Melissa Wasser, ACS Next Generation Leader

Convention is the largest network of progressives in the country in one place. You get to hear panels about Supreme Court reform, criminal justice reform, you get to hear from sitting US senators and representatives about reproductive rights and how their careers as attorneys really led them on this path to progressive reform. So, if you think you have an interest in almost any area: climate change, LGBTQ equality, there are panels here for you, and I think for the law students it’s really helpful to come here, get new ideas, o bring back to your schools. For the lawyer chapters, same thing; it’s also a lot of networking. So the speed networking is super valuable to me, as a now lawyer, and also as a law student when I was, kind of, floating looking to come back to DC for potential employment. It was a really good way to expand my network with people who agree with my values and really want to push progressive causes forward.

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