Minor parties demand major parties to settle their differences on constitutional revision

Korea’s ruling and main opposition parties…
continue to lock horns on how to revise the decades-old Constitution. With no visible progress made, minor blocs
urged the two sides to get past political differences and meet half way. Park Hee-jun gets us up to speed with the
developments. Minor parties want a speedy settlement on
the constitutional revision. In a joint statement Thursday,… the Bareun
Mirae Party, Party for Democracy and Peace, and Justice Party demanded that the ruling
Democratic Party and main opposition Liberty Korea Party reach a compromise– saying that
the important issue of constitutional revision has been stuck in gridlock due to their partisan
disputes. They also urged the major parties to present
a clear alternative to the current electoral system,… so that the system can better represent
the people. The joint statement called for an agreement
on the reform of the electoral system,… through a political negotiation body that
consists of the floor leaders of the parties and their members. Top officials of the minor parties later met
Democratic Party floor leader Woo Won-shik and Liberty Korea Party floor leader Kim Sung-tae
to deliver their message. They proposed establishing a separate council
of top representatives from the four floor negotiation blocs to make progress on the
constitutional amendment. While Woo welcomed the idea of a new body,…
he emphasized that the party adheres to the government’s bill on reforming the power structure. Meanwhile, Kim turned down the proposal,…
but said his party will make efforts concerning the electoral system. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.

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