are people just like me and then we start realizing that whoa this politics this religion It’s a lot alike and maybe it’s not the differences in religion. Maybe it’s just the people that are trying to That are trying to emphasize differences and minimize The amount of a like we are kiss man, you know, I know it sounds cliche, but I don’t care if you’re black Mexican you’re Hispanic Asian White when you get cut you still bleed red, right? You know and and it’s when I have these conversations, I’m no academic in anything You know, I I am just not I’m just a guy who’s fascinated by how the world works You know what really drew me was when I started researching back in the 1960s when the CIA had to testify in front of Congress and they admitted That they were funding over 300 million dollars a year to fund Mainstream media that was in the 60s man says 60s and we’re talking 300 million dollars for the best Yeah, and they’re their third look on it was it was in the best interest of national security? Um, you know in a way, okay, there’s always parts of me that get it, right I get the overall picture I get what it’s trying to do its global time and its bottom line Everything that we witnessed today is global dominance. We cannot have another big King on the hill Otherwise the United States is that you know, we’re threatened of being the big dog, right? but what I learned is when I go onto like social media and I’m watching a lot of these political debates on social media a lot of people react off of impulse and Aren’t reacting off of hours of research that they put in because it’s like the more you know the less you’re gonna waste time going on to like a social media platform and argue with people because you give some only Absolutely a senseless waste your time, you know It is and at rocky. I wanted to change subjects a little bit Don’t feel free to pop back and forth But you you are a little different you come into this into this truth movement slash paranormal movement from a unique a unique perspective and you’ve always had kind of your own little Niche, you’ve been you know a little bit different. How would you evaluate in? 2019 the status of first the truth movement identify some some good things and some things that we can improve upon and secondly the paranormal Realms give us your state of the paranormal Union state of the truth reunion 2019 president emotional meatball rocky stuccis shut up, right? I’m talking about don’t forget the cannolis, you know what I mean? You know, so the truth movement You know, I find it to be a very interesting Group of individuals because there’s so many different groups of it You know, I think when we talk about truth it all comes down to perception it all comes down to life experiences And it all comes down to what we personally feel the world should reflect a lot of people think that What is that at the ancient city, holy cow Atlantis, Atlantis, you know a lot of people want this utopian Atlantis society and They think that we can just click our fingers and it would be possible You know, so when we have a source of information, I’ll give you a little example there was a whole bunch of doctors from Florida they were There are natural doctors, they weren’t doctors doctors right there there are health healers and They actually came up with the way to destroy a cancer cell through natural products and within that year Somehow mysteriously all 19 or 19 or more of those doctors. Just mysteriously got plane accidents mysteriously fell off cliffs mysteriously Committed suicide by putting two bullets in the back of their head Are you sure they didn’t say something bad about the Clintons or was it just the cancer thing? Well, you know, it could be all of the above because I actually think that the Clintons have a bigger Grip of this planet than a lot of people actually can really wrap their mind around Because you just cannot do what the Clintons did and get away with it at the levels that they did and still Walking at a political level that they are This is some serious. Mafia shit going on here, bro. There’s I mean no joke about it I won’t argue with you about that rockin. So when we look at That type of situation we see the grip that like a big pharma has we look at somebody like Monsanto We look at the information that they have we look at the pharmaceutical industry So anytime that we come out with a bit of information that is factual. That is true. We will go up against these multibillion-dollar Organizations that what they will do is they will saturate the market and they will saturate your mind They will saturate your facts and they will make you question the reality Until you get to the point to where you throw your hands up in the air and you walk with your head down And you continue to be a compliant member of society Thank You. Cindy Thank You Cindy. I don’t Cindy forget about it You know what I’m talking about? So, you know, I don’t know Jeff. It’s it’s really hard. It’s really hard because here know you look at your subject matter I mean you go deep on some stuff bro. I mean I said listen your show and I gotta have Google available, you know I don’t I have no shame in admitting that there’s a lot of people in your chat room that are far smarter than me and a lot of these different topics, but you know I got the brain to where I want to try to understand but there’s not a lot of people out there like that And what I mean by that is so you won’t discuss something that from a biblical standpoint and you’re gonna have a group Maybe multiple groups out there that will disagree with you but not just disagree with you from an above. Reproach level and they will disagree with you to a point to where they will spend the next three or four days of their pathetic little Freaking lives and they will try to stalk you They will try to harass you and they will do everything to prove your theory wrong. But who on God’s planet? May them be almighty to where what they say is the truth. You get what I’m saying? Don’t they study during that three days my work here is done But usually they won’t you know, that’s the thing is so the ultimate question is is what is true You know That’s the major question because a lot of times we think we know truth we find out the longer in that band We were probably wrong. You know what I’m saying? And I’m not talking about some of the things I’m talking more about some of research I’ve done And it bothers me and it bothers me and this is what ruins movements of critical thinkers, whether it be a patriot movement whether even if you’re on the left if you believe in your movements You know and you’re on the left and you believe in your causes There’s always people that are in similar tribes That are going to infiltrate other similar tribes and you’re going to destroy each other’s movements just like in what Jeff talks about, you know, it’s it’s a subject where there’s a lot of research involved in what Jeff does and instead of people Disagree know Jeff and sitting down and having a roundtable and say let’s come to some kind of conclusion together is grown-ass adults Let’s figure out our theories and see how close we can get to be an accurate answer These people that are from similar tribes Would rather start fighting against one another we’ve seen it when it came to the Patriot moment when it came Often in Oregon. We see it with the old keepers we see it with different patriotic organizations conservative organizations where and you know There’s always agent provocateurs in every arena you jump into as well So you’re always going to handle agent provocateurs that are gonna infiltrate in these moments and they’re gonna poke the bear They’re gonna pull because they don’t want us united They don’t want people like me and Jeff Sitting down and having a conversation with the black Hebrew Israelites and saying let’s find common ground They don’t want people like me and Jeff to sit down with let’s say the Louis Farrakhan and saying let’s find common ground because if we actually start uniting our ideas from a global standpoint We’ll realize that the true criminals of this world are the people running it dude. Did you imagine a podcast with you in me Minister Louis Farrakhan and David Duke, oh Shoot bro, I would pay to watch that. I would pay to watch it. And yeah, I’ll be on it I’ll still pay to watch it Absolutely, you know and that’s another thing too So, you know we look at this, you know sup doctor do get us out Minister Farrakhan Yeah, hit us up get ahold of Jeff. Don’t worry about me get ahold of Jeff. You’ll make the arrangements Absolutely, you know it’s weird because you know, we look at this this this weirdness that we’re experiencing Culturally, you know and a planetary level But let’s bring them into our country here and it’s so funny Jeff when we look at people promoting the success of our country we get labeled as a white nationalist Oh, that’s so man. Yeah when you look at somebody like Louis Farrakhan You know calling for the global extinction of all Jews He’s praised for it when you look at somebody like Ilhan Omar who is promoting Hamas in the Twin Cities? And doing fundraisers for care Sheikh is promoted because we have we have created this new mentality of victim art and CAIR CAIR Council of Islamic relations or something that But we have not with this new victim mentality that we have on our streets and and you know, honestly folks I’ve been there It’s easier to be a victim Than it is to take responsibility for your own life. It’s System. It’s easy to blame your parents. It’s easy to blame your exes. It’s easy to blame anything in your life Why you have faults instead of saying you know what I was a freakin idiot. I did stuff and me and Scotty We got the exes to blame brother. I understand you kind of do bro. I know Scotty does You know, he’s not had the best of luck in the pan I could say all three I could talk about all three of them bitches, but those bitches it was just me, bro I was the common denominator, so I had to come to that face to face and realize. Ooh, what you really doing? Yeah, you realized that you know when I was I wanted to bring this up I didn’t know what I wanted to bring this up But this this this is gonna want people up into our society that we live in today Um, I did some very bad stuff in my life, man. I I’m not even exaggerating. I you know what, I just did and I Can’t change it. Right right, and I found after my motorcycle accident that the painkillers Wasn’t helping my pain, right? It wasn’t helping my physical pain But it was it was melting my mind enough to make all my history kind of go away all the things I did all the people that I lost. You know, I was a mule if anybody knows what a meal is and I was responsible for a lot of blood I was a you know responsible for a lot of funerals and I carry that weight with me every single me I really do and you know, that’s why before I continue with this This is why I have no problem being immature. This is why I have no problem trying to make people laugh This is why I try not to be serious all the freaking time This is why I try not to be so judgmental because I was judged for many years. I know that feeling as well I know the struggles and understand struggles that most people are going through even though you don’t think I do I do I really do and what I found was is these pain? medications they numbed me enough to where I stopped thinking about all those things and when I went into treatment, dude, I was so messed up, but I wanted to treatment I Couldn’t say the things I wanted to to the counselor because of legal Obligation, so he goes and gets me this freaking priest from Nigeria Do it. I couldn’t even understand them but by law, yeah I’m just kind of getting technical here probably more information that I should give. Oh, yeah and stuff right by law the priest could not Say anything that I told him right? Right right hundred percent confidential Dude, he became my best friend for thirty days. This dude came in to see me twice a day He came in to see me twice a day because the hardest part when I did I was always taking him outside overdosed twice I been in the hospital my last year using like 14 times Wow and I’m making a long I’m making a short story very long here but the hardest part for me after it wasn’t the detox even though Detox’s is absolutely horrific. Right anybody whose detox know? What the hell I’m talking about But I was done I was on methadone. I was on oxycontin. I was Kate. I was drinking liquid morphine I was on the fentanyl patches, whatever I could get off the streets on top of whatever recreational drugs I was doing at the time So I was a walking zombie and After I started coming through with the detox the hardest part for me was the psychological part Me having to face my demons and at the same time I did this treatment worlds called EMDR It’s it’s to pulled repressed memories, you know it from wow your brain that your mind stores them away So I went through this huge wall this huge crash, man It just like I am everything was on a dinner plate for me to face right there And it took me months and and this is I’m trying to prove a point to people because I want everybody understand don’t think life’s gonna change overnight because it’s Not the hardest part for me was how I neglected my family Hmm, I would look at pictures of me and my children and I wouldn’t even remember when that picture was taken because I started running from all my pain my popping pills my mouth and So it’s the conclusion was Jeff The conclusion was through all this in my life when I stopped taking the pain pills and I started coming through Was a lot of decisions I made Dude, I’m a pretty aggressive freakin dude. You know what I’m saying? You gonna tell me what to do You’re not gonna tell me what to do I will fight till the blood flows down the streets before somebody tells me what to do. That’s just a life. I used to live Everything then I was running from in my past or actions of my own where decisions I made My parents never put me there No motorcycle club ever put me there No cartel member ever made me do the things that I wanted to do. I Did it I made the conscious decision because I wanted to be this big freakin cheese I want a pockets full of money and I wanted power. You know, I’m our and so when I look at our cultures today and I sit back and I see our universities and our youth and I see all these people we’re teaching our students There’s a victim mentality We’re teaching them how to be victims. We’re not teaching them to be empowered to take freaking responsibility with your own actions in your own life and your own freakin decisions and How are we going to reteach these people that have been indoctrinated? They’re a whole freaking life to be a victim How are we going to teach the masses on self empowerment? You know, we’re coming to a point Jeff to where it’s almost a point of no return to where it’s gonna take generations To fix you know what I’m talking about Wow, yeah, I do in that body it worries me. It really does. That’s why I do it I look at my three kids and I won’t even entertain victimhood conversations They have no reason to be a victim on this planet, you know, they want to research history and have disagreements on history That’s fine, but they’re not a victim of history And that’s no different than you know people that you know fight for reparations in this country The hypocrisy of that argument we look at people that want to go after these big corporations But yet these people that want to go into the big corporations have never done anything in their life to make themselves Successful at what they do. They just sat in a little room and plays victim their whole life and hate anybody. That’s not them I’m telling you bro. I have flaws But I like my floss. You know what I’m talking about. You just come to that conclusion You come to a conclusion where you don’t give a shit. I’m pointing at my closet right now You don’t care in your closet because you empty it out, you know, because somebody out there somebody out there no matter what Has something that they can learn from your stupidity Remember that somebody can learn from your stupidity people don’t always have to face this darkness and this viciousness that this world has Because we’re saturated by it They can learn just simply by listening. It’s just a matter of finding those few people that are willing to listen brother’ and That’s why You know, we talk about things like in a number of subscribers a number of views like well Why do you care if you’re just in it for? You know to be getting out your message, why do you care any subscribers you have? Why do you care how many listeners you have? Because it’s numbers and if I had a hundred and thirty six thousand subscribers instead of thirty six thousand There’s three times more chance that that person that’s ready to hear mine here right I’m talking about It’s a power thing, you know for some reason since the inception of man People are addicted to power right and so I mean look at look at our major workplaces everybody You know, most of us we go to our jobs every single day There’s some people that actually believe that a job description What you do for your job is actually some kind of a societal ranking because you’re in some Dude, I have I have 90 employees, you know And you know what? I do every day when I go into work as their manager I go out there and I sit with them. I Talk about the craziest most immature shit that this planet has to offer because you know what? Nobody knows what kind of problems people are bringing into work. We don’t know the struggles they’re fighting outside of work and Sometimes even if it’s at the workplace if we can the sit down and get a little chuckle and a little laugh You know what? My job is complete It’s not about my job title and they’re beneath me because they’re working on the floor. And anybody ever thinks like that You’ve lost touch with reality, but when you talk about radio, I’ve seen it do it I’ve seen it for years. People want to be the Big Cheese. They want to be the big dogs and we start chasing The advertising we start chasing the dollar. I’m going to tell you something. You have a huge following here. I knew – I Pray every single day that I have an audience like yours because every single time that I come into your shows Which is every freaking when you don’t come and do a show Jeffrey I’m telling you, bro I notice I’m just saying for the foot cam No, but it’s it’s about these conversations that I’m looking at right now in your chat room and oh Yeah stations that you have everyday mazing people. There are amazing people and I’m Willing to bet I’m willing to bet this that a lot of people in this chat room Their level of maturity to come in and have these conversations Didn’t come for free You know, I’m sure that these people have some kind of humiliation that they’ve experienced in their life to where they can put the Manufactured matrix way over there and they can come into our little world right here and say what’s up My brothers are one self my sister Yeah, that’s why these people, you know, they don’t look down at each other and you know Make fun of each other and think each other is less these people in this chat room And they’re like us and some of us way more than others. We understand what that phrase the dark night of the soul means We understand what it means to look into the eyes of the devil and see your self looking back They know what it means to realize that all the shit. You did was your shit right and you got to own it The only time you realize it is when you’re always okay. It wasn’t her. It wasn’t the three ex-wives it wasn’t the crazy Women that almost became wives. It was my stupid ass There was one common denominator and all of that mess and it was me and until I realized that Nothing changed, but it’s hard to realize that brother That’s the you know, that’s why a lot of people think they you know, hey, I’m gonna change tomorrow a brand new day. Boom Just like that. I think it’s gonna change. No, you know years and how many relationships Did it take you brother to realize this like man, it’s the man in the mirror, you know Many do a good man You know what? I’m talking about this many and I owe I owe apologies to a lot of people I really do No, you know what? You know what your apology is is you making it right? That’s your apology you don’t need to see this is where I got a problem the whole 8a thing where you got to sit there and you got To comfort all the freaking dude. I was just gonna ask you. Thank you going. Yep so when you’ve got to come up with all these people that you hurt and then you got to go back and you got to Find them all and got to apologize. You know anybody that’s ever done me wrong in my life And there’s people that have done me wrong. We’re all like it feels in a different world. There won’t be alive, right? Yeah yeah, but their Apology to me is them making it right? Yeah, that’s they don’t they don’t own nothing to the world. That’s where people go wrong we don’t owe a damn thing anybody else but ourselves because you know What do without me being the man that I am world? My family be without you be that you are you know Where would you be right now? It’s just about personal reflection And when I was in when I just got out of treatment this line, I was in treatment seven freaking times do it But the last time I got out You know right away. The first thing everybody does is go to a no ladies and gentlemen, listen to my voice. I am NOT saying anything negative about Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous cocaine and I’m not saying because you know what? I have a witness firsthand that it has saved people’s lives That’s true. Need that companionship. They need that friendship no matter what you talk about in those meetings You’re around people that are fighting the same battles with you. It can be a very dangerous place For you to go to because a lot of those people are on edge relapsing themselves But you need a safe place and if you have anywhere to go it’s gonna be a place like that but so I get out of treatment brother and I go to this meeting and I sit in this room and I sit down we all hey are you doing on rocky? I’m a frickin screw-up You know what I’m talking about. I you do it So we go around the table and everybody introduces themselves, you know doing all their things and you know They do their prayer and everything and kumbaya xand group hugs. And so everybody starts going around talking what’s ever on your mind Let’s talk about it, you know, so this dude Big old X biker dude, man. Dude was just he was use a monster it dude, he broke down in tears and he was just oh wow, dude, he was Broken broken like somebody he knew that he loved dearly he’s just died, right? Hey, he was talking about an experience that he had over 20 years ago This dude has been sober 20 years Wow, and he was talking about something that happened to him Yet when he was drinking I got home that day bro. I got home that day and the first thing I go to my beautiful wife and I look at her and I says, you know what I Says I’m never gonna know meeting again and she was like what? Like no, I’m like I don’t want to be that I said I just witnessed a grown-ass man broken down in tears From something that happened over 20 years ago. I says baby I go he’s still there 20 years later. He’s still there. He created this victim mentality and it serves him still to this day because people still give him that sympathy they still give him what he needs to be a victim He’s still in his mind where he was over 20 freaking years ago do it and that is not independence That is not sobriety that does not change and that is what we call a dry Freakin drunk, you know what I’m saying? Yeah so I don’t want to be that I would rather say you don’t bring the demons on do it and let me fight them one at A time, you know, let me take them all on at the same time bring them on because they’re not gonna own me They’re not gonna be an anchor that I got a drape behind me every day in my life. I’m not gonna run I’m not gonna hide I’m not gonna be humiliated. I’m gonna be me and This is what you get folks. This is oh forget about it. You know I’m talking about Yeah I gonna make an apology because not too long ago, and I’m not gonna mention this person’s name because I think they might be in the working in the recovery field, but and I was in a relationship with this person and they Announced to me like you announced to Lee so you go home and say I’m not going to meetings anymore and I’m like, whoa Wait a minute. You’re not going to meetings anymore. You know, we’re getting ready to get in this thing You’re not going to meetings anymore and I wasn’t part of the deal. I got this person on the phone with Steven Tyler Yeah, that’s Steven Tyler. I got on the phone with Jason shift lead singer in Chicago. You got to go to meetings You’re always an antiquey I’d go to means once an always an addict and this person was trying to tell me look you don’t understand When I go back to those meetings It keeps me back in that it keeps me in that victim mentality and I love AAA for getting me to where I am But I can’t be in a victim mentality Anymore and I was fighting Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam, and I have to look into this camera and see that person I’m sorry, you were right. I was wrong. I apologize And thank you rocky stucci for bringing me to that place because I was wrong in that particular incident We didn’t belong together. It worked out for the best. But still I have to say I’m sorry, I was wrong Tell Steve, bro Yeah, you know and I’m not This is it’s it’s a hard conversation for me to have because I only can speak of my iPad like my dad He’s been sober over 30 years now and his journey was different than mine. He had to do things He didn’t just deal with alcoholism. He dealt with Massive PTSD from the Vietnam War. Mm-hmm. That’ll do it. It will do it, bro You know and so Everybody has to figure out a way that works for them and it breaks my heart that a lot of people don’t find that way Through their entire life and and I say this a lot. I might have just recently said this on the show I apologize if I did but I often find myself going to cemeteries You know, I’ll light up a cigar die just walk around hmm because everybody in that cemetery is fought something in their life, you know, they have fought something and you know, You can’t help but wonder how many of those people lost that battle before they were buried? You know Ultimate point here is we live in a crazy world Never be a utopian society It never will be as much as if I knew for a fact that we can raise money says it’s dude Toki and brah you say so that’s a start. No, I’m just kidding I knew for a fact that We can live in this kumbaya world globally, I Would say let’s do it man. I mean, I’m not gonna get any more. Hugs me rocking. I’m always giving you Hansbrough All right again, I was checking Your screw for the rest of your life and go for a butt. Grab next time. I see you. I’m not scarred, bro I’m not scarred. You are not you are not at all you yacht you own it. You own your shit I like that. I do want it But we don’t live in this world We live in a world where there’s always gonna be some kind of radicalism whether it be over what God is most dominant to what? Whatever journeys are in life. So we have anarchists. We we have we just have very bad people. We always have we always will And my ultimate thing is is am I gonna allow that world to control me or am I going to spiritually control that world by Not allowing it to control me. You know what I’m saying? we’re all personal victims of this all the time because Before Jeff and I came out of the program We started talking on some of these recent attacks again, you know, whether it be Islam or Christianity or Judaism or whatever it is That pisses me off now I honestly it’s that’s why I don’t talk about it a lot of my program anymore because All’s I’m doing is I’m putting gasoline to that fire, you know, and I’m not helping the situation I’m not helping people think critically about it I you can’t help but get upset because the people that continue to die or the innocent people that are just going to worship just because I got a problem with organized crime Organized religion same thing. It doesn’t mean that I’m against other people that Go to their worship every Sunday, you know, it’s their Ryan we would fight for their right to do So Harper your brother, you know have I’ve worn the uniform for that and these freaking cowards these little cockroach pieces of thuggery No matter what side of the planet you walk You go into a place of worship and you destroy good honorable innocent people that are just going to try to free them spell Spiritually even if it’s for an hour. Yeah alone There’s no definition of human being and my books that would do something like that. No, one camera that that is vile That is creepy. That is that is satanic. That is whatever Disgusting word you could manifest in your thought process. That’s what you are and What scares me is that the good honorable people have become too afraid to fight. That’s what scares me Yeah Yeah. Yeah, I mean when you see people videotaping women getting beaten up and you see people videotaping, you know There’s dude getting beat up by four dudes put down your phone and render some assistance. What is wrong with you? Are you worried rocky about good people? getting sick of this and taking up arms and Marching off on something. So no, I’m not worried about that I’m worried about good people taking up arms with the wrong information. Yes, absolutely that’s what I’m afraid of because there again we’re so saturated with with different views of Information from different mainstream media’s and I know everybody in this chat room and you Jeff You know how mainstream media plays their cards, you know, it’s all about the cliques and hate cells They’re going to publish articles that put me in fear cell so you have guys right now down at the Mexican border I got personal friends down at the Mexican border. A lot of them are militia groups Now when I say militia right away A lot of people are gonna be like who why discernible that militia guy who had a felony that got turned out all like that These are good honorable ranchers You know, these are Cowboys These are American people that now love the hell out of their country and we have a serious crisis going on on our border Right now as is as much as you agree or disagree, I love the Mexican culture. I do I love all cultures I would travel the world if I could But we also have a country we need to protect at many different levels and it’s hurting us in a lot of different ways but now a lot of these right-wing Organizations people that I am friends with lots of times their articles that they’re posting Hurt coming up with the right proper solutions on who to contact where you can go protest there are articles that are presented in a way that are gonna really piss us off and When we get pissed off We do irrational things we do and I’m so afraid that a lot of these good honorable Americans that believe they’re doing the right thing are gonna go down to the border they’re gonna quote down to in their hearts protect our borders and somebody is gonna get hurt and it’s gonna be an innocent person or it’s gonna somebody who just loves her country who thinks they’re doing it, right and I just think it always seems to backfire. These noble causes always seem to backfire on us And again, if a noble cause does it does start gaining, nom? Momentum then that’s where the agent provocateur is. Come in because That when we start uniting it We become a dangerous powerful army against the corrupt government that we live in and and you need those agent provocateurs now it has to be said and you know, it just has to be said You look at the founding fathers. Jefferson is the one that comes to mind that second amendment is there so that the government would always fear the people That’s why that second amendment is there this government should always think We better not go after these guys because they’re locked and loaded and They know if they know any history at all how hard it is for even a superior force to come in and win With a great with a strongly entrenched guerrilla force. It’s very very hard. And that’s what the Second Amendment is about well, and that is and so now we’re starting to see politicians create that confusion in regards to the Second Amendment and then we’re also starting to see it within our First Amendment to um When we look at what did I want to say it when you were saying that? about the Second Amendment Our government was always meant to be limited. The federal government was never supposed to have the power that it holds today Never Inc. I think and literally a lot of people if you go back and you ask them, you know, where did we start slipping? You know from a political standpoint, I a lot of people’s think Obama’s term or George Bush’s term or Bill Clinton’s term but this goes all the way back when we went against the Gold when we brought in the Federal Reserve and this goes back to Abraham Lincoln’s goes back to Abraham Lincoln. It’s absolutely right it does And and what really bothers me? I think this is the most heartbreaking point Jeff that I have is that you know We’ve we picked our team, you know, and I’m talking about our country. I’m talking about the liberalism and a conservatism the libertarianism progressivism Democrats Republicans This is the part that bothers me I got a lot of liberal friends a lot of them But I’m very selective with my liberal friends if you’re gonna be my friend and you’re gonna be a liberal and you Want to talk politics talk with some common sense because I could have a conversation with anybody if you’re gonna go radical man You’re done. It’s a pleasure to have a good vigorous conversation With a level-headed liberal. It really is fun. It’s a relief This is a relief relief. But um, we need more Jimmy Carville’s what happened, whatever happened to Jim Carville So when you look at that, you know, and then you look at our modern-day society, you know when you lose that art of conversation and then you look at the manipulation of our politics and the manipulation of our Second Amendment and our First Amendment, do you know the Second Amendment is something that they want gone, bro? You know, they really do they want to gone to it. They’re gonna go after it with mental health issues. They’re gonna go out They’re gonna go out for it from all the ways around instead of just saying I’m gonna come take a second you know what happened when I went to shake up at the NRA when the Oliver North being out I Wasn’t aware that yeah there I guess there was like a mini coup or something Oliver North got out there and said I’ve been informed I’m not gonna be RINO Monnaie to be your president and I guess he had a little tiff with Lapierre and There we go. So I will look into that is I bet to Tracy now you’re looking at that She’s deepening all this stuff man. Yeah, but I’ll look into that and there’s another thing to know. I’m not an NRA guy I’m a huge Second Amendment guy. I just I’m just I’m not I don’t have a membership at the NRA I do Well, they are the front fighters for the Second Amendment, you know? and So if you have you know the hint hand Let’s say the hint hand if you have a cause like John Ward now what you know, it’s deep, you know I actually feel more comfortable using the hint hand instead of using the word globalism You know, I don’t you but um, so the rulers of the world if they want the Second Amendment to go away Well, then then let’s go back to that term again agent provocateur. So let’s get them into the NRA, you know look Good point rocky. So we’re gonna go in there. They’re gonna cause disruption within the NRA and they’re gonna make people and give people the Perception that the NRA is crumbling and then the NRA members are gonna get nervous and our members are gonna stop You know getting their their you know, their their memberships It’s it’s the whole if they’ll create a system now Let’s let’s look at the bigger picture when we’re talking about this We look at our country will go back and we look at this. Oh Christ look at Nazism and look at communism All right, you look at all you look at radical Islam the Muslim Brotherhood We have all these different radicalized organizations throughout the world that want the destruction of the United States even China Afghanistan Iran Turkey Saudi Arabia, what’s up on them? Dude? Saudi? Arabia needs a frickin disappear. You know, they need it They need to not get one more American dollar. So the last thing any of these lululu do You got a thought bro on and I thought I thought you gotta say it now, bro. You gotta say it Why would happen if instead of creating reasons to Go to war with Iran Why don’t we start buying on Iran’s oil? Give Saudi Arabia the middle finger until they come back and reform themselves from what they’re doing Well, go back to the creation of OPEC. I believe it was in the early 1970s I interviewed a guy. His name was John Perkins He worked for the World Bank in the CIA. His job title was an economic hitman his job. He was part of the Assassination of the Panamanian president they would go on and there. Okay. Here’s a perfect example What African country it’s a port? I actually I pulled it up I was just in case we need us of stuff to talk about tonight. There’s a port they had borrowed money from China An African port and I apologize because I don’t have the name in front of me right now But so now they defaulted on their loan. So now China is now gained ownership of this port in This African region. It’s all about the ports and shipments. And then oh, yeah, right So when you when you look at and this is what John Perkins told me when you look at somebody like Saudi Arabia During when we started giving money to Israel in the early 70s Every year we started giving them literally huge amounts of money. That’s a whole nother subject and which is so Steven Oh, yes do it. I’m seriously so against a pro. Thank you to use some of that money right there in Minneapolis. Couldn’t name it so many Middle East right here and by dumb when we look at How all the Middle Eastern countries cut off? Oil supplies to the United States because we started giving money to Israel Then this is what Saudi Arabia came in and we worked out a Saudi word. Excuse my terminology here I know it’s kind of offensive term, but we’re literally we are literally raping Saudi Arabia for their oil We borrow them money they pay us and we keep all the interest off of their money and what they are is that they are our Middle-eastern provocateurs they give us. Oh I didn’t this work. They’ll sit there and Do covert missions and Afghanistan. They’ll do covert missions and Iran And kind of like Israel does Israel used to supply satellite imagery to Isis, you know what I’m saying? So we wonder why you’ve got a country like Saudi Arabia in Israel that we give so much money for that are huge Middle Eastern Allies or northern African allies to us is because they serve a huge purpose if we lost interest of the Middle East We won’t care about Saudi Arabia anymore. We won’t really care about Israel anymore. Besides the fact that it’s the Holy Land So there’s a lot of different factors on why we work with Saudi Arabia why we have the relationship with Israel that we do do when you look back at the Irate the Iraqi Iranian war the same weapons of mass destruction that Iraq used and Iran during the iran-iraq war or sold to Iraq from the United States. We sold them to Saddam Hussein and then after Iraq was done I mean the crap with chemical weapons in Iran We had no more use for Iraq anymore. Now. We wanted to go in and take over Iraq So what are we going to iraq for weapons of mass destruction the same weapons of mass destruction? We sold them to shoot into Iran of chemical weapons. So the world do it The picture is so much more complex than what mainstream media tells us. They just tell us this guy over here looked that direction He’s the frickin bad guy. Let’s justify a way to go on there kill all the innocent people. Take all their shit You know what? I mean dude that reminds me so much and you know, it always comes back to this for me that reminds me so much of Plastic Jesus and his big daddy because they want to save us from the sin. They gave us hmm. That’s right It’s it’s Politics and religion it sit down and talk about it long enough. They come back to one. It’s the same thing Have you seen the New Avengers movie? Oh That was a real question, yeah, that’s a for-real question my authority my boy grande pasado negatory I’ve heard that we got to see the New Avengers movie. It’s like disclosure Jay cam won’t told me that so it was great. Wanted to tell me the ending guys. Shut up Up. Don’t tell me the ending. So yeah, I’m just gonna say that Jay thinks you should go watch you should go watch The Avengers and tomorrow night on the Last day and we’re gonna have Zachary Hubbard gematria effect news on with us again in Wednesday night. I’ve got Josaphat well, the Author of Caesars Messiah gonna talk about his other book Shakespeare’s secret Messiah and then Thursday night What’s his name? Scotty Roberts? No, big freakin cannoli, you know, they can only four ladies and gentlemen the consequential rapscallions, right? I love that fricking guy men and you’re on tonight with with rocky or with Scotty, aren’t you? So Scotty’s gonna do his reading he’s doing the row till Ian’s book now. He’s doing that. Well, that’s right So as soon as this is done Scotty’s gonna go on his YouTube channel and and he’s gonna get as much done as he can and then tonight at 11 o’clock on our YouTube channel rocky stuccis page We have Peter Robbins. It’s gonna be a multiple part series and we’re gonna tell Peter we’re gonna talk about aliens, man We’re gonna get people on get him on here. What do I just said send Peter? Into Scotty send me Peters Andres. I got a signed copy Peter’s book I met him at the I met him at the And you can I want you to tell him this tonight Rock and when he talked to him. I met him at the paradigm can paradigm symposium And I had it was automatic bromance Yeah, I was I was loving up Peter Robbins great guy So when I was talking with Scotty, you know, so on my show, dude We we cover an array of things current events paranormal UFOs, you know Seriously, me and Scotty. There’s sometimes we go a whole hour where we don’t even Cover a subject because we got ADHD really bad. We just have conversations right? We should almost name the show freakin coffee talk And when I told Scotty asses any time that we get somebody on the program that’s gonna talk about Paranormal stuff or that’s going to talk about UFO stuff I want to make sure that it’s just somebody that doesn’t talk to flashlights or that things everything in the sky. Is you off I want somebody that’s gonna bring some intelligent a dissected Information and bring it to the table of years of research because a lot of people that listen to my show all these subjects I’m bringing on the air are new for and they’re extremely receptive towards a temp And I don’t want to present to them radicalized views of any of these alternative theory thingies, you know what I mean? So here’s your guy his book Is awesome. Yes, dude, that’s intent. Well, that’s what he talked about. It’s a symposium. Was that book? Yeah what and that’s intense What a gentleman just a just a gentleman’s gentleman. His Peter Robbins He really asked you know what I heard the other day and it’s just sticking with me and you know how sometimes when we haven’t Experienced the experience you say that man? I had to have I had to be there to believe it or I would have to be there to believe it. Mm-hmm And I heard somebody say the other day. I Had to believe it in order to see it. That’s right So, you know When you open these spiritual doors or these paranormal realms or having these youthful logical? Conversations if you could wait to use a logical let’s put that that flow. That’s nice food. It came out really nice I don’t even it’s a freaking word I’m just saying a fill think it is you for logical. You sound like George Noory saying then you for logical You know, if you go into these conversations in or any conversation brother any conversation with either a defensive mentality or the mentality that it just is absolutely Bogus, you’re never gonna be receptive towards the reality of this real world. That’s for it in this massive frickin universe You know what? I mean? Absolutely And thank God I got delivered from the need to always be the smartest guy in the room And now I actually like being the dumbest guy in the room That’s why I hang out with people like you so I can learn some stuff and life is so much better, dude I’m not smart You are bro you bent you come from that you got a you got a PhD even the school of hard knocks, you know I mean true, that’s true You know that that’s something I can have conversations on all day, but then I grew a mil You know upper middle class on the beach white boy from Florida The worst thing I ever did was step on a pop-top you kidding me. I got your brother. I got you I just want to say that you know I come in and listen to my boobs in the chat room I’m all about boobs, you know, and if anybody moves men women, they all love boobs good Scotty has a nice rack aha I Just threw up in my mouth a little bit I’m just saying I was there the other day he gave me a hug I felt them so I gave him a little wiggle when I was doing the hug. You know what I’m saying? Did you want to motorboat Scottie? This is shut up a motorboat Is it time for Scottie to get the man’s ear or the bro? I well he needs something I don’t know what it is yet, bro, maybe duct tape that. That’s a good start. But I love the freakin guy He rips on me. I rip on him and that’s it, bro. Love badass bro, but he does have boobs. I’m just saying Wow So this show is now complete with the discussion of Scottie Roberts man boobs Boobs, bro. I start working on Scottie. I told you the day start do push-ups bro. It’ll make the Things do and you start literally you start by doing one push-up you do one pushup and then the next day you do two push-ups the next day you do three push-ups before you know it you’re doing 100 pushups and You’re back to that that of that picture that you post on Facebook back in 1984 brah. I’m just saying dude What are you talking about his porn picture? Yeah, the the is, uh, yeah, that was his head shot for his porn career Did you see that mustache bro? She could kick well I wanted to run my fingers through that mustache when I saw that picture of Jeremy was was envious when he saw that he kind of looked like it he did didn’t he did that was a handsome man I mean 1984 2019 that was a handsome man. Good Scottie Scottie. He’s he’s always been a good-looking do it man. Okay. Yes, Ben Where’s all those kind of seams and he has the sword going on and shit? Oh, you know now you’re gonna get a man to talking about kilts again, if you’re not careful dresses their dresses Your Scottie, here’s all Scottie rationalize it yeah well if you don’t wear any underwear It’s cold or killed if you weren’t underwear is called the dress. I might get over into it. It’s a frickin dress Okay, Romans more dresses We’re not heating you bro. It’s just a dress. That’s all I’m saying. He gets all frickin man at the meat ball You know what? I’m talking about. Oh Boy, well, that’s the first show. It’s in the books. I think we have to put that under the success column rocky Well, you know what? I I don’t even know what we’re gonna talk about halftime when I come on here But it’s always a pleasure just to sit down with my brother Jeff and have a conversation And all the people who have you in the chat room and I was trying to read the comments as we were talking and there are some very profound things being said in the chat room during the during the broadcast and I And I don’t say anything to to butter anybody’s cup I’m just saying that you’re one hell of a guy brother and I love the hell out of you and You have some of the best listeners the most common sense intelligent people that I’ve seen in a chat room in a very long time, so I’m glad to be part of the freaking family. You know what I’m talking about? Forget the cannolis Scotty you can butter my cup anytime brother He’s good at that too. We need to make the plans to make the trip to back and forth cuz we got to get that done and if we just keep talking, but it’ll be next year be like Oh, man, we should have done that. So let’s let’s sit down this week and make a plan Let’s get something set up for after Memorial weekend Easter I would love for you to come on up and I want to take it on a fair ball I got it to do it welds and we can do lies we could do a lot of very fun stuff and I’m sure your Your viewers would have a blast with what we could do. Absolutely and definitely we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna be there rocky Thanks so much for being a part of this. We’re in dude every Sunday at 9 p.m Shut up, and listen, and we hope you shut up and talk in the chat room as well to everyone in the chatroom I told you that are watching that aren’t in the chat room. Thanks so much without you. This is no good This is no fun in rocky. Thanks so much to you rocky Stucci rocky tsuchi situation room Rocky’s website is linked in the box below check them out You’re guaranteed to learn something and to have a good time Sound good. Oh, I was waiting for your and don’t forget ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen for Rocky’s Tucci I’m Jeffrey Daugherty reminding you. We are the last generation of Real humans. It’s time for us to get busy

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  7. YT is on crack!! You Tube and Google want fear porn NOT solutions and NOT intelligent viewers, they want bread and circus followers and they especially want ORDER followers (psychopathic) to enforce the BS lying false fake fiat unconstitutional commercial codes and acts on the public. They are notorious for censoring the FACTS. Wake up people you are nothing but a straw man tax paying fiction to these fascist bookie bankster Vatican (crown) monkeys!! We have a real constitution, and the only way to REMEDY this is to take them to court in a class action with our majority against this little tiny percent of pukes!! We could win this if we pull together, because ya know, we out number them!!
    Your channels are important my dear friends, and if it is being shadow banned it is because it is waking people up to the sh_t they don't want! Hopefully the day will come when a mass of people gather together to take the action needed against all the ACTORS on this stage of non-reality!! People need to gain some cajones and fess up and do what patriots do and always did do!! America's forefathers are rolling in their graves right now at how lackadaisical the public has become!!
    BTW, they are faking that the Second Amendment is still viable because then if you knew that we have been under martial law for the entire time that we have been at war then their facade would be over! They only let you think that we are under our constitution, the fact is we are not…we have been and are only a corporation INC and the president and the congress are only CEOs of the corp. Check it out, we don't have our common law anymore and we haven't since Abraham Lincoln's war!
    Take it all the way back to Abe Lincoln and that war! That war was not about black slavery, it was about the whole population of the United States of America population and to put us all into slavery to the Crown and the Vatican.
    There is REMEDY for all of us but the BARR is a crown system, and the judicial system is CROWN, blacks law. Our bank is owned by a foreign nation and our legal system is also owned by the crown. That is why you never win in their courts. That is why if you plead our constitutional rights they are not recognized in our fake court system. That is why all judges wear black. In a constitutional court there is no JUDGE!! And you do not need an ATTORNEY! Who is also a croney of the crown. When you use an attorney you are doing so because you are considered incompetent in their jurisdiction, and their jurisdiction is also a false system. You need to learn which jurisdiction you are being tried in, because they have more than one and it is not our constitutional courts!
    It takes a lifetime to fully awake and to research all the criminal acts they have done to us and that is how they continue to get away with it, because in 40 years there is a new generation of uneducated young people of whom most will never learn this and go to their graves believing the lies are the truth.
    What they have done is completely ILLEGAL!!! BUT even if we cannot use our constitution we have "REMEDY" in the commercial system, they have to give us "remedy" but they don't have to ell us what it is or even that it exists, it is up to us to learn the codes and acts (not laws) in the system that they are using against us, which when we do not resist or contest, they win because silence and inaction is consent!!

  8. I never can catch things live, but, really great show, love it and am REALLY looking forward to more of this thanks so much Jeff and Rocky! Love youse guys!

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  10. The Mafia is the armed hand of the Vatican all around the world… I Love Cannoli siciliani… Thanks to both of you, from Italy 😀

  11. This was good Jeff & Rocci, open communication about life and possible resolutions! Get our noggins working for the future!

  12. Rocci had me all emotional and I was in tears. Seems him and I have a lot in common. I really love you guys ❤✌ I need y'all in my life. Much respect Rocci for moving me to tears 👍

  13. Thank you gentlemen, a powerful show! I wish this was played in front of all Americans. There is nothing like total honesty and being responsible for our own actions.

  14. Here, here. I wondered how you manage to put out content so often. But thank you for it! glad i caught your first show. Inspired!

  15. What a great show! Thank you, both for being awesome! For real conversation, much to reflect upon! Forgiveness is 🔑with an open minded heart, sharing our experiences with each other from all directions without judgement-so beautiful! We are the change!💖

  16. Freedom is NOT FREE – one has to fight for freedom, one cannot take ones liberties and freedom for granted. Freedom is just another word for nothing less to lose.

  17. The first thing we need to do is forgive ourselves and make right what we wronged.. and Rocky, you are a natural comedienne. Go for it!!

  18. Such a great show , Thank you so much , Rocci and Jeffrey . I hear you , Victim no more , Victor , here to stay and I turn the pain into Strength . Appreciate , what you are doing .Love to all . Be in your own Spirit .

  19. What’s your take on feminism? Beyond what they look like and stuff, do you think the woman in the mirror is the only problem?

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  21. There are Cancer Feeding Foods and Cancer Killing Foods. If you drop the Cancer feeders from your diet and consume enough cancer killing food, you can literally cure cancer. But were not allowed to know that.

  22. As long as we're fighting our own, we won't see the real enemy coming.

  23. "Wisdom comes when you realise you know nothing" Thank you both

    Rocci is very cool, bearing of the heart. Respect for you and Jeffrey.

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