Rep. Ted Lieu DESTROYS Jeff Sessions In Hearing, “You’re Either Lying Now, Or You Lied Then”

On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions
was called in front of the House Judiciary Committee for reasons that, to be quite honest,
are a little unclear. They said the meeting, or the questioning,
the hearing, whatever it is going to be, is going to be more about oversight of the Department
of Justice. However, Republicans only used the opportunity
to goad Jeff Sessions into launching an investigation into Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and
Uranium One and Barack Obama and, basically, any Democrat who they’ve ever seen in their
lives. They were trying to push Jeff Sessions during
this hearing to launch investigations into them. Jeff Sessions, to his credit, said “looks
like” is not grounds for a full-blown investigation, even though he had hinted the day before that
he wanted to launch an investigation. That’s neither here nor there. The big takeaway from Tuesday’s hearing with
Jeff Sessions happened when Democratic Representative Ted Lieu decided to ask Jeff Sessions exactly
how he was lying and, to be honest, when he was lying. Take a look. As Attorney General, you have security clearance,
correct? Yes. To get that security clearance, you submitted
a security clearance application, also known as an SF86 form, correct? That’s correct. I submitted such a form when I served in active
duty in the U.S. Air Force, and the form requires you to certify under penalty of perjury that
information submitted was true, complete and correct to the best of your knowledge. You certified your security clearance form,
correct? That is correct. I’m going to, on the video screen, show you
a question from that form, and it says, “Have you or any of your immediate family in the
past seven years had any contact with a foreign government, its establishment, such as embassy,
consulate, agency, military service, intelligence or security service, etc., or its representatives,
whether inside or outside the U.S.?” The answer that you gave was “No.” What you just told us under oath was exactly
the opposite. I’m going to ask you, Mr. Sessions, were you
lying then when you filled out the form, or are you lying now? What I was told by my executive assistant
when we did this form earlier, and then again when I was nominated for Attorney General,
that the FBI authority says members of Congress and effectively government officials, meeting
people on an official basis, you were not required to list all these contacts. Nothing in that question says you get to answer
any differently because you are a U.S. Senator rather than, say, a young police officer. Isn’t that right? Well, I- Nothing in that question authorizes you to
answer any differently, isn’t that right? I would say that- I didn’t go to law school. I know a lot about the law, I work with a
lot of lawyers. What I will say is that it kind of seems like
Representative Lieu just laid out the case for perjury charges to be brought against
Jeff Sessions. It’s pretty black and white right there on
the screen. He either lied then, or he is lying now. We know that back when he had to testify in
front of the Senate, Jeff Sessions had said, “I had no contact with the Russians.” As it turns out, he had two contacts at least
with Sergey Kislyak that he, oops, didn’t recall at the time. Then later on, he said, no, nobody in the
campaign had any kind of contact with anybody other than those things, and it turns out
that was a lie, because he was in that meeting with Papadopoulos, where Papadopoulos said,
“Hey, I’ve got Russians that want to meet with us.” Jeff Sessions said, nah, it’s probably a bad
idea. He didn’t disclose that, either. My guess is that, yeah, Jeff Sessions lied
in that previous one and, to be honest, he’s probably also lying in the Tuesday hearing. During the entire year, Jeff Sessions kept
repeating the lines, “I do not recall. I can’t recall. I don’t recollect. I don’t remember.” That kind of seems like what somebody who’s
trying to cover up something would continue to say, which is exactly the case of Jeff
Sessions at this point. Why some kind of investigation into Jeff Sessions
hasn’t begun is absolutely beyond me. It also helps to explain why the Republicans
in that hearing were so hell-bent on getting Jeff Sessions to launch an investigation into
Democrats. They’ll try anything at this point to pull
away from the fact that, one, their President is under investigation and, number two, the
Department of Justice had, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has clearly lied under oath,
he’s lied on his forms and he’s lying to the American public at every possible chance he
can get when he’s under oath. Those sound like crimes worthy of investigation.

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  1. Jeff Sessions is suffering from a syndrom they call russriograde amnesia. A syndrom in wich it is impossible to remember and recall anything that connects to Russia .

  2. Thank God for youtube. This shit has been going on for centuries but news outlets are bought and paid for. With youtube you can seek out different perspectives. It's time to publicly shame this corrupt assholes. Hang 'em high!

  3. A lie is a lie. A white lie is a lie. A half truth is a lie. A hidden truth is lie. A lie by omission is a lie. A lie is a lie. Mr. Session

  4. Those Republicans are politically suicidal if they think going after Hillary on Uranium One merely to distract the public from the constant revelations of corruption and deceit and collusion in Trump's administration is the smart play here. They should all be trying to distance themselves as far from Trump as possible. History will not be kind to them.

  5. Notice Sessions never said "I'm not lying at all." That would of been the correct response of someone who was telling the truth…

  6. Isn't there someone who checks (proof readers) These forms when they are finished filling it out??? There's no excuse for Mr.Sessions and all of 45 Clan Fam conveniently left that Russia question unanswered also WTF?? HOW CONVENIENT 😡😡!!! just saying they need to be fired too for Pete's Sakes ALREADY🐉🐉🐉

  7. I'm glad your not my kids grandpop, cause you LIE to the people… Don't you teach your grandkids NOT TO LIE??? SHAME ON YOU MR.I DON'T RECALL,SHAMEFUL, SHAME ON YOU MR.LYING ** 🐍🐍🐍🐍

  8. Want to make "Jefferson Beauregard the bigot" make CRITICAL mistakes? Just keep having non-white men, or worse, non-white WOMEN question him. It outrages him to his core that minorities dare look him in the eye when they speak to him. Let alone question/interrogate him. Keep minorities asking him questions and he'll give us the "you can't handle the truth!" moment from a few good men. He's ACHING to dress down those "brown folks".

  9. Trump supporters should watch Shep on their favorite news station.. He tells you all how Trump is lying about the uranium deal. Hillary had NOTHING to do with it!!

  10. I watched some of the questioning that Sessions was there for after a short time I became discussed with the way sessins answered the questions. When told to answer yes or no because of the limited time he of course would begin talking just to waste time so he wouldn't have to answer all the questions that the panel wanted to cover. With Sessions apparent ?knowledge? or lies which is the real reason for his stalling and evasion. He has, got to be removed,tried for purgery. Quit farting around senators and congressmen. Do your job for crying out loud.

  11. See how the old ding bag lady rubbed her nose sitting behind Sessions?? She was basically saying.. You're screwed on this one!!

  12. Not living in America but trying to keep up to date with this can anybody tell me what Fox News was doing when this live coverage what's going on I'm just curious last time they were talking about a cheeseburger emoji??

  13. Investigate Sessions but why leave Hillary and the DNC out of the fun? They're up to their collective neck in lies, misrepresentations, financial misconduct and election racketeering. That means: buying an election. (They just weren't as successful at that as they anticipated they would be.). Don't even pretend there were any "good guys" in the DNC, the RNC, or as D or R presidential nominees! Stick to the truth.

  14. well, is he going to jail for lying prior under oath or during this hearing… he must go to jail at this time either way

  15. Revoke his security clearance, Charge Sessions (perjury, Making a false statement on the form, knowingly and intentionally missleading by filling out the form to get hired into the position the form required) , and who is under him gets the Temporary job regardless I think is the standard procedure.. Why are they exempt from Laws that every-one else would have to comply by?

  16. This is so typical when it come to our justice system, from the top all he way down, there is a different standard for those in the system than those out of it and they use it all the time to their benefit. If Trump has done anything, its opening the door so we all can see the real corruption that goes on in our capital/country. This is how these people look at this stuff, its ok for them to lie or change their story but hell a citizen gets arrested for a joint and they want to throw the book at them and do everyday. Jeff your a POS!

  17. It doesn't really matter at this point cuz they want Jeff sessions to take his seat back to prevent Roy Moore from being elected which will make it easier for Donald Trump to dismiss former FBI director Molitor from investigating Donald Trump. The whole world saw this coming a mile away we knew that nothing was going to be done about Donald Trump and his ministration colluding with the Russian government.

  18. Okay, so when does Sessions get tried?
    Because from everything I've seen so far, he's done some illegal shit.
    Lying under oath is one of these things.

  19. I’ve worked in law nearly a decade now and I have worked with a lot of liars and cheats. This guy is so damn obvious it’s unbelievable.

  20. My "GOD" I hate when anyone acts that damn stupid, I hope that elf gets everything the law require for such obvious lies under oath that he/it is clearly displaying, if they don't burn him/it, I will see America as the worse and most lawless country on Earth !!

  21. Yea blah blah so much obvious evidence but nothing has been done..US has become a banana republic where government officials can publicly commit crimes and get away with it..smfh


  23. lets get rid of the Honorable status with these Pieces of shit, fucking servants should be referrred to ask whores, cuz that is exactly what they are

  24. Isn't this grounds to evoke the 25th amendment? Seems like most people in Trump's cabinet have dementia when it comes to Russia.

  25. A liar with a bad memory is incharge of our justice system, maybe that's why all these scam artist and war criminals feel so safe to commit crimes right on tv.

  26. The reasons you don’t have a big following is because your a liar and pretty much a pile of shit

  27. Yes, Ted Lieu was smart and Sessions was dumb and deceitful.

    Then what? There's nothing to celebrate.

    If you catch a fish and release it, what do you have at the end of the day?


    Because of this lie, Sessions paid no price. Not much to celebrate.

    A disgruntled Democrat

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