31 Replies to “Historic Moment As House Judiciary Debates Articles Of Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. First

    Steps toward either: A) The restoration of this Constitutional Republic and the Rule of Law,
    or B) Trump brand 3rd grade bully style fascism.

  2. Even Nixon ensured his whole cabinet participated in his impeachment hearings, at the very LEAST the GOP should he able to agree on obstruction of congress charges smh

  3. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
    Verse 251:
    Everybody knows obstruction of Congress
    Everybody knows abuse of power
    Everybody knows articles of impeachment
    Everybody knows it is zero hour
    Everybody knows the FBI
    Is being undermined by that Barr wise guy
    Looks like Boss Nass in repose
    Everybody knows

    House Democrats unveil articles of impeachment | ABC News
    Impeachment Light?
    Archive: Impeach Trump
    The Emperor's New Articles of Impeachment
    Trump’s Impeachment Hearing
    William Barr is smart enough to know not to say this | Anderson Cooper
    Former DOJ IG On Attorney General Barr: ‘There’s Never Been Anything Like This’ | Deadline | MSNBC
    Fact-checking Barr’s dispute of inspector general’s report on the FBI, Russia probe
    Harris Asks Horowitz If He Is Concerned About Giuliani's Work In Ukraine | NBC News
    Kamala Harris uses IG hearing to connect the dots between Bill Barr and Giuliani’s corrupt schemes
    Rep. Jim Himes takes down the GOP defense of Trump
    Meeting Boss Nass (1:00)

    Verse 252:
    Everybody knows he welcomed back Sergei
    Everybody knows the Russians shout hooray!
    Everybody knows he’s back in the US
    Back in the US of A
    Everybody knows the IG clarified
    The FBI's Russia probe was justified 
    Trump’s witch hunt explodes
    Everybody knows

    Trump gave Russia’s top envoy a White House meeting. He still hasn’t done that for Ukraine.
    Durham rejects ‘some conclusions’ of Horowitz report

    “This authoritative, objective report completely demolishes President Trump’s false claims and right-wing conspiracy theories that the Russia investigation involved political bias or other improper motive” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal D-Conn. “It explodes President Trump’s fictitious narrative about a ‘witch hunt’ or ‘deep state’ cabal causing a well-founded federal inquiry.”

    Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows (1988) has been described by critics as "bitterly pessimistic" yet funny, or more strongly "a bleak prophecy about the end of the world as we know it.”

    At the 2017 Juno gala dinner, son Adam Cohen recalled that his father "was one of the only people I know, who had the most absurd prediction that anybody in my midst would dare have: he predicted Donald Trump was going to be the president of the United States, which of course made us all laugh hysterically." 

    Leonard Cohen predicted Trump victory, says son 

    Leonard Cohen died November 7, 2016 at age 82— one day before Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election.

  4. Impeachment (if actually happens) will lead to civil war .. MSNBCannibals are attempting to destabilize the USA and are a foreign controlled influence operation … BTw.. I have some news for you idiots in my next post

  5. We are watching every post in here If you are in a foreign country … I feel sorry for you .. Your consulates have been notified of your activities

  6. Democrats are getting on the Trump train,Thank you for impeachment hearing,Can't wait for the case,More vote's for Republicans

  7. Well facts do matter. That's why Trump's being impeached+the Russia investigation was started on legal grounds thus there was no hoax, no deep state, no witch hunt (except a lot of "witches" were found?).

  8. The most deplorable/despicable president in the U.S history…his actions and what he says during his rallies says it all…

  9. If the Republicans get 4 more years they will try the same dishonest Greedy style as Trump no matter if it is Trump or not ( this is already proven ) …. This is not good for the American people or the economy ( what is the point of so few having so much and the many struggling ) Having Billions is pointless…Not to mention the world economy in general… The Democrats can not afford to manage the country outside the rule of law or so blatantly unfair to the every day people … No one can see the future but We have all seen Trump"s unpredictable style no one likes this not you me, small large business banks, or other world leaders . Trump and unfortunately the Republicans are disloyal to there own country.

  10. Put yourself into the GOP’s shoes… this is their last shot. This is all they’ve got. They know that the future will judge them on how hard they resisted, because resistance is all that is left. Their donors are watching how hard they fight. If they wimp out, the money and job opportunities after their tenure evaporate.
    What would you do?

  11. I watched the whole thing as it streamed. All I saw was Republicans projecting, attacking, lying and denial. The Democrats were strong. They held in defense of the constitution and even gave some of their own personal background, while the Republicans tried to belittle them. It was a pathetic attempt on their part.

  12. I think at first, we were all a little shocked to realize just how stupid Dems really are. Now that we know they are not just pretending to be idiots, I don't see how this hoax can go much further. Mitch McConnell wanted to vote on having Dems laughed out of the Senate. That would be a sight.

  13. Facts never mattered to tRump but now the facts do not matter to the Republicans anymore. They are living in an alternative universe opposed to the Constitution. Do not listen to the noise & the lies. Facts Matter!

  14. The Republicans are a bunch of sad patatoes ? they keep saying if this was a court the dems case would be thrown out not even realizing if this was a court they the " lawyer" would be thrown out of court with that behaviour plus probably get fired by their client cause they are not defending the client..
    If this was a court they would probably attack the jury and the judge instead of focusing on the there client.
    There only arguement so far is your honour members of the jury my client is innocent cause you dont like him
    Nevermind the videotapes and papertrails that focus on his conduct ?‍♀️ you cant believe what my client said on the type with his own mouth because you dont like him

  15. The GOP are no different from suicide-bombers at this point.
    If they are going down, then they're going to take the United States down with them.

  16. Mueller report is about Candidate Trump. HOUSE IMPEACHMENT is about kicking criminal potus out of the wh.
    Rep. V. Escobar was AMAZING!

  17. I'm not suggesting this needs to move slower. But if we do apply the Investigation and ensuing impeachment proceedings of Richard Nixon (it's not the same things but IMO it does line up a lot more in nature and substance than with Bill Clinton's impeachment), and general elements of human, tribal psychology and propaganda still work – then one substantial disadvantage the President's accusers, indicters and adjudicators face this time – is indeed the consequeces of urgency. One very significant product, is the lack of wearing down the parrot-defense. When the core tenants are so clear and indisputable, there defense will eventually tire of making up stories, parrot falsehoods and propaganda, and defend the indefensible – and eventually start (re)examining the evidence and testimony for what it is and its genuine merits.

    But getting there, takes a lot of time. And Mr. Trump's defense has had a lot of time to "train" for this without all that much tangible consequence and resistance – somewhat like an immune system but with inherent, individual free will and concience. We'll now learn how hardened their defense of one man above law, order, human decency, morals, ethics, oaths and constitution – really is. Because they're not even defending the Presidency now – just a man in brutal and corrupt defiance of what the office of Presidency is all about.

  18. Our corrupt, criminal, and traitorous president will remain in office due to our corrupt, criminal, and traitorous GOP lawmakers.

  19. They kept it simple and narrow. When he leaves office and the Courts get a hold of him, he cant claim Double Jeopardy. Chess folks, not checkers.

  20. Truth no longer matters, your 1% owners control the senate, the white house and the supreme court. Our Democracy is dead, now back to your Reality TV!

  21. Dishonesty is written in the DNA code of these hidden usurpers. They are so skilled in duplicity that slow minded people have zero chance of seeing through them. That's why the smart people must keep exposing them.

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