Iran: Alleged CIA Spy to Be Executed – Judiciary Spokesperson

“In recent days, two other CIA spies who were working under the cover of a charity foundation have been identified and have been sentenced.” “Amir Rahimpour was one of the spies who was arrested before. He was a CIA’s spy and had an affiliation with this spy organization and received big sums of money as his wage and tried to provide the US intelligence service with nuclear information. He was also identified and was sentenced to death.” “Regarding internal activities and espionage, [our] alertness and influence have luckily led to US’s and other countries especially Israeli’s spies to be identified, arrested, sentenced and punished. I announced before, in some sessions, that how many spies we arrested, especially [those arrested] last year which was made a strong impact on the US’s intelligence service. But what I am saying today is that in addition to its intelligence influence, the establishment takes firm measures.”

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