LOL: Trump Demands Due Process, WAIVES Due Process

One of the loudest complaints that we’ve heard
from Donald Trump since the start of the impeachment [inaudible] and it’s a complaint that his supporters have
started parroting as well, is Trump’s not getting any due process in this impeachment
inquiry. Donald Trump has now chosen to at least initially
waive the due process that he has been given because once again, their complaints aren’t
based. In fact, they are merely whatever they can
come up with at the time to try to claim that they are the victims. They are the martyrs. They are the people that are being treated
unfairly. Now, at the start, before the impeachment
inquiry was even formalized by Democrats, Donald Trump said, I’ve got no due process
here. People around him love the talking point. They started repeating it ad nauseum and adults
had to explain to Trump and to his followers will hold. Hold on a second. Donald Democrats are just deciding whether
to do an impeachment inquiry. Due process isn’t an issue here. When Democrats formalize an inquiry, which
they eventually did, they voted on it. They outlined the limits of the inquiry and
they also outlined the due process that Donald Trump would get. Donald Trump now gets to have that due process
if he wants it tomorrow. We have impeachment inquiry hearings starting
in the house judiciary committee. We will be streaming the entire hearing live
on our YouTube channel and Donald Trump is waiving due process by choosing not to participate
in choosing not to have any of his attorneys participate. White house lawyer, Pat, chip baloney has
told the house judiciary committee Trump isn’t going to participate. No lawyers for Trump are going to participate
in the first impeachment hearing of the week scheduled for tomorrow. Now I want to be really clear about something
they meaning Trumpists will say, you know, Trump’s still isn’t getting due process because
the participation that he’s being offered, even if he did it would be totally skewed
and biased because Democrats control the committee. Well hold on a second. Uh, we have two parties in the United States
that flipped back and forth between controlling the house and the Senate and the idea that
when the other party is in power, you are denied due process by default because they
don’t agree with your politics. It’s number one laughable, but more importantly
that doesn’t take into account what due process is. Donald Trump got the due process. He wanted due process. Is the normal systems notify you and allow
you to have a say and to participate? Trump was notified and given an opportunity to be
heard. He is opting not to. He got due process period. He received and for now they may choose to
participate later. For now is waiving due process. The president is having to be treated like
a little kid and incredibly, there are people who praise the president simply for not going
out of his way to unfairly attack others. That’s how the discourse has been debased
where when Trump can avoid insulting someone, he is praised for acting like an adult. It was never about due process, just like
it’s never actually about any of the things that they say. It’s about, these are simply ways that they
figure out to either try to attack someone else or to play themselves as the victims
and the reaction is always either outrage, demanding an uproar, and then when they’re
asked to follow through, they decline like they’re doing here now they’re again, shifting
to the entire process is unconstitutional to begin with. Why? Well, the, you might say it’s a process outlined
in the constitution. How could it be an unconstitutional process? Well, the latest complaint is it’s supposed
to happen in the house judiciary, not in the house Intel committee where they held hearings
two weeks ago. Well tomorrow, the hearing start in the house
judiciary, so what’s the problem now? Oh no, it’s still unconstitutional. Trump is still being denied due process. They don’t want solutions. They don’t care about legality. They just want to complain. They just want to be martyrs. They just want victim hood. This really is their strength. Just to complain and talk about how everything
is so unfair to them. I’m sort of reminded of a guy pretending to
be tough while yelling, hold me back to his friends, except his friends aren’t really
holding him back. He’s holding his friend’s arms to make it
look as though he’s being held back. That is a representation visually of what
the entire Trump administration has been around these hearings. It’s pathetic and we know the real reason
why it wouldn’t be good for Donald Trump to participate. He would immediately self incriminate as we’ve
said before, Trump saying, I guess it was either early last week, maybe the week before
time is really flying where Donald Trump said he would be interested in testifying in the
impeachment inquiry hearings. Yeah, right. His lawyers would never let them do it much
the same way that they kept them away from Robert Mueller. We will have the full live impeachment hearings
starting tomorrow morning. Um, I believe at 9:30 AM Eastern. We will start the hearing starting a half
hour later at David Pakman show. I hope you will join us. I think that these will be very interesting
hearings and also important when it comes to, uh, starting to hear from folks in the
Trump administration, at least to some degree. And I look forward to it. I hope you’ll join me. Of course. I’m sure Donald Trump will be, uh, actively
tweeting about how everything is just so unfair now. He’s the victim throughout
the entire process. We’ll pick that
up tomorrow.

100 Replies to “LOL: Trump Demands Due Process, WAIVES Due Process”

  1. This is ridiculous, the House never even had a vote! Blah!
    – The court ruled that we don't need to vote, but sure, let's vote. House vote passes.

    This is ridiculous! The Dems are having secret meetings in the basement! We don't even know what's going on down there! They must do this publicly! We want public hearings! We're gonna have a Pizza party and cry and whine on TV about how unfair this is, ever though several of us were already in the room, and several members of this pizza party are allowed in the room anyway! Oh, and we're gonna bring our phones even though we know that's not allowed! Blah!
    – These "secret meetings" aren't secret, they are closed door depositions, just like every other investigation, and there are Republicans there, asking questions for the same amount of time as the Dems. But fine, let's have public hearings.

    This is ridiculous! The Dems just want to embarrass the president in public! They're turning this into a circus! They're depriving the president of due process, he can't even have counsel there to represent him! These hearings should be done in private, behind closed doors! Blah!
    – Ok, fine. The president and or his counsel is invited to participate in the Impeachment hearings. We've don't everything by the book and even given Trump & Friends more rights than either Clinton or Nixon had. You have every thing you wanted. RSVP by Sunday at 5pm, but we're sure you'll accept this invite, seeing as you requested it.

    This is ridiculous! The president won't participate and neither will his counsel. It's not fair and we have run out of things to demand! Blah!
    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that on Wednesday Trump & Friends will tweet ridiculous things like, "This is ridiculous!", "Witch Hunt!", "Coup!", "Dems are trying to destroy our country!", "I'M STILL SUING AN IMAGINARY COW!", "Fake news!", "Enemy of the people!", "Where's my due process?", and "Blah!".
    But I'm open to the possibility that I may be wrong, and that Trump & Friends will show respect for this constitutional and warranted Impeachment process, allow Bolton, Pompeo, and Mulvaney to testify, and hand over all subpoenaed documents. 🙄
    We shall see…🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Kamala Harris dropped out.

    “ To bad. We will miss you Kamala! ” Donald J. Trump, Twitter.
    “ Don’t worry, Mr. President. I’ll se you at your trial.” Kamala Harris, Twitter.

    Soon 500k hearts.

  3. Trouble is Dave, his complaints of unfairness and victimisation play right into his hands, it's bringing him in thousands of dollars in support from his su6

  4. I would like it if everyone in this comment section would be nice to trump. It’s not his fault that his brain looks like a bag of mashed up buttholes.

  5. Trump doesn't understand how things work…
    Windmill cancer
    ID to buy bread
    Impeach Schiff & Pelosi
    SCOTUS stop Impeachment
    Due process

  6. “It’s number ONE, laughable “@ about 2:23. David used one thumb up when he indicated ONE. How many of David’s subscribers start counting to five using the thumb as 1? Just a quick study in cultural differences in counting.

  7. Gimme due process!! I’ll pass on due process, until I request due process in the future. As I’ve always said- it’s a woman’s right to be able to change her mind…😳😳😜😎

  8. The house and senate make their own rules for impeachment. Due process applies to deprivations of liberty or property. Often applies to things with procedures in the bill of rights or property you may have an expectation to (money, chattels, tenured job, Medicaid, welfare, etc.). Due process should occur with impeachment but the house decides the procedures for impeachment! Lol read the constitution dumbasses, also they have made the procedures more fair than the republicans used with Clinton in the 90s!

  9. From 2:40 to 3:20 David has an image of Trump until an umbrella. The sun seems to be shining brightly on him and nearby. Is the umbrella there to protect him from the because of the drugs he may be taking that make his skin ultraviolet sensitive? Hmmmm!

  10. For the last f*ckin’ time, this is not the trial! This is not the TRIAL! THIS IS NOT THE TRIAL!

    No criminal suspect EVER gets to cross-examine the witnesses against them during the police investigation. No suspect EVER gets to raise objections on evidence against them during the police investigation. No suspect EVER has a right to present their own evidence or have their lawyer present it during the police investigation.

    In fact, it is Trump’s RIGHT to not do or say anything right now, because it may later be used in evidence against him at trial! But they did offer for Trump to come and testify, and guess what he did? Trump declined, because it’s his right to NOT testify to the investigators. Because it’s the investigation, NOT the trial.

    If they tried to do with a police investigation all what they’re asking to do in congress’ investigation, they’d be interfering in a police investigation. And that’s what you’re trying to do now, they’re trying to interfere in Congress’ impeachment investigation

    ONE GETS AT TRIAL THOSE RIGHTS THEY’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT when one has been indicted and one is no longer a suspect, but one is indicted as the accused.

    Republican defenders of Trump in congress and the senate must STOP these false analogies. You are misrepresenting Trump’s rights. You are misinforming the American people. You are lying!

  11. And I can hear it now: “Emma, Emma here I come, it’s the big one Emma!!!” (Fred Sanford’s go to when he feigns a heart attack!)

    Read: Trump will decry “Emma!” Then step down after feigning a heart attack- he is TOOOO egotistical to formally step down like Nixon!! Perhaps the same Doctor who did the bone spur thing will give the announcement for him followed by his needed bed rest that will not rest his thumbs!!! (Read:Twitter)😳😳😂😂😭😜😎

  12. Trump imitating Abbott and Costello. …. Trump.. who's on first,, QUID,, Trump,,, who's on second,,,PRO… Trump,,, then who's on third,,..QUO…..Trump "then where am I". …All together now…… "You're Totally Fu#ked"
    .. cheers from Michael Australia.

  13. To me, at my advanced age of 75 years, this immoral and possibly illegal presidential behavior is a national embarrassment.
    What gone wrong with our once respected political system wherein those whom once we honored and trusted have become twisted, perverted

  14. Imagine being a leader who has to rely on parrots and other idiots for support and staff.
    That sure reminds me of s.. A-ATCH-idiocracy! Excuse me, I have an allergy.

  15. tRump has brought this all down on himself. This chaos has to stop and tRump must feel the scourge of real justice, at last.

  16. A squirty fetid poo has no awareness that it is a POS nor does it understand it's about to get flushed…neither does Donald Trump.

  17. Trump shuts-off his own water.*
    "Democrats won't let have water! They're trying to kill me! It's anti-american!" -Every statement from the Trump Administration.

  18. It won't be too suprising if Trump waives his due process rights up to the end of the hearings. Even if you have a little doubt in whether he's guilty of anything, you can't doubt Trump is that spiteful.

    #BetterthanLincoln #Iamtooavictim! #MakeEverythingTerriblyAways

  19. Donny Diaper is running out of options and his guilt is revealing itself.That's why he runs and hides from subpoenas while refusing to participate in the impeachment process that could prove his innocence. His only defense is " I can't recall " or " I hardly know the guy". So much for his " great and unmatched wisdom".

  20. Hidden Motives behind Key GOP Leaders' Cooperation with Trump & Russia: An Evidence-based Examination of Irrational Behavious & the Republican Congress Members Who Exhibit Them
    –Richard Painter & Leanne Watt, Medium, Nov 4/18

  21. They just gotta keep at him compile videos and transcript highlight reels of his blatant hypocrisy and show them everywhere

  22. There is no facts pakman. Stop it.. even the transcript does not show anything irregular.

    Guess wheere that happen too?

    In the Mueller report

    We are tired of your bullshit

  23. How guilty do you have to be to not want your lawyers there to represent you? After crying about not being able to have his lawyers involved he finally gets what he wants and doesn't take it. Well I guess now that his stooge Nunes has been caught helping Trump's crimes he's going to have to find another stooge to represent him.

  24. Wasn't there a court ruling saying that Trump staffers have to comply with the subpoenas, show up, and testify? Why isn't this blatant Obstruction Of Justice the top issue? Show up, testify, or go to prison. Doesn't The Congress have this authority?

  25. Expecting consistency from Dumpster Fire on anything is a waste of time. His grip on reality is slipping. Badly. He can't even remember that his dad was born in NYC.

  26. "Officer, that radar speeding ticket you're trying to give me is invalid because you're not of the same political party as me. So I'm going to rip it up and drive away."

  27. Trump's confused about a lot of things, like how laws are made, how the government works and how to be a President.

  28. Trump isn't no victim he's an idiot and a moron. He's a cry baby who wants to whine cause he got caught breaking the law.

  29. He is not participating because now the truth will matter. Lying here would be a grave mistake. Since he can not be truthful it is best for him to waive due process.

  30. It's like what everyone predicted he said he was going to show up to these hearings, but he decided he had better things to do, like using the victimhood (trumpcard.)

    Guess he thought executive time was more important, in other words he rather watch fox and friends appeal to his ego vs trying to actually defend himself.

  31. He's like a petulant teenager who is invited to a party and won't so he can say he wasn't invited and seek attention as a victim

  32. The actions of a crazy self defeating abuser. Doing things that are self defeating are a literal definition of mental illness.

  33. After starting to read the impeachment report that the Democrats put out wow the other Jones is very overwhelming so Donald Trump should probably go ahead and hide or find a hole to crawl in because I think your ass is busted now

    Reality: "It's not secret, 47 of you are allowed in the hearings."
    Reality: "Okay, we've started public hearings."
    Reality: "Your lawyers are welcome to attend and ask questions."

    Republican voters: "Wow, those liberals are totally contradicting themselves!"
    Reality: smh…

  35. Trump.believes that the title of the "President" gives him the authority to pardon and obstruct as he wishes. He's going to learn the HARD way that Nobody is above the law.


  37. Let's be crystal clear. Trump thinks that "due process" is when you get your lackeys to run a sham trial to get you off the charges. When he doesn't get his SHAM trial, he cries like a little baby over not getting his way.

  38. It's total bullshit because this isn't even the trial phase, which happens when it goes to the senate. This is just a public investigation phase. Out in the real world, the police and DA don't even have to let you know you're being investigated. There's no due process, until you're formally charged and it goes to trial.

  39. This is why that we shouldn't be voting for Donald Trump he's a bastard he rapes and sexual assaults woman and he's a habitual liar and he's a criminal

  40. Please vote for a democrat in the 2020 elections just not Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren or any other female candidate or Andrew yang or Bernie Sanders

  41. Just proves this moron is out of his depth. But let’s face it. A mud puddle has more depth than little Donnie draft dodger.

  42. He wouldn't know what due process is if it smacked him about the head with a massive law book! Look how often he's broken the law, said things which shouldn't be said, interfered with investigations… Jeez, republicans win the presidential election & run the Senate, and are still whining! Obama had no help from either house and they complain that he never did anything! FFS, make up your minds and stop whining! Reps, you're showing yourselves to be the biggest snowflakes in the world and all the while you call everyone else one. It's like the kids in elementary school who just lost a game to the grade below them so they want to take the ball away.


  44. They're just looking for the perfect excuse that will cover their asses. They're just like the drunk drivers, they think an excuse changes reality, such as "well, I'm not going far", or "they won't know I'm drunk", or "I won't get caught.

  45. So if the big orange baby don't get things how he wants he throws a fit. Typical rich white boy. I bet he told his daddy every time he got picked on.

  46. Thank you Mr. David. You explained it perfectly, about basically Trump being nothing but a coward. I live your show. Thank you have a great day.

  47. The metaphor of Trump being the bigmouth holding on to his friends while yelling “Let me at him” is absolutely bang on, David. Normal people can clearly see he has nothing keeping from attempting to explain himself, instead using ridiculous, nonsensical excuses as a defence. This Orange Fool has to go.

  48. Hell no his attorneys wont let him near those hearings. The orange buffoon couldn't even get through the staged
    Mueller questions without looking like a fool

  49. Can someone just issue a death certificate? So we can sweep the remains into the bin … He’s just a shambling walking dead

  50. Remind me again how one president can get a consensual blow job and lie about that, to save a little embarrassment, yet gets impeached because of 'republican standards and values'! But they are OK with tRump riding roughshod over laws daily, while complaining that the Democrats are not sticking to the laws and procedures….the ones the Republicans rewrote………

  51. What about the inquiry into children dying in concentration camps on the border giving the families who got torn to pieces due process?

    Anyway, if this orange goon gets to live to the end of his natural life, I’ll be disappointed in your second amendment gun nuts being so partisan.

  52. Trump is a cretin and does not understand what due process means! He is batshit mad and we need to get him out of office as soon as possible!

  53. "They have to treat Donald Trump like a little kid .." — because he IS a little kid mentally.
    Amusingly, in the related videos:
    "Why Do Stupid People Think They're Smart?"

  54. The Maga hatted morons obviously have never read the constitution. We all know that the moron can't read so we expect that from him. News flash Maga hatted morons-read the constitution.

  55. Due process would mean there was a legitimate investigation in place.

    Trump certainly got you Democrat’s to show your Bigotry.
    Only took one minute too.

    All he had to do is win.

  56. I love how Pakman can’t even speak without being biased.

    “Adults have to explain…”

    Yeah because you pedophiles certainly have a grasp on reality.

    Fucking laughable

  57. Due process also allows you to face your accuser.

    But David is Right.
    It’s not about due process.

    It’s about a bunch more f Democrats failing repeatedly at impeaching Trump for three years.

    It’s a farce.

    And you Democrats are all culpable.

  58. He complained about not being able to participate because it made it look like he was being treated badly. When he was offered the chance to participate, he declined because he knows he has no legitimate argument to prove that he did nothing wrong. He knows that anything he says if he were to participate, would prove that he committed many crimes, simply because he actually did commit them.

    If I robbed a bank, and got away with the money but was apprehended later on, it would be stupid for me to go to court and ask for the security camera footage to be used as my defense.

  59. Hugh: [sighs heavily] Well, here goes nothing.  Mum, Dad…meet Homer Simpson.

    [they exchange pleasantries]

    Homer: [long pause] You know what's great about you English? "Octopussy".  Man, I

    must have seen that movie…twice!

    Hugh: [weakly] Yes…yes!  Well, that's not too bad.

    ^Trump's handlers when he doesn't embarrass the office of president

  60. Excuses, excuses, excuses are meant to stick to his teflon base's minds. They'll repeat whatever Trump or the GOP says until judgement day. Republicans don't care about the absurdity of it all. They are all wicked crazy.

  61. Confused about impeachment? Probably because it required some reading beyond the first grade level. I would bet he’s confused about how to put on his underwear.

  62. Giving the non-thinking Trumper voter base more things to echo chamber. Does not matter if those things are true or false, make any logical sense, or are contradictory.

  63. Trump really is unfit to be President of the United States. He's too much of a crook and con artists. Will our country survive his madness. It's amazing how many people uphold his unintelligent behavior. He is so embracing.

  64. Trump supporters are the bully that pushes you down every day yet the one time you push back they start crying that its not fair. What hypocritical children.

  65. The regurgitated garbage coming from the Republicans is exhausting and it's working to sway public opinion against impeachment. The fact that the Democrats lack the ability to message effectively is equally infuriating and destructive.

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