100 Replies to “House Judiciary Committee Announces Next Impeachment Hearing | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. Trump is the most real president we have ever had
    He's what we need .we dont need the same corrupt government we have had for way to long. He's a breath of fresh air. He is the one of us.

  2. The impeachment gambit has failed and they cant stop because they will look like total losers this is going to be hilarious. What a train wreck all they can do now is rearrange the deck chairs on there sinking 2020 election ship .

  3. Trump 2020 amigos. Democrats should pay back the American people who they wasted their time and money. And still come up short. Idiots.

  4. The big%gest scandal of the worst kind – 100% partisan bias behavior from the Democrats. If there is nobody else on the other side who agrees with you – then it's WRONG. It is simple, We hate one sided attacks over obviously, according to even the public, nonsense matters. The BAD people are therefore the Dems to keep up this circus. It's not even entertaining anymore. Shut up and vote in 2020 for your best loser and get back to passing bills damnit!

  5. Devin Nunes needs to recuse himself. Of course we know he won't. It's beginning to seem as if the entire Republican party is trying to destroy our constitutional democracy. It's amazing. But frightening.

  6. It's not "see if the courts move quickly and do the Democrats a favor on this". The courts need to move quickly to save our democracy. Period.

  7. Monday's evening news stories were insane. The Lev Parnas tapes story, tbe Rudy sdny financial history story including money laundering, the Navy firing, the Nunes accusations, the judge ordering McGahn to testify….a crazy day. Maybe stuffing us since it's gonna be a long weekend….

  8. Why doesn't Jerry Nadler investigate the real quid pro quo that Biden committed instead of waisting time on hearsay and the fact you have nothing substantial as evidence to impeach Trump? Tell you what; why don't you give me 1.5 billion dollars without any investigation. I'm a cool guy just ask me? I deserve the money because I am me. MSNBC You are corrupt and your news is nothing short of pre school antics.

  9. This is perfect!!!! Independents move away as the impeachment continues, Democrats in red districts are crapping themselves, the front-runners (save Biden) will be off the campaign trail if it makes it to the Senate, the DNC is broke, and this will destroy Biden (though hes doing well enough on his own), Trump and the RNC's fundraising are breaking records, and it looks like the House will swing back to the GOP next year.

    This could not have worked out any better for Trump. 🙂

  10. The Justice system is actually a huge part of the problem here, taking decisions months after the testimonies are needed is the same as allowing the WH to block them….

  11. So when President Trump gets reelected, MS NBC will do the same thing it will be a nonstop smear campaign for another four years I just hope the ratings Drop so bad that it wiped them out.

  12. Since these supposed 'whistleblowers' are not really 'whistleblowers' but biased political activists who could be anyone including an 'invention' of 'Schiff' – the 'accused' should be afforded due process to confront and cross examine any knowingly false testimony. It's time for this seditious nonsense to cease and desist! No – there is no 'special immunity' for false witnesses. I mean how stupid are we supposed to be? Anyone can be declared as a 'whistleblower' (as a false witness – a made up story) and the burden of proof is placed on the falsely accused while the 'whistleblower' is given judicial immunity? Give me a break!

  13. Dreamers: What happens if Trump actually gets Impeached? After the celebration on only CNN – What happens after that? Have you thought of the 63,000,000 people who like Trump and are among your neighbors and co-workers? What would the market do? What foreign countries would react and how? Is Pence the better alternative? How about stop living in the present and look at the future bigger picture. Is Schiff a hero or a menace?

  14. I'm not a trump fan but I will say this who is going to pay for this 40 or 50 million dollar joke. Who's going to pay for it also all the money being sent these foreign countries and they don't care nothing about us they need to recoup their money somebody's getting screwed it's the taxpayers the taxpayers getting screwed from both sides of the aisle merry Christmas and happy holiday.

  15. And the fake news media & the Democrats impeachment CIRCUS….continuation ,nobody with a normal IQ will pay attention to it anymore

  16. You deluded dimwits are pathetic spoon fed lot. Led down the garden path by a bunch of treasonous corrupt Democrats.

  17. heres whats ACTUALLY happening…..Democratic senators are now backing away from impeachment because they are afraid they are losing support in their states. The impeachment has failed and now the moderate Dems are trying to jump ship before they get taken down with it. This whole thing just backfired in their face real f'n bad. If you don't believe me, check the polls: Independent support for Trump has increased 10% in the past 2 weeks and latin and black support has polled as high as 25-36% from reputable sources.

  18. The impeachment process can be stalled or hastened by decisions on either side, but suspicions cannot be delayed and anger cannot be denied.

    No crime is without a potential justice. Even if there is no conviction, a truly guilty person is still under a cloud of suspicion and thus a cloud of fear and thus will be viewed like a risk that must be watched – watched like troubled people watch for signs of a twister or a tsunami or a wildfire.

    Stalling an investigation until court decisions are rendered doesn't make a crime go away. It merely delays the accounting of it. It delays the administration of justice
    And by obstructing the flow of justice, Trump risks our nation and our future. The swamp is writhing within and it will be constrained completely or will burst out. That is our present situation. As Karl Rove liked to say: It is what it is.

  19. All you need to do is watch this very short video to understand the truth about how the Impeachment started…https://youtu.be/UXA–dj2-CY

  20. So since this is going on it’s pretty much an impeachment and trump is being kicked out of the White House soon? Or just being removed from being able to run for re-election?

  21. One day a morning show host on this channel made the following claim It is our job in the media to dictate What the people see and perceive as the truth and news My question is Where do the people go to get real news after we find out media has lied to us Who shall we trust if we can't trust our news sources And our media to give us the truth not some Spin Doctors version of the truth Or the truth as we tell it to you

  22. Just like 2016 Trump wants foriegn interference to steal the election! Subpoenas not answered contract to house the overprivelaged in Washington DC jails bet they cry then!

  23. As I read House Judiciary the question occurred to me that with so many lawyers involved on both sides, as congress members & counsel, how could they be arguing so righteously for their side and the other side is so wrong and they went to law schools that taught the same thing, who, of these mainly men, didn't learn that being a lawyer should be a noble profession?

  24. A very good question is and which needs to be answered is????
    Did any of the republicans on the Impeachment hearing travel to Russian with trump?????
    Which would shed light as to why they are backing putin's propaganda which only TRAITORS would do.

  25. Maghan and Bolton should be going out of their way to speak to the house …and stop acting like some scary punks .,,

  26. So we're just going to ignore this is all based on gossip and opinion?
    It's gonna be funny when the whistle blower/star witness has to admit he didn't actually witness anything

  27. Trump and his supporters are screwed. Trying to use all defenses possible at once😂😂
    1. No there was no quid pro quo,
    2. Yes there was Quid pro quo, but not an illegal one,
    3. President and their team is too incohorent (stupid) to do a quid pro quo – Lindsey Graham
    4 we want to know what's going on and what witnesses are saying
    5. (Now transcripts of testimonies are being published) I'm not going to read it. Process is tainted
    6. Whistleblower has secondhand info. Not reliable.
    7. We want whistleblower to testify
    8. This is sham. We should have public testimonies
    9. Why are we having public testimonies?
    10. But, but, but…. Hillary, Obama, Hillary, Obama, Hillary, Obama……😂😅
    11. And many more to fit in 1 comment
    Time to impeach Trump.
    Impeach! Remove!! Indict!!!

  28. Stupid people wasting time you ain’t gonna impeach trump. Y’all didn’t try and impeach Obama Because he was a democrat and you liked what he did. I hope we don’t get a stupid democratic president that try’s to take our guns. Obviously democrats don’t want to follow the 2nd amendment that says we have the right to bear arms

  29. Traitor Trump should be Impeached for the mass abduction and terrorizing of Children and Babies, as well as the gross abuse and neglect of them and the adults – that is a Crime against Humanity. I'm not sure what section that would fall in, but there is a part of the Constitution that talks about the President must maintain the trust of the people. Mass Child Abductors do not maintain the trust of the people. I saw 1 quick blurb that said it was over 70,000 kids. No other reporting on it. Everyone just moves on! 👿

  30. FISA corruption This is going No Where. It is designed to placate Pelosi radical left base. He hasn't been impeached, he isn't going to be impeached. Pelosi likes to throw the word around but it's a nothing burger. It will get stopped in the republican controlled senate if it even gets that far. What Pelosi is trying to do is get out in front of what's really going to happen and that is indictments when Attorney General Barr releases the report on the FISA corruption. Start the popcorn.god bless trump and god bless america✝️ FISA corruption✝️✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💞💞❤️👍


  32. If he is guilty as sin, charge him.
    Sounds like none in the press know what they are talking about.
    The law is the law, remember OJ walked away as a free man.

  33. Most of these comments reveal there is no shortages of idiots. Get a life and quit trying to unseat a duly elected President. When you look at all that he has accomplished one has to wonder what could have been done if he didn't have to spend all his time dealing with this stupidity. As Ron White says : you can't fix stupid".

  34. YET ANOTHER WITCH HUNT. DISGUSTING DEMOCRATS Haven’t You DAMAGED Our Country Enough?? Try doing your job and govern for the good of our country instead of hating on the president. $30+ million tax dollars and over two years wasted chasing a fraudulent Russia Collusion hoax with great harm internationally to our country. Now, dems & liberal media are wasting tax $$ hunting for a different made up crime for their impeachment fantasy. 2020 – Register & Vote The Dishonest Obstructionist Democrat Party Out!

  35. Nadler can't win. PSSN (Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler) are costing the White House, Senate, and the House. Go you stupid Dems.

  36. Breaking news:
    Shift says he will not testify in the Senate, because “only the witnesses from the secret basement are relevant”.

  37. Are you people actually expecting disgusting Nadler to do anything except conduct another farcical embarrassment of a hearing?

  38. Hey Congress if you guys want trump to release those phone calls he had with Putin. Cut a deal with the krimlin . Simple but treasonous.

  39. Started with Hillary getting the debate questions prior to the debate. Continued when Trump asked on live TV for help finding her Deleted Emails and got some, meanwhile Obama's Biden goes to Ukraine. Somehow a Dossier full of made up lies (paid for by DNP) on Trump departs Ukraine and ends up in Comey's hands. Comey takes that verified trash to FISA – gets warrant to Spy on Trump – oh, and by the way Hunter uses the internet to find an energy company in Ukraine, Oh, it's ologard Barisma, and "presto" he's an instant Millionaire. Why? Just shut up – the Obama people checked it out – it's fine – and don't bring that subject up again ….ever.

    The events look fishy because THEY ARE. Stopping Trump or trying to apply some irrelevant to the subject at hand constitution clause as the means to disrupt Trumps Presidential Duties WILL NOT WORK. The Tribe Has Spoken. Gather your Torch – Put it Out – and leave now.

  40. Happy impeachment trump enjoy your Xmas gift Rudy as one in the safe to😜🤣🤣it's call insurance he's no Cohen taken you down with him

  41. The hollywood wax works security is slipping, they have issued a statement. Warning our uncle fester exhibit (nadler)has escaped again and is roaming on the loose.

  42. Second part of the Laurel and Hardy hearings. Demoncraps have NOTHING!
    Back in the clown car , you criminals, the cliff is close by and you're driving that way. I hope you can fly. Checkmate.
    Interesting that Schiff has business dealings with Ukraine, has taken campaign donations from them and two members of his team worked for the atlantic Council, who is supported by Burisma and the Clinton foundation. Why didn't he recuse himself, Conflict of interest. Lock him up. The criminality continues. And to all you snowflakes out there, read the transcript.

  43. Y'all are a bunch of idiots. Useful idiots that can't think for themselves. Congrats… You'll be nothing more than cannon fodder for the next civil war.

  44. Nadler still stuffing himself with turkey. The clown show will continue meanwhile 150 lbs of cocaine and 250 Illegal aliens just crossed the southern border. Worthless Congress.

  45. Hilarious you know nothing CNN getting a bunch of maroons giving their feelings again BORING. If the filthy Clinton's couldn't dig up anything nobody can. JOKE

  46. The Dems are pushing for WW3, and that's exactly what will happen if our dully elected President becomes impeached! Bet on it!!

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