Javed Akhtar Proves MODI FASCIST | Analysis by AKTK

Thousands of such appeasements,
& every such appeasements disheartens. X2 I am very secular but even then,
it’s always not enough. Sometimes from here, sometimes from there. Even after lakhs of trials, secularism can’t be stopped from emerging. No matter how hard one try, x2 if secularism want sot ooze out,
them it will, I am very secular but even then,
it’s always not enough. So friends,
India has turned now to “Fascist India”. It’s BJP government,
so becoming fascist was obvious. What Javed Akhtar & Mahest
Bhatt said on this matter? Along with that we will see, how fascism
increase every time in BJP government. So be with us & keep watching AKTK. first let’s see what Mahesh
Bhatt & Javed Akhtar said. So as per him,
fascism is on rise in India. Is fascism is increasing as per him only? or there are other such people also? So, Anurag Kashyap also thinks that
fascism has increased in country. & on flipside, Mahua Moitra also,
a new MP of TMC from WB, has seen 7 signs of surge
of fascism in India. & Arvind Kejriwal also says
that Narendra Modi is fascist. He will ban elections in future. other than that, on googling…. “Fascism in India” then you will find 786,786 sich articles, reading,
“that fascism in India has risen.” So these many people think
that fascism has reached India, from the time of Modi becoming PM. all these people have their
own definitions & logics. There, Anurag Kahyap reasons that the speech given by Modi & Hitler
were similar in sentences. for proving Modi as fascist. However,
the videos shared by him were fake & later he also acknowledged such. But never apologized. Tomorrow Anurag Kashyap
might share such a photo also “See, both Modi & Hitler drank water
from glass, thus Modi is also Fascist.” “Both Modi & Hitler ate food from plate,
thus Modi is also Fascist.” Quite amazing liberals they are!!! On other hand,
though Mahesh Bhatt is able to see Fascism but not his son, Raul Bhatt.
Who is a great friends of David Hedley.” David Hedley: Mastermind of 26/11. But Mahesh Bhatt promotes a book, blaming RSS to conspiring 26/11. Where there is lie everywhere around. there,
truthful is called as revolutionary. that why is think that Aziz hasn’t done
anything less than Revolution. I congratulate him. Where people are jailed for “Jai Shree
Ram” & sharing a photo, by Mamta Banerjee. But none calls the,m “Fascist” Reason being: only BJP can be Fascist. No, not Modi, but BJP. b/c, from 1998 to 2004, even
Atal Bihari Vajpayee was called “Fascist” In 2003, a book by Kushwant Singh,
“The End of India” was released. In this book, this regime of
Atal Ji was called as “Fascist regime”. It was written in a place in book,
“though Muslims aren’t safe by default, but even those non-muslims,
feeling safe, are idiots. B/c even they arn’t safe. It was further written in that book that,
“girl who wear skirt will not be allowed”. “people who eat meat, will be killed.” “people who drink, will be killed.” “poeple who watch english movies,
will be killed.” “Who do not go to temples,
will be killed.” & many such kind of
things were written in this book. along with that, it was also said that if you want to be safe,
then you have to say “Jay Shree Ram”. Now tell by yourself, arn’t all these
propaganda are done even today? Writers like Kushwant Singh wrote then. Likes of Swara Bhaskar &
Anurag Kashyap are saying such today. Thing is same. Kushwant singh wrote 17 years before
that girls won’t be allowed to wear skirt. And none will be allowed to kiss. But in these 17 years,
girls have gone from skirt to bikinis. Along with that, films now show,
not kiss, but masturbation scenes. but these fascists arn’t doing anything. & “The Independent”,
UK magazine, claimed Atal Ji as fascist. &, Modi was called as Fascist,
even before him becoming PM. & some even claimed that
Modi will be the future mass murderer. But in this propaganda of Liberals,
similarity isn’t just that. that they call Both Atla
Ji & Modi as Fascist. Similarity is upto even further. Because propaganda also are
being done similar in both times. Intolerance Even in times of Atal Ji, it rose.
the Liberals back then were worried. & you know the scenario of after 2014 well Writers like Kushwant Singh
wrote a lot at that time. & writers like him are
doing same even after 2014. The development work of Atal
Ji used to be criticized a lot. Even “Golden Quadrilateral”
was called as bad by Tanvir Singh. However it’s a different
thing that Rajdeep sardesai called “Golden Quadrilateral”
as an amazing thing. but only after the death of Atal Ji. Even the developmental works
of Modi Ji are criticized a lot. whether it’s “Jan Dahn Yojna” or leading electricity to villages. or any other development. In the time of Atal Ji,
Kargil Coffin scam was propagated. to which, SC gave clean chit later. While in Times of Modi,
Rafael Scam was propagated, which also, SC gave clean chit. Now this fascism,
which is being cried upon, the basis reason for this is that
muslin appeasement has stopped. Manmohan Singh said “Muslims have the
first right over the resources of India.” & if Modi doesn’t say same,
then he is Fascist. By portraying Kasaab as
Hindu “Sameer Chaudhary”, ISI wanted to establish “Hindu Terrorism”. & on flipside,
by promoting “26/11 RSS ki Saajish”, Congress wanted to establish
“Hindu Terrorism”. But if Modi deny from doing so,
then he is Fascist. Now, what used to happen
in Fascist Italy & Germany, do that all happen in india. Let’s take some knowledge about that. None was allowed to write against Hitler, & on writing such,
one would get jailed or killed. But here people write openly
against Modi & swear him. No proceedings are done against them. While, in Indira’s time during emergency, No journalist was allowed
to write against India, or such used to be jailed. But fascist is, Modi. Hitler said that
“Hitler is Germany & Germany is Hitler” Did modi say so ever? Modi says that politicians will come & go,
but country should live forever. In timmes of Indira, it used to be said,
“Indira is India & India is Indira”. & the constitution of India’s used to
get known as Indira’s constitution. But Fascist is Modi. Hitler killed & drove away Jews. Modi nether killed nor drove away anyone. & the NRC also is for removing
illegal immigrants only. While in Indira’s time, Muslims of aged 8-80 years,
used to be forcefully emasculated. But Fascist is Modi. Now let’s see that which things are being
shown as a criteria for rise in fascism. & whether all these things are correct. giveback the awards because
intolerance is on rise. But the president of
literature academy tells that the whole drama of giving back
awards was politically motivated. Muslims are being lynched for cows. India has turned to lynchistan. but the source “Indiaspend”,
on the basis if which, the magazines of all over
the world claimed such. That Indiaspend removed
its data altogether. After the elections of 2019. Now you can understand that
why this data must have had removed. & what’s could be the
reason to make this data. By making series like Laila, it is shown that wearing skirts will be banned
& Dalits will be slammed. One must say “Jay Shree Ram”
Blah blah blah. Didn’t Khuswant Singh wrote all
these things in his book in 2003. The purposes of all of these things
is just to do fear mongering. And to get chair on the basis of that.
Nothing more. But now the question is that who are those
poeple who scream “Fasism Fascism” & why. Shobha De, as per Basit,
a Pakistani official, so that she write a propaganda
article against modi, & Shoba De sees Fascism
in india instead everyday. Pakistan & ISI wanted
Kasaab to die as a Hindu. Even congress wanted same. Congress doesn’t have
seat today but wants it. & calls Modi as Fascist everyday. Pakistan also calls Modi
as Fascist every day. Rahul Gandhi Says that Pulwama
attack was done by BJP. While, Pakistan also had a same plan. Now you can understand by yourself,
what’s propaganda. At last, it is to question
that is Modi was a Fascist, then would series like “laila”
wold get release in India? Would the people calling Modi as
thief and Psychopath e roaming free? Whether NDTV would still be running? Whether Ravish Kumar would still
be able to blacken his screen? We hope that you got
information from this video. You are understanding the whole
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Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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  2. Main to kehta hu, ekbaar fascist ho hi jaao, waise bhi koi achchha to bolnewaala nahi hai….Chaanakya ne apne virodhiyo ko chaalaki se saaf kar diya tha….Modi-Shah ko bhi yehi karna chahiye, Ahinsa parmo Dharma, dharma hinsa tathaiv cha ll Dharma ki raksha ke liye hinsa karni pade to galat nahi…👍👍

  3. बात यह है कि जिन राग दरबारियों को यूपीए गवर्नमेंट में भाजपा को गाली देने पर प्रेषित किया गया था अब उनको वह पुरस्कार नहीं मिल रहा है गवर्नमेंट में इसलिए मोदी फास्ट है बीजेपी फास्ट है इन लिब्रा को चमेली का तेल लगाने के लिए

  4. जिन्होंने मनमोहन सिंह के गवर्नमेंट में मलाई खाई है उनको मोदी सरकार में सूखी रोटी नसीब नहीं हो रही है तुमको तो है फासीवाद और संप्रदायवाद और वह तमाम प्रोपेगंडा खड़ा करके गुमराही के मार्ग पर धकेलना है लेकिन यह मूर्ख लोग यह नहीं समझ रहे हैं कि देश की जनता अब जागरूक हो गई है

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  6. I wish you could see the type of comments people are typing in the comments section. It says a lot about the nature of content you are bringing out. You tube is form of media like any other, and Media is one of the main tools to create public opinion. This is very important in a democracy as it facilitates the citizen's efforts to exercise his adult franchise. The media itself should not present a ready-made opinion. Let the audience utilise their mental faculty. To create an unbiased article of information, it requires to be inspected from a 360 view. This requires time that's why in the late eighties and early nineties, there used to be an only hourly broadcast of news in the entire day. 30 minutes each for english and hindi and then 10 minutes in the afternoon. It takes time to assess the legibility of the data in order to turn it into information. And thats due to the need of actually visiting the location at which the data was created. By going there one gets to see how the development of the data took place and various factors involve in it. So it's for everyone who are using a form of media to disburse information, please take your time in processing the raw data into info by thorough validation. In matters which relate to specific expertise, go through the volumes of written reference materials by experts of yore in the similar field, develop an understanding and then enter to develop a data from that specific field.

  7. Inn libranduon ko goli maaro saalon ko….. Inko pyaar se yaa non- violence se nahee samjhaya jaa saktaa….. Apne pariwaar aur apne ghar kee raksha karne k liye chaahe kisi ko maarna bhi pade toh vah vadh hota hai….. Ye toh apne desh kee baat hai…..
    Inn logon ko maarne k liye sadkon parr bhi utarna pade toh jaan bhi haazir hai apne desh k liye

  8. If my leader is rescuing Indians form corona-virus hit China and treating them in India, then I have no problem with him being a fascist. What are the opposing saying on this?

  9. Your videos are informative but please work on your delivery. I know you are trying hard to sound cool but it appears very fake. You can speak normally, it's okay, tab bhi desi hi sound karoge.

  10. आप जितने भी लिब्रांडूओ के नाम ले रहे हो, ये सब पाकिस्तान के नजायज औलादे हैं।

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    Pr itihaas gawaah hai jyadaa aazaadi dena sahi nhi hai jaise Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan ne mohammad gauri ko baar – baar maaf kar ke ki thi. Pata nhi kab kis shikari ke changul me ye had se jyada seedhi janta fans jaaye, or vishwasghat kr de.

  12. Javed akhtar kabhi islam ki kamiyon kei bare mei nahi bolega….???? it means he loves Islam… by this logic he himself is Islamist and hate other faiths..

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  14. Would Javed Akthar and Shabana Azmi have supported and given elections speech favoring Kanaiya Kumar and his Tukde Tukde gang if Kanaya Kumar was screaming " Bharat mata ki jai “ instead of Bharat teri tukde tukde ho gei Inshala Inshala?

  15. मोदी सरकार कट्टर सरकार है इसका सबूत है यह कॉमेंट सेक्शन

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  17. Jab inke Ghar me ghus Kar lslamist inki behen betiyo ko utha ke le Kar jayenge na. Tab ye Fascist modi hi inki help karenge. Tab samajh me ayega in haramkhor librerals ko.

  18. Javed has gone mad with shabana plastic surgery dat disfigures her eyes don’t b angry with pm modi for dis javed saab don’t respect d truth and not d lies

  19. Mahesh Bhatt and Aktarr Off course bol paa Raha hai yahi inkaa narrative khatam ho jata hai… Spreading their mind garbage all around

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  21. Jawed shab aaj hi apkki peaceful community ne aaj phir Delhi ki sadko pe sacularisim ka gyan bata jisme Delhi police ka ek Jawan mar Diya Gaya.. jawed sir ispe bhi Kuch bolye kyuki Mahdi Hassan Jaise log to ispe aapse kuch puchhege Nahi…

  22. Agar Modi Fascist hote to Javed Akhtar, mahesh bhatt, anurag kasyap, swara masturbater etc ke muh silwa diye hote aur pichwade mein dande ghusa ke sheekh kabab bana diya hota.

  23. बेटा, इस बार भोलापन नहीं था न, इसलिए कुछ अधिक ही हो गया दर्द आपके प्यारे दोस्तों को!

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  25. Well our "history ;of during Mughal raj ;rakshasa raj also ;holocaust;forced convert ;intolerance as ;TODAY doing done by leaders in 'congress and in oppositions ;ruin our "BHAGWAN SHREE RAM'S "as all truth is in our RAMAYANA as ;TODAY .

  26. Modi ko fascist kehne walo mandir me na jane walo ko Modi ji ya RSS na maare par masjid na walo ko katwe gala kaat denge

  27. Powerful and continuing nationalism
    Disdain for human rights
    Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
    Supremacy of the military
    Rampant sexism
    Controlled mass media
    Obsession with national security
    Religion and government intertwined
    Corporate power protected
    Labor [sic] power suppressed
    Disdain for intellectuals & the arts
    Obsession with crime & punishment
    Rampant cronyism & corruption
    Fraudulent elections

    Signs of fascism !!

  28. Itni jhuth kase bol lete h ye librandu ot muslimprast logo par na hi kort action leta h or na hi meedia inki jhoot ko dikhata h

  29. Liberals rich privileged families – studied in big schools and foreign univs- come from a long line of illustrious backgrounds- have opportunities to explore life in all its shades- read and influenced by western philosophers- disconnected with the pre invaded india – so fascism is the only terminology they can use

  30. Ye bhaand naachne gaane waalo kee zamaat…ye tuccha aaj Bharat mei khaa pee rahaa hai..or PM jaisey vishwa neta ko fascist boltaa hai..iskee aukaat sirf naachna or gaana hai..abey bhaandgiri kar…bakwaas nahee…Modi hi ko honaa hee chahiye Fascist..in jaiso ke to dandaa chadaa denaa chahiye..Bharat acha nahee to nikal be 57 islamic desh mei..kar uthak baithak 5 baar usney roka hai..an Bharat mei nahee chalega…chal foot jihadi

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