100 Replies to “Ingraham: Dr. Frankenstein, meet your monster”

  1. Taking a poll on how long before the DNC waits before Bernie ends up with a 9mm heart attack like Seth Rich. Thumbs up if you think within 90 days before the November elections.

  2. Hasn't any of these people who want "free stuff " ever heard of working for what you want? Work harder, earn more, buy more but if you don't want to work, no "freebies "! My second vote goes to President Trump 🇺🇸

  3. Laura, get a grip. Sanders is just a standard-issue social democrat, European type. It's not the end of the world. Sheesh.

  4. As a European, when I hear someone speaking with a New York accent, I always hear a 'wiseguy' talking…

  5. Who remembers: In an election campaign it was said Humphrey is a camel. I say Sanders is the biggest camel.

  6. Never mind the red under the bed hes sleeping beside you now no more hideing, and if you look into the crystal ball of future who the future red going to be more over how radical will they be , i dont think the dems have got any lower in history than now very sad ,very sad indeed

  7. The msm gave cover to the dems. The dems accepted openly that there was nothing wrong in their eyes that the separation between the two had been openly celebrated. Well as long as no dems. Come forward to condemn the chumminess they will continue to lose. Trump did the one thing that others were afraid to do. Point out the fuckery of the msm and let them keep doing what they have always done.

  8. Until we abolish the unconstitutional practice of public funding of "education", we will continue to be a socialist country.

  9. NEVER TRUST ANYONE THAT PROMISES YOU "FREE STUFF". There's ALWAYS a price and there's ALWAYS something else involved that they're not telling you.

    Bernie Sanders is behaving like a con-artist. And I know a LOT about con-artists.

  10. Some people and some college kids are easy to fool by democrats bull ,we see it everyday, ask questions to this kind of people and by their answers you'll know how dumb they have become

  11. The term racism was invented by Marxist to exploit minorities. They've been playing this strategy for years throughout the world.

  12. I worked with a Ukrainian and a Cuban. They have a "different" viewpoint of the glories of Socialism and Marxist

  13. Rainbow socialism a seed from the Diversity tree.
    Its been growing for 25 yrs. Now it bares fruit filled with millions more seeds.

  14. “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” ~ Thomas Jefferson.

  15. ^ THIS!
    THIS is EXACTLY why there is no way I could ever support the left. THEY always create their own problems to cry about. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Too bad they can't look beyond the tip of their noses.

  16. Did that lady say she thought the real winner last night was Putin? Not only was he Not even up there oh my God! He lives in another country & is President over thereTHERE.
    the Dems have lost it.😭😂🤣😅

  17. You need to go to an old folks home quickly before you lose the rest of your faculties!💀👍 and please drop AOC off at the mental hospital across the border..!💥🙏

  18. Sanders is the result of the poor leadership of the last 40 years, the politicians sold democracy to the highest bidder and betrayed the voters, they allowed our freedom to be sold to big tech, our health to big pharma, our vitality to big food, our minds to big Ed, our wealth to asset managers and Hedge funds, they have nothing left to steal from us. Most people who are born poor will now stay poor, the ability to work yourself out of poverty is so difficult now when they charge 80 grand for your education, an education that will enrich the corporations and the state far more than it will you. Sanders is he the best person? I doubt it, but changes are needed like never before, people are pissed and unless the System wakes up and levels up the playing field someone like Bernie maybe a real communist will come along and change things too far.

  19. Uncle Bernie won't remember what happened last night. The old turd has one foot in the grave and the other foot is filling it in.

  20. I am a Canadian who is tired of being ground under the boot of liberal fascism. Because i made good choices in life and worked hard to succeed i now pay around 60 percent in taxes. Mesnwhile the lazy slobs who do nothing but collect welfare and live in their parents basements demand more of my tax dollars.

  21. Sanders is amazing . He truly knows every trick to make his audience feel miserable, alone and disenfranchised in our country. He individualizes all who listens with emotional pandering to each persons weakness or desire. His followers are societal rejects or pity seekers looking to blame America for their individual failures.

  22. I will lay odds that 'A brave new world,' and George Orwells, '1984,' are no longer required reading in high school.

  23. All these college "professors" who keep indoctrinating their students need to be stopped and made to understand that their job is to teach these young minds and not indoctrinate them with their stupidity and jaded views of our country.

  24. That preacher you showed absolutely HATES white people , there were videos of him saying how white people are the down fall of society and need to be stopped.

  25. Bernie followers are either soo young & uninformed or are on drugs! This is getting scary.😠🇺🇸🦅

  26. If you're saying that they're voting for Bern because he's the ONLY NON-DEM choice…I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Can't be anything but a vote AGAINST their people, their policies, and their Actions. Just their activities re: the US-MX border…would be enuf to make me RUN to anybody who ISN'T THEM!!! IN SELF-DEFENSE!!!

  27. RUMOURS have it the the virus is an attempt to cancel the Presidential election and keep Trump in office indefinitely…

  28. Let us not forget that Good Ole Bern got a $250M mansion for throwing his support to HRC after he lost to her in the [extremely manipulated!!!] Dem primaries. He would only have gotten $200k for each year in the WH???!!! So IMO: he got a BIG WIN (and WELL PAID!!!) from HRC to not argue with her over that one!!!

  29. never underestimate the stupidity of FAKE NEWS FOX or its' fans, absolutely unbelievable that any sentient being could find this drivel worth watching much less believe it

  30. We may avoid this with one more Trump term. But the children that vote the future of this country whose schools have been relegated to such poisonous teaching will be stuck forever with an authoritarian regime that will take away freedom, prosperity, and liberty never to return.

  31. If Bernie or AOC are ever elected, there will be a 2nd civil war in this country. They sell Nordic socialism but at heart they are Communists. And the Nordic model is not that great. Western Europe is being destroyed by globalism/mass migration right now.

  32. Laura men and women cannot live together any more. We need to give men 30 states and give women 20 states. You know it is over. God help us all.

  33. Democrat Evil embraced slavery as their way of being Brutal Masters over the weak minded.
    Nothing has changed the DNC to this very day ! –
    The rebirth of Fidel Castro's Empire. Cuba's rebirth must die along with Bernie !

  34. Does CNN pick the most foolish people they can find .Their comments are so stupid and are so full of crap…

  35. Bernie can not possibly believe the garbage that is coming out of his own mouth but he is hoping you do…

  36. Eh.. Churchill wasn't in charge when France fell, it was Neville chamberlain, that dude thought he was so smart hahaha, but yea the leftist's are crazy and it's hilarious to see them eat each other

  37. I love this Cuba literacy program. It's great to know how to read when you don't have anything to eat or a job.

  38. its sad the decloine of America EVEN with the republicans holding senate- because the intellectual elite/ teaching fraternity are overwhelmingly sick liberals spreading their disease. The real swamp is teaching your kids America!

  39. Don't assume that Trump has the reelection in the bag. The same press who hate Sanders and those who say that he can't win also said that Trump couldn't win either.

  40. Brainless simpletons are the Democratic voters, unbelievable how thick these humans are,so stuffing dumb!!!

  41. If Bernie believes so much in socialism, why did he leave the Kibutz? That would have been his ideal societal construct yet he returned to the US. Hmmm. Perhaps he didn't like that structure because he was not in charge and was being told what he could and could not do. Now that he has moved closer to the top, he would be in a position to make the rules. I think he is a hypocrite deep down.

  42. Bernie is wrong…the first thing Castro did once he took office was to shoot 60000 bureaucrats and Che was tasked with getting it done…careful what you wish for

  43. Laura Anne
    You need look at the zip codes of his supporters… he a two faced bastards and will never get a POTUS job, period!
    What a waist of time to watch Fantasy at is worst!

  44. Even if we took all the money from the top 10 or 15 billionaires in the country and divided it 325 million ways (lowball estimate for the US popupation), wed all only get a few thousand dollars each, and then not be able to do it again.

  45. If you think this nation is rotten from its founding, GET OUT. Why stay if it's so awful?

    Real Americans would be very happy to pay for your ONE-WAY ticket if you (1) relinquish your citizenship and (2) never come back again. Go hate us from somewhere else, we're tired of it.

  46. The USA is a socialist nation. It has been since JFK. And yes citizens have lost freedoms since JFK started initializing socialism, However that does not give republicans the right to lie and talk as if we are not a socialist nation.

  47. This is a direct result of the communist teacher's unions' stranglehold on American education. All of the parents, who paid no attention to what their children were learning in the communist indoctrination centers that are the State owned schools, are at fault for what their children have become. America now has millions of communist true believers seeded throughout her cities and towns. The communist controlled "news" media carefully conceals that fact from the rest of the American people. Good luck, America. Even with your election of President Trump, your freedom and your Constitution are hanging from a slender thread over the bottomless pit and your parachute was packed by a communist agent.

  48. Come on Bernie you frigging idiot it was an indoctrination program just like every other Communist country did. I f you resisted they put you in a prison, gulag or shot you.

  49. Bernie: "I wrote a best-selling book.If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too."

    That doesn't sound like socialism to me.

  50. Every policy democrat have employed over the last decade or more has been about short term gains over long term stability. Worst among this is their open borders push.

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