32 Replies to “Militia groups and gun rights activists are planning an armed rally as VA Democrats introduce gun co”

  1. History is repeating itself, guys. This is exactly what the fathers included the second amendment in the bill of rights for. Any amendment on the bill of rights is non-negotiable.

  2. Released today:

    Virginia House and Senate Republican leaders say they have not received any information about threats to public safety Governor Northam cited in declaring a state of emergency ahead of Monday’s gun rights rally. They ask Northam for a meeting to brief them on the information he has. The GOP has questioned whether Northam had sufficient reason – or the right – to ban guns in the capitol area for five days.

    Here is the full text of their letter:

    Dear Governor Northam:

    We respectfully write to you today regarding your Executive Order of Wednesday, January 15, 2020, declaring a State of Emergency on and around Capitol Square.

    Chapter 44-146.15 of the Code of Virginia states that the Governor does not have the “authority to in any way limit the right of the people to keep and bear arms…except to the extent
    necessary to ensure public safety…in any place or facility used… as an emergency shelter or for the purpose of sheltering persons.”

    Law enforcement officials have indicated they have identified “credible” threats against the events scheduled for Monday, January 20, and you have stated these as justification for your
    declaration. While the safety of those on Capitol Square is paramount, the restrictions you have enacted place significant burdens on the First and Second Amendment rights of Virginians. We
    have concerns about your authority for declaring this emergency.

    We, as members of the General Assembly, have received none of the information you have referenced to justify these restrictions. As such, we request that your office conduct a secure briefing on the threats identified by the Virginia Fusion Center and the Unified Command for the leadership of the General Assembly at the earliest possible time. We understand the need for operational security and to protect intelligence sources and methods. As such, we would suggest this briefing be conducted in a secure location of your choosing, with only the leadership of the respective majority and minority caucuses of the General Assembly — the Speaker of the House, Majority and Minority Leaders of the House and Senate, and the Chairs of the Democratic and Republican House and Senate Caucuses. No legislative staff would be included in this briefing.

    Considering the abridgment of the constitutional rights of Virginians your declaration has imposed, and because we have serious concerns about whether a governor has the authority to enact such restrictions, we believe it is imperative that leaders of the General Assembly – representing both majority and minority caucuses – are appropriately briefed as to the nature of these threats.

    Time is of the essence, and we await your prompt response.

  3. We have the First Amendment right of free speech and the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms on our side come Jan. 20. It is time to take back our country from the tyrannical politicians of both parties.

  4. Far right? Neo Nazi? Really? What about the everyday American that just wants their constitutional rights? Using the liberal media to push the liberal agenda of tyrannical politicians.

  5. Law Of The Land
    All general misconception is any state passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statue, to be valid must be in agreement. It is impossible for a law which violates the Constitution to be valid. This is succinctly stated as follows:

    "All laws which are repugnant to the constitution are null and void" maybury vs. Madison, 5 us (2 cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803)

  6. This event is an annual event, but as usual fake news is lying saying "armed gun rights supporters including some from the far right". This type of non journalism is intended to provoke and stir the pot.

  7. They call law abiding Constitutionals, right wing extremists. Yet, they are the ones peddling Communism aka govt slavery. Yeah, let's compromise our Constitution to appease the Marxists…wrong! We are not, nor will ever be a Soviet Socialist State. Semper Fi

  8. The Governor is obviously pussy whipped by it's crowd as rape will go up 100% due to no mutual respect Democrats carry

  9. Its time to stop protesting & have all militias send envoys to the capital to meet to state their rights in a peaceful manner … these bolshevik Democrats in office do not care about rights & they want to take this moment to use their antifa & deep state to setup the law abiding. No trust, send envoys

  10. Imagine if there were revolutionaries around today. They would have killed these tyrants. That’s why it’s in the amendments. Technically walking down the street and killing Hillary, Adam schiff or any of the others would be legal by law under the constitution. Corruption would lock up whoever did it though. But technically by our amendments rights it would be legal.

    Not saying I support that action. But just making a point.

  11. Left should bring a zip lock bag to put their teeth in…Americians have more heart when fighting wars than anybody…the Government should not try to attack America patriots..this will probably stat a call to go after the elites .

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