100 Replies to “Rep. Doug Collins: The ‘focus-group impeachment’ has no facts”

  1. Mr. Collins you are a genius, with that speech and pointing out the absolute idiocy of the "majority's" circus, you have all but guaranteed them a loss of that majority!

  2. obama drops 30,000 bombs on middle east & gets nobel peace prize, someone at a bar says trump scammed ukraine and he's out? USA people are the most trivial in the world, don't any of you have real problems to deal with? half of USA on opioids now and people think trump is a double agent for russia? only thing worse than trump is POTUS Bernie and AOC in his cabinet…

  3. The country is doomed when the enemy wins even if they burn it all down knowing media can convince enough to vote away everyone else rights

  4. Even if they think can impeach him, Bill Clinton was impeached and he didn't leave office? So they're going to try and impeach Pence and remove him from office so 80 year old Nancy Pelosi can be president?

  5. The Schiff for brain must go to jail, pay back our tax moneys, strip all of his benefits, do the community’s service and should never hold any government official’s position !

  6. Well Rep. Collins certainly summer it up very very well. Trump may be a little sketchy around the edges but he gets the job done. Would u rather have a great speech reciter or a man who does his job very well??? Political correctness has had it's day and it didn't do anything for the U. S. Except send it down the drain. Look at the rest of the world. They are loosing jobs and struggling. NOW THE US BACK ON TOP OF THE PILE!!! Go Trump!!!!

  7. In order to prevent the American people from reclaiming their power, they have to keep enough people focused on their hatred for Trump so they don't become aware of the real crimes and corruption. That is the point of this impeachment…to provide source material for the complicit media to continue the anti trump fear mongering. Its as simple as that. This impeachment exists just so that cnn can tell everyone ignorant enough to take them at their word "Trump is the real threat not this deep state conspiracy theory all the crazies keep talking about"

    They know that anyone who hasn't turned cnn off by now isnt going to question the narrative so they just need to keep the distraction going. Its sad because for the first time in a long time we actually have half a chance at taking the power back and getting rid of the people who want to eliminate the middle class and take away any chance of it ever returning.

  8. My hair stood up when the blind leading the blind democrats saying aye ….i was dumbfounded with no strong evidence i would replace all dems

  9. President Trump does not belong in office has everyone forgot that he literally shut down the government because he wasnt getting his way. He is NOT the right person to run this country he has caused more damage to this country than done good… First he shut down the government withholding millions of dollars in tax refunds, he had government employees working for no pay , he wants to build an expensive wall around mexico and tried to make them pay for it ( which is so wrong on so many levels), and he is causeing issues with other countries that could ultimately result in another war…. We want him to be impeached not because of hate but based on the fact that he is not doing enough to improve the economy. Since he has taken office i have not seen an improvement in employment opportunities. I have been with the same company for years and since trump tool office i have had to take a pay cut also the cost of living has also increased. He is making it harder for lower class people to keep up on bills. I have seen so many people lose their homes in the last year than i have in over a decade people cant afford to stay afloat and families are hurting more now than ever . So no i dont want Trump impeached because i dont like him but because hes not helping improve our econom. We get he is the president but that does not make him above everyone else he still has to follow the laws just like everyone else and should be held responsible for his actions.

  10. Every democrat involved with pushing this impeachment should be responsible for paying every cent stolen from our social security to pay for the sham they have put the American taxpayers through. They should also each be imprisoned for their actions of treason.

  11. vote everyone of those disgusting democrats out of office out of the house and out of the american peoples business

  12. Democrats are all their own candidates they wouldn't vote for themselves! LOSERS! Which would be fine sometimes you just got to accept you're going to lose but being a sore loser is not fine breaking government is not fine making us a laughingstock in front of the world for personal motive is not fine!

  13. Dems are NPCs in this game of life. They have no thinking role but just being stupid to annoy the actual players in the game which is real people.

  14. Protecting a criminal is all Doug Collins and these other pathetic republicans are doing. Common sense, logic,
    factual evidence, and enough foresight to see how bad this could get, are all out the window. Bow Down to the
    Crime Boss, you stupid little Mobsters.

  15. Thank you democrats, I can’t wait to see Hairy Leg Biden get ripped to shreds by Trump. I’m not a fan of 100% of what Trump does, but it’s 1000x better than anything the Democrats plan for our nation!!!


  17. Schiff is going to be CONVICTED of treason. His records and phone, email, logs, etc etc need to be investigated. The depth of investigation must include contacts of Schiff's contacts, this is entirely justified and absolutely necessary to identify the network of treasonous actors. The conspiracy theory that was the Deep State is no longer a theory, it is now fact. In their haste and increasing feelings of powerlessness among Deep State players has caused them to openly expose themselves in haste and maniacal obsession. What was truly just a theory with whispers of impropriety has come full circle in a few short years.
    Deep State actions were extremely carefully planned and executed in a long game designed to be assured of absolute power and domination of America with their Socialist Global Agenda. The amount of fronts this campaign was silently preparing is staggering and incredibly well instituted. Social media movements, social justice and level of "wokeness", constantly stoking fears of racism and hatred, orchestrated with online and on the ground actors pushing false information. Broadcast of fake hate crimes and even committing fake hate crimes. Infiltrating and influencing Universities around the world. Massive scale organized voter fraud, campaigns seeking out missing registered voters and stuffing absentee ballot boxes. From inside the County in major Democrat strongholds and from campaign headquarters in Republican controlled areas. They don't fight voter registration and ID laws for the poor. The poorest people receive entitlements like rent assistance, food EBT, fuel assistance, free mobile phones. Think people, you cannot get any of those benefits without valid state identification. Wealthy out of touch people imagine a class of people living in slums without identification. You can't live there without Gov assistance that you champion so vigorously. Ergo, everyone has ID!!!!!!Selling power and influence to finance this multi frontal assault. Bribery and scandal beyond belief, regardless of the lie or falsehood, the ends justified the means. Climate change trillions upon trillions of dollars in Green industry forced on Western Cultures while the other 97% of global pollution goes unchecked. Europe and North America could vanish tomorrow and pollution levels would barely change. China, India and Southeast Asia are responsible for more than 90% of CO2 emissions and pollution. The big players are fully aware of that. But the show goes on. Ice core and earth samples worldwide show the exact same data. There is a 110 thousand year cycle that repeats like clockwork, the graph pattern of 1.5 million years could be mistaken for an EKG of a healthy heart. Two facts in the data are unmistakable. First, we reach the current avg temperatures we are seeing right now on every single 110,000 year cycle without exception within a few degrees C, we are actually 3 degrees cooler than the last peak 110k years ago. Secondly and even more significant is that CO2 levels follow global temperature increase in the cycle. Essentially, it gets hot, then CO2 rises behind the temp increase. Far more unnerving is the temperature decline. The higher the level of CO2, the greater the decline in temperature. The cold part of the cycle is more than 80% of the 110,000 years. We will see avg annual temperature that is 12 degrees colder than it is right now. 12 Degees C doesn't sound like much right? When you are talking global avg it is extreme beyond comprehension. This extreme cold historically lasts longer than 60 thousand years. We are already past the peak of the cycle, temperature decline will begin and rapidly decline reaching halfway to historical lows within 10,000 years. It will happen, it has for millions of years in every 110k cycle. We will need massive amounts of energy to stay alive and grow food in extratropic regions. They are not selling this, and it's actually deadly.
    Anyway, it's all a massive farce. Hydra-like in it's nature as there is no one leader. Luckily they played their hand after the 2016 election. They had comfortably succeeded for so long that the end goal was in sight. A Clinton victory would have sealed our fate and be beyond the point of no return. They were becoming complacent and thought the game was over. Signs of life in the true resistance to one world globalist success reared its ugly head. The insurance plan was activated and life went on. When they lost the election unexpectedly panic ensued. By doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on elimination of the President by any means necessary they were exposed for all the actually woke people to see. People began looking, digging, paying attention to what they had previously ignored. Once the investigations began on nearly all Conservative fronts when they realized how blind they had been, the trail of breadcrumbs became a super highway as exits were showing up everywhere leading to other pathways to manipulation and control. Openly funded operations like a sustained 100k people per month border onslaught exposed funding behind the moves. To feed, medically treat, and direct 100 plus thousand people a month is not something you can hide. It's hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain. To control and direct Coyotes alone required massive funding and association with the cartels.
    Anyhow, the Deep State is real, the majority of the muscle behind it are unknowing idiots manipulated and directed like puppets. Investigation into all things Deep State is now unstoppable. Far too many people now know how blind they had been. From small YouTubers to people like Sara Carter, Dan Bongino, Dinesh D'Souza, Judicial Watch, Blaze TV, Candace Owens and on and on. Meteoric rise in popularity is unstoppable. The Googles, Twitters, Facebooks, YouTubes of the world unfortunately have shareholders. In greed they went public for a fortune. In doing so they lost the ability to permanently silence growing evidence of Truth! Their arrogance and disdain for conservative media turned out to be a huge awakening and source of personal shame. Out of arrogance, then denial, and finally, personal shame that they were unaware of the world reality. It was the smelly Wal Mart people who were unknowingly woke. Talk show hosts to social media giants are quietly retreating from their once brazen I'm smart and you are stupid attitude to a demure, I wish this would just go away. Same thing applies to celebrities. To be ripped into the reality that you were actually the idiot is hard. Especially for arrogant pretentious D-bags.

  18. Evidently my STATEMENT is being misunderstood!! When I speak of lies , I'm referring to the lies coming from the left about our HONORABLE PRESIDENT!

  19. They can keep Impeaching, and The Senate can keep acquitting . IT IS A CIRCUS of FOOLS. Because all who vote to impeach will no longer have jobs after they are voted out in 2020, and TRUMP will still be THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And the people will be back in charge. Just a side note: does anyone else see J. Nadler as BUTT UGLY? TRUMP 2020.

  20. Remember people, this clown show will be in history books, The first President who was impeached that won Re-election. Trump the 45th& 46th President??????

  21. The dems have the ability to ruin everyones Christmas season. This will be known as the Christmas impeachment. How proud they will be.

  22. Nadler got destroyed so bad that after this he went back to eating food and stopped drinking human blood to lose weight.

  23. I have a 4 foot bong that I like to use on Sundays when I get home from church gives you a really good buzz I mean a deep
    serious buzz.I call it getting Nadler so if you check out Jerry Nadler you’ll know what I’m talking about when I hit that massive bong

  24. Rep. Collins has quickly become one of my favorite congressmen and this is a perfect example why. Literally every house Republican is this intelligent when speaking and it's no wonder why. It's hard to sound stupid when you have facts on your side.

  25. The man sitting on nadlers right had to put his hand up Nadler to make use the hammer. We know where the hand went to .

  26. The Dems underestimate the American people who have more than half a brain or else they wouldn't be committing this travesty. Having said that there might be people with less than half a brain or brains wore so thin no one pays attention anymore. I stopped being a democrat when I voted for Trump. This is a painful joke.

  27. Because Adam Schiff knows all to well he won't be prosecuted for his lying to Congress and the American people. Guess he thinks Hilary got away with her crimes , he'll get away with his.

  28. Yes, for three years, no one dig a wrong doing from President! Why doing trail? Only dismiss communist party in Congress. Mr. Collins is right.

  29. Democrats in Congress want it buried before they are found out meaning they commited treason and now they don't want to pay for that.

  30. Apparently the whistleblower couldn't make it to testify as he was already engaged: referreeing a game. (Notice to all without a sense of humor, this is just a joke!)

  31. I love this Democratic House..They are exposing themselves and convincing America to Vote Republican. Think..when you have the most corrupt government in our history..and who is it? Democrats!!!!

  32. History is written by who is left standing after the last whimper of the wounded and dieing has been heard when the battle, and war has ended.

  33. Collins says there was no facts simply because he doesn't like the facts. Don't worry, Trump supporters, the republicans in the senate care more about keeping their jobs than they do about the USA, the Constitution, the rule of law and their oath of office to defend it. Keep supporting the most corrupt president in American history. Obviously, you don't care either.

  34. What do you call a people, who when their country is under attack, they join their attackers against their own country Hmmmmm????????????


  36. This man is right,, they, the Congress should be held accountable, any of the Citizens would be procecuted and held liable for expenses incurred, so why no Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Clinton's,, all of them should be in prison.

  37. Democrats are tearing America apart I pray to God if any unfortold happen it will fall upon their heads squarely.

  38. The same people who looks the other way when Ukraine was invaded by Putin are suddenly so passionate about not given Ukraine millions of American dollars for few days and that is the crime to impeach President for.
    Shame on Nancy Pelosi and his looney gang of idiots.
    Shame on the democratic party.

  39. Some of these self-righteous Democrats also advocate for sanctuary cities, which is unconstitutional and against law and order. But they yell that they are defending the rule of law and the constitution! They are anti America!!! They hate our founding even as they constantly name the founders. I WANT to impeach ALL Democrats!

  40. I can't say this enough, this the year horror show that the Democrats have been performing in is to distract from the real trators, liers, crooks and schemer's. The Clintons, Biden's, Obama's, and the California New York democrats don't want to go to jail. They need to discredit President Trump so they can cry revenge as they go on trial when in fact it is overdue justice

  41. I work and live in China, I worked and lived in New Zealand for years, I am borne and raised in The Netherlands. Dear American and fellow citizens of the free world, I am a witness of how the democrats AND your MSM are the laughing stock WORLDWIDE, NOT your president! Trump is mainly respected and admired!

  42. Huh wonder why I didn’t see this on the evening news ? oh yeah this would be REAL NEWS!!!! The whole Democratic Party has lost its freaking mind… and the trust of the American people!!!

  43. WAIT, just a weird question, but if the Dems lose power what would happen to the media. I'm sure that they would try to leach off the Republicans to get some money back, but President Trump wouldn't have that. So can we see the fall of most major news stations in the next decade. WOW, that would be nice. I think President trump should start a new campaign slogan. No more MAGA, but "Power back to the people"

  44. The difference in I.Q.’s between RepCollins and RepJohnson is miles apart. RepHankJohnson should be in a home for the mentally challenged.

  45. Dear lord we ask for you to help us cast out all evil people out of our country and other countries in your Almighty name Jesus Christ Amen ? ?

  46. Omg Doug ate their faces ??? This ppl is the perfect example of a man who fought for our rights and will defend them in any manner! HOOAH! GO PASTOR COLLINS! I'm in tears right now ? our heroes are so ….. just so awesome!

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