100 Replies to “George Conway: I’m ‘Horrified’ And ‘Appalled’ That The GOP Has Come to This | MSNBC”

  1. Respect for George Conway. He's not backing down even though he was basically told to by his wife. He's standing up for what is right and just. Can't say the same for his wife, though.

  2. Its good to see George Conway speak his love of country. He cares. Well, George, l think most Americans care, and feel just as you do. We have been overwhelmed by a complicit evil. Every day. It is appalling stupid .

  3. It's the first time I've seen George speak publicly about the impeachment. (I've read things here and there and gotten he's not a fan of Trump) But this is different. I really see a genuine sadness in his eyes about how far the republican party has wandered off course with Trump at the Helm. I wish there were more republicans Seeing the clear truth as he is.

  4. George Conway and Neil Katyal explain the situation we're in so softly. It's not about the twitter-hammer Trump hits us with to explain his lunacy and criminality.

  5. Seeing George Conway on MSNBC speaking truth to power has given me so much hope that all is not lost in this country. People are so focused on political party totally disregard that our country's reputation, honor, security and democracy are at a great risk. I could hear the hurt in George's voice when he talked about the constitution and what at stake. My heart goes out to him, and greatly appreciate the love that he has for our country. May God bless him and may he never give up fighting for our democracy regardless of which party is in power.

  6. "What would you have done if he (Trump) were a democrat, and argued…"
    Oh, so your saying… What if Trump was part of the Obama, Biden, clinton trio?
    Nothing…and the media would have treated him like a saint!
    The better point is, the Obama, biden, clinton trio (insert fake tear) actually DID worse, than anything Trump is ACUSED of doing!

  7. Wow. There's a distinct sadness about George Conway's countenance. Given what we know about his wife, his comments have a very personal and poignant meaning. Keep the faith, brother. We'll get past Donald Trump eventually.

  8. George…SORRY! If you don't see the fact that the MEDIA made the "russia investigation" about Trump…TRUMP DIDN'T. You are so ignorant of the facts and so pathetic that you allow the MSM to use you as their lacky!

  9. History won't be kind to these GOPs and their legacies. They all act as though they're this traitorous un-American president's defense lawyers. How do they sleep at night, look at themselves in the mirror or their children's in the eye??

  10. Why wasn't he asked abouthis wife who is a key part of this administration and lies constantly and unabashedly why she remains a part of this administration.

  11. Sorry Mr. Conway but the Republican party have always been this way. They have always been self-righteous, sanctimonious and hypocritical duh!

  12. George Conway comes across very likable. He’s passionate about the country and law. I like him. His wife not so much.

  13. “We must especially beware of that small group of selfish men who would clip the wings of the American Eagle in order to feather their own nests.” ~ FDR

  14. This is a Phase Transition. We had it in Germany in 1932-1933. Nobody believed it. The smart ran away, the Sheeple went to the Slaughterhouse…The Fall of the American Empire…

  15. I'll bet the Conways have a really interesting marriage. Not something I would want or seek, but really, Kelly Ann? Really? HOW do these people sleep at night, if not for Ambien?

  16. It seems like what the Republicans want is no senate, no house of reps, no IRS, no taxes, no constitution, no federal government offices whatsoever, with just one Person, Trump as dictator with a giant desk in the White House and of course a military funded by 7 trillion dollars borrowed each year. Then Trump will be a lone dictator.

  17. Most Democrats clearly are wiser and more intelligent and more for the people and the country! I am saying this as an observer from Europe! Very few Republicans are human enough to see the wrong doings, and most are corrupt and selfish and they don't care for people and country!

  18. From Europe: the biggest danger in my opinion is that story you tell yourself about how exceptional you are. So people do not pay attention to what is going on. EVERYBODY IN PUBLIC OFFICE IN EVERY DEMOCRACY TAKES AN OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION ! And no, the US constitution is not considered the best in the world by many studies. The US was not even a full democracy before Trump.

  19. Much respect to George Conway but I have to add that if he's as appalled and horrified as he claims to be, he should have since died of heartbreak, living in the space as his wife, a die-hard Trump supporter and an outright liar, to put things mildly!

  20. Donald J Trump used taxpayers money to bribe the Ukrainian government into investigating Biden. This is a proven fact and bribery is listed in the Constitution as an impeachable offense so Trump has to go. It's pretty simple.

  21. GOP = #GreedyOligarchsParty
    Nothing Grand about it anymore since the billionaires like the Koch's, Mercer, Adelson etc took over the party through the fake grassroots Tea Party insurgency.

  22. If you call George Conway a traitor to the Republican Party you are admitting he is a Patriot to the Country, and you, by default, are a Traitor to the Country..!

  23. Smart guy, but naive…
    Knowing what Trump tried in Ukrain, it's not hard to imagine why he was so stressed about Mueller going after Russian interference
    To say it had been better to let it play out without tweeting and all because it was not about him…is naively avoiding to see the obvious

  24. Trumps new McCarthyism – 2019

    Devin Dunes and Jim Jordan play the role of Joe McCarthy using the Ukraine Conspiracy theory.

    Please notice that todays mainstream does not report the relevent contexts. Trumps new McCarthyism is normalized by the mainstream media.



    REPRESENTATIVE DEVIN NUNES, top Republican on the panel:

    "The Democrats cooperated in Ukrainian election meddling. … Officials showed a surprising lack of interest in the indications of Ukrainian election meddling that deeply concerned the president at whose pleasure they serve."


    THE FACTS: The theory that Ukrainians interfered in the US election and that Democrats cooperated in that effort is unsubstantiated. If US officials showed a lack of interest in pursuing the matter, it's because they considered it "fiction," as one put it.

    Trump himself was told by his officials that the theory was "completely debunked" long before the president pressed Ukraine to investigate it anyway, according to Tom Bossert, Trump's first homeland security adviser. And in testimony at the closed-door hearings that preceded Wednesday's public session, Fiona Hill, former special assistant to Trump on the National Security Council, said it was bogus.

    "It is a fiction that the Ukrainian government was launching an effort to upend our election," Hill testified. "I'm extremely concerned that this is a rabbit hole that we're all going to go down in between now and the 2020 election, and it will be to all of our detriment."

    Broadly, the theory contends that a hack of the Democratic National Committee in 2016 was a setup designed to cast blame on Russia but actually cooked up by or with the help of Ukrainians. But the evidence points conclusively to Russia, not Ukraine.

    Based on a security firm's findings that Russian agents had broken into the Democrats' network and stolen emails, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 members of Russia's military intelligence agency and concluded that their operation sought to help Trump's candidacy, not Hillary Clinton's, as the conspiracy theorists and Trump have it.

  25. Exactly. How could the GOP not accept the situation as it clearly appears, an abuse of power. He has made the US look like a mob crime family. Where are the true patriots?

  26. Conway must be a truly good person. He's still married to Kellyanne.
    He is talking about upholding an "oath" of public office. While amazingly upholding his " vow" .
    What's right is right . This whole debacle is not right for America.
    The sooner trump is out of our White House, the better. I dont want to hear about how" great" things are under trump. Certainly anyone could do an equally poor job, (most likely better) The trump and co. , carnival side show is beneath our nation. The land of the free and the home of the brave . Much of our strength comes from honor . We will not allow our Constitution to come into disregard. I love this country. Do you? Vote blue 2020

  27. Wonder what Lying Kellyanne Conway is going to say about her husband going out on MSNBC and saying what he just said?!?!?!?

  28. I believe Kelly Anne is the leaker who may have wrote the book. Remember that WH side that said he caught her emailing journalists info

  29. George Conway, is thinking about how what Trump and the republican's are doing is going to effect his children and his children, children one day, from years to come. It's real sad! If the republican party don't see how this is going to effect their children and their children, children or maybe they just don't care like Trump.

  30. There is something very wrong with the man occupying the White House. He is not a normal human being. It's so glaringly obvious to everyone except the Republicans surrounding him. The whole thing is really very disturbing.

  31. However, the FACT that Joe Biden, is recorded on TV beating down the Pres. of Ukraine to stop the investigation of Biden's Son. ——- All of you "INNOCENTS" — Have NO PROBLEM WITH BIDEN'S ACTIONS!!!!! ——– Get Ready for a 2020 Meltdown. Donald Trump will be elected for a second term. Your Personal HATRED, doesn't automatically MAKE Pres. Trump Guilty of breaking any LAWS!
    Please explain WHY it was a GOOD THING for Obama to give IRAN – The #1 Sponsor of TERROR — $ 150 Billion dollars!

  32. Where were these people when Obama was attending ‘reverend’ wright’s racist, anti-American church?

  33. Yet hes married to the propaganda relations chief? The promoter of Lies. Children taken from their parents have died, this administration is a gang of racist murderers, Kelly Ann the spokesperson.

  34. One of the last points Conway makes here is the fact that Trump, as Commander In Chief, doesn’t care that Russia attacked our democracy, that’s an impeachable offense.

  35. I can't help but wonder how his marriage can stand this stress. They are apparently both conservatives, his wife is certainly smart enough to understand exactly what she is supporting. But still they defend opposing positions touching the core of the political and social value set. Understanding this dynamics is probably more valuable the the muller probe, the impeachment and thousands of hours of reporting.
    The only argument his wife could make in her defence is that she values conservative policy advances more than the damage done to the state. Democrats are just as corrupt as Republicans. The difference is only that Republicans are overtly so while Democrats preserve the semblance to respect the law. She might think that if corruption is inevitable and policy is the ultimate outcome, why should she care for the looks of it. If that is it, she should know that the looks are the last check in place to defend the state, the last communication channel between people and various powers dominating them. George apparently agrees to this, emphasising the meaning and value of oaths and preserving a holistic view (and ultimately comparing reality with a well understood ideal).
    I hope that if all this nonsense is over, the Conways will take the stage to explain this. That would probably tell more about America than anything published in years.

  36. How are you able to wake up next to Kelly Ann everyday? How would you like her face to be the last thing you see before going to sleep every night? That's the stuff of night terrors.

  37. Con man, George Conway-here- already stated that Trump is Unsound, so how can he faithfully execute his duties? You cannot make reasons for a mad man, you lock him up.

  38. People are refusing to see it because Fox News is helping the president tell them that they don't have to see it. Minus the president's propaganda machine, Trump would be a bad memory today.

  39. Phony complaints about "process" George says??? – As every first year law student knows – that "process" such as having witnesses on both sides, have the counsel of both sides present to do cross examination, rules of evidence that are serious and do not involve hearsay – is how we get to the truth. The process is the crucible that we use to burn away irrelevancies until we have a pure product – THE TRUTH. To condemn process and then to say it is about the Constitution – which is all about process – is the height of orwellian doublespeak.

  40. Mueller report required some study and dissection, but blatant, flagrant facts of Ukraine crisis regarding Trump could get him removed.

  41. As a Biologist and Pythagorean my view is, before any Fascist, Nazi appeared in the entire Universe – they were disguised as Lucifer, Messiah, Prophet, saving the people. MAGA…Human Nature to hunt. The Dumbification of a Society breeds Cannibals and terrorists. Finis America. End Game.

  42. As much as find him intolerably hideous in his general views, the emotional ties to his country and his true understanding of the situation are to be applauded.

    That, and having to live with the worst enabler in the administration.

  43. The president took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution…you know, the one with "the phony emoluments clause…?"

  44. Honey R Siegal Stober estates of me deceased created in Ohio by my own Phoenix attorney 11/14/2019 Day 3426 We The People Against Corruption Campaign To Remove& Indict Obamas, Janet Napolitano, crooked Trump et al. Jim Jordan 'obtained a J.D. degree from Ohio's Capital University Law School[5] in 2001. He never took the bar examination.[6] source wikipedia US dissolved on or before December 7, 1999. Make viral please. See https://www.youtube.com/user/HoneySiegalSurvivor/feed

  45. The oath means nothing the Trump. He has no religious bones in his body. He operates like a mob boss. George is right that Trump does everything for himself. I hope some of those republican that are falling in line with Trumps rhetoric listen to this clip. Wake the F up!

  46. Honey Siegal Stober; Both parties need be appalled. Everything a complete sham since US dissolved. Using me as surety. https://www.veoh.com/watch/v1166078845bdZ4ZWZ Over 20 years! CV98-11374 Phoenix; Deposition of R spouse DJProps December 7, 1999. I, Honey Siegal present; Q. Do you hold stock in a company known as Zenadev? Z-e-n-a-d-e-v? MR. FRANKS: Let's back up for clarification. The United States means not the United States or Canada. MR. COOK: Or Mexico. See Discussion newest first comments https://www.youtube.com/user/HoneySiegalSurvivor/feed

  47. Trump is destroying America from within, Puttin plan. Obama tried to warn us. Vote 2020

  48. Fascinating crossroads we have arrived upon. Hearing this man, so many of us think he aptly describing the people he is sitting with and the other party. Many others agree with the view point that this describes the Republicans.

  49. Like George Conway said flip it over and say it was Democrat that did what the W.H(Mr Sleazy)did the Republican's would have probably tried to have him locked up for Criminal Exstortionist,but how can they go home and straight lie to their people knowing that(Mr Sleazy)really committed these Crimes?? Wow

  50. Barf with all that faux pontificating about the Constitution & doing what’s right for conscience & country. Who do these people think they’re persuading. You & I is right. That doesn’t upset you; the attempt to manipulate your thinking, or even worse, consider it has already been accomplished.

    It’s evident that no good point can be made about Trump’s intent or actions, nor his oppositions. From the beginning, some 3 years ago, something very different is afoot here, & it should garner enormous suspicion in any American. Have you never before seen a leader be hit from all sides, with such intensity, be proven down the road as a victim of pious projection? Donald Trump threatens to uproot a political system that has evolved into something not intended by our founders. His life & name will forever be tarnished in the eyes of many who seldom question. However, in this exchange, much, if not all, of what is long-standing political corruption will be exposed & disabled. Make no mistake; “justice & dignity” are not the driving force behind all who are in current leadership & oppose him. A foundational premise of why he “has got to go”.

  51. Conway is trying to protect his wife and keep her out of jail. He knows that she will go down with the ship but if he's out in public seen to be doing right he might be able to throw her a life raft.

  52. This people voted for tRump and now are surprised about his conduct? We did'n vote for him cuz we already knew from day one that he was a froud/con/a phoney and most of all a ugly criminal

  53. The Republicans are poised for failure on a historic level, they are much worse off than during Watergate, because more of them are radicalized right wing extremists, as opposed to Republicans such as Eisenhower, Ford, or even Nixon Himself. Barry Goldwater and George Wallace were early examples of those that would develop and eventually take over that
    Party. Also at that time, The American People had the good sense not to elect Republicans from the radical wing into the Congress and Presidency. Basically Republicans usually could identify more with the average American, but today they do not. A lot of average Americans mistakenly support them now, from the memory or knowledge of how they were before!

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