Request Amit Shah To Make ISL Official Language #IndianSignLanguageas

In India there are 22 languages that have been made official by the government Tamil, Telugu, English, Marathi and 22 other languages have been made official and included in the constitution. NAD for a long time has been advocating to make ISL official. This is because there are many Deaf Indians and their language is ISL. This is why they want to make it 23rd official language and have been advocating for it. NAD’s President A.S.Narayanan – sign name – has sent multiple letters to the Home Ministry demanding Sign Language to put in the Constitution and to make it official. Now the winter session of the parliament It begins from 18th November to 13th December. This is when all the MLAs will discuss about important topics and laws. Since this is a good oppotunity NAD has urged everyone such as Deaf associations, individuals and NGOs to send letters demanding the ISL to be made official and put in the constitution. When the Home Ministry receives letters with the strong demand he will then present it in front of the parliament for discussion. It can even get approved. This is why you all must send letters. There is no need to worry about how to write the letter. Here have a look. You can download this document from the description box below. Fill up the details such as name of the association or the individuals name, your address, phone number, etc. Once all the details are filled up, print the letter, sign it and post. Don’t send via any private courier service. Send it by the government’s speed post service. The Government is quick to acknowledge letters through speed post over private services. Please remember. Social media is also very powerful Especially Twitter. On Twitter many Ministers are very active. You all can use it. See that? This message is available in the description box below. Copy paste it on your own Twitter page and share it. When the ministers will see this they may bring a change and ISL official. Urge your family, friends, associations, brothers, sisters and all the people you know to send the letters and share this on social media.

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  1. Dear, ISH
    I am request to your office. I need for inform to ish for the proess rpwd bill. I don't open website this. How?

  2. It is failed to copy from your letter of sign language to Twitter in this YouTube. Kindly, share above copy and paste this comment at needful for i will send to Twitter

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