Politicians are F- Useless. Thousands of farmers descend on Canberra

There are a lot of protests at the front of Parliament House it’s an obvious symbolic area in which to try to draw attention from people right around the country to a particular plot this one though is getting a lot more numbers than usual and many of them have come a long way they’re protesting the murray-darling basin plan they want a can the plan in their words they are meeting as well with the two ministers responsible David Littleprick and Susan Lee this afternoon at least some of this big group plenty of them coming in trucks a long way from murray-darling basin including from Victoria and New South Wales but their passion for the moment however perhaps civil the meetings are this afternoon the passion was on full display a short time ago at the front of Parliament House at the front entrance here [Applause] a clear sign of the frustration out there being felt remember a lot of these people are being affected by (FAKE) drought they feel the murray-darling Basin plan is exacerbating that we’ll get into a little bit more detail on that in a moment first of all though one nation was down there at this protest today Pauline Hanson and Malcom Roberts yes this question of the Agriculture Minister Brigid Mackenzie listen out as well to the interjection from the public gallery Minister as agriculture minister who fails an agriculture minister who fails to help her agriculture whether on her own account or due to her party is by any definition of failure will you resign senator Mackenzie (fucking USELESS) please remove that gentleman (Cause Im a corrupt wanker in a big chair) attendance that’s utterly inappropriate behavior your party your party seeks to stop free trade agreements sorry which have led sorry senator Mackenzie is someone gonna own up there have the courage to own up are you going to have the courage to own up where are you going to hide behind (people like cops like I do) I please, please can we please remove the gentlemen it is not inappropriate he’s utterly inappropriate (like me but I am Unconstitional to) that it it is completely disrespectful to your fellow citizens (slaves) to behave that way. Pretty unusual stuff in the Senate those sort of obscenities being offered there now we don’t know who said it clearly there was a group angry at the (Unconstitional fake ass) Government and on the side of the question being asked by Malcolm Roberts there presumably some of the people who have come here to protest we don’t know who said that’s out loud about the Fake Minister nonetheless the passion here is certainly on display and we do know there are demands being made of the government and this is a difficult situation the murray-darling basin plan has never been described as perfect by the people that came up with it by the various sides of this remember the two main ones of farmers and irrigaters on one side and those concerned about the (Corrupt Politicians) environment on the other this was hatched to make sure enough water would flow through the murray-darling Basin system to make sure it does remain unhealthy and vibrant for all sorts of reasons including for the species there and the river system generally the quality of drinking water as well you do as well want to make sure that farmers and irrigators can get enough water for their crops this was the grand compromise that had been struck it is under particular strain right now because of the (FAKE) drought there is less water (Politicians & China stole it) available for both sides of that well sometimes debate perhaps part of the just the general push and pull what farmers are saying today having spoken to a few of them at the front is not (YES) necessarily to ditch the plan entirely despite the can the plan Monica they recognize the environment is important they believe the situation right now is being mismanaged the plan itself doesn’t have enough flexibility that the water being used isn’t satisfying either of those two sides that it’s not just a (FAKE) drought causing these issues so those farmers here today Akali Marriott and Lachlan Marshall Carly is a farming mother of three kids and Lachlan runs a dairy farm near Diniliquin they both say they’ve been negatively impacted by the Basin Plan and they’re pleading for changes Kalimera thanks for your time can you tell us first of all your experience what your issue is the murray-darling Basin Plan yeah thank you our issue with the modelling Basin plan is that it’s based on incorrect scientific evidence and it’s actually not delivering on the triple bottom line it’s failing the economy of the country it’s failing our environment and it’s also failing our people and as you can see here this is this is a peaceful protest of the families that are really feeling the effect of this murray-darling basin plan and it goes beyond farmers we’re not just farmers where there’s people in small towns there’s environmentalists here there’s camping and fishing enthusiasts so this is this is bigger than just a group of whinging farmers I’ve seen this the signs can the plan I mean what do you need to replace it because we can’t just have a free-for-all nothing what’s needed a reform a whole new plan so we need to have the federal government acknowledge that the plan is not okay and they keep pushing through with this terrible catch line of delivering in full and on time and that’s insanity because they’re they’re killing the communities out there we need to stop it we need to review it revise it and we have the solutions they know that we have the solutions we’ve put it to them that many times in that many different ways and they will not listen so little proud wouldn’t listen when we had a rally in Kokomo lay susan lay mister for the environment and our local member for farah she wouldn’t listen when we had a rally in Aubrey and so here we are on their front doorstep and we’re going to deliver those solutions to them we have a delegation coming in to talk to them and we’re going to be heard and we’re not leaving until we get the water is there an element of a drought like this is always going to mean some less water for the environment and for farmers that neither side is going to be happy or thriving well when you say drought you’re referring to a natural drought so when it doesn’t rain that’s a drought and we understand that the drought that we’re referring to is a man-made drought so this is gross mismanagement of water on the federal government’s behalf and we should be able to help our farmers to the north when there is a drought because we have irrigation infrastructure and expert and we can be growing hey we can be growing grain and fodder and we can be helping to alleviate the stress and the angst and the despair but those in the real drought are experiencing and we can’t is that part of the message it’s better use of water because would you agree it’s dangerous to say we’ll look we don’t need to worry about the environment cuz its drought it’s all about farmers farmers will never say don’t worry about the environment because we make our living from the environment so we are the best probably custodians of the land that you’re going to find I don’t know many people in the city that want to come out and care for the environment to the extent that we do so we just need to understand the difference between what the politicians are saying and what’s happening in the real world because when they use the term environmental flows that is just a gimmick to try and sway voters to believe that they are looking after the environment and in actual fact they’re not they’re killing forests and they’ve got those native grasses out there that are dying because of environmental flows but they’re selling it as if they’re helping the environment and the water can be managed better we know how to manage water we know how to manage natural resources so for God’s sakes listen Lachlan thanks for your time you’re a dairy farmer talk us through your issues with the murray-darling basin plan yeah look for me means quite simple it’s it’s failing in three areas it’s failing for the communities it’s failing for the environment and it’s filing for agriculture at the moment we’ve seen wanted waste of water in trying to deliver end of system outcomes that are just unattainable what’s a specific example looking not a broad one but on the ground one of how you’re saying what is not used well I suppose though the easiest way is to have a look at the Obama choke and have a look what’s happening there and now water that they’re trying to shove down to the Sun razor and down to South Australia is forcing the river to run at minor flood levels so the bomber choke is seven and a half thousand Meg’s a day and they’re putting fifteen thousand Meg’s a day down it that water spills up and out and over the banks and and evaporates it gets it gets lost it evaporates away it floods into private property it breeds carp it destroys the riverbanks we’ve seen damage done to the platypus tends to cut holes in the bottom of the river we’ve seen bird species kingfishers nesting and destroyed even the milliwatt forests we’re sacred indigenous site they had to exhume bodies from the indigenous site because it’s underwater is this the plan failing or really badly managed because I don’t think you’d see in the plan let’s you know send water down too quickly and flutter a system that otherwise would be flowing at a normal level the plan sets the guidelines for for the MDBA to operate under so there’s the plan is with its lack of flexibility in it and the goals that it is set has led the MDBA to behave in a certain way and they are ticking off their boxes and hitting their into system goals and doing a very good job in their eyes but at the same time they’re destroying the Murray Valley in rural Australia because we’ve got can the basin plan as the signage I think they’re selling t-shirts as well you obviously need a system of rules for water is the broad concept of we need to manage environmental flows and we need a manager irrigate is okay but it’s just that the structure and the detail of it that’s the issue theme flexibility that’s in the plan at the moment and it’s something that the community has been been bringing to the garb trying to bring to the government’s attention since the plans inception and and what we’re seeing is that in flexibility in that that willingness to just stick to that box checking what it’s doing to the rural community at the moment and the way it’s destroying people’s lives you know the Millennium drought there was no water in the dam so there was no flows down the river and we’re in a drought and we knew that when it rained that water would be in the dam again and and things would return to normal this time around there was 80 percent in the dam and due to the plan and the mismanagement of that water any potential for us to see an allocation was lost it was evaporated and wasted quite simply if we just took those losses that went out and spilled into the forest and and held them against the environments account we could return those losses to consumptive use which would be enough to see irrigators and communities be able to survive through the drought produce food fiber and fodder for other people who can’t and we’d see you know hard-working honest Australians be able to hang on to their livelihoods whether that be small business in town or whether that be on the land itself is there always an aspect of once there is pretty significant trash that there are going to be strains on the environment farmers and irrigators worse off it’s just the extent that we’re talking about the way that’s handled yeah look drought wanted a natural drought is a natural drought this is a man-made drought for us we’re seeing more both because there is natural drought as well there is there is natural gravity as well but our system was created to mitigate drought that’s why the dams were created why Dartmouth and Hume were built was to help insulate against drought that’s why irrigation communities exist it’s so that when there is no rainfall we’re able to irrigate and be able to still produce food fiber and fodder to feed the nation and what we’ve seen now is that that that priority has been shifted away and that unrealistic outcomes are trying to be achieved and that’s that the cost of good hard-working people and it’s the cost of Australia’s food security we just need to take the time to pause the plan and fix the issues that are with it and then move forward we absolutely need a framework but we need to can this version that we have right now and we need to find something that works that trip and bottom line Lockman Johnson thanks for your time today thank you so they were the views of a couple of farmers at the front of Parliament a short time ago earlier today they are a pretty uniform set of views I can tell you as well speaking to the various people down there what was one nation doing down there Malcolm Robertson also Pauline Hanson they say they are sympathetic to the plight of the farmers so what exactly are they offering them beyond of course young and they can apparently drive around a tractor I spoke with the One Nation Lidia leader earlier today senator thanks for your time what’s your message today to the people concerned about the murray-darling basin plan one nation has not given up on them like the other political parties have it’s about finding the right answers to to deal with the problem like a water I think the states need to answer a lot of questions with regards to how they’ve handled the murray-darling Basin Plan and the environmental flow that needs to be addressed people here are suffering we’ve actually done an extensive tour of the murray-darling and Malcolm has spent a lot of time just recently about the game with the murray-darling Basin I don’t believe the federal government should be buying back those those licenses and of cost of it you know thirteen billion the message part of this message has been can the plan don’t you need to replace it with something it’s a pretty complex issue we know the health of the system is also important is your message just that you’re going to can it or work on a replacement or reform that’s what the people have come here for because they’re desperate now that they want the government to do something about it we see it on the floor of Parliament for the last few years it’s chewing and throwing you know maybe there should be a Royal Commission into the Maryland jerilyn Basin Plan why were licenses sold to foreign interests wise they were ownership of a water in the hands of foreign ownership why did howard separate water from land why was the water act brought in place the murray-darling basin was actually an agreement brought in about 1915 so it has been in place but because of the government’s what they’ve done with it we’re in the state that we are now you can see that with less rain there’s always going to be pressure because irrigate errs and farmers have less rain and so does the system itself that the environmental aspect is also important of course it is very important as well but you cannot allow the the people and communities to be devastated losing their lifeblood you know and trying to get water for their crops that they’re trying to grow when we see people wanting to push water to keep the mouth open in South Australia that’s ridiculous so when we see so much water that’s flowing down whatever the bar might choke you know people have said that because they’ve flooded that area of fire and metal fires and it’s not helping the red gums so there’s a lot of problems there you can’t keep burying it or think that they’re dealing issue that they don’t know what to do and where’s David a little proud why isn’t he here to talk to the people in front the people here and that’s what they’re angry about you know the other thing too is we have to stop talking about environment or farm or farming because a lot of the farming water goes into the environment the the wildlife around the farm is phenomenal and we’ve got to stop demonizing farmers because farmers are the lifeblood of this country that’s where the food comes you don’t have farms and cities but you don’t have cities without farms David little Pratt is my understanding meeting with the people this afternoon suppose we’ll see what comes out of that is it you careful not to try to sort of talk about easy solutions because in and drought it does become difficult this situation with water in Australia don’t underestimate my ability to come up with solutions to problems it was my solution about the offshore processing it was my solution temporary production B’s is my solution about deportation of those with a 12 month jail term you know to do with even buying up the land for Singapore military a lot of things even my solution about apprenticeship schemes in Australia so they’ve taken a lot of my policies my ideas over the years and get don’t give me one shred of credit for it the fact is that it’s about working is about listening to the grassroots Australians to come up with the solution with it because I tell you this place hasn’t got the answers to it how long has this been going on about the murray-darling basin plan what’s happened with it absolutely nothing I just ask you finally senator how are relations right now between you and the government I will look at bills Malcolm and I we’re a team we will look at bills based on its merit and do I think it’s right for the country in Australia and I have always said that I will always say it they’ve done me however both sides have done me over badly but you know what I keep coming back and I will always say it I will look at it what I think is right for this country and the people so I don’t do deals and so my soul like a lot of the other pricks in this place because this is about the people that’s why they’re here now because they felt they’ve not been listened to but you didn’t go back on your word in any way in that agreement was there any was there undertaking in in text or taking I can tell you honestly I never ever had my my agree that I would actually back that bill at anytime I work with them towards the amendments because it would actually help if the amendments were up if Jacqui Lambie were to vote for it they had no idea where the Jacqui Lambie was going to vote for it or not they had no idea whether I would or not they were actually presumed I would because of the amendments I got through but if I didn’t vote for the bill and Jacky did then it was softening the bill with my amendments the whole fact is and I’ve said this before when you look at the white collar crime that is happening in Australia they are not dealing with that in you know in white collar crime as they are trying to do with the with the unions there is a place for unions in Australia and as I said to the union’s let’s give the union’s a chance to get rid of there they’re rogues in there the union’s not getting rid of John Sitka though are they I’ve sent a warning shot across the bow of the unions and they told me in negotiations they don’t like these rogues that are in there as well well it’s about time they started cleaning it up and I and I’ll tell the people this I vote it with the government on the a BCC bill it was my boat and Malcolm’s vote that gave them the ABC sea bill and Senator Reynolds has got a bloody clue what she’s talking about when she says about the 30% increase in the construction that was dealt with the Navy CC bill and also I helped them pass the Roxx bill which was to deal with it as well how many more organisations do they want to set up to try and deal with the unions how many times do we see bills come back in this pace because they’d worked structure property in the first place

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