100 Replies to “Schiff: Intel Cmte. To Release Impeachment Report To Public | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Are Republicns going to offer no defence but still declare him not guilty and acquit him? A lot of them have been saying he did commit these offences but they are not enough to impeach. How can the results of the trial in the Senate be both?

  2. This report is not going to convince any of his supporters that the president is guilty of a crime. They all do it, right? That's what they say.

  3. Most Americans don't know who the Vice-President is or how their government works, despite paying lots of taxes to pay them. Unfortunately the are deciding who runs the government which they know nothing about.

  4. Plot Twist: Trump's 'swamp-mates' all secretly despise him and want him gone. So they're filling his head with suggestions like, "Impeachment is actually GOOD for you, Mr President, sir!" and "Whatever you do, Mr. President, don't testify", whilst laughing behind his back. Maybe they are ALL Anonymous. Maybe they are ALL 'The Whistleblower'. Add some clever banter and a few explosives and it might make a good Tarantino movie someday.

  5. Refuse to Defend himself……… ????…….GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!……… Strike 1: "Paul Manafort," Strike 2: "Profit for Personal Hotels as 45th Pres. USA", Strike 3: "Bribery Ukraine/Rudy G." (SHAME REPUBLICANS PARTY OF DONALD TRUMP)

  6. how are they able to get away with NOT showing up in court? & NOT proving themselves & NOT answering questions? 🤷‍♀️

  7. Even a regular person who is fighting a robbery case still tries to fight there case! (EVEN IF THERE GUILTY).

  8. He refuses to defend himself and yet he did an inordinate amount of TV time saying that he had no representation and no due process.

    Me thinks, he is Guilty Beyond ANY doubt 🤣🤣

  9. I don't think you media outlets realize that the reason so many Americans reject impeachment is the hypocrisy you've shown. This indignant and innocent attitude you present to the American public fools nobody. "We did not want to…but we HAD to move forward for the sake of our country" is a narrative that nobody, republican, democrat, or independent will ever buy. If you wish to fight dishonesty with dishonesty, you will receive no support.

  10. Maybe he is planning to launch a defense with the upcoming IG report AG Barr indulged him for, and for which he seems quite excited about.

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  12. The Russians wanted in 2016 a weak (= Democrat) American President again, who would send blankets to Ukraine instead of weapons. That is why the Democrats and their Main Socialist Media colluded with the Russians. They all had the same goal.

  13. Further to Jill's bank robbery example, if the bank teller then says "oh I wasn't threatened by the gun in my face" the robber is still guilty. The fact the Ukrainian president says there was no threat doesn't excuse the behaviour plus, let's face facts, Ukraine still wants trump on its side.

  14. Trump is not playing with your bat and ball. He is bringing his own. He WILL defend himself…on Fox News and Twitter. His moronic base needs no actual evidence. It gets in the way. This strategy has worked wonderfully for him so far. Any other president would have been gone already. He is counting on his base to rise up and foment civil war if he loses a trial or an election. The Russians have compromat on all the Republicans so Trump doesn't need to worry about their support. They are already compromised and will come along quietly.

  15. Ummmm…. This is a brilliant Christmas present that will sooo put smiles on the faces of Tiffany, Moanalonia and Baron.
    Anyway, must dash – The World is asking for help gift-wrapping another turd and checking the address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue….

  16. Another one bites the dust! Yes, boys and girls.. Democrap star Kamaltoe Harris just dropped. Biden probably next after his hairy legs story!!……lol

  17. Fatass Nadler sounded like he's getting cold feet. Democraps are masters at weaseling out of messes they make for themselves!….lol

  18. Figure it out. Trump turns the Kurd's over to Putin and Turkey who hate the Kurd's. Trump holds up weaponry and funds for the new democracy Ukraine for 2 months, aiding Putin backed invaders who are fighting an under equipped defenders. Trump's a Putin puppet! He's compromised, takes his orders from Putin. Took Putin's word over DOC, FBI and CIA. Impeach our traitor President want-to-be-dictator. Come on Trump keep those never ending lies coming, but I'm not listening to the me person.

  19. R’s in senate will still acquit him, regardless of evidence. They have said as much. So why should he bother to defend himself?

  20. No one is willing to perjure themselves so Trumpy can't produce anyone! And they know Trumpy will throw everyone and anyone in front of the bus–so they get smacked before they are run over! The republicans supporting him are all doing a quid pro quo from Trumpy!

  21. lol…..This just in!! ..Joe Biden says kids like to sit in his lap and play with his hairy legs! If Joe was a repub, he'd be done but democraps like him!!

  22. 62 million Trump cultists believe that an innocent man has no need to defend himself because he says that he is innocent. He told them not to believe anything they see or hear in reality but to keep living in Trumpland, where everything Trump says is true. And sad to relate, these braindead idiots concur. Save us from imbeciles.

  23. Typical Trump pattern……pretend it's not happening and it goes away because the person bringing the suit gives up. But this is not an unpaid plumber Donald .

  24. Don the con. He'll continue to lie no matter what. He's made our country a laughing stock. Other countries are embarrassed for us.

  25. Shiffty Shiff and insane Pelosi are desperate … They should both be in a straight jacket… They KNOW the American public supports our President and Will be re-elected… They are chomping at the bit…

  26. It is killing Trump to not show up and tell people his point of view. The adults in the room with him know what a disaster it would be should he start mugging for the camera. Trump is a train wreck we can’t seem to look away from….

  27. 45 can't defend himself until the impeachment goes to the senate…hmmm. Wonder why that is? Surely not the fact that he has senators willing to debase themselves with transparent lies. Not that.

  28. The impeachment is necessary, unfortunately it will die in the Senate.
    Barr, (DOJ), the GOP, & all "Acting" heads will not defend the country. They have pledged loyalty to trump and fully support his on-going coup to be a dictator.

  29. Without 20 GOP Senators to cross the floor impeachment will fail and prob Trump gets re-elected. If such clear corruption can go unchecked American democracy is broken.

  30. If the evidence is clear, and he is found guilty , if the senate does not impeach. It’s time to fight for our democracy. Same vice versa, if he is innocent leave it alone. Evidence! Not an elders voice who is supported by Super PACs and foreign countries!

  31. Lawrence, I think you're awesome – would love to meet you in person. Just watched a video from 2017, where you talked about your book – it was amazing! Reading from the book was spot on!!

  32. I think the highlight of this whole impeachment won't even be about Trump. It's going to be the revelations about Nunes and McCarthy's direct involvement in the scandal. Their downfall will shed new light on this whole investigation.

  33. So the Republicans who have been breaking their necks defending him get no defense by him to support their defense?

  34. He didnt do anything id do the same thing ur bias bs dramatic toddlerspeech doesnt fool anyone anymore… oh ill sell you my hair to use on ur head for 5k at 12 inches …. schiff looks like an alien stuffed in his body 3y3s poking out he doesnt deserve to pick what i know or seen… they have no chance at impeachment

  35. Why would HE personally have to defend himself for?
    Why would he not just do what everry other american is ENTITLED to do and use his lawyers to defend him?

    Also, you MUST present charges in a court of law, otherwise what you are trying to do here is make him guilty before being proven so. That's now how it works.

    EVERYONE is innocent UNTIL proven guilty.

    You can't get away with turning the law on its head just because you don't like Trump.

    If democrats and anyone who doesn't like Trump ALLOWS this to happen, they have also by default, given up their legal rights, and will be treated as guilty until proven innocent.

    We might not like the guy, but lets not be fools and hand away our rights just to see him ousted from office.

  36. When you go see a movie, it's called "the suspension of disbelief" hey if Bruce Willis can fall through 3 floors and walk away, why can't Trump be innocent and not put up any witnesses?

  37. When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. When the law is on your side, pound the law. When neither the law nor the facts are on your side, pound the table.

  38. Because President Trump is INNOCENT.
    He's not gonna bother wasting his time to dignify this fake investigation based on no evidence when he's busy fixing this country from the ground up.

    More fake allegations & investigations by Democrats with ZERO. EVIDENCE. after 2.5 years of full-time investigation and MILLIONS in taxpayer dollars wasted, similar to how they tried and FAILED with Justice Kavanaugh. LOL‼️😂👌💯.

    …It will be EPIC to watch the Democrats conclude on their own that they cannot impeach President Trump after all (as expected) due to lack of evidence, especially after ZERO participation from the President himself.

    You know he already consulted his lawyers and is playing the media once again to let the Democrats reveal on their own how baseless and desperate they truly are, willing to stoop to ANY LOW to get the WH back, which they won't‼️😂👌💯. I can't wait‼️😂😂😂💯LOL

  39. "He helped only one person, himself and Putin?" I knew it. Donald Trump is actually Putin come back from the future. That explains a lot.

  40. He has no defense. It's as simple as that. They don't want to end up in jail for obstruction of Congress. In other words they don't wanna get caught in There lies.

  41. Those now defending and protecting him are living up to their nicknames. Trumpturds.

    That includes GOP members and the public.

    There’s just no defence any more for this kind of behaviour.

  42. I don't respect this presidents office. I don't respect anyone that supports this traitor. I AM AN AMERICAN PATRIOT, READY

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