100 Replies to “House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Hill & Hale Testimony”

  1. I might be high but look at us humans. Chatting in comments and cracking jokes and being politically annoying all over the internet instantaneously from anywhere in the world. And now it’s about impeach

  2. To listen to Rep Stewart (R-OH) state that this has all come about because we hate the president is ludicrous. To listen to him say that we are not saddened by this, but are instead gleeful about it, it absolutely ridiculous! Hate is not my rhetoric. It's not the base from which I, and many like us speak. I am certainly NOT gleeful about this. Not at all, because as our foreign diplomatic corps of incredible people remind us, this is NOT something we should or do want because it is an undermining of the very base of democracy. I want to say that although I DID NOT vote for Trump and WAS NOT happy that he was elected, I, and millions of folks just like me figured we'd just give him a chance and see what he would do. THAT is where so many of us tried to remain against mounting evidence that this man is sociopathic with everything that implies to all spheres. We KNOW THIS, not from testimony of partisan and non-partisan people. It's not from news reports that we've reached this conclusion. We KNOW THIS as a result of the DIRECT COMMENTS AND ACTIONS of Donald J Trump on live television. THAT IS OUR EVIDENCE. And it is compounded with interest every time President Trump opens his mouth and tweets. So let us VOTE HIM OUT. Of course, we must abolish the electoral college first and elect our officials based on popular vote.

  3. The Democrats in the comments are just mad that the Republicans are winning and they are going to continue to win and all the dems can do is call names and hate.

  4. Idek why y'all pay attention to this. God's Will is gonna be God's Will. Enjoy the ride dammit. Your comments don't mean nothing. ITS YOUR NOT YOU'RE when you're speaking about someone's beliefs. YOU'RE MEANS YOU ARE! Freaking America. Smh

  5. Devine Nunes is a national disgrace and embarrassment. Unbelievably corrupt, just like tRump. A practitioner of "The Big Lie" theory.

    Republicans are really trying to normalize corruption and criminal behavior by American government officials, and in our highest office.

    Never thought this could happen in America. SMH

  6. Lady at 3:19 is not making any sense, the impeachment is going on because the president has done something wrong. There are many people who have gone to and are going to prison because of his dealings with crooked and immoral people and their actions.

  7. Devin shining light on the darkness of American politics! Including the Republicans! Hillary, dirty deeds done dirt cheap!

  8. The look on the lady’s face sitting behind Rep. Swalwell when he brought up Nunes working with Lev Parnas was priceless. She gave Nunes that, Yes, YOU GOT CAUGHT DUMMY” look. Nunes should recuse himself from the Intelligence Committee and find himself a good lawyer. Swampy crooks are running our government…what a crying shame.

  9. Hay you guys at the CIA! I bet you're laughing your brains out! You stupid f******! You like the wicked witch of the West!

  10. Fiona is my kinda people strong honest and extremely intelligent, calm and cool but doesn’t take any sh. Thank you so much Mr Holmes direct evidence …awesome!

  11. GPS was originally hired by a Republican to investigate Douche bag Drumpf. The DNC took it over after. Jordan completely misrepresented the contents of the Mueller Report. I've read it several times so I know. He also doesn't ask any relevant questions. He just spews diarrhea out of his mouth.

  12. Adam Schiffs closing statement… it should go down in history, that was so powerful, it literally had me shaking. Adam Schiff, the way you compose and carry yourself, the way you don't let other members in the committee rope you into their stupid schoolyard games. You'll never see this but I want you to know that you are a hero who speaks for right when wrong is so normal now. Thank you for doing this, thank you for not backing down, you are a true patriot.

  13. @Popeyes .. just endorse Dr. Fiona Hill and I promise ALL your problems would be over with..😬 #EverybodysGettingSpanked

  14. You guys have been trying to have him impeached and his reputation tarnished since the day after he was elected, literally. It’s not gonna work, he isn’t going anywhere for the next 5 years 😉

  15. Nunez Sound's like Trump, who hasn't got caught yet, just before he gets caught he throws his people under the bus, Trump Will throw Guilliane under the Bus, hide and Watch!

  16. The dissolution of America right before our eyes. Bye bye America. We will celebrate the gifts you have left us. All empires eventually crumble to dust.

  17. Fox News: This whole impeachment thing is boring, no one is interested

    Strange these hearings that are almost as long as a full shift at work have been trending all week 🤔

  18. dont you all listen? Nunes @54:40 activated the RARE Clause 2(j)(1) of House Rule XI – Schitt forgot about this. (R)'s get one WHOLE day of THEIR witnesses.. [here] comes the PAIN

  19. I was raise by folks who were raised with the idea…loose lips sink ships…that a diplomat would have such a convo with my president at war war with our advisory alone disturbs me What our potus extended in his phone call to a new president who leads a new democracy dedicated to freedom…. is a horrendous embarrassment.Had I as an individual in America been placed in such a position by any politician would have pissed me off . Frankly I know my conservative friends would be absolutely livid if a politician treated them the same way Trump regarded Ukraine.

  20. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. -John 3:16
    There's a God who loves you greatly, just as you are right now in all you've done. He would have gone to the cross just for you. Know Jesus, know peace, love and joy.

  21. I think it amazing that the GOP is complaining about fairness when they block everything Obama wanted to do they blocked his supreme Court Justice
    McConnell is still blocking gun control they want to talk about fairness where was the fairnesswhen they give themselves a trillion dollar tax break and say that the companies are going to put it back into the business well they not they're just buying back their own stock so I don't want to hear them tell the American people about how unfair the Democrats are.

  22. The American people's vote means nothing look who's in office we didn't vote for him the outdated needs to be gotten rid of electoral college voted him in proof positive needs to go

  23. can a Boomer please sumerize this video for me? i couldent bother watching the whole thing my attention span dosent go that far.

  24. What a fucking embarrassment Trump has been and is. He will go down easily as the most corrupt president in the 20th century and maybe in all of history. You reap what you sow

  25. Obama was afraid that they will provoke the Russian if they support Ukraine????????? This was the man who was tough on Russia we are told?????? Sad. The Trump they accuse as an agent of Russia sent weapon in Ukraine.

  26. Dang I have.say… I'm grateful to have the opportunity to meet many of those who serve our country behind the scene come forward ….honestly…. genuinely points out our lack of discernment in our choice in whom we elect. Why is Ms Hill a former…she is exactly the kinda person I want working on our country's behalf.

  27. Nunes, as a representative of trump & the entire GOP, is clearly supporting trumps coup to be a dictator. refusal of Oversight is not a thing. this GOP has perverted democracy & unless we impeach it will be changed forever. trump should not be above the law.

  28. I mean what is the GOP going on about..arr they telling a story? Questions that just seem like a shot in t hge dark..i mean what the fuck does the time of the day hav to do with anything…are they just being being nosey about foreign policy…?i mean i honestly dont where tbey are going with this…i mean the size of the delegation? This is your leaders..🤯🤯🤣🤣🤮…its like watching fucken children in class trying to get attention from the teacher..

  29. When I see the thumbnail all I can think of is this quote from Harry Potter “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”
    boom roasted

  30. Seriously the muller report was agers ago how can that be a valid argument.?Trump was under investigation from robert muller…

  31. I could listen to Ms Hill all day – her articulation, strength and intelligence is amazing. The way she is able to state the truth is like a knife… love her! More women like this in power please.

  32. Jesus christ, I fucking hate Devin Nunes so much. Keep mooing for farmer tRump you stupid fuck. And the attack chihuahua gym sock Jordan needs to go from 100 to -10000; he's so fucking obnoxious. All these Republicans just love sucking off tRump and its grotesquely obvious. I hope all of them get voted out, fucking christ.

  33. Holmes is a traitor. out of the whole call, he only heard investigation and ass. I continue to believe that these witnesses are organised by Schiff and they part of the swamp resistance announced by fake whistle blower lawyer " The coup has started". Sorry

  34. I stand amazed at how well the republican party can whine and throw a fit. No mention from any of them regarding the safety of the Ukraine citizens due to trump withholding aid until he had dirt on Biden. The republican party has lost its soul. It is time that their party become lost in history books of a dusty, forgotten library. It is a new day and a new way. I am voting for Bernie. No drama, all work with good results sounds like the better investment of my tax dollars.

  35. Mr Chairman deserves so much respect to what he said during the end. Here is a man, who is defending, not the democratic party, not his colleagues, not his future democratic president, but the people of the USA. This is so rare thesedays. Know this guys worth.

    And also, kudos to Rep. Denny Heck, for saying things as they are. Thank you.

  36. URANIUM 1 trials anyone? Really, this impeachment trial is a cover up for mass media to focus on so we don't even know these other trials are going on. Even C span is playing along. because it sells.

  37. Jordan asked Holmes why Ambassador Taylor didn't bring up the call central to Holmes' testimony during Taylor's testimony. But from what I remember Taylor brought it up,correct? That's why Holmes is here

  38. Who cares about this… What would donald trump do maybe he can buy someone a new car https://www.gofundme.com/f/b7dpc-new-car?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1 please help me

  39. once again the Democrats make big asses of themselves. Something they've been doing so well as of late. the more they dig themselves in the higher Trump's ratings go. As their own ratings fall faster than Bill Clinton's pants

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