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Impeachment. It’s when America moves its
president to the spam folder. After 85 days of inquiries
and debates, today was finally the big day. So let’s see how it all went
down in another installment of the Magical, Wonderful Road
to Impeachment. -(cheering and applause)
-SINGERS (singing): It’s probably
presidential harassment. Ever since the impeachment
inquiry began back in September, there have been many days
that have felt historic: the announcement,
the testimonies, the day that Trump and Giuliani
accidentally switched dentures and talked like each other
the whole day. But as historic
as those days were, today was
the most historic of all. STEPHANOPOULOS: This Wednesday
will long be remembered. President Trump set to become
the third president in American history
to be impeached. On this truly historic day, President Donald J. Trump
is facing the harshest and rarest of rebukes by the United States
House of Representatives. A day for the history books. This is a moment
that will go down in history. This will be written about
in the history books. This is going to go down
in the history books. A day that’ll go down
in the history books. Trump must be miserable
right now. Because those are the two things
he hates the most, history books and going down. And regardless, regardless of
how you feel about impeachment, today is historic, because Trump is only the third
president ever to be impeached. Yeah, they’re gonna carve
his face on Impeachment Mount Rushmore,
right? Which, just to be clear,
will be appropriately located in the worst place imaginable,
the Port Authority bathroom. That’s where it is. So there’s no doubt
that impeachment will hurt Trump’s legacy bigly. But it also seems
like it’s hurting his feelings. REPORTER: President Trump
incensed, lashing out in a scathing six-page letter
to the House speaker, calling the impeachment process
outlined by the Constitution an illegal, partisan
attempted coup. He’s just fired off a tweet. (reading): (laughter) Yo, is it– is it just me or does it seem like Trump
went through all the stages of grief
in one tweet? Huh? It was like denial: “I can’t believe
I’m getting impeached.” Anger: “I did nothing wrong.” Depression:
“This is a terrible thing.” Acceptance:
“I guess we can only pray.” (cheering and applause) You know… you know what Trump– you know
what Trump reminds me of in that tweet is, like,
remember when you were a kid, right, who was gonna get
a spanking, but then your parents told you
it was gonna happen later ’cause they didn’t have time and then the whole day was
just you in a state of panic. That’s what Trump sounds like
in that tweet, like, just trying to, like,
get support from anywhere. You’d just be like a child
running around, like, “My mom said I b–
I didn’t break the thing! “They said I did,
but I didn’t do it. “Now they’re gonna come home.
Please pray for me. “Oh, please pray for me!
Pray for me! (sobbing)
Pray for me!” -(sobbing)
-(cheering and applause) But as upset as Trump sounds, his Republican minions in the
House seemed even more angry. (stammers)
Because they spent the day on the floor of the House
competing to see who could make impeachment
sound the worst. History will not treat
Democrats well. They’ll be forever remembered as the Senator Joe McCarthys
of our time. On December 7, 1941,
a horrific act happened in-in the United States, and it’s one
that President Roosevelt said this is a date
that will live in infamy. Today, December the 18th, 2019, is another date
that will live in infamy. When Jesus was falsely accused
of treason, Pontius Pilate gave Jesus the opportunity
to face his accusers. During that sham trial, Pontius Pilate afforded
more rights to Jesus than the Democrats
have afforded this president. -(gasping, laughter)
-Holy shit! Did these guys just compare
impeachment to Pearl Harbor
and what happened to Jesus? What, did they just google
“bad things” and then click
“I’m feeling lucky”? Is that what happened? First of all, people
actually died at Pearl Harbor. No one’s dying here, okay? And, secondly,
Jesus was tortured and then nailed to the cross. That is way worse
than what’s happening to Trump. And even if Trump
was gonna be put on the cross, he’d never carry it himself. He’d probably put it on the back
of a golf cart, all right? “It’s the same.”
It’s not the same. It’s not even close. So, House Republicans spent
the whole day being huge drama queens
about impeachment. In fact, at one point,
a Republican congressman from Ohio even held–
and this is completely real– a moment of silence for the 63 million people
who voted for Donald Trump. Which is kind of ironic,
because Donald Trump would never be able to hold
a moment of silence for himself. Yeah, he’d just be like,
“Let’s have a moment of silence. “Wow, this is the greatest
moment of silence ever. “Listen to how silent it is. “So silent. “No silence has ever sounded
like this before. “I can’t believe
how silent it is. So powerful!” But even though–
“So powerful!” Yo, yo. We get it. -Yo.
-(whooping) But even though this was
a bad day for Republicans, that doesn’t mean
that Democrats were gloating. In fact, all day,
they wanted everyone to know that this impeachment
made them very, very sad. Madam Speaker, this is
a sad day in U.S. history when we have to vote
on articles of impeachment. It’s a sad day. I-It’s gonna be a somber day
around here. It’s with profound sadness
that I stand here today. We think this is a very serious
and sad day. I was just talking
to a Democratic congresswoman who’s wearing a-a dark dress to show the somber nature
of the day, the gravity of the day. It is tragic that
the president’s reckless actions make impeachment necessary. He gave us no choice. Oh. That’s right. All day, the Democrats were
roaming the halls of Congress, sad and depressed, just walking around
like a living Adele album. (laughter) ♪ Hello ♪ ♪ Impeach. ♪ (laughter) Anyway, for more
on the mood in Washington, let’s go to our senior
impeachment correspondent, Michael Kosta, everybody! (applause and cheering) Michael… you’re in D.C. right now at the Democratic Party
headquarters. All the Democrats say
they’re sad, but wasn’t today a win for them? It… It’s not about winning,
Trevor. It’s an impeachment,
not an arm-wrestling match against my six-year-old nephew,
okay? Democrats take no pleasure
in doing this. No matter what you think
about Trump, no one is happy
when the president is impeached. -(loud pop)
-Wait. Is that champagne? What-what was that? -Um…
-(laughter) Yes, it’s…
it’s grieving champagne. Democrats are passing it around so everyone can pour one out
for democracy. (laughter) No, but I think
when you pour one out, -you’re supposed to pour it on
the floor, Kosta. -Oh. This… Come on. This is Cristal. I mean, this is…
this is for special occa… This is for special…
sad occasions. (laughter) Like this dark day. You know, it’s weird,
Michael, because it feels like Democrats are acting sad, but then, deep down, they’re actually happy
about this. No, Trevor,
you’re reading this all wrong. Okay? The… (applause and cheering) The mood here– it’s downright depressing. Yeah, Nancy.
Today sucked, huh? Hey, save me one
of those Jager Bombs, girl. Oh, come on, Kosta.
Party hats and Jager Bombs? Clearly, for Democrats,
this is a party. Trevor. You know, shame on you. This is not a party at all. -(laughter, applause, cheering)
-I… I am surrounded by sadness. Dude,
you must think I’m an idiot. Like, like, I don’t get why
Democrats are pretending to be sad, right? They’ve wanted
to impeach Trump for ages. This has to make them
at least a little bit happy. -It’s just like…
-(dance music playing) Wait. Kosta, is that music
I’m hearing? Yeah, Trev. -(applause and cheering)
-There is too much sadness to fit into that space,
so we moved it to the club. So, now we’re just
grinding away our sorrows. All right, man.
I don’t buy it. The Democrats are happy.
It’s obvious. Trevor, Trevor, I can literally
taste the sadness, okay? Although that might just be
the Molly kicking in. -Am I talking about? Oh!
-All right. Don’t be sad all night.
We got work tomorrow. Michael Kosta, everybody.

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  1. Guess what, fools? Now that his first term has resulted in impeachment when he wins next November he’ll be eligible for a third term. Twelve years of Trump! Ha Ha Ha ,EXCELLENT?

  2. As much as im happy Trump finally is going, i will really miss jokes about him, for me he was more of a comedian than a president

  3. So wait, those witches that did National spells on Trump worked? Remember when he got newly elected & those Wiccans witches did a national spell so he can be removed from office.

  4. All good and well he got impeached for holding up the sale of weapons and for being brash oh and offensive to the senses of career politicians, but not for self enrichment, nepotism and racist rhetoric. Okay this proves some thing to me no one cares about the issues just don't be brash and whatever you do, do not mess with the war machine. Warning for all future presidents. Oh and the 250 bills passed by Cocaine aka Moscow Mitch while they sat and basically lost total focus on anything that would benefit, the working poor, the struggling middle class, time wastage on God level.

    TRUMP WILL BE RE-ELECTED IN 2020!!! WAIT?, since he was IMPEACHED MEENS HE CAN RUN IN 2028 !!!!!????????????????????????????✌✌✌✌✌✌

  6. Just how I want to see my tax dollars spent: daytime entertainment and night-time "special bulletins" from 430+ public speakers getting their sound bytes in for the 2020 campaign commercials. Now I know that the President has suffered more than Jesus Christ for his beliefs. Can't wait for the Netflix or Amazon Prime miniseries…

  7. I still feel he might win 2020 , plus the majority of the senate is republicans and will defend him, they just want him to lose vote for 2020 but who knows if it works ?‍♂️

  8. Impeachment doesn’t mean Trump is out of office.

    The senate has got to vote on it, and since they’d need at least 20 republican votes in that, it’s probably not gonna happen- meaning this whole thing was a waste of time and money.

  9. December 19, 2019

    Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: "My children, pray for the wisdom to recognize what is truthfully taking place in your country* today. The reputation of your sitting President** is under attack in an attempt to lessen his chances of re-election. I believe you call it dirty politics. This should show you the underhanded political ambition at work here. Once again, I remind you, search for the honest Truth and do not allow the ambition of a few to influence you."

    "As in any issue in life, facts can be changed into a redesign of what is most advantageous to a few. Truth, however, never changes to accommodate ambition. Be ambitious towards your own salvation and for the salvation of others. Recognize good for what it is and do not entrust responsibility to those who love power. You need leaders on every level and in all situations, who use their position of leadership to benefit others."

    * U.S.A.
    ** President Donald J. Trump.

    Read Romans 16:17-18+

    I appeal to you, brethren, to take note of those who create dissensions and difficulties, in opposition to the doctrine which you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by fair and flattering words they deceive the hearts of the simple-minded.

    + Scripture verses asked to be read by God the Father. (Please note: all Scripture given by Heaven refers to the Bible used by the visionary. Ignatius Press – Holy Bible – Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.)
    | top |

    December 19, 2019

    Printer Friendly Page

    Once again, I (Maureen) see a Great Flame that I have come to know as the Heart of God the Father. He says: "Personal advancement should not be considered a goal if it can only be acquired through the destruction of another's reputation. Ambition must be based upon Truth if it is to please Me. Re-evaluate your goals if you cannot achieve them in Truth."

  10. Too many people in our country go untreated and as a result suffer daily from advanced stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome. We need adequate institutions to house these people if we truly want to help them.

  11. You fruitcake democrats celebrating a farce. Funny stuff watching you freaks still at it for nothing. Real Americans will be celebrating Trump 2020, and you crybabies won't be getting your free stuff.

  12. So he says no president should ever be impeached again and its a coup, but every die hard gun junkie trumptard and republican keeps claiming they need arsenals in case they need to overthrow the government.

  13. One of the weirdest things about all this is that Trump can't seem to understand why anyone thinks what he did was wrong. For a guy who has cheated and lied his way through life, what he did just doesn't like a big deal to him. His rule is that if he does something, it is right by definition. He also believes that as president, he can do whatever he wants. He claims that's what the Constitution says! Trump calls the impeachment treasonous and a coup because he thinks HE is the state; HE is the US, the "Chosen One."

  14. 100 percent of those who testified said Trump is guilty. Of those who said he was innocent 0 percent would testify.

  15. Hilary: murders people
    Democrats: do nothing
    Trump: Hey, did Biden do something wrong?
    Democrats: Impeach!
    If this is in the top 100 of most illegal activities done by EITHER parties over the last 30 years, I’d be really really surprised. Does anybody actually pay attention to the politics, and not some comedian owned by a large media conglomerate?

  16. When Nancy announced impeachment, she smiled out of relief briefly, before covering it up. It's true she's sad that impeachment was necessary, but she's glad that the House was willing to come together and do what's right. Justice needed to be done now or it wouldn't have been done at all! I'm so glad they went through with it! They gave us an early Christmas present!

  17. The republican terrorist regime will finally answer for their attack on the constitution that they constantly bitch about.

  18. Funny, Costa! Of course, the reason the Dems are talking about sadness and seriousness is because A) This shouldn't be happening; presidents aren't supposed to act in this destructive oath-breaking way and B) The Republicans aren't taking the Constitution seriously, so the Dems are trying to remind them that hey, maybe they SHOULD!

  19. Trump Isn’t Impeached Until the House Tells the Senate… do you guys know the Senate consists of 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats, and two independents who caucus with Democrats, meaning Trump is highly unlikely to be removed from office….

  20. Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!! – Trump 2020!!!v

  21. Finally found it the only democratic YouTube channel haha. You all are the laughing stock of America. Haha. So funny. Go trump. Hes not gonna be impeached by the senate do you all even understand that and he will win 2020. Cant wait to see all them crying videos from you Democrats. Haha it will be such a joy to see lol.

  22. Trevor you do great accents.. love your impersonations of Trump… thanks for making our Trump supporters look stupid! Still love you mate… still love my whining President.. enjoy the economy… enjoy the humor…Merry Christmas everyone! Put Zozi back on the show…

  23. I take no sides. But your side will be fertilizer when you guys kick it off in 2020 when TRUMP gets his second term. Just an observation.?

  24. Keep up the dumb work-lmao-your viewers are too stupid to realize that impeachment must be filed and go infront of the senate for a trail!!! This is a trap for all the morons in congress-can't believe people are falling for your nonsense

  25. The laughing will turn to crying come 2020. Hey, at least you’ll have an excuse to keep doing your Trump impression.

  26. Stupid tard, Trump wasn’t impeached!!! You have to have the senate to agree!!!
    Trump 2020!!!! Again!!!! And Dems its a sad day because you know your days are numbered….

  27. Well our president is not getting impeached !!! He is in the office and will remain in office ! Puny democrats can say and do what ever they want but trump is and will be our president !!

  28. Shit has been soo crazy with Trump in office, that I been wanting this for so long and yet I don't believe it's real, is this fareal guys, I'm not joking, did this really happen.

  29. All this is a plan thing, to keep our focus on this stupid story of trump impeachment…. Bigger things are happening behind the media, stay woke my people.

  30. How do you compare what this fool got, because is what he deserved as a result of his actions to what happened to Jesus Christ. If that is not blasphemy right there, then I don’t know what it is.

  31. Yes, impeach Trump. Bring democrats to power. They'll take America down and our asian countries will rise above you all.

  32. I bet the White House staff is dying to jump ship. You could tell at his last rally tRump was mentally unhinged, and unstable. tRump is showing signs of early stages of dementia
    #45IMPEACHED *

  33. Send it to the Senate. see what happens. They wont cause they will crush it. You wouldntnlet the Republicans call on anyone. It's a joke. Dont worry. All you did was PISS OF the Republicans and many Democrats. look at Schiff here in California. he got booed a tee his own place by own people. Its gonna backfire big time. Trump will win 2020

  34. While the Democrats attempt to demonize trump as the 3rd president to be impeached as a historical event, they neglect to mention that the previous presidents to be impeached were in fact Democrats. So that makes president trump the 1st republican president to ever be formally impeached! Why do dems think they can cherry pick history to support their narrative?

  35. What’s up is down, and what’s down is up. What’s evil is good, and what’s good is evil. We're all f**ked-up. For the longer run "we the people" need to re-boot our current political mess.

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