Is the Defense of Marriage Act Constitutional?

maggie gallagher the co-founder an immediate past
president of the board of the national organization for marriage nation for
marriage dot org is the website is online for us this is a basically
anti-gay marriage group the maggie or a pro st mary’s group i’m not sure how you
describe yourself only i’d like to use a temporal marriage
prepared traditional marriage as i get something people up effect well i don’t mean traditional marriage
because that would be polygamy right y-axis never been traditional in this
country idea might lie i’m i’m an american my
condition might enter the traditional and with you can’t see your your idea of
how we should define our laws goes back two hundred years uh… yet like that but if you are
african-american two hundred years ago you couldn’t marry at all because your master he would give credit
to your prepaid but not if you are in play they won’t let me know system uh… rather than going down there and that’s
coming up but both politically that any number of slavery on the senate uh… north carolina i think that i
don’t know if carolinas amendment one would establish marriage between a man
and woman is the only legalized really recognize union in the state there is a
lot of concerned that what this will do is say that the domestic violence laws which don’t which recognize any
relationship a partnership but don’t require legal marriage that those laws will be
com unenforceable uh… at i think that i i think that they’re monitoring program and other
people may become clear that they said that it became a m before that you can
imagine effect than the compton different
company management none of those tactics have come true i
mean i think what will happen to any defined managing your competition
antoinette and one woman and my chief inc not having to imagine horrible now i think that’s a real issue here well
and and that the other thing that concerns me is a high i don’t see how it was i’ve been married
for you know almost forty years i don’t see how somebody who is gay getting married is
going to change my marriage at all or for that matter
anybody’s around me and i don’t understand why anybody would
be obsessed with this issue and now we have these uh… four
separate studies coming out of germany and one out of the university of essex
into in the united states uh… that show that on average the
people who are the most homophobic who are the most aggressive about trying to
do that i gaze their rights are themselves repressed gains and i’m curious to know you attracted to
people the same sex uh… very attracted people sent back but that’s not factually high you know i i i i product that he
had been needing a pair of course had nothing to do with it with the marriage
issue and it went idea met ended with the
fatty amend um… so i don’t think they’re relevant to me something people and there was a kid i
really hate comparably and i usually appear to be there evacuated psychology i think that the
people who are doing and i’m out of liberal impresses later
cited as an issue americano some help somebody could care about x important bit marriages do you have
had their wife because it’s a wonder social institution
that represent the ideal the company mothers and fathers and have a tactic to get at this some
secret dark having returned point but merely that it might lead and yet when
you look at the science in this maggie what packwood children really need is
loving parents and some guys even just loving parent the child with the indian raised by
single parents better off than child his reason for us to care or child is raising an institution and
that a child raised in a gay family is just as well in just a damn hold him
just as likely or unlikely to grow up to be gay as a child raised industry family if there’s this notice ac now actually don’t think we know that
scientifically book on the one thing we do now from and again i think children can be raped well in
all can reform i’m not surprised to learn that they are gay parents it a
good parent i’m not prepared to take away anyone
child uh… well i think it’s generally a rare appearance heidi but the ideal
the idea that this something special about bringing together the man in the
woman who makes the baby and that they love each other and the
baby shoot at us for high end of the marriage
idea i think i think update the uh… this tiny you know and i actually have a
look at that at i’ve actually read fifty betty thandi parenting bush there is not a single one of them
that look at children baked humbert i think that couple based on fine-tooth comb probability sample
nationally representative data and polished enter adulthood and compare
them to other familypoint well they’ve only been telling these stories for like
fifteen years i mean you haven’t had out demerit d gay couples adopting kids for
more than fifteen or twenty years but the studies that have been done to
show off as you know if you just in a hotel lotte caveats around that let me
make this point though if i may maggie bulky well they have this within iraq each
other and i a m i don’t know how hard i know it’s it’s
fine again gay couples who want to have children have to work etc straight couples who want to have
children do so accidentally more often than not
and so you’ve got a lot of kids in straight families who really were wanted whereas in gay families you’ve got kids who were more almost always wanted does that makes sense that and when a
couple has to work to have a child or to adopt a child that that couple is going
to work harder at being parents and be better parents shouldn’t we be
encouraging gay marriage so that gays connect him to raise kids in in a way
that really committed as opposed to straight
couples who just you know have saxon well i a m pragma no sorry about that i
i i have to respond to keeping could be going different directions the fact that they are prohibited
absolutely no evidence again that you can have any effect on children and a
family that all i really has a little effect protracted and i’m not that
because it is true that if one of the parents are both the parents die what
happens to the kid with it what you know there with the
time comes out here she was gonna say who’s going to make medical decisions i
mean this all athletes truly blessed when i went down that if they gave
parent who relied on gay marriage to protect their children it making me
think you really need to go to adoption because it’ll be recognized in all
people i know i’m assuming a dash internationally unassuming adoption but
if there are there are also that now i know that sounds as well as if they were at the state and federal level that use
the word marriage work you’ve done a bit related parental relationship many of
the related parental minutes away that the other thing i want a fake it
could be wanted i wanted to let american banks before you move on is not buried
as the biological parent or the adoptive parents and the other parent isn’t and there it’s a gay couple and they’re
not married that second that second partner is not entitled to do that trial he can
make sure that that that candidate bill they should not depend on it and is there any gay people if we need to
know the only way to protect your current
alright if you go to the product that process deduction profits which is how we
transfer right but by a lot to have people who are not larry cannot both
adopt the same child buddy at actually planning a number in
unit that not true admit that i would be however we are repairman uh… america has a but what north
carolina just lancelot bated breath why not just you don’t believe you got
people who are born game why not just let them get married like everybody else barkat that i want to get married and i
want mary i mean game and there are a waiting for it because it’s not marriage you’re missing
my point that nike it’s not religious it’s not
marry talking to some churches now it’s not magic or adding to the
crate cropped cultural human understanding i what marriage yet and wanted or which
is deeply rooted in the reality you pointed out you know how wheatley we need to crush the reputation
called marriage extracted to bringing together men and women to protect their
children yes has really nothing to do with their
relationship doesn’t have to be our men and women into the men and men ever to
be women and women that they’d need to have those legal protections to protect
their children and each other and i go back to the and that they will
any canister picket ensure we have a minute popular women that i get one say it doesn’t work
for i’ve had for sexual denied in part suppressed comic book of a puppet
republican hope the it doesn’t matter whether child
wanted if you are a any love each other and your and you
have a child ninety tonight someone will be protected
right that this is an adolescent bunches if if than the skin that maggie and
patty about you know marriage doesn’t and of itself nineteen
manikins we remove that that uh… or this website banking

20 Replies to “Is the Defense of Marriage Act Constitutional?”

  1. I give Thom credit. I would not be able carry on a civil conversation with Maggie Gallagher. She is possibly one of the sleaziest hucksters in the anti-marriage movement.

  2. Fidelity of the mother and father has NOTHING to do with gay marrage.

    This woman and many others like her somehow think that legislating marriage will somehow produce more people who wish to be loving parents.

    It's a completely idiotic notion….

  3. "Traditional" marriage used to be between a woman and a man of the same "race." In 1967 the Supreme Court deemed laws against "interracial" marriage unconstitutional. Laws against same-sex marriage are next.
    Maggie Gallagher has no right to define what marriage is or should be except when it comes to her own marriage.

  4. Either take away all legal benefits of being married, or create a "domestic partnership" with all the same legal benefits and let the crazies pretend their word is special. (And make nerds everywhere sad that we have two bodies of identical law but with s/marriage/domestic partnership/g.)

  5. Time and time again we hear the romantic words like "protecting marriage", and "children need a mother and father" or "you need a man and woman to marry to create the next generation"…From my perspective as a gay married man, I need examples of how MY marriage is affecting any of those "situations".

  6. Marriage was a financial contract of female slavery. Wives & their offspring were the property of their husbands. This was solidified by the Roman Empire & carried over into "modern society" by the Roman Catholic Church. Nothing changed until the women's Civil Rights movements began in America, England & Europe. Maybe we should give the religious zealots their word "marriage" & simply change the laws so that those of any sexual orientation joined in love have the same present legal rights.

  7. This HAS to be performance art. There's NO WAY she can be serious. She's either a really committed artist, or suffering from untreated mental illness.

  8. they make good points, but i believe the main point is that how does gay marriage affect others? how does it really affect the constitution of marriage already established? it doesnt.

  9. Gay marriage is not the only way to secure the parents ability to make medical decisions for the adopted child. one can make equally bad remarks on Thoms attitude and ignorance to recognize that there are other avenues to approach protecting a guardians rights to make medical choices for the adopted child.

  10. So I guess you're a heterophobe? Pray tell us, can we call sex between men 'vaginal sex'? You, like most heterophobes, argue for the change to the meaning of marriage. So you will never acknowledge that even if we agreed to call same-sex partnerships 'marriage', that does not make it marriage, which is what Gallagher was trying to explain but you wouldn't permit her the chance to do so in your amateur efforts to portray her as a homophobe.

  11. Gay people are not being denied access to the institution of marriage. They simply have to find someone of the opposite sex to marry like everyone else. Society has an interest in children being produced, and raised without being a burden on society or becoming the responsibility of the state (read tax payer). In other words traditional heterosexual marriage. No amount of homosexual sex has the expectation of making a baby. Therefore why should society allow them to marry?

  12. Marriage is not explicitly about popping out babies 😉
    It's about the love two human beings share for one another and making that love a legally recognized relationship.

    Just a thought…

  13. Foes of same sex marriage are using scare tactics to frighten their gullible followers into thinking that equal rights for gay people will threaten heterosexual marriage.

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