100 Replies to “Pawn Stars: US Mexican War Promissory Note | History”

  1. Seller: I have the rifle JFK was shot with
    Expert: This is absolutely real and I value it at around $600,000
    Rick: Best I can do is a stale pack of gum and a Wendy's gift card with $2.78 left on it, and I'm taking a big risk with that.

  2. *saves the entire civilizations relationship of the US and Mexico and saved millions if lives*

    [300 Years Later:] "Ha, Deez Nutz"

  3. Come on history channel…….. you guys know the US stoled it from Mexico…. and I am from Puerto Rico (before all the hate comments start….. which I know it will start regardless)

  4. Excuse you, there were people in the west, they are called Native Americans and they were forcefully pushed out of their land

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  6. Rick: "So I'd be willing to offer you basically nothing." Pretty much the standard offer from Pawn Stars

  7. The seller has a salesman haircut. Knew he was a conman when he said his wife didnt have a diamond lol.

  8. Funny how colonists like to change the narrative of history to fit their delusional belief system why they invaded a territory

  9. Ricks Gf: give me all those 5 inches

    Rick: Best I could do is 3

    Kidnapper: I have your son and I’m holding him for ransom, I want 25k.

    Rick: I can do 20 and I’m taking a big risk here

    Kidnapper: But it’s your son?!?

    Rick: the first rule of negotiating is learn to walk away if the price isn’t right.

  10. “I think I’m going to keep researching this because even though it’s worth nothing today. I think I’ll eventually find a buyer for this”

    TLDR: I’ll keep looking until someone is stupid enough to pay money for this.

  11. BUY ?! BUY ?! The southwest ? Yeah sure because 15 million for 55% of Mexican territory sounds totally fair. Yeah of course it’s important in your history given its how you got California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Kansas. I’m guessing it was kindaaaa of important!

  12. Typical Hispanic religious greedy subbumans.Soon as they saw a piece of worthless paper 📰 with dollar sign In it they dropped their pants.😅😤😂 💵 📰😹😹😹😄 📰 💵 💵💣

  13. Customer: I got Babe Ruth's uniform
    Rick: Best I can do is a $10 McDonald's gift card and my underwear with a skid mark and I'm taking a huge risk here

  14. Finally sold it for one of those Papa Johns Fundraiser Peeler Cards, which sell for $20, but have "over a $125 value."

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  16. 1869???? Wow so Europeans just recently Stole Mexico and America.
    Why dont the " good" Americans undo the Horrific acts theyre grandparents did to the mexicans and natives and negroes.

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