Pro-314 – Prophecy Update, 17 November 2019 (Escalation)

the Bible prophesied of a unique time on
earth Israel would be returned to her land the church would turn to false
doctrines technology would increase and wickedness and immorality would run
rampant the time spoken of so long ago has come joined Charlie Garrett as he
breaks down these events for us as they unfold each week now let’s see we got
today is 17 November it’s Sunday it’s time for the prophecy update of the week
and as I announce to the people last week and I’ll say it again all we have
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good all right well I’m glad to hear that she attended was it last Sunday or
was a Thursday last thing oh good now one thing
yeah the insight from the people but one thing you also get on YouTube is a lot
of trolls and they get in there and they try to damage people’s faith they love
to disparage Christ and you won’t usually see that on Facebook but once in
a while you will but you do get it so you just got to be ready for people and
just ignore them you know it’s just people like that you just want to ignore
but other than that you know I type something this morning I do it once
every couple weeks and I thought I’d die before we get into our first category
I’ll read you just it’s we’re talking about prayers just before we started the
prophecy update and I typed a prayer as I do from time to time this morning for
a president so Lord God it is good and fitting that we should pray for our
president he’s been through a lot of difficulty with the left continuously
slandering him lying about him and attacking him and we pray that you
continue to guide and strengthen him for every adversity they throw at him and
that you silence them and frustrate their attempts to overthrow what you
have ordained we thank you for the president Trump and
lift him up to you today amen all leaders are ordained by God and
sometimes we get bad leaders and sometimes we get good leaders but Romans
is very clear that we are to pay respect to the government that’s an authority
and that speaks of all levels Peter’s speaks about that in the book of 1 Peter
all levels of government are appointed over us and there are times where we are
to be disobedient there are those times that are to come up but that is a
different issue to speak about as far as the appointment of our president we need
to keep him in prayer so there you go our first category as always is Israel
and let’s see here you’ve all seen that there’s been lots of rockets lobbed into
Israel over the past week or so I you know I always leave that going and in
the middle of the night those things are going off and my thought is if they’re
not sleeping I don’t need to sleep you know what I’m saying so I leave the
sirens on and when they get lobbed into them it wakes me up and it went all
night for two nights literally all night long and so I just lay there listening
to the Rockets going into Israel there’s a very heartbreaking thing but they did
not initiate that they were attacked and that’s what happened there so anyway by
design or not Gaza escalation increases chance of
unity government any Gant’s claims nothing’s changed but he knows an
operation limits his options in bolsters Netanyahu while putting nail in coffin
of Plan B an Arab backed minority coalition okay that was out a couple
days ago just this morning we had they are working on making a minority
coalition Arab backed and so we’ll see where this goes I said a week ago I
thought we would go to another set of elections that’s still possible but
Netanyahu is really concerned that they would have a minority coalition that is
Arab backed and he thinks that’s a betrayal of their nation so I don’t know
what the left is doing in Israel but we’ll just keep an eye on it right after
that article that I just read came out the types of Israel says Gant’s
dismisses claims Gaza violence could force unity government so I don’t know
the missiles in effect on what is going on but we
don’t know what type of effect and we’ll see as things go on from United with
Israel surprise Israeli national gas fields much larger than expected natural
gas fields off the coast of Israel were recently revealed as containing far
greater reserves than previously expected energy and oil and gas plc said
that it’s karush north & Tennille revealed significantly larger than
expected natural gas supplies this is an excellent result from the karush north
appraisal sidetrack confirming in place volumes in the top half of pre drill
estimates and increasing our recoverable volumes in Israel by 25 billion cubic
meters of gas plus 34 million barrels of light oil or condensate before
discovering major natural gas fields which began with the noah gas field off
the shores of Escalon in 1999 and the more significant findings in 2009 of
Tamar and Leviathan it was widely assumed that the country lacked natural
resources and now we find out that they don’t they actually have lots of natural
resources and if what we talked about a few weeks ago with Zion oil and gas
comes true that they actually have usable oil in the Land of Israel as
Moses prophesied you know Asher will dip his foot in oil if that’s the case then
that could be the hook that brings the nations into Israel to attack against
them as it says in Ezekiel 38 and 39 but finding large sources of natural gas
is free to Israel from its dependency of energy sources from abroad and transform
the country into an energy supplier both domestically and abroad now imagine that
1999 they didn’t even know that they could have any resources at all and now
they’re actually exporting resources is really to deliver natural gas to Jordan
and Egypt valued at 26 billion dollars that’s us it is also planning to
construct a 2,000 kilometre pipeline to supply Eastern Med to Europe
the latest discovery follows exploratory drilling 700 meters north of the
original Carter north penetration that took place
between mid March and April and cost twenty five million dollars so very
interesting article it shows that Israel is continuing to get natural resources
they’re finding they have more than they thought originally their exports are
going to go up based on that and their revenues are going to go up and the
nations around them are going to start wanting what they have especially when
you take into consideration gog and magog you’ve got Russia you’ve got
Turkey you’ve got Iran you’ve got all these nations that want to control all
of the oil and gas in the Middle East and how do you do that you might have to
take over Israel which is what the Bible prophesies from The Times of Israel
report Trump said Israel should pay for Palestinian Authority Security
Assistance instead of the United States now Trump has been very supportive of
Israel that has not changed in any way shape or form but he is also not
supportive of the Palestinian Authority he has no love for them he they have
done nothing but belittle him they’ve done nothing but harm the cause in
Israel and the relationship with the United States they fund their terrorists
with money that we send them that’s now been outlawed by an act of Congress
signed by the president but here’s what this article says Prime Minister
Netanyahu earlier this year asked the u.s. to transfer funds to the
Palestinian security forces in the West Bank to support their counter terror
efforts the President Trump responded that Netanyahu should pay them himself
if they want it paid they can pay it our president is very good about saying
let’s not spend our money unwisely this is taxpayer money according to this
report the Israeli requests came after the State Department discovered 12
million dollars in funds earmarked for the Palestinians that had not been
transferred amid American aid cuts to the Palestinians Israel which is keen to
preserve security ties with the Palestinian Authority they don’t want to
have any enmity with the Palestinian Authority and so they’re you know
wanting these things to be happy between them which cooperates with its security
forces in the West Bank asked that the money be handed over to the security
apparatuses but refused noting his policy of defunding
the palestinian authority over its decision to cut ties with his admin when
jerusalem pressed him trump replied if it is that important to Netanyahu he
should pay the Palestinians the 12 million dollars u.s. aid to the
Palestinian security services ended earlier this year at the Palestinians
request in order to preempt lawsuits over alleged support for terrorism I
don’t know if you remember that article but they cut the support that we were
giving them in this regard and here’s why it’s coming up the Palestinian
Authority demanded the funding stop at the end of January for fear it could
expose it to costly lawsuits under the anti-terrorism clarification Act which
came into force on February 1st the ATC a legislation passed by Congress last
year provides for any government that receives funding to be subject to u.s.
counter-terrorism laws the Palestinian Authority faces potential lawsuits from
families of American victims of past Palestinian attacks they don’t want to
be liable for that so they said we’re not going to take this money because if
we take that money we are now under US law as far as that’s concerned and they
can sue us the aid of around 60 million dollars a year according to the US State
Department was in support of Palestinian security forces in the West Bank which
cooperate closely with the Israeli counterparts against Hamas and other
groups media reports at the time stated that Israeli officials expressed concern
to the United States about the impact of the security cut and encouraged them to
find a workaround since taking office Trump has slashed hundreds of millions
of dollars of aid for Palestinians including all of its support for the UN
agency for Palestinian refugees and nearly 200 million dollars earmarked for
humanitarian programs in the West Bank and Gaza last year the cuts abruptly
ended food assistance to 180,000 Palestinians on behalf of the World Food
Program and defunded several health initiatives and hospitals infrastructure
projects including water treatment facilities in the Gaza Strip have also
been put on hold so our president
cut every single penny that is going over to them because they are at enmity
not only with Israel but they’re at em natee with the United States of America
and they are funding terrorists with the money we have been sending them so
that’s the status of that Times of Israel liberal us Jewish group asks
Israeli politicians to oppose West Bank annexation I never understand how Jews
can be liberal but they are most of them a large majority of Jews are liberal and
they do not think clearly they’ve got a homeland for their people and it’s like
they want to cut that homeland off and then completely destroy it but here we go
a coalition of liberal American Jewish groups is sending a letter to the
leaders of Israelis political parties asking them to oppose Israeli annexation
of the West Bank even if President Trump gives it a green light the group’s
already are on record opposing a potential Israeli annexation of part or
all of the West Bank which Prime Minister Netanyahu has pledged to pursue
if he continues in office but the letter written by a coalition called the
progressive Israel Network aims to tell Israel’s political leaders that approval
from Trump does not mean widespread support for annexation from either
American jewelry or supporters of Israel at large polls
show that a majority of American Jews support the establishment of a
Palestinian state mistaking such a green light from the president for any type of
consensus on the part of either US political party would be a dangerous
error for Israel I disagree with them wholeheartedly and they say simply put
the approach of this president does not represent the long-term interests in
likely future policy of the United States that is not true
the president is supporting them in if annexation is a part of their policy and
the West Bank so be it the land is given by God to Israel the deed is recorded
right in the pages of the Bible it is their land and they should be doing this
and I do not understand why people cannot get that precept is that the land
belongs to Israel I you know I do understand that the
Muslims don’t believe in the Bible but you know what they have to understand
that this is the God of the universe that has done these things and he has
done it specifically for a purpose which is to reveal his son first when he came
and they rejected him and now they are going to Daniel 9:24 through 27
eventually received Christ and we’re going to talk about that in our sermon
today this is prophesied in the Old Testament
it’s typologically pictured in the Old Testament and then we come into today
when they are back in the land and it is all to reveal Christ and he’s going to
do it he’s done it to the world they’ve rejected him but he is going to do it to
his people Israel at some point and it’s coming soon to a dispensation near you
so from Christian news today from msn we’re standing by it I like this guy
sheriff doubles down on In God We Trust decals after an atheist groups
complained before yes a florida sheriff doubled down on his defense of a new
decal on patrol cars it says In God We Trust after a group of atheists
complained the yes of course the FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor called
the move frightening and politically dubious for the local police department
to announce to citizens that officers rely on the judgement of a deity rather
than on the judgment of the law in a letter to the Sheriff’s Office
it’s honored coins it’s on all of our government buildings it is legal in this
country to do that and yet they’re complaining and that all they are doing
this floor is to intimidate it’s to take out any resemblance or mention of God in
society and this guy is doubling down he’s not going to be intimidated but
Brevard County sheriff Wayne Ivey told Fox News they have a better chance of me
waking up thin tomorrow morning than they do of me taking that motto off our
cars and I’d be doubled down I think we can all see that didn’t happen I didn’t
wake up thin this morning but I did wake up very proud to be an American and to
protect the principles of our great country the sheriff said they knew there
might be backlash but he said the courts have upheld that
God We Trust which is the national and Florida State motto is not a religious
statement as much as it is a patriotic in ceremonial one it was the right thing
to do and we’re standing by it Ivy said I personally believe that our country is
at a tipping point and if strong patriotic Americans don’t start standing
up for great principles of this great country we’re going to lose this great
country from Christian News New York Governor Cuomo signs bill prohibiting
churches nonprofits from endorsing opposing political candidates now what
they’ve done is they’ve taken the Johnson amendment and they’ve made it a
state law now and the reason why they’ve done this is because it’s being
challenged that the federal level and it’s being you know hopefully worked
against by the President himself and they don’t want that in their state now
this is the problem with being a 501c3 organization a church and we are not one
hero we never will be but this is the problem with that is because this isn’t
just a state problem this is I’m sorry a national problem this is also a state
problem and it’s even as we have seen in this church a local government problem
and so we at least in this church have nothing to do with any level of
government we’re not required to pay our property taxes in this church and yet we
do because we’re not going to have anybody saying to us that oh you owe us
in some way fashion or another so here’s the article it says the Democrat
governor of New York has signed a bill that codifies into state law already
existing federal rules prohibiting churches and nonprofit organizations
from endorsing or opposing political candidates SB 43 47 states at any
Cooperation Association trust or Community Chest fund foundation or
limited liability company organized and operated exclusively for religious
charitable scientific testing for public safety literary or educational purposes
may not participate in or intervene in including the publishing or distributing
of statements any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any
candidate for public office the legislation is meant to mirror the
Johnson amendment groups such as ADF have desired the
repeal of the federal amendment as they believe that it gags churches from
teaching their congregations which it does with specificity and relevance how
to vote biblically rather than risk confrontation many pastors have
self-centered their speech afraid to apply the teachings of Scripture to
specific candidates or elections that won’t happen in the Superior word in
2017 president Trump signed an executive order directing the IRS not to enforce
the electioneering prohibition no one should be censoring sermons were
targeting pastors he said America has a rich tradition of social change
beginning in our pews and pulpits and we must never infringe on the noble
tradition of change from the church and progress from the Pew under my
administration free speech does not end at the steps of a cathedral or a
synagogue or any other house of worship Trump proclaimed we are giving churches
their voices back now it hasn’t happened yet but this is what he had talked about
earlier we are giving them back in the highest form certain lawmakers in New
York opposed the president’s actions as they believed that church and nonprofits
and politics should not mix now that’s a lie because they let liberal churches
say whatever they want they do it anytime they want and nobody says the
thing about it’s the conservative voice the biblical voice which is what they
want silenced they sought to make the Johnson Amendments prohibitions state
law in the event that the statute is ever repealed federally that’s a very
important article it’s a very important precept but I don’t think anybody should
even bother with 501 C 3 they should not be involved in that type of a thing you
pay your taxes you preach what you want and you don’t let the government in any
way or shape or form tell you what to do from the Christian headlines just a
little poke AG bar says America was founded on Christian values progressive
group calls the statement toxic Christian nationalism well they
obviously don’t know their own laws because the Supreme Court in the United
States in the Trinity decision says that this is a Christian nation US Attorney
General William bar is receiving heat from a
liberal Christian group for a recent speech at the Notre Dame University Law
School in which he praised religion as the basis for the country’s moral system
which it is the founding generation were Christians they believe that the
judeo-christian moral system corresponds to the true nature of man bar a devout
Catholic said those moral precepts start with the two great Commandments to love
God with your whole heart soul and mind and to love thy neighbor as thyself the
progressive group called faithful America believed the speech did not
accurately represent all of the country’s faith it does because the
Christians allowed anybody to exercise any faith that they want in this nation
but it is a Christian nation ok it does it represents everybody from Fox Bolivia
interim president declares Bible has returned to the palace amid growing
uncertainty if you know Evo Morales was booted out of the country he was a
socialist and he was also a you know a worshipper of the environment he was one
of these lake spiritus people and this coup took place he is out and now this
lady is the temporary president and she held up a big Bible and she said this is
return to our nation so hopefully good things will happen to Bolivia in the
days ahead from Islam from globe’s UAE moles
opening up to Israeli tourists imagine that an Arab nation Israeli tourists a
senior UAE official involved in organizing Expo 2020 attending a London
fair to promote the event told Yeti oat ahora note Expo could be a pilot during
which Israeli tourists will be allowed to enter the country but even after the
exhibition closes the UAE authorities will leave the gates of the country open
to Israeli tourists welcome Israelis can visit Expo and I believe that God
willing they will come to visit even after the exhibition several hundreds of
Israelis already visit and we will be happy to host all of you Israelis are
allowed into the UAE if they hold another passport or receive a visa to
attend a special event the two countries have drawn close
in recent years due to mutual hostility to Iran so you can see how Iran is
becoming a wedge and all of the other nations and the Arab states are getting
closer to Israel because of it it’s a rather amazing thing to watch and see
from the times of Israel u.s. warrants Iran could be positioning for rapid
nuclear breakout if you haven’t been paying attention to the news that’s all
you need to know from Zero Hedge wake-up call to Europe Iran vows increase of
nuclear activity every two months perhaps anticipating the moment Iran has
to inform European supporters of the 2015 nuclear deal don’t say we didn’t
warn you a senior Iranian official is warned a crisis is now unfolding and
that Tehran’s incremental breaches of the jcpoa should serve as a wake-up call
for European signatories of the deal I don’t think it’ll happen but it should
Hameed can’t pronounce his last name iran’s ambassador to the united kingdom
said Tehran’s moved this week to inject uranium gas into centrifuges at its
fordo plant a significant escalation of the islamic republic’s nuclear activity
was adopted as a warning to the other sides and the international community
that we are at a crisis we hope this warning would encourage all other
parties to implement their commitments now it depends on the other side if they
don’t take this warning seriously we will be in a very difficult situation of
course there’s nothing new to this crisis giving European signatories
Germany France and the United Kingdom have for over a year limped along under
white house threats good morning mrs. Garrett while still trying to assure an
appease Iranian leaders that they are doing something which is included
setting up a swift alternative payment channel for humanitarian related
purchases and Mac runs more recent 15 billion dollar credit line proposal this
guy who I can’t pronounce his name again echoed that year upsets remain too
little too late and that a final breaking point is coming so what they’re
doing is they are threatening the United Union that if you don’t appease us we
are going to build this bomb it’s exactly the opposite
the way that this treaty should be handled but they are doing it they have
taken commitments that are defined in very clear terms and they should be able
to implement those commitments he said that’s exactly what it is it’s a bribe
but the left doesn’t care about that in any way shape or form unless they make
one up against her president and insert it into their impeachment proceedings so
from The Times of Israel United Nation human rights delegates overwhelmingly
applauded Iran for its record yeah out of 111 countries present at the hearing
95 of them or 85% praised Iran’s rights record only 16 countries criticized
Tehran the states that lavished praise on Iran included North Korea Qatar
Belarus Malaysia Iraq and Oman we commend the government’s commitment to
promote and protect human rights including ongoing efforts in improving
education and health the Palestinian Authority representative said we highly
commend the government of Iran for its dedicated efforts and its continuing
progress in its promotion and protection of human rights for its people
especially women children in persons with disabilities despite economic
sanctions said the North Korean representative Daniel Cronyn Feld of the
United States criticized Tehran saying Iran has flagrantly violated its
citizens Human Rights we recommend that Iran one immediately release all Iranian
prisoners of conscience including United States citizens it holds in detention to
immediately end the use of torture and credibly investigate and prosecute all
allegations of torture three establish an independent judiciary including a
significant reforms to the revolutionary courts and lastly cronin Feld called for
Iran to abolish laws requiring women to wear hijabs in public and remove other
extras’ trick Shinzon women so we’re saying one thing the rest of
the world seems to be saying another about Iran from Mongolia today from
Ukraine form Ukraine signs visa-free regime with Mongolia
Wow the Ukraine is all over the place in the news lately aren’t they a Visa
Waiver agreement between the governments of Ukraine in Mongolia has been solemnly
signed at the Ukrainian embassy in Warsaw the agreement was signed by
ambassador of Ukraine to Poland and ambassador Mongolia to Poland we have
signed an agreement allowing Ukrainian citizens to travel without visas to
Mongolia this agreement provides that Ukrainian citizens can enter Mongolia
without visas for 90 days within 180 days hunter Biden is not included in
this agreement in regards to visa-free travel to either country okay I added
that in Daniel 12 technology Zero Hedge Nobel Prize winner suggests blasting
nuclear waste with lasers now this is a really cool thought we’ve got all this
nuclear waste in the world and it is a huge problem the United States spends
billions of dollars every year because of it many have made strong arguments
for the potential of nuclear power to be the clean energy solution of the future
there are some major drawbacks however to nuclear energy of course there’s the
ever-present concern of a meltdown that has kept civilians and politicians alike
extremely wary of widespread nuclear energy production in the wake of
high-profile tragedies like those at Fukushima Three Mile Island and tur
noble while the death toll from nuclear disasters is actually quite low the
long-term damage from these tragedies endures in Japan the government has been
using so much water to keep the reactors at Fukushima from overheating since the
2011 disaster that they have run out of space to store it and have even
considered dumping the radioactive waste water into the Pacific and then there is
the major issue of nuclear waste as efficient and carbon free as it is
nuclear power certainly is not the cleanest form of energy production
thanks to its extremely hazardous byproducts that can stay radioactive for
millions of years but now for the first time there may be a solution to the
previously unsolvable nuclear waste issue Nobel laureate Gerard Moreau has
proposed a novel solution that smacks of science fiction and revolves around
blasting nuclear waste with lasers the original research focused on
applications like laser machining and eye surgery but scientists could also
use it to observe atomic processes that happen at almost unfathomable speeds if
we could speed it up just a little bit more CPA could have a use in processing
nuclear waste to CPA could turn even the most nuclear waste we have sitting and
secure storage facilities around the world where it will otherwise remain
radioactive for millions of years into a substance so safe you could hold it in
the palm of your hand the method would work by blasting nuclear waste with a
laser pulse so strong and fast that it could knock protons out of the nuclei of
dangerous substances like uranium-235 and plutonium 239 rendering them
harmless if this technology which other experts agree makes sense and theory
could actually be invented and applied in the next couple of decades it would
be difficult to overstate the impact it would have on our energy sector and
indeed the entire world now that when I read that that made me think of maybe we
have something coming very soon that will be implemented which will bring
about the world that is mentioned in Isaiah concerning the millennial reign
of Christ and what the state of the world will be like where there won’t be
all of these problems well that’s one way it may be resolved is by simple
laser use blasting out protons and making something inert out of it so
we’ll see Revelation plagues Australia before we go on Australia’s having a lot
of fires over there I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up on the news but
they’re really facing a lot of fires and there’s a lot of nice people in
Australia good Christians and so you might want to keep Australian prayer
it’s just very dry and this is not global warming folks that’s not what’s
causing that they’ve had fires in Australia before we’ve had fires in
America for ever since we are established as a nation what is
happening in Australia and what is happening especially in California is
mismanagement by these left-wing environmentalists okay it is not global
warming okay they are causing the problem there
not solving the problem all right so anyway from Fox News drought ravages
Southern Africa officials say that 45 million people are at risk of hunger
sub-saharan Africa is facing its worst drought in decades according to UN
estimates emergency food deliveries are planned for regions of South Africa
Zambia Zimbabwe and other nations hit with deadly combination of low rainfall
and high temperatures we’ve had the worst drought in 35 years now
just this week do I say anything in this no I don’t just this week Venice is
having flooding terrible terrible flooding have you all heard about that
do you know what the headlines say it’s the worst flooding in 50 years 50 years
okay what does that mean they had worst flooding 50 years ago this is not
climate change and the same thing you see right here this is the worst drought
in 35 years this is not climate change this is what happens it’s cyclical in
the world okay so we cannot listen these people that say that climate change is
causing it it’s not if you have a precedent within 35 years or 50 years or
500 years you have a precedent okay so we’ll go on it’s a central western
areas during the growing season while the UN estimates that 45 million people
will be severely food insecure over the next six months 11 million currently
face crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity in nine countries Angola
Zimbabwe Mozambique Zambia Madagascar Malawi Namibia is one teeny and Lesotho
southern Africa has received normal levels of rainfall in just one out of
its past five growing seasons we’ve talked about that before which is
especially affected small-scale farmers who depend on rain for their crops back
to back cyclones and flooding have also wreaked have it on the already
devastated harvests US aid is investing 70 million dollars in agricultural
biotech initiatives to address hunger across the world the droughts are also
taking their toll on the region’s wildlife this is a difficult part of
this article here at least 105 elephants have died in some bob ways wildlife
reserves over the past two months due to a lack of water and vegetation
according to Zimbabwe national parks Zimbabwe neighboring Botswana have the
two highest elephant populations in the world 85,000 and 130,000 respectively
some desperate animals are encroaching on nearby communities in search of food
and water if the water is low and they’re coming in to get water guess
what the people are going to do to the animals okay animals are gonna die but
the people are going to kill them before they get to their water plus the
successive mixture of drought and flooding has been catastrophic for many
communities in most of the affected areas there isn’t enough drinking water
which means the people in animals both livestock and Wildlife are having to use
the same water points this is unacceptable as it exposes
people to diseases and creates a heightened risk of animal attacks and I
would say those attacks go in both directions animals will attack humans
humans will attack animals and it’s just that much more chaos so there you go
with that South Africa and the regions of southern Africa are having trouble
for morality NBC federal judge strikes down rule allowing clinicians to object
to abortions for moral or religious reasons your religious rights which were
secured by President Trump have been overthrown by a federal judge federal
judge in New York struck down a new Trump admin rule which means what this
means is that you as a Christian have no rights when it comes to objecting in
your job that’s what this guy is saying to you clinic clinicians to refuse to
provide abortions for moral or religious reasons you don’t want to come perform
an abortion or participate in it you have to according to this guy US
District Judge Paul a engelmayer rejected the Federal Rule after women’s
groups Health Organization’s in multiple states sued the DHHS arguing the
exemptions were unconstitutional well what about the constitutional rights of
the people that don’t want to murder unborn babies okay
angle Meyer ruled that the so called conscience rule was to cooler Civ
so it’s coercive to say I don’t want to do this thing allowing HHS to withhold
billions in federal funding and less health care providers complied the
refusal of care rule was an unlawful attempt to allow healthcare providers to
openly discriminate and refuse to provide necessary health care to
patients based on providers religious beliefs or moral objections some guy
argued before this Court now that’s not true because there are people that will
perform these things it doesn’t affect those people’s abortions or anything at
all in any way shape or form what it does do is it makes people that don’t
want to do these things forced to do these things that’s the problem that’s
right it’s the bakery thing moved right into here we will continue to use every
tool at our disposal to protect access to health care and protect the rights of
all individuals the Trump admin rule which would have taken effect on
November 22nd in just a couple more days would have allowed providers and health
care organizations to opt out of performing abortions that’s all it was
given to do is to let them opt-out and other services if the clinicians
objected to them on moral or religious grounds so you have no rights in this
nation accordingly liberal judges 0 from the Washington Examiner 7 year old at
center of transgender custody battle ups to attend school as a boy
the mother was forcing him to wear dresses and she was telling him you’re a
girl and you don’t want to be a boy in the father sued they tried to take away
his rights somebody intervened he got the rights
and now this boy wants to be a boy when he goes to school PJ Media Georgia state
lawmaker proposes making gender transition surgery for minors a felony
good from our other categories Zero Hedge UK cancer charity biological
females are now people with a cervix you’re no longer allowed to say in the
UK that this is a woman that’s going to have a procedure you have to be a person
with the cervix it all started when a British cancer charity decided to drop
the word women from their pap smear campaign ad campaign it seems that
suggesting that women should get pap smear tests to for cervical cancer is
discriminatory and not inclusive enough so the charity instead started
advertising to everyone 25 through 64 with a cervix
they won’t say that they’re women they’ll just say that if you have a
cervix come in Lindsay McCarthy Calvert a professional
birth coach and spokes woman for a National Association of birth coaches in
Great Britain responded with a Facebook post she wrote that she was not a cervix
owner but rather an adult human female and that women birth all the people in
the world she was then immediately accused of
transphobia by the woke patrol and took offense at Lindsay’s absolutely
discussing language this movement has become so ridiculous that even the
biological concept of being a woman has become controversial and basic facts
about biology are outright refuted isn’t that unbelievable you can’t even say
this is a woman anymore you can’t do that in the United Kingdom without being
attacked yeah where are the women
livers exactly why aren’t they sticking up for themselves the Tavistock
Institute in London I haven’t even heard of it but I will look that up and
anybody that’s listening look up the Tavistock Institute in London and
apparently that is where this is all originating from from Zero Hedge cops
are calling on Google Maps to disable speed trap alerts they don’t want you
knowing where the cops are Android users have been able to Mark and see police on
Google Maps since 2018 that allows drivers to see the location of speed
traps that have been marked by other drivers Apple users just got those
features added but now the National sheriffs Association is calling on
Google to stop allowing users to report and view the location of cops they say
it in dangers Public Safety but according to Google the company’s own
data shows that mapping speed traps actually compels people to drive more
safely in those areas which is the whole point right
is your hedge city yeah it’s money there’s one speed trap up in South
Egremont Massachusetts South Egremont yes Massachusetts it’s hard for me to
remember because where my dad lives up there is right on the corner of New York
and Connecticut and so the three states are so close you drive through any of
them anytime so I think it’s South AG
Egremont Massachusetts but they have a road it’s just a regular road that goes
like 50 miles an hour until it goes through their town and it goes down like
19 miles an hour or something I’m not kidding any of you or one mile
over the limit they give you like a $200 ticket and they make a ton of money out
of that but that’s what that is it all comes back to money it doesn’t come back
to personal safety at all from Zero Hedge City not liable for home destroyed
by police yes an armed shoplifter running from the police took refuge in a
random home your home this is your home okay if you’re a homeowner the only
person home a nine-year-old boy ran out of the house to safety but the family’s
troubles were just starting while trying to arrest the suspect police fire tear
gas into the home they used explosives to open up lines of sight aka blow giant
holes in the walls which they did you see a picture of it the house is
demolished okay and finally they used an armored vehicle to ram through a wall
just like you see on when these movies of you know what is it lethal weapon or
something drive this thing right through the wall okay in the end the house was
entirely destroyed by the police it had to be torn down and completely rebuilt
the city gave the family $5,000 for temporary housing but they denied any
responsibility for the damage insurance didn’t cover enough of the costs to
actually rebuild but when the family sued the town to try to receive
compensation for the damage the lawsuit was dismissed the court claimed that the
house was destroyed under the state’s policing authority so it seems the
police can destroy as much property as they want while exercising their duty
even when that property belongs to innocent people who had nothing to do
with the crime let me see where was that at that was in I didn’t put the city
down okay anyway it was somewhere in someplace
Zero Hedge Italy’s leftist government hands out more cash to migrants than
disabled Italians yes recently released figures so that the state will allocate
50 million euros next year 200 million euros in 2021 and 300 million euros in
2022 to the disability and self-reliance fund given the 2 million out of 3
million disabled people in Italy rely on state benefits this works out to just 54
cents per day in welfare which isn’t enough to live on
a subsistence diet in contrast migrants receive 20 euros a day so you can get
either 54 cents a day or 20 euros a day so what you do is you leave the country
give up your citizenship come back in and get more money
according to Fabio skull Treaty of the community san benedetto al Porto in
Alessandria that was a tongue twister the question of handing money over to
migrants isn’t an economic issue it’s an ethical necessity according to these
data Italians who unfortunately are disabled find themselves mocked by the
refugees who arrive in our country as we previously highlighted when the leftist
government was last in power during the height of the migrant crisis some
Italian citizens had their property re positioned by the authorities and were
forced to rent it out to migrants at rock-bottom prices this is the left in
the world this is what they want as destruction of anything that makes any
sense from the White House White House stock of 158 judges and Counting my mom
sent this to me I’m reading it to you president Donald Trump has appointed and
gotten confirmed 158 life tenured federal judges which will replace that
knucklehead that we just read about a minute ago soon who will defend our
constitution personal freedoms and the role of the law a few of the highlights
president Trump’s nominees alone fill 1/4 of the seats on our nation’s circuit
courts of appeals one president in three years has appointed 1/4 of these judges
his nominees fill two of the nine powerful seats on the Americas Supreme
Court I hope it’ll become all 9 soon he has seen more Circuit Court judges can
by this point in his presidency than any past president in US history we can give
one person credit for this no you’re not gonna like me saying this but it’s Mitch
McConnell he’s the one person that has allowed this to happen because he is in
charge of the Senate and he has pushed this through allowing the president to
do this he ought to get an award and a letter from each one of us Thank You
meek maybe I’ll send him a letter from the church because he is the one that is
made sure that this has gone through and he will continue until the very end I
don’t know much about Mitch McConnell I don’t follow the Senate very closely but
what he has done is to get this through and this is a good thing the average age
of these new circuit judges is less than 50 years old a full ten years younger
than the average age of former President Obama’s circuit nominees Trump is
picking young people he’s picking conservative people and he
is getting them through good job got a lesser cure for you see if he can figure
out what they’re talking about now before Annie Gaylord gets rash she
should check in her pocket for cash seems the motto of fame is on much in
his name even now on the cars that haul trash if you know what he means by trash
anyway that’s the in god we trust’ ones okay so there you go that’s the article
I don’t think you are here when we read that from our irony I got a couple of
them for you this week on this work is killing me from the Washington I know
this is sad people die but it’s ironic okay Washington Post on a tiny island
that bans guns the only prosecutor is shot dead this
work is killing me yes and from mail online lucky I’d say not so lucky lucky
Buddhist statue topples over and crushes a religious leader as it is unveiled in
Thailand man there are all kinds of theological points I could make to you
about that particular article right there but yeah not so lucky this work is
killing me such as the world we live in so from Sarasota Florida ulla Betar
Mongolia I’m Charlie Garrett this is the superior word and that is your prophecy
update for the week

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