31 Replies to “FULL DAY 1: Senate Impeachment Trial gets underway”

  1. Fox PHoenix needs to calm down a bit and stop chomping for YouTube views and Focus on Accurate News. Do Not get labeled as fake news,. You title this as a "live" viewing , but indeed it is Not live it ended about 30mins ago, and i see you are starting from he top. This is old news 100% NOT LIVE…………Caught you doing this alot during the impeachment, and i must say it cheapens you alot just for YouTube views.

  2. Well mr shits you’re not at the house, you are at the senate. You have no control to lie and manipulate

  3. Does Schiff not know we all work during the day? And we can watch it later. They seriously pick fights with everyone. I thought this was about the President 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️✨🇺🇸✨

  4. Democrats fact checking history but have no evidence and try to lie out the backside of a backward donkey and riding it sideways….

  5. The real question I have is why was this not a bi-partisan impeachment? There should never be a partisan impeachment. He continues to lie about executive immunity to certain things. There should always be some executive privilege in these cases. My other issue is that none of the actual articles passed to the Senate met the constitutional requirements for impeachment.

  6. I luv my pwasydaent cuz hes a big big busynesman and smart and gonna keep Merica grate again. I luv him and he can grab my wives pus%@ anytime.

  7. Dems impeached Trump but now they are looking for evidence but they said they have overwhelming evidence. Voting this party will be stupidity

  8. Democrats make me sick!!! Sick!!! They speak of a fair trial & yet they had secret hearings with witnesses in the basement of the capital & where are those transcripts???? Where are they!??? House Democrats provide the current evidence & data before asking for more witnesses etc. Democrats are corrupt and are out of control!!!

  9. They, Impeached our President. With absolutely no evidence! They showed up, with a barrage of Power Points, "That's Their Evidence!"

  10. Republicans should start charging democrats and all its followers with bogus charges and mark them as guilty until proven innocent. Lets see if they approve of their own process.

  11. Shiff is so quick to accuse McConnel and others of wrong doing to the American people. Just like he has done with many others, not just the President. See a pattern? Accusing anyone of wrong doing who doesn’t agree with him. All without proof!

  12. Are those people get paid to listen to that pervert Biden ? I wouldn’t listen not even to 5 dollars an hour couse he is paying 4.50 an hour

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