Republican Reading of the Constitution

how are the republicans going to read
the constitution when they read it we the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect proud speaker of the year barebone database
speakers speaker at a high can say this word uh… by ran against these people is that these unions i can’t i can’t trap is rated poking are attacked way the people in as a starter for more
perfect at your dad as establish bidyut disney could bear i i don’t think i
should say this word we we uh… were were forced them to keep on time
all plan you know we can’t where we will all that obama bring any of these guys
to the united states for trial don’t think that we should has read it r_l_ kato kato usually honest abolition just does insurer domestic tranquillity speaker speaker manner what is
transacted passed on tranquilizers thereby zachary there is that part of the the that’s the the the drug villa we pass
was matters that the the that’s a good thing ok ok got that provide for the common defense yet we
wanted to have more money for blackwater yet but good good promote the general at
best a commander i got a problem here hydraulic think that we should use this
word is provided radish adler et al qaeda promote the
general i think the hong kong alpaca alpaca act and doesn’t care about blood stains of
liberty all is not a marvelous worded but uh… speaker manner i did hear that
this uh… this woman low lady liberty who’s been on the coins of the united
states from the founding up until ronald reagan basically took her off you know the liberty walken quarter the
woman in the harbor there that we got from from france i had to understand that and she’s on top of the capitol building
and she’s in front of a justice department with the boob shown you know
work where the the mr ashcroft covered up
with some blue velvet and holding the the scales that trees in front and recall trooper
munchies issues all over the place that but the founders actually created her as
a goddess that this country has a guy’s espy
understanding that’s what i heard and that in fact they named her after columbus they found
ices animator columbia and they said that the area were is
where the people who work in her area who are supposed to protect those
countries such as sacred place there could be no conflicts of interest so
they’re not even allowed to have representation in congress in the
district of the goddess of columbia so i’m not sure if we should be talking
about the blessings of liberty when that’s the name of this woman at
overshadow a typo ok aric and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and
our pastor our posterity speaker breyer i’ve got you know ad didn’t know that we were supposed to
be considering they consequences on our children grandchildren him back with
more on iran has run up all that big bet he was day shut out but has little okay
all right dual ordain and establish this constitution for the united states of
america now if it takes them that long to get
through the preamble which is only by the lines long uh… wait until bazookas asserts out with the legislative branch i mean it starts al with a legislator and and these guys are the opinion that congress has never parted raise taxes or passed bills are do things that might the welfare so wait until we get to the powers
granted account his article one first part of castration congress shall have the power to lay and
collect taxes detachment to make a better way get where work back
dot i can’t actually broadcasters dot there dot raddatz child iterated okay
all right arent congress or apart elenco like taxes
duties imposed some excesses to pay the debt some provided for the
common defense was a good as black water here in general welfare welfare there is
a guest speaker prayers at the air bag at a rate those dates but all duties imposed an exercise is
shelby uniform throughout the united states wait a minute everybody has to
pay i thought we could just takes its only
the poor people i thought don’t we have a point in we’ve already got it set up so if you
were in your love is a kind of butter on a poll waiting for the debit and check
to comment on it but they any any paper all taxes i think they got this thing wrong here
speaker bring ur bites that might be how they do and i
was just like the reqd hahhahaha

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