40 Replies to “Opinion | Here’s what a ‘Soviet-style’ impeachment inquiry actually looks like, Republicans”

  1. So the Republicans established a Soviet style investigation process. Shocking.

  2. Democrats are so unintelligent. one political failure after another…even this video sucks…wake me up when you cult members start winning

  3. The GOP know all this, for them it is all about creating as much fog and misinformation in the minds of their low-information low-discernment base to keep them on board and save their own despicable contemptible asses.

  4. Lev Parnas, an indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani, helped arrange meetings and calls in Europe for Rep. Devin Nunes in 2018, Parnas’  lawyer Ed MacMahon told The Daily Beast.

  5. The FFA curriculum at Devin's High School covered manure management but was short on Soviet political history. Give the guy a break. (FFA=Future Farmers of America for you urbanites. Nunes was a dairy farmer before he started on his path of delirious destruction.)

  6. The RULES ARE THE RULES OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY So much for a fair judgment as the guilty one is a REPUBLICAN he must not be guilty or they are just as guilty true

  7. These republicans are a bunch of clowns really unbelievable if they think we would fall for their pathetic talking points and words (soviet style) they think if they say it enough well fall for it Can't believe it what jokes

  8. Strange, crazy, uneducated and somewhat fascistic Americans have really embraced the C word this year, in particular, enthusiastically using and shouting Commie/Communist like its 1956 all over again, and there are Reds under the bed.

    I mean, who’s used “Commie” for the past 20 years, besides Nobody?

    Put on an old 80s film where some musclebound lunk (sorry, Sly) is fighting The Soviets, and the use of ‘Commie’ in the script seems archaic, quaint almost.

    Now, suddenly, Commie has roared back into use – only in America, thankfully – mostly to be used by people who could point vaguely at where Russia is in the same way that they can point where the continent of Africa is, but ask them to name three core tenets of Communism, or three differences between Communism and Socialism, and after a few moments of confused silence, they’ll just start angrily shouting Commie at you, too, for making them feel bad over their ignorance.

    To them, EVERYONE outside America is A Commie, and half the country are Commies too. In which case, comrades, we’re winning with the top secret Great Replacement Programme, da?

  9. Keep the dumb, dumb. The news outlets that only show one side push this narrative. "Y r we letting the democrats get away with this?" Republicans don't want folks to see this process have the look of law abiding. I believe alot of their supporters won't question their statements. So in turn they don't check the constitutional laws. Republicans can't stand intelligent people/supporters.

  10. Bill Clinton: gets his dick sucked in the oval office and lied about it to the nation.

    Trump: one guy said that another guy said that Trump said something bad to the president of ukraine ?

  11. I agree totally with WAPO. I love their unbiased reporting. This not like a Soviet show trial. It seems to be more like the trials presided over by the famous judge Roland Freisler. WAPO looks very much like a publication operated by Mr. Goebbels. In short, the Soviets were more subtle than the Dimocrats. The Dims are open in their pursuit of a "guilty" narrative with truth being the first casualty. Screw the country and the devil take the hindmost. In order for a scheme to be injurious by the WAPO standard, people have to be shot. The Washington Post was a newspaper once upon a time.

  12. Republicants are acting like children that got caught in the wrong and are trying to obfuscate the facts using any random bullshit they can come up with.

  13. Republicans know it's not soviet style, but their supports don't know that, so the rhetoric is supposed to scare and outrage the dunces to support the criminal, while the Republicans imply he's the victim. Republicans are smart ppl who studied sociology, they know what works.

  14. You know what’s crazy, it’s how they say it’s secret but there’s member of both parties inside those private hearings smh ?‍♂️

  15. Republican Rhetoric = Scary Word Salad. The only reason the GOP spews out this bull-crap is to scare the ignorant republican-base (old-people) into voting Republican.

  16. What a bunch of brain dead idiots………. apparently we're not seeing the same ONE SIDED proceedings , I'm not a Trump fan but come on even a blind person can see how biased these hearings are!!!!

  17. We already know what that looks like. Soldiers round up the opposing leader and their children, drag them out to the snowy woods, and shoot them all.

  18. Republicans (aka Republicons, emphasis on the con) know exactly what they are talking about. Their rhetoric is designed to program and motivate the Cult of Personality Trump followers to react violently to the process if Trump is impeached and especially if, by some miracle, Trump is convicted in the Senate. Republicans understand perfectly well that they are demolishing the institutions of democracy. The power of impeachment is written in the U.S. Constitution. If Republicans would bother to read it they'd know.

  19. I'm beginning to think that Republicans don't have first hand knowledge of the Constitution or eye witness testimony about it.

  20. Basically everything that guy said at the beginning is true of this bs hearing except for the executions lol this is meant to swash the opposition which is the Republicans and get them out of office.. alot of similarities for sure

  21. so sad that republicans refuse to see the evidence. a sad sign of the great divide in our country.

    reminds me of 11/08/2016 sinking feeling that i do not live in the country that i thought i did. 🙁

  22. To evangelical right wing republicans blowjobs are impeachable yet extortion and bribery are the norm? Sounds like religious logic. And Mary was a virgin. Lol

  23. I believe the Republicans want to conflate Dems to 1980’s Soviet Union Russia (Reagan era for good bad contrast)and make the Current Russian oligarchy/cleptocracy seem more virtuous as something to aspire to. Republicans are absurdly loyal supporters and are dangerously limitless in their quest for power and prolific greed. Right wing conservatives are the most flagrant violators of reality. The poisoning of our political system has been ramped up to real authentic definitions of fascism. The current Democrat party has not stood their ground effectively and actually are what the Republican Party resembled 40 years ago. The Democrats have a newer progressive (non boomer) side of informed participants but the numbers are not there to be effective. The outlook for this country is grim.

  24. Waiting for a shoe to drop is convenient if not reliable. Confusion is undergoing a new way of undermining stability in the greatest intellectual atmosphere humans has ever created.

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