100 Replies to “President Donald Trump Asserts Executive Privilege Over Mueller Report, Nadler Responds | MSNBC”

  1. I know congress is afraid of the word "impeach" but it's time, face your fears and get it over with so our country can get back on the road.

  2. That pin Jerry Nadler is wearing on his lapel resembles the emblem on North Korea military flags.

  3. Nice try benedict Donald .you are president not king .only a guilty person with everything to lose would stoop to the level trump and the Republicans are going .if the report clears trump completely and Russia did not meddle then why not release the whole report to prove it once and for all.why deny exonerating evidence?proof he's guilty and Republicans are helping him obstruct justice.

  4. This is getting crazy. This is just the kind of thing I knew would come up if he was President. So tell me again… is voting in a conman the best idea?

  5. "I'm completely and totally innocent but I am going to fight tooth and nail to hide the report that proves that!" .. Interesting strategy.

  6. WOW, just stepped into a crazy democrat insane asylum!!!

    BY LAW —-Barr cannot release the unredacted report.
    why do democrats want Barr to break the law???

    Mueller found no collusion, no obstruction……this is not Barr's fault.

    it was all a big hoax, anyway, democrats know this.

  7. sarah sanders just won't stop does she, lie lie lie lie this presidency will follow her to her death bed and i hope it ruins her forever

  8. @ Mr. Jerry Nadler thinks his job is the US Dept. of Justice and can use non elected (attorney's) Congress members to interrogate a elected official AG Barr, head of the US Dept. of Justice, the F.B.I, and other agencies. Mr. Barr was not allowed to use the US Dept. of Justice attorney's in the 2nd hearing May 2, 2019. It would had been a circus event like May 1, 2019.

  9. Trump asked Putin to get the emails. since then hes been using the emails crap against Hillary. So a traitor can hurt a person with lies, and covers up his crimes. Wtf
    Then what about the 50,000 emails from Ivanka got stolen, interesting.

  10. This. Exactly. Nadler handled it like a gentleman, and gave EVERY chance to the “other” side, but the defiance kept going on for way too long. The Mueller Report is TRANSPARENT. Trump’s behavior is HIGHLY suspect and deems direct intervention by the powers that may.

  11. The biggest problem we have is that there is too many benedict arnold’s In the republican party,and too many neville chamberlains In the democratic party.

  12. I am convinced this man was a Turtle in a previous life, I Know, I Know, what's this talk of Reincarnation? some people don't believe in it but just look at how his head sinks into shoulder and upper torso, unnatural for a man unless this was second nature to him in a previous life as a Turtle, a Snapping Turtle for sure, just look at his nose, that would be the beak of the snapping Turtle for sure, also notice the lack of any lips, typical Turtle features, if you look at Nadler from the late 90s he looks like the Nadler who ate Nadler but a Turtle Just the same, he also waddles, that's because Turtles are not supposed to walk on two feet, I might be wrong so don't take my words as Gospel but to me it's obvious he's mastered a Turtle Shell look perfectly from 1st hand knowledge

  13. The Mueller Report wasn't enough. Now the Democrat Party is grasping at straws. They have nothing to run on.

  14. This isn't about doing what is best for the American people.
    This is sheer politics.
    Will not vote democrat again until these people are out of office, at least Pelosi.

  15. When I weak up every morning I see Trump making our country strong as it uses to be. On the other hand…I can only imagine how terribly painful should be for Democrats and DEMS voters weaking up each morning deeply knowing that their party has done nothing to make this country safer and economically prosperous…It's got to be terrible! Sad for them!

  16. TRUMP-PENCE 2020 AND 2024 . Please put all democrats in prison. They are all to stupid and criminal to be in the government or in the population.

  17. The mueller investigation is over. The democrats are trying to launch an investigation in to the report that found no chargeable offense. They are making a mockery of their elected offices.

  18. Sarah Sanders is a mindless Trump drone and will spew outright lies. She has no credibility left, if she ever had any morals they are long gone.

  19. Democrats- We are in a constitutional crisis!!!!!!!!!!! The AG wont hand over information that is illegal for him to hand over!!!!!!!

    Also Democrats- We should abolish the Senate, the Supreme Court should be packed with extra judges that are Democrats, all voter ID laws should be abolished, the electoral college should be abolished and ICE should be abolished.

    Yep, I'm taking you soooooooo seriously

  20. It's amazing how much the mainstream media and Democrats lie and how quickly people assume it's true. It's really sad. Please, please, please go out and research the issues independently. Do not assume that what the media tells you is the truth.

  21. Whoever is advising Trump is either stupid or crazy. Whoever is not advising him, maybe not doing their job.

  22. Is it not funny that the department that has to investigate now refuses to inform the 'We the People' of the results, I thought the DoJ imperative, was to find the truth, not hide it from the public, the only difference is that previous Presidents, worked for the US, to protect Americans, in the case of Trump, he believes the country is one of his possessions to reap the most dollars benefit for him, not for the country.

  23. Liberals: You should be asking Nadler why he hasn't read the full unredacted Mueller report. He has access to the entire thing.

  24. The Huckster admitted under oath that she lied for him so who cares what she has to say anymore.

  25. Nothing burger again. Just more waste of tax payers money. Nothing will come of this….just wait. It's all huff and puff again…that's about it. Adler looks like he is made of wax. Poor guy needs to go out to pasture.

  26. Remember Clinton's debacle with Congress & squirmy wormy Nadler insisted that grand jury testimony & anything considered a national security issue MUST BE REDACTED from the report. Nadler is a liar, hypocrite, panderer, …Twitter doesn't allow enough characters to adequately describe Nadler's low behavior & lack of character.

  27. Mr Nadler your fight is protect yourself from being investigated. being an interested outsider from Australia, I can tell you the longer this goes on the more ridiculous the Democratic party looks.

  28. nadler worries, wonders, and suspects too much for his own good. if he continues this with no evidence of any wrongdoing by the trump administration, he's going to find his tilting at windmills are hoist to his own petard.


  30. Democrats keep asserting that Trump is violating (and even "taking a wrecking ball to") the Constitution. Can someone please enlighten me on which part of the Constitution Trump is violating?

  31. And remember when Nancy Pelosi condemned the Republicans in the House for holding Eric Holder in contempt after he refused to provide over 1,000 pages of documents on Fast and Furious? And Holder actually did withhold that information even though the law didn't prevent him from doing so, unlike Barr's case in which he's required to follow the law.

    It's amazing how forgetful Democrats are.

  32. What is it exactly that the "Conservatives" are trying to "conserve"? Environment? Health? Middle class income? buffaloes? American Indians? Slavery?

  33. Give Nadler the Mueller Report already. But have him sign a non-disclosure agreement. If anything gets revealed such as sensitive secrets, arrest him.

  34. Organize a movement, I'm sure The American people will fully comply in a large number to Short down the White House for a full day demanding the full document.

  35. Mr. Trump you decided to run for PUBLIC office and that means everything you do have done and will do is now PUBLIC so what are you hiding so? It makes you guilty when you may not be. So stop f☆☆☆☆ with Congress they can put you in jail with or without evidence just by your behavior.

  36. Nadler pulls Mueller from testifying!… That is the top news… Nadler is afraid what might be exposed on everything including the Steele dossier and the FISA warrants… That is the real story and news.

  37. How can people vote for a man that called my black culture nothing. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 yall people are crazy I want Obama back who loves everyone #Obama2020 and not just their race

  38. Washington (CNN)Former FBI Director James Comey said Thursday that "it sure looks like" President Donald Trump had criminal intent to commit obstruction of justice during special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

    At a CNN town hall in Washington, Anderson Cooper asked Comey whether, based on the redacted version of Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, he believed Trump had criminal intent to commit obstruction.
    "It sure looks like he did, in connection with a couple episodes — the direction to (former White House counsel) Don McGahn to get the special counsel fired is to my mind a flaming example" of criminal intent, Comey said.
    "The President is not above the law, and I don't accept the notion that because the President is the head of the executive branch he can't ever obstruct justice in connection with executive branch activities," Comey said.

  39. Nadler telling gross lies…told Barr to Lie,…Barr will never agree to Lies..Nadler is Abusing Power **Excecutive Privilege** must not be ignored by Nadler, gone to Far…Public have complained re his desperation … Nadler making up his own Laws …Nadler is not above the law.end off

  40. 1. you can't issue a subpoena to see something that you legally CANNOT see.
    2. congress doesn't OVERSEE the presidency. it has to come together and vote as one to pass something. that's it. but even then the supreme court can deny both branches.
    3. chairman is lying and is under investigation and should recuse himself from this process, as should all the other democrats under ivestigation
    4. congress does not, BY LAW, have access to the president's personal financial records (that was a bald faced lie to say they do)

  41. Nadler lost to Trump over a NY Development Project and he is going to lose this argument as well. Nadler is asking AG Barr to carry out an act that is unlawful. By the way, you can buy the Mueller Report on Amazon.

  42. Why won't Nadler and other committee members go and take a look and the report.
    Out of the 12 members who have authority to see the report, 6 republicans and 0 democrats took the time to read the report
    They keep saying that something is being hidden , but not one person on the left will look at the report.
    If they were to look at the report, then all of this grandstanding would be put to rest.
    Barr can not release the full report because he would break the law by doing so.
    The whole left wing is a sham

  43. Our founding fathers created three CO-EQUAL branches of government, and Congress is mandated to overwatch the Executive Branch. It is required. Without this oversight, the president would be able to govern as an autocrat, as a monarch.

  44. Trump has always been a criminal. Sarah Sanders and all those who are defending him will be going down in infamy. Sarah Sanders want to be remembered as someone who is transparent and truthful. I'm sorry for her.
    She has become a part of an administration that is telling its members to lie for the president. This is a president who lies constantly and anyone who wants to be loyal to him has to be a liar also. Sarah Sanders is one of his most faithful allies. Which means she is one of the biggest liars in the administration.

  45. If court gives Trump the power to block Mueller report US is no longer legal country. This country belongs to the people not to court or president. We

  46. Nadler said the contempt vote was to "open a dialogue" …. Which is unreal considering Barr had initially agreed to attend the Senate hearing … until Nadler put up a wall of lawyers to question him in place of committee members … It was Nadler that stopped the dialogue and is OBSTRUCTING all along. Nadler is putting up all the obstacles, trying to make Barr commit a crime, obstructing him from coming to the hearing and obstructing Barr from doing his job, conducting investigations with a contempt charge.
    WHY aren't you Americans complaining about Nadlers abuse of your tax money. He's using you to hide crimes and you are paying for his personal vengeful battles. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU AMERICANS?
    It's the British Intelligence that's screwed your country, not Trump or the Russians …. FOCUS!

  47. SH Sanders issues statement… well, was it truthful or another lie? And is the WH truely trying to bury a report they know a non-sitting ex president will be prosecuted over for misconduct and obstruction… is Trump Tower Moscow worth destroying the constitution over?

  48. Only a fool would watch MSNBC or other MSM propagada outlets. God bless our greatest President in the history of United States of America. Dark to light. Sheep no more. The great awakening. WWG1WGA

  49. So when do these miscreants in the Executive Branch get impeached, convicted, and arrested? Seems simple enough to me.

  50. Starting to think they're all talk no action.😒 I hope they prove me wrong. Start making ARRESTS already F impeachment he has clearly broken the law do something about it! Stop talking & start doing something meaningful! Laws must apply to all no matter what. Or it means nothing.

  51. Nadler has displayed a dictator like attitude. He will not let people speak, changes the rules of engagement in mid-use and refuses to hear to the truth, looking only for what he wants to hear.

  52. Hee shouldn't have that option to claim executive privilege because they waived the ability to use it.

  53. Let’s ask Nadler some questions, Shall We?
    Why has Nadler paid a Foreign Agent $1000 a month for the last 16 years?
    Why hasn’t Nadler recused himself since his son is part of a Law firm Suing President Trump?
     Why hasn’t Nadler and his son been disbarred and incarcerated for their crimes, cover-up, & misconduct
    in a federal racketeering federal ticket scam case with Judge Robert Katzman?

  54. Trump is just tired of the lies,he trying to make this country great again

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