100 Replies to “Rep. Doug Collins says House Dems didn’t do their job”

  1. TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDES ❤️💜❤️🇺🇸👍
    IMPEACHMENT HOAX, a CRIME of the CENTURY. the CASE is falling APART. 😂😂😂👍👍👍

  2. I am not so sure that I can vote for Trump again. He has done nothing for the Second Amendment. And what about what's going on in Virginia right now. Trump is totally quiet about this. The Second Amendment is a big deal. Maybe not to New York Republican. I hate being a one issue voter. But it doesn't get any bigger than this.

  3. No new witnesses are needed. Let Crazy Nancy's dream team prosecute Nancy's flawed impeachment coup, and when the crimes don't fit, you must acquit. Trump's impeachment will not be forever, but the acquittal is forever and that cannot erased like Pelosi's title as the worst house speaker in the history of our nation.

  4. 3:22 I didn't know that you have to prove your innocents.
    Innocent until proven guilty goes for everyone but republican officials I guess.

  5. True. They should have waited the:
    5 years to lower court
    3 years to appeals
    2-6 years to state Supreme Court
    1 year to state Supreme Appeals court
    4-8 years (if considered) to US Supreme Court

    They should have taken their time during THIS 20 YEARS and let our grandkids deal with the impeachment so the rest of us could hear any other news on television.
    It will all amount to the same anyway.

  6. "The Judges have to rule.." One of your impeachment articles was because the president wanted to wait for the judges to rule you moron.

  7. When the House appropriated aide to Ukraine it included a deadline for release of that aide; the aide was released before that deadline; end of story!

  8. The Republicans in addition to the Bidens, Schiff and the whistleblower should also call the Ukrainian President, their so-called victim of the crime.

  9. Rep Steny Hoyer (D-MD) Majority Leader (3:20) "The house provided President Trump every opportunity to prove his innocence" In America you are innocent until proven guilty, it is not the other way around. If the DemonRats can't understand the most basic Rights in America they need to be removed from positions of authority.

  10. Mcconnel's plan is a COVER UP ! Impeached trump, Moscow mitch, Pence, Pompeo, Nunes, Graham, and pretty much the whole GOP, will be remember by History as the ones who destroyed the American republic 😱😰🤮😡😡😡😡😡

  11. THEY rushed the Impeachment to their Own detriment/they wanted to impeach before THE STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH ( remember Pelosis clap at the Last Speech) NO TWO BITES OF THE CHERRY PELOSI – DREAM ON!!!!?!!!

  12. Just saw democrat Rep Steny Hoyer (at 3:21) saying Dems gave Trump every opportunity to "PROVE HIS INNOCENCE". That's just backwards. I don't know where this clown came from, but we live in America where you, the defendant, are innocent, and it's the prosecutor's job to PROVE otherwise. I guess he just thinks we citizens are dumb or something

  13. It's all a cover up! Trump and the Republican party is going to Cover up and protect Trump like he a dictator. They dont want no witness.

  14. The due process of the American justice system is not your quilty until you prove your innocent. That's the socialist/communist system. The Democrats have forgotten which country they represent.

  15. I hope President Trump uses executive privilege as the dirty dems are filthy rotten traitors!!! They will continue to dump on OUR Constitution!!!

  16. Trump is a Russian asset and he and his Trump Party are working to install a Neo-Fascist Banana Republican Authoritarian Dictatorship under the control of a cabal of Libertarian billionaires.

  17. Trump and all republicans are now officially traitors. Trump should roast in a lake of fire for all eternity, and if you still support him, then you should roast too. Cheers

  18. I feel slandering a sitting President is a crime. Putting forth an impeachment with malicious intent an forethought: Treason. False allegations, bearing false witness: Misdemeanor and Sin. Fabricated Evidence: felony. Using said evidence to sway the opinion of court or hearing: Felony. Each count Felony. Well from what I've seen: all of it. Democrats commit impeachable offenses all the time. We have vidio of it. They will do this in the Senate tommarrow(they cannot help themselves). Impeach the impeachers. Drain the swamp and free the impeachee.


  20. House has no power over what Senate does, and vise versa. It's the whole reason we have 3 separate powers. The Democrats talk about following the Constitution and our founding Fathers, but want to tell Senate, who to call.

  21. Some should have charges filed for hearings before a review board for multiple illegal and erroneous things they have said..to mislead citizens. IE: It's up to the President to PROVE HE WAS NOT INVOLVED IN RUSSIAN TAMPERING!" OUR FRAMED PREAMBLE TO CONSTITUTION.SPUN LIKE A PINWHEEL ON THE WALL!

  22. Please, please; just let the Constitutional Law STAND. Dems knew they had no case going in. They will continue this game all throughout 2020's in the hopes they will diminish POTUS' ability to WIN 2020. That is their only reason for all of this crap!

  23. Has nothing to do with dems or repubs the point is this DJ Trump was using the power of the office to corrupt our democratic process then he lied about it, he was trying to rig an election. Sorry I am an American and this is not ok. All this other noise is irrelevant, each side left and right have lost their minds. The president is a liar and a cheat and that's not ok, plain and simple. You can not use govt appropriated funds for personal political gain, anyone who thinks this is ok is simply unAmerican. Argue all you want about it, I was raised to know the difference between right and wrong. What about this, what about that, does not change the fact that the president is a liar and an election cheat. He is a cheater in life, business, and politics. Simple facts back it all up. I suppose people will yell and scream, name call, and say I am wrong, but facts are facts, and I can not change the truth sorry.

  24. Is anyone shocked anymore that the Dems failed to make anything happen??? They achieve nothing but putting America in debt and in peril; shut up and step aside already!

  25. What are the RepubliCons afraid of? When one does not let the witnesses to prove them wrong they are afraid may find them guilty? One of the impeachment article is Obstruction of law (Congress) remember?  No cooperation! Vote all of them out and put them in PRISON!

  26. “What say you?” Bothers me, like what have you been told to say, it should be, “what do you think this means?”

  27. If the dems didn't have enough facts/evidence at that time, what made them proceed with the impeachment ? This is absolutely immature behaviour on the part of the impeachment committee.

  28. Dems DID their job to impeach Trump with or without evidence. They didn't care if they did a good job because they had the numbers.

  29. Democrat's ended in unverified investigation without details of translated plays of forecastings books languages scribed then into digital online express transmission's for their
    JCPOA – Jesus Christ (Lucifer exalted version creation) Pastors Of America for P5+1 plantations making again JCPOA – Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action Iran🇮🇷-Lucifer father of 🕉🔯🛐☪☯ which has exposed-withheld and now in before 👆🏻TOP🤴🏻👸🏻INTELLIGENCE🇺🇸USA verification/review of signatures to split Lucifer his millennaires casted out of Y'SHUA🕎HERITAGE🤴🏻FOUNDATION🤴🏻USA🇺🇸🇮🇱🇬🇧 Lineage.

    Which means Lucifer gets his stock of more than 5,000,000,000 world millennaire population who have been tirelessly working for Concubines Babylon Harlots from Hindutva🕉🔯-Islamics☪-Catholic/Christians🛐📿-Buddhism☯ childrens from🐒banana republics.

  30. The Dems did not care about facts or truth. As much they had majority in the house and other committees that was enough to them. Now they want facts because Republicans demands facts from their articles of Impeachment which is void of that. Sad.

  31. “king” trump’s incessant lies, nasty insults/ slurs/ bullying, massive ego, racism, demagoguery, misogyny, unstable/ unhinged/ erratic behavior, damaging foreign policy
    blunders, profiting from his position, unusual deference to dictators
    (especially Putin), failure to adhere to the rule of law, established norms,
    civility, and dignity are all way outside the boundaries of a decent, honorable,
    competent president. But his bribery attempt with Ukraine has rightfully put
    him square in the cross hairs of impeachment/ removal. As a result, he is now
    literally soiling his pants. He must be removed from office.

  32. I would not give these GERIATRIC demo….RATS the time of DAY! They…. WASTED 3 1/2 YEARS….on CRAP nothing BENEFICIAL for the NATION and it's CITIZENS!


    Something demo…..RATS like rubbing themselves with! MANURE

  33. Steny Hoyer is spouting the rules of mid evil witch trials. Person was accused, then had to prove their innocence. They were accused with no evidence of an actual crime being committed. Forced to prove a negative is not our judicial laws. That is one one of the reasons this nation stands above all others. The congress woman was incorrect. The judge does not have to let new witneses testify unless after a review of what they will testify is proven to be critical to the case. That testimony is done in private and reviewed by the Judge first before he allows it so as to not prejudice the jury with bogus information.

  34. THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH IS NOT BEHOLDEN TO THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH. 3 CO EQUAL branches are only BEHOLDEN to the people as written in the constitution. Remember that the president is not a slave of the speaker of the house nor is the speaker a slave to the president.

  35. Umm, Mr, Collins, you need to understand that their is evidence to prove that the Con did do something wrong, so now it is up to him to prove his innocence. Let him testify and quit with your worthless argument. Let him purger himself.

    The only one going off of a cliff is the GOP and they are taking the whole country with them.

  36. Dems job was to smear the President and that’s what they did He talks about it as if they actually had a case. There was no case !!!!

  37. Where in America is it not already guilty till proven innocent?? Its only a problem now that its happening to the higher ups….

  38. …and this is the same irresponsible way Dems run our country, when in office. Keep your guard up and vote Trump 2020

  39. The house has no business sticking their noses in the Senate's business, there are three branches of government for a reason

  40. Adam Schiff need to face the fact that the public know how they tried to frame the president for something he didn't do.

  41. Why cooperate with a bunch of asses that won't leave President Trump alone you're a bunch of asses I'd be doing the same exact thing as he is your bunch of assholes

  42. The sad part is you got a lot of people out there that are blinded by Pelosi and her fruit cakes. Openyoureyespeople

  43. I agree with the other comments
    I want my money back. the Democrats didn’t do anything
    Wasted my money I want my money back now

  44. President Trump today attending and taking care of America's business at the World Economic Summit, while 435 Congress and 100 Senate elected by the people are doing what exactly, and we want to fire the person who's working tirelessly for Americans. PRICELESS, only in America!

  45. Adam Schiff is so jealous of president. He want to be president.. he is nothing..the dem need to be removed .if they had done their job they would not be doing what is going on right now..

  46. How can adam Schiff stand on the Senate floor and lie And get by without being charged with a crime that is what clinton was impeached for
    Shifty shiff is a master off lying..

  47. CNN Brian Stettler FOX News Discredit Trump Investigation (2018-11-25)
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    CNN Brian Stettler Consider The Affect Of All This FOX Negative News (2018-11-25) 
    CNN Brian Stettler Trump May Fire Muller Because FOX Said So (2018-11-25) 
    CNN Brian Stettler Trump Is Talking To FOX In Private (2018-11-25)

  48. It sounds like Lucifer impeaching God, guilty without evil evidence trump says. Love the bible king James be. Best book ever…

  49. Even if they DID do their job, they wouldn't have found anything to pin on Trump. The aren't even charging him with a crime. They say he abused power in delaying the aid to Ukraine. The problem is, the aid was released 18 days before the deadline to release it. Therefore there was no breach of crime, rule, deadline or anything else. For the phonecall, the participants have BOTH testified that the phone call didn't say what they claimed, and the transcript was released. So they are charging him with what they have IMAGINED in their own minds. They are charging him with the LIE that Adam Shtface made up and read into the record, which was a fantasy, a lie. The president doesn't have to PROVE HIS INNOCENCE… they have to prove his guilt, and they haven't even charged him with a crime.

  50. .We make unsubstantiated accusations, and present no evidence. Okay, it's now up to you to prove your innocence. The Senate cannot allow the House to rewrite the Constitution. This is just a leftists attempt to apply communistic procedures in our Government. Red flag law tactics have no place in the impeachment process. The Democrats need to either get back to work, or get the hell out the way. They just bumble through hoax after hoax, wasting our time and money, acting like We the People are too stupid to notice. These thieves need to be voted OUT!

  51. How the hell could they…..when this narcissistic fraction of a man President banned EVERY witness, and refused to honor EVERY subpoena! The American people aren't stupid and impeachment wasn't some dumb idea the Founders cooked up. It is serious and done when we have a Greedy self centered and corrupt President. Trump isn't being singled out as some sort of a deep state prey, he is his own worst enemy. The Founders could have never imagined an American President to be this lawless, this self serving and this dangerous to our Democracy. here are 3 Branches of government for good reason. Trump just can't except that there is something just a powerful to keep him inline and hold him accountable. Can you imagine for one minute if Obama did a fraction of Trump's nonsense. No I can't because NO PRESIDENT would EVER behave and act like this out of control President. So Mr. Collins, your twang and loud speedy mouth can rant and carry on as much as you want…..TRUMP IS BAD FOR EVERYTHING WE LOVE ABOUT BEING AN AMERICAN!

  52. The dems are still fishing for dirt on Trump. They spin it to attempt to implicate Trumps staffers, when in fact they have nothing. I say lets drag it out about 8-10 weeks, and keep their leading 4 Senators off the campaign trail, and make it a slugfest between Trump and Biden in November. Ask Shiff – where is that clear and convincing evidence he promised 6 months ago?

  53. Trials are not about proving innocence. leave it to a Democrat to say something this stupid. If one must prove innocent, then one is guilty automatically by a mere claim without evidence. this is why Democrats must never hold power. There would be no justice. Only tyranny.

  54. Trump was blocking Dems from doing their job , where have you been ? Courts would take years to rule on subpoenas !

  55. Oh look another republican siding with the republican president. Thats such a shocker but hey I used to be a republican but then realized I had balls and common sense.

  56. The Dems always look for people or groups to blame for their failures. It is so disgusting but like I wrote earlier you cannot stop the devil from trying to condemn the innocent. The bible says the devil is the accuser of the brethren. This devil is the left, they blinded the public but only those who do not know the Lord believe the lies of the left. If you follow the TRUTH who is the spirit of God also called Jesus Christ, you will follow those who speak the truth and love the Lord and the people who do what is right. The Dems are so corrupted and so blind that it is impossible to deal with them. If this government does not pull out the weeds from its garden, then we are finished. God is still in control and we need to look to Him and those who are courageous and strong to fight this evil like our President Trump; God bless our President he is the best we ever had and God gave him to us to fight for truth and justice, all those who fight against our President are fools and will perish, if not in this world then in the next. They have sold their souls to the devil but justice will prevail!

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