100 Replies to “Full Marc Short: Pres.Trump Wants To ‘Prove His Innocence’ In Senate Impeachment Trial | MTP”

  1. Schiff and Nadler were both no shows at their prospective hearings.
    Bluff and swerve and connive and lie .
    And here we are.
    Right at the door of the senate

    Release the subpoenaed documents.
    Let's hear Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Guilliani, AND COMRADE PARNA$ too.
    That should clear all doubts of criminal or impeachable behavior and Russian Influence, right?

  3. There he goes comparing Obama again. In summary: “We provided lethal aid so we should be able to do anything we want with it including putting conditions on it to coerce a foreign leader to help with our election campaign.” Smfh.

  4. All these loud mouthed talking point GOPers are all the same sack of sh*t. Short, Gaetz, Jordan, Graham, Nunes, McConnell, etc. Religious liberty? Trump doesn’t have a religious bone in his body. Trump stands for Israel and evangelicals but crushes Muslims and other religious groups. Hypocrisy.

  5. This is a perfect example of why people do not respect the media. Why would he allow this Martin "Short" tell a bunch of blatant lies without even questioning him? This guy has a CLASSIC CREEPY CON ARTIST SOUNDING VOICE, which in itself reveals what a LIAR he is. Yet Chuck Todd and shows like Meet The Press have morphed into a platform for liars to get away with blatantly feeding the public with FALSE or DISTORTED information that could easily be fact checked and refuted. It is PATHETIC!!

  6. Chuck very harmless interview, you let this Marc guy duck and dive, and dodge all the question,s, with no push back, for some reason it has become noticeable across all the cable channels that a lot of the interviewers do not push Trump,s republican,s for a straight answer to a straight question

  7. This guy just does not get it. It is hard to believe that the Republicans do not see the dishonesty of this President. We need to move on this impeachment because Trump is destroying this country. The Senate has held up every effort to work on issues such as education , infrastructure and so many other issues. When one looks at what Trump has passed it has to do with giving the 1% corporate welfare on the backs of the middle class, horrifying trade moves that have hurt our farmers and the aid given to these farmers is on the backs of the middle class. The bad decisions go on and on. This guy talking is a liar just like his leader Trump. He is in total denial. So sad. VOTE BLUE IN 2020. Let us get our country back on track with a new President that cares about climate change, cares about our national lands, cares about the average man.

  8. Chuck is simply trying to appear a little less partisan, and his core audience of left leaning viewers acts like they need mommy to give them another bottle of Donald Trump hate…..poor babies

  9. WHAT if obama did the same thing trump character does not meet standard of Leadership no example AT ALL trump is criminal that got caught wants to be cleared Abuse Abuse Abuse it WILL never stop

  10. It makes you wonder how Marc Short explains to his children the difference between right and wrong. Get out now, Mr Short before you are totally tainted by the Pence and Trump view of Christianity. 
    It certainly is not the view of normal Christians who find Trump's appalling behaviour and Pence's collusion as abhorrent.
    Thankfully, Christianity is not defined by the narrow viewpoint of Short and Pence.

  11. As a long time viewer. Ive lost all respect for Meet the Press. Whoever put chuck in charge should be fired. Tim Russert is rolling in his grave.

  12. The way he sits on a chair creeps me out. Somethin just ain't right. Who sits like that? Weird snarky grin…….pretending to be impartial. It Does not reflect well on NBC. Like Trump or hate him……you have to admit he triggers these entrenched weirdo DC clowns. Chuck always looks 3 seconds away from bursting into tears……..

  13. Jesus was a refugee from King Herod's baby massacre; like the babies Trump is murder murder on the border. Evangelicals serve Satan.

  14. Has Chuck Todd ever heard of a follow up question? What a terrible interviewer. Hey Chuck, you know you can actually call people out for lying, and it's your job to do so. Beyond mediocre journalist.

  15. The American people are tied of hearing LIES! the politicians and media think the American people are ignorant and stupid! Not all of us watch Fox news Chuck !

  16. Chuck your an obvious political hack for Democrats. You not impartial your not even honest you push known fake conspiracy theorys abd cover for Dems corruption. You sir are a clown with all due respect.

  17. Entire interview controlled by Marc Short. Question after question dodged and inaccurate answers ignored. Very unsatisfying.

  18. :30 Jesus. Short come out & straight up lie. 45 getting impeached bcuz he broke the law & has broken the law #fakepresident

  19. Which law was broken, what is the Statute number ? Is it illegal to be President and call upon an ally to investigate the behavior of a former vice president , concerning corruption in the Ukraine ? Is that against the Law ? You may not like Trump, but you cannot charge impeachment when there is no crime. There is nothing to prove, you must assert innocence until a crime is proven to have occured.

  20. Wow! No shame in lying and contouring himself to cover for a narcissistic monster and capping it all off with talk about “celebrating the birth of our savior.” Gotta love Christians: they can sin all day, pray for forgiveness before bed and sleep fine without any pangs of conscience whatsoever.

  21. I like how when Biden corruption comes up, the reporter ignores it and quickly changes the subject… maybe he's worried that this video is out now …. https://youtu.be/8n2qmPGTrqk


  23. every republican says she is holding empeachment papers. no has said, no one is working now. they are on vacation. get real

  24. Dayum chuck…you're gettin more worse as the weeks pass…HORRIBLE interview… When a guest starts to "LIE" you're suppose to "CALL" them on it…whats the dayum point of the interview if you dont call him on lies..what is this fox news?

  25. What about Pence and his initiation of the 25th Amendment along with others. ? can anyone really speak his mind here? Impeachment everything needs to be secret ballot.. just too obvious

  26. The real thing is that The White House obstructed aid for Ukraine is a serious VIOLATION OF LAW!! The WH doesnt have the right to hold the aid APPROVED BY THE CONGRESS!! THIS MATTER SHOULD BE BRING TO SCOTUS and let SCOTUS decide to jail all the high even lower actors of the hold!!!

  27. Why the f__ do Republicans kiss the a** of this Leftist Propagandist. For F***ks sake, he hates you , you f****ing morons.

  28. I am so SICK AND TIRED of people in the trump administration going on these network news shows saying "The American people don't want this The American people love trump, The American people are sick and tired of this, the American people love the economy and do not want this impeachment process". NEWS BULLETIN ALERT FOR ALL trump people that come on these network news shows and label ONLY trump supporters as the "American people".YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL OF "The American PEOPLE"! SO stop generalizing!

    Over 60 some percent of we "The American people" DO NOT SUPPORT trump and want him to be impeached for immoral and corrupt conduct with a foreign country and for OBSTRUCTING this impeachment process in congress in every way, including no documents and now no witness's to testify or show up….and for pathologically lying and making up "False stories based on the fantasies in trump's own head" and conspiracy theories about "Ukraine" based on what "putin told me in person" in 2017 trump declared…and for OUTRIGHT LYING to the "American people" daily often hourly!. So PLEASE ALL the people in trump's administration stop saying "The American people" mantra and labeling ALL OF the American WANT WHAT YOU WANT….because it is not true!.

  29. How is Marc Short going to explain over 275 bills sitting on McConnell’s desk without action. Hey Mr.Short instead of kicking the House kick the GOP leadership (McConnell) in the butt to move on the bills.

  30. Nancy Pelosi got the House to vote within a week of ending negotiations on the USMCA trade deal: You cannot get a vote quicker than that.

  31. Ugh ugh and ugh. Lying, spinning, condescending and then pretending to be a Christian. Yeah, right. You are so believable Marc.

  32. Joe and hunter biden are innocent-the democrats are running a fair and impartial impeachment trial and epstein killed himself.

  33. Why do they keep lying and saying that the Obama administration didnt send any aide to the Ukrainians?! When he actually did 171 billion dollars plus blankets and food.
    This dude Chuck Todd didnt push back on nothing this man was saying, is he becoming complacent to what these liars are spewing. No push back whatsoever! Uuugghh

  34. If they want to prove their innocents then bring on the people instead of telling them not to testify.I am sick of this whole thing. I'm sick of how this 45 has abused his power, and has from the very get go..He's not presidentual, he's scum, low life, Con Boy all the way to the WH. Get him out and make him pay for what he's done. If he gets away with all this, he will do it again and again. He cant win anything fairly……..We The People want him OUT! PS economy ? Anyone can get a job at Wendy's . He' hasn't done anything Obama didn't start for this moron.45

  35. The only good thing about this interview is he isn't screaming over the interviewer at the top of his lungs like most republicans do

  36. Obviously Republicans and Trump supporters do not want any witnesses to testify in the US Senate trial. I am a 66-year-old American who thought a trial included witnesses and evidence, but if you are a totally crooked President it is definitely in your best interest to block any testimony and simply to declare your innocence.

  37. Good morning, Marc Short, coming back from your dreams! The aid was released in September! What is with this cover-up in the meantime?

  38. Todd, you needed your balls for this interview. You are a part of the problem when all you do is give him a stage to lie.

  39. The dems would have more credibility if not for the constant barrage of bias leaked information to a biased media and the constant threat of impeachment at every moment of this administration, not to mention the false portrayal of somberness and sadness with a half smile,now they are crying foul on procedure and partiality,were they them selves partial through this entire process or even before? You can not impeach a president based on his obvious character defects, maybe he should not be president again, but look at the alternatives,socialism and open borders,you think we have a drug problem now. WOW! He will be elected again based on the simple fact that there are no viable contestants.

  40. Todd, with his fake-news narratives, never laid a glove on Marc Short.

    It's laughingly transparent that the lefties are trying to use neverTrumper Mark Galli and Christianity Today to drive a wedge between Pres. Trump and his staunch evangelical supporters.

  41. Keep trying to nail the innocent outsider to the Cross. Schifts kangaroo court proved you have no shame. "They are coming for you America, I only got in their way" President Donald J Trump. New law passed two days before money released, Ukrainians can again go after corrupt, the time limit removed!!! O bareback only sent blankets in the hour of need! 230,000 voters removed from Milwaukee and Madison by Wisconsin Judge, dirty voter rolls intentionally kept and added too by the socialist gang. How is your state any different than Wisconsin? Get involved. Help save America

  42. A President that
    Attacks the dead little girls and military leaders anyone who doesn't agree with him. The one person he wont attack is Putin

  43. Terd. 9min of terd! As usual reps…. Spin AltFacts. Reps aren't politics thinking on the People. They are Lawyers! Simple law white man profiting.

  44. The Republicans in the Senate had better conduct a real trial. If they are unwilling they need to be censured and loose their seats in the next election.

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