Maitreya Rael: You Are! (73-09-02)

You Are! Sunday’s Gatherings – September 2nd, 73 aH Okinawa, Japan Being Raelian you go to the Happiness Academy and by studying the teaching of Happiness Academy and the Message you are supposed to become extraordinary. What does it mean? You are all extraordinary. In English is important, this word, “extraordinary” extra ordinary meaning not “different of other people” not “superior to other people” not “special.” Extra-ordinary means more ordinary than normal people. You understand? Extra means more. My teaching is to make you more ordinary. Not… don’t try to be special because you are special. You are born special so when you try to be special you betray who you are. You are born special when you try to be more special you betray who you are. Education, religion, society try to make you as special as possible. And then you are not yourself. When everybody becomes special you have the little robots of Tokyo, they are all the same. Or the Korean girls who all use the same surgeon the same cosmetic surgery. You search on Facebook, “Korean girls” they are all the same face. Use the same doctor the same model and they think they become special and they all look the same! It’s the same for happiness. Being yourself means, “being yourself.” Not trying to be special not trying to be different of others. Because when you try to be different from others you become all the same. No thinking not trying to think or to be anything. Being just you! Without any make up I’m not talking about make up for girls I’m talking about inside make up. Feeling the real you! Do you feel it? If you stop thinking if you stop trying to play the role in the society of, “Ah, I play, I am a business man.” “I’m a dancer” “I’m a singer!” That’s not you. You are not your nationality you are not your family you are not your nation you are you. And the more you try to be simple just to be. To be! Not to be Japanese not to be Buddhist not even to be Raelian. No! To be. Then then happiness comes from inside. That can only happen if you are. I don’t add anything after “if you are” just, “if you are.” Be yourself without thinking without identifying yourself with any nation religion, group, anything. Be as ordinary as you can. Just an ordinary human being. Not even human by being just a being and then you feel connected with the universe. You become one with everything. Because if I am me and you are you, there is a separation. If I am French and you are Japanese, there is a separation. If I am Christian and you are Muslim there is a separation. I am nothing. I am nothing! And by being nothing I am everything. When you are nothing you become everything. Oneness with the infinity of the universe means, “not separating yourself.” Any identity, ID separates you from everything. And when I look at your faces with these smiles I feel you are. You ARE. Do you want to be? [Yes] Be!

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