Liz Peek “Queen Pelosi wants to rule the Senate and nation but voters will revolt”

Queen Nancy Pelosi is not amused. Having just
demanded her subjects in the House impeach the president in a historic and unprecedented
party-line vote, jeopardizing the reelection of many and even threatening her own reign,
Her Royal Highness, aka the House Speaker, grew testy recently with inquisitive reporters. Pelosi scolded the pesky press for wanting
to know why, for the first time in the nation’s history, she did not follow the accustomed
path of handing the articles of impeachment over to the Senate for an expected trial.
Having to explain her bizarre decision was apparently beneath her; she cut off inquiries
abruptly saying, “Any other questions because I’m not going to answer any more questions
on this… I’m not going to go there anymore.” She stopped short of demanding “Off with
their heads!” but from the look in her eye, it was only the cameras that restrained her. It’s no wonder Queen Nancy didn’t want
to answer questions about her refusal to forward the articles of impeachment. There are no
good explanations except one: she wants to extend her rule to the Senate as well as the
House. She wants, she says, to determine how the GOP-led Senate will conduct the trial,
ostensibly to make sure it’s “fair.” Never mind that she has no constitutional
authority for influencing the Senate’s procedures. Never mind that her insistence violates the
very nature of a bicameral legislature. The Founding Fathers, who have been much quoted
in recent days by Democrats attempting to justify their impeachment push, respected
the separate duties and responsibilities – the checks and balances – of the House and the
Senate. They created our system explicitly to prevent mob rule. In short, they envisioned
exactly what is transpiring today. To be clear: the House speaker does not rule
the Senate; she rules the House. Tyrannically, in this case. Responding to critics from across the aisle
who questioned her motives, Her Royal Highness answered imperiously, “Frankly, I don’t
care what the Republicans say.”

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