100 Replies to “Rep. Dean: We heard incredible testimony of bribery from a president”

  1. She is one off the corrupt republicans that trump needs to.get rid off..the deep state obviously control her and obviously have something to blackmail her with..what an evil person she is..lie lie lie

  2. This is a perfect example of a Democrat partisan grasping at any straw just to somehow justify and legitimize their failed attempted coup,

  3. He had the opportunity to bring forward witnesses as long as dumass Adam schiffstick got to decide what they could say or couldn’t say. These liberals are evil bastards and need to get put in their place.

  4. Another henpecking witch hunt, and another waste of
    US taxpayers money. Those democrats have on
    Intention to pay back american workers wasted american peoples tax money with interest.

  5. "It's puzzling to me…" that's exactly what the genius Trump does to liberal congress people, is make them puzzle for their whole lives.

  6. What kind of a leader is this who doesn't know exactly what's she is going to do yet and at the same time telling the world that Trump is guilty of bribery??? Confusion is all she is about.

  7. Why didn’t Schiff call Bolton? He has no connection to the WH. What is missing is the evidence. Carefully craft? You mean fabricate.

  8. She claims that she cannot say whether or not she will vote for impeachment because she hasn't seen the articles of impeachment yet (although she has seen overwhelming damning evidence that she doesn't specify). But the dems have been been calling for impeachment since the 2016 election.

    Pelosi started the ball rolling before she saw the transcript.

    ??And now they don't know how they will vote because they haven't 'crafted' the articles yet??

    More likely they haven't done enough focus groups or polled their voters yet…

  9. She just said “testimony from career long Democrats”… not career long state department officials.

  10. 2 weeks of Innuendo hearsay and presumptions is not evidence. The fact that ukraine did nothing to get what they wanted disproves all of their testimony. The only thing 2 weeks of testimony proves, is that presumptive thinking is false most of the time. This "congresswoman" is either stupid or trying to propagandize the american people. Spoke concretely of nothing but feelings and assumptions. This is a joke

  11. This "reporter" is a complete joke: she doesn't allow facts to be facts… but that's Fox, just hear say, accusations, no facts. lol, you guys in the states are really fu**ed 😀

  12. If the rats do this I stand ready to defend my country and my president to my last breath. Time to act is now call us to arms Mr. President

  13. Anyone who doesn’t know when life begins but claims to care about America and the Constitution is a fraud.

  14. This interviewer should have pushed back or challenged 99 per cent of her responses. Like she saw a completely different hearing. What a partisan democrat weasel.

  15. Insane the only bribery is Joe Biden on tape Hearsay and second and third hand information The democrats are corrupt She is corrupt and pathetic

  16. This people were the most credible people on the planet, have never even farted in public before, this lady is so full of crap it’s coming out my phone screen

  17. She said it. “We just heard testimony from career long Democrats”. Nothing but another propaganda queen. Hearsay is credible? I guess she’s rewriting the rules of evidence.

  18. Puzzling that he wants to bring forward witnesses ? Devin Nunes says that they weren't allowed by Schiff to bring in their own witnesses . Is she misrepresenting the truth, or is Devin Nunes. What about Elise Stefanik mentioning media after media release of Adam Schiff saying that hte whistleblower will be brought forward for questioning, and yet this person is never present for questioning. These Dems are on mind-altering drugs , or just inveterate liars – I'd guess both.

  19. Since when is hear say considered "evidence?" Never! At least NOT in USA…maybe in Soviet China. This woman is a fraud and infiltrator in our government.

  20. Who is this chic???? Has she been present at all these last few weeks??? Damning evidence??? POTUS refused to bring witnesses??? What??? Hearsay is credible?????? I watched on cspan (so glad that's over) and NEVER seen or heard anything remotely close to the way she said it went. FAKE NEWS, enemy of the people.

  21. Omg career long Democrats that don’t have a dog in the fight? This is one of Schiff’s parody’s? So where were those witnesses, Hunter, schiff, Chalupa, or maybe both Ukrainian prosecutors, or the Ukrainian president spent said no offense.

    Of corse the clown party would vote yes if it was up to their opinion, and feelings.

  22. She claims to stand for the Constitution after claiming heresy is evidence. Her Leftism has caused mental deficiency while she attempts to quote the Federalist Papers.

  23. You should have a crime before an impeachment inquiry!! You're missing a high crime, bribery and anything impeachable!! That's what people see!! Get MCA passed and prescription drug prices lowered !! I know to big of a win for DJT

  24. Where was this woman?? I never heard one thing about what she is talking about. There was nothing to hear…does she really believe what she's saying?? This woman is crazy!!! How can she say she heard and it was NEVER said…😡

  25. Dean needs a hearing test. No witness gave evidence of bribery!
    Dean needs a memory test, she forgets the brady ruling, and burden of proof falls on prosecution.
    Dean needs a mental exam, dems badmouth dems appearing on fox!!!
    PS. She knows she has already decided how she will vote, and is a coward for not admitting it!!!

  26. Serves u right u dumbass trying haggle a congresswoman for your stupidity on a process that's still to get formalize…lmfao this bitchass just got shot down.😂😂😂

  27. I watched the whole boring farce of a hearing. I did not hear one single thing that screamed impeachment. All it was, was 2nd, 3rd hand hearsay. Along with feeling and assumptions. Terrible waste of time and money. Dean is Bias in the extreme!

  28. This Congresswoman is just like Michael Holmes form CNN. They lie through their necks. Holmes on Saturday got two academia from the UK to smear Pres. Trump with lies and his absurd questions. Why should CNN get people from universities in London and Essex to smear the Pres. of the US? Maybe other countries should chip in and help us to smear CNN, their bias and corrupt intent. About time these cronies are exposed.

  29. Lol look at the dislikes
    Whenever someone's tells the truth on fox they viewers dont like it.this is how I pick the videos I watch I look at how many dislikes to tell me what's going on. Many dislikes means truth from the guest. Alot of likes means fox propaganda satisfies the viewers.

    Hahahahaha lmao

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