Fox Judge urges Republicans to impeach Trump in viral speech

Here’s what else is on my radar this week:
the president and the Constitution– AGAIN. In nearly 3 years in office, president Donald
Trump has spend federal dollars not authorized by Congress,
Separated families and incarcerated children at the Texas-Mexico border in defiance of
a federal court order, pulled 1,000 troops out of Syria, ignoring a commitment to allies
and facilitated war against civilians there, and send 2,000 American troops to Saudi Arabia
without a congressional authorization or declaration of war. He has also criminally obstructed a Department
of Justice investigation into him but escaped prosecution because of the intercession of
an attorney general more loyal to him than to the Constitution—the CONSTITUTION. At the outset of his presidency, Trump took
the presidential oath of office promising that he would faithfully execute
his obligation to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. James Madison, the scrivener of the Constitution,
insisted that the word “faithfully” be in the presidential oath and that the oath
itself be in the Constitution to remind presidents to enforce laws and comply with constitutional
provisions whether they agree with them or not and to immunize the oath from Congressional
alteration. Can the president of the United States lawfully
enforce only the clauses of the Constitution with which he agrees and ignores those with
which he disagrees? In a word: no. The doctrine of the separation of powers,
which is the backbone of the Constitution, states that Congress writes the law, the president
enforces them, and the courts interpret them. It also offers that the government roles of
the three branches cannot be intermingled or traded without undermining the protections
for personal liberty that the separation of powers was intended to secure. If the president could pick and choose which
laws to enforce and which parts of the Constitution to ignore, he effectively would be deciding
what the laws mean– that’s a judicial function – and which laws have vitality and which
do not – that’s a congressional function. President Trump has become known for forceful
and often tasteless banter. He publicly calls people crude names, uses
foul language, and sends dog-whistles of lawless behavior to many of his supporters. All of that is a question of free speech,
personal taste, and political risk. But threats to ignore parts of the Constitution
are not matters of speech, taste or risk. They reveal character traits that question
the president’s fitness for office. This is what it looks like when a Republican
decides to put country over party and not discard every shred of integrity in blind
deference to a corrupt president. And rest assured, Andrew Napolitano, Fox News’
senior judicial analyst, is no Democrat or liberal. In this same profile, Napolitano is actually
asked if he would vote to impeach Trump if he was a Democrat in the House, to which he
responded, “If I could modify your question to ask if there’s a legal basis to argue
high crimes and misdemeanors, then the answer is yes. That’s really beyond dispute … If I were
a Democrat in the House, which I am not and never will be, I would vote to impeach.” And the fact that I even have to qualify his
party affiliation is a testament to just how far the GOP has fallen. That it’s news that a Republican can manage
to admit that, oh I don’t know, extorting a foreign country with legally allocated,
taxpayer funded military assistance for help in an upcoming election is NOT A GOOD THING
BUT A BAD THING goes to show exactly the state that the GOP is in these days. The only problem of course, is that Napolitano
isn’t in Congress, where you would THINK that our elected officials on the right would
have a better sense than ANYONE about what’s right and wrong. And yet they’re so scared of the backlash
that would come from daring to criticize Trump that they would rather be on record DEFENDING
a president extorting a foreign country for personal help in the next election, DEFENDING
a president hiding incriminating summaries of his calls in secure servers, DEFENDING
a president blocking his officials from showing up to testify to Congress in response to legally
binding subpoenas. Republicans are on record pretending – literally,
pretending – that there’s some equivalency between a debunked conspiracy theory about
Joe Biden and Trump’s own ADMITTED criminal behavior with regard to Ukraine. They’ve come out and tried to muddy the
waters with claims that the whistleblower can’t be trusted because he or she is a
partisan, despite not knowing who the whistleblower is; that you can’t have second-hand information
in a whistleblower complaint, even though it’s perfectly acceptable; that impeachment
is unconstitutional, even though it’s in the Constitution; that Adam Schiff personally
counseled the whistleblower, even though he’s never met the whistleblower and it was Intel
Committee staff who CORRECTLY advised the whistleblower to seek legal counsel and file
a complaint with the Intel Community Inspector General; that Democrats were holding secret
impeachment hearings in the basement of the Capitol, even though the entire process is
based on rules passed by REPUBLICANS in 2015; that quid pro quos are perfectly acceptable,
even though they are decidedly not perfectly acceptable. These are the hoops that Republicans are jumping
through to defend the indefensible. These are the ways that they’re debasing
themselves and what they’ve claimed to believe in, all for what? To protect a president who can’t even crack
50% approval? Who has presided over losses in deep red seats
in Kentucky, Virginia, Alabama, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, Georgia, South Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Utah,
Kansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, California and New Mexico? Who drove Democrats to the biggest victory
in the House in modern American history during midterms? I get that Trump’s base is with him no matter
what, but is tearing up the Constitution really worth it to appease that 30% of Americans
who couldn’t tell you the first line of the Constitution if their lives depended on
it? Is it really worth it to avoid an angry tweet
in Trump’s twitter feed? So far, the really unfortunate answer, it
that apparently, it is. So rest assured, Trump will continue to break
our laws so long as he knows those charged with passing them won’t have enough of a
collective backbone to speak out. He’ll continue to refer to the emoluments
clause as phony so he can self-deal, he’ll continue to extort and bribe foreign countries
so he can get a leg up in yet another election, he’ll continue to obstruct justice so that
warranted oversight gets shut down. The fact is, if you’re a Republican, you
can either be in favor of the rule of law or you can be in favor of protecting Donald
Trump, but you can’t be in favor of both.

100 Replies to “Fox Judge urges Republicans to impeach Trump in viral speech”

  1. Best video I have seen all day, start to finish. Yeah, it sucks we have fallen this far, but this is bound to get through to some Trump voters. Right now, this country needs to pull together and get those poll numbers up to force action from the Republicans.

    Trump is a threat to our democracy, and that is not hyperbole. I for one am sick of watching him fulfill all of Putin's goals.

    Great points by Brian as well.

  2. Changed legal age from 18 to 21 to buy a shotgun
    Banned bump stocks silencers and maybe bullet proof vests
    Initiated the "extreme risk protection act" aka red flag laws
    Made a statement "take guns first due process second"
    Yes he is the most unconstitutional

  3. You better watch out , Trump will have you ousted out of Fox News too. His followers have lost their souls to this horrible man!!

  4. This guy is as conservative as they come and a former trump supporter. Amazing. Not all conservatives are sell outs. Trump is doing great damage to republicans and conservatives.

  5. Phony Rebuplicans that crap on our constitution should be ousted, including the disingenuous and corruptive draft dodger. You are not above our laws. Thank you Brian!

  6. "…[it is] in the Constitution, to remind presidents of their oath of office…" So! Since we know the orange man cannot read, that failsafe didn't help.

  7. Why Gym Jordan and the rest of these rethuglicans don’t get this is beyond me. I hope if they keep it up the people vote every damn one of them out of office.

  8. Comrade trump is a stupid person period , he does not understand simple things and can't recite the pledge of allegiance with out cheating..

  9. Shows how smart and un bias you are. Napalino has literally never been a republican. I love these morons on here with TDS. Hes with the Orange man bad crew and siding with the most corrupt and dishonest politicians on the face of the planet. So that makes him patriot and love his country. Because hes willing to throw out a president because hes doesnt like him. Ahhh patriotism. Throwing out democracy because your side lost. LMAO. Donald Trump has come no where near to committing a crime. Patriotism isnt throwing out the president for a made up crime because you disagree with his policy. This is literally the argument hes making. Which is no different than democrats. So its not surprising hes agreeing with them. I understand Trump can be impached for anything Democrats want to consider a crime. Such as what they are doing now. That doesnt make it okay. I used to respect this guy. Now hes turned into a a staple boy for Democrats and TDS. Makes me sick." I disagree with Trump on policy". "So he should be impeached." No the hell he shouldn't. Thats not a high crime or impeachable offense. These are simply things he just doesn't agree with the president on or is reading a certain way because hes become bias. such as when you have to talk about made up "Dog whistles" to make an argument for impeachment. Thats completely delusional. Thats not a factual argument. Thats made up nonsese. so you dont like Trump pulling troops out because congress wasn't involved? Okay thats cool so called libertarian. but his executive powers as president allow for that. Just because you dont agree with them because its not exactly in line with the constitution word for word doesnt mean he should be impeached. Thats insane. Literally every president has done the same things. But like always Trump is held to an impossible standard while every REAL corrupt politician are just allowed standards that are below the floor and can get away with practically anything. Because the TV didn't say they were bad. So brain washed morons allow it or dont care. Because their puppet masters in teh media didnt tell them what to think. Its so crazy Trump cant even get away with crimes hes never committed. Such as collusion. Trump has done nothing illegal unethical or even wrong. This is about hurting Trump in 2020 and effecting the outcome of an election anyway they can. Because its the only hope they have of winning back the whitehouse. They know they dont have the votes. This moron on here calling Trump corrupt probably voted for the most corrupt politician on the face of the planet in Clinton. Trump is the complete opposite of corruption. Which is why ALL THE MOST CORUPT POLTICANS IN AMERICA ARE TRYING TO THROW HIM OUT. You cant buy Donald Trump. Hes being impeached because hes specifically not corrupt. Thats the whole issue. But since you morons have brains worse than a sponges and anything a poltical hack said about the man becomes reality. Forget the fact Trump is a billionaire and didnt take a single dollar from big donors in 2016 hes somehow corrupt. Because orange man bad. forget proof. forget the actual meaning of the word. Just lie lie lie and then call him a liar. Just say it over and over and moron just believe and repeat. The truth 100% irrelevant. All that matters is what corrupt globalist and elitist in the media want you to believe. Which is obviously orange man bad. The most corrupt and dishonest politicians on the face of the planet all want this man removed from power. But Trump is somehow the bad guy. Yea…. that makes absolutely no sense. An outsider who believes in nationalism and borders going up against the entire system and status quo and NWO is somehow the problem. Not the corrupt establishment and status quo life long polticians who sell policy to the highest bidder allowing multi national corporations to essentially control them and American policy. The independet thinker Trump is BAD BAD. Give me a damn break Some like the clintons even allowing foreign governments to buy favors in donations to private slush funds pretending to be charitys and selling out their own country for their own interest. But the billionaire who cant be bought off or corrupted is actually somehow the corrupt one and bad guy somehow destroying the country after 3 years with no proof? What because known corrupt liars and crooks in the establishment media said so. Are you people stupid enough to buy magic beans too? Maybe a bridge? Because you mf will buy anythingy. This is a prime example of "if they told you to jump of a bridge would you"? You people would jump right off apparently. Because independent and rational thought doesn't exist with you people. ITS GROUP THINK TO THA FCKING MAX.

  10. How did these people not see that this man is only loyal to himself. It has been blatantly obvious for years. A lot of his supporters thought that their living vicariously through him was going to somehow be victorious In their personal lives…

    #Nope. He played y’all

  11. This SCUMBAG, Andrew Napolitano, is the "Bitch" of "ShitFace" Shift… He is an IDIOT that NEVER WILL BE APPOINTED to the Supreme Court… and that's the reason he hates President Trump… After this period has passed and President Trump has prevailed… this Piece of Shit and the rest of the "Golpistas", should go to jail for SEDITION… While in jail he'll have to pick up a lot of soap bars from the floor at the communal Showers.

  12. At first, George Bush was shit eating happy, smiling like a bitch that just got paid. Now, even that mofo is scared like the rest of us.

  13. Trumpites are real people. More like Race soldiers. Always talking about civil war. It appears that alliances are being established.
    What will this country look like if they get their wish?

  14. Napolitano is an actual Republican. The rest of the GOP showed their true colours as being spineless, corrupt sycophants who simply want to stay in office so they can rake in that + $200K congressional salary. They have become Trumpublicians, they have forsaken their values, integrity, and credibility in order to please a
    con-man who is as close as it gets to being an American Dictator.

  15. wow. just wow. that ending point was fire especially the "30% that probably couldn't even tell you the first line of the constitution."?????????????

  16. “Republicans stand for raw, unbridled evil and greed and ignorance smothered in balloons and ribbons.”

    ― Frank Zappa

  17. proof positive that all the republican's whining about the constitution is just empty lip service- just like their debt concerns whenever a democrat wins the presidency.

  18. This is why we need to stop doing business with people who support Trump.
    Trump is a liar and a traitor and his supporters lie for him.
    Why would you trust your money to them?
    Stop doing business with people who support Trump!

  19. One good Judge on Fox channel and one a Shil Judge Jeanine Pirro.
    Meanwhile , Donald the Fox is caught red handed in the hen house with an egg in his mouth.

  20. Judge Napolitano is absolutely right. What alot of these republicans don't realize is, their children and grandchildren WILL be taught HOW republicans reacted to trumps impeachment. History will teach them. Do the republicans want to be remembered for kissing up to trump and spitting on the United States Constitution??? We need ABSOLUTE dignity and decency in the white house, and trump is capable of neither

  21. This judge is absolutely correct ! Country ( Constitution) over party, always. It will only save our country. Otherwise, we go down a very slippery slope, from which there is no return.

  22. I used to hate this Guy but I must submit once he realized that "twITLER" is a Crook, well this judge is about the only chance my Fox viewing family has of hearing the truth!

  23. TG for the judge on Fox and remind them what Trump is doing wrong. Trump took the oath with hand on bible to protect to the constitution and country for the people, which he has not!

  24. Very well stated narrative at the end. Great points cohesively organized and explained to their simple essence. Nice job dude. Thumbs up and subscribed

  25. There should be an uprising of the whole red states to recall and vote out whichever elected officials supports and shows indifference to the president's recurrent breach and disregard for the consitution due to fear of 'tweet'imadation by one man. The rule of law and upholding should be more superior to fear of a vengeful narcisist.

  26. …now is he’ll let you use his speech for a political ad. Then all you’ll have to add is “I’m Bernie Sanders, and I approve this message.”

  27. After 2 years of Russia investigations coming up with zilch and the Democrats looking to remove him from office by any means necessary, forgive me if I don’t jump up to believe more of the same crap. If Trump did do something wrong, let that be a blight on his record but FFS his scandals still pale in comparison to the last 2 presidents we had.

  28. The fastest trumps impeached the better the country will be! Trump belongs in a prison but house! Not in the oval office! Trump makes Nixon look saintly!,don't know who turned trumps offer of a cabinet position down in 2016. Saying I'd rather French kiss a skunk than work for trump! I couldn't agree more!

  29. Trump isn’t the one hiding his calls. Someone else who’s protecting the President is making those strategic maneuvers. They need to be brought forward and investigated. There are people besides the President that knew this call was problematic. They tried to hide it instead of follow the appropriate procedure. I want to know who that person(s) is and why they believed they were above the law.

  30. Napolitano wanted Trump to nominate him for the Supreme Court. When President Trump rejected his request, Napolitano has gone full anti Trump. The guy is Wrong on everything he comments on.

  31. This man holds himself in high esteem. He does his party proud and changes the conversation about conservatives. Well done good sir! Now hopefully other conservative leaders will follow suit

  32. Can you show one video where you criticized Obama ?

    Fast and Furious, DACA, IRS targeting conservatives, putting kids in cages. His VP extorting Eukrain, communicating with Hillary on an unsecure server , spying on Trump campaign…. One ?

  33. The Republicans aren't afraid they're part of this whole process. They are just as corrupt As Trump. What we need to find out is why? What's at stake for them. Are they so dissatisfied with this country that they're willing to disembowel the Constitution. In their talking points Republicans seldom mention the Constitution, it's like to them it doesn't exist. Why? This is serious s*** are the Republicans willing to overthrow the country

  34. Regardless of your party, here’s something to think about. We all know that Trump loves to sue people. The Washington Post claims that Trump has too over 13,000 lies since he has been in office. If they’re wrong then they could be sued for harming his Reputation, but TRUMP HASNT SAID A WORD ABOUT IT BECAUSE IF HE SUED THEM AND WENT TO COURT THEY COULD PROVE HE WAS LYING BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY COUNTED THEM, THEY WOULD WIN AND HIS BASE WOULD BE GONE BECAUSE THEY CANT DEFEND THAT.

  35. The trouble is that the Republicans' stupid arguments will appeal to the stupid people who support Trump. Stupid people think that intelligent people – scientists, professors, researchers – are stupid.

  36. He is exactly right…word for word. Now this is a patriot. What separates the USA vs other countries are the rules of laws and the enforcement of them. Allegations are investigated. Witnesses questioned. Whistle blowers protected. It's not perfect here, but how the government, the checks and balances of government, the philosophy of no one being above the law is what makes this country great.

  37. Trump is like his voters. They sound tough and yell when you throw facts in their face, but when they make it personal and you grab hold of them they wilt like the pansies they are. Take it from me I'm from the south I am surrounded by crude, slack jawed, inbred, low IQ individuals; who have found out that far left radicals are scarier then they are.

  38. As crocked as Richard Nixon was, he at least had enough integrity to resign. Trump would sell one of his kids before even thinking about others before himself and himself only! Even the GOP as a party had enough integrity to finally say to Nixon he was not above the law. Where as the GOP today prove over and over that their morals over the constitution and the Bible are bullshit, and are huge hypocrites!

  39. Judge why don't you tell everybody why you have it in for Trump? I remember the days when you were his best friend and he could do no wrong until he's snubbed you over his first Supreme Court pick among a few other things. You turned out to be just like all the rest of the partisan hacks.

  40. Hell of a first day Democrats ????
    I’m not sure this could get more comically stupid. This never goes to the senate, not even democrats are that clueless.

  41. Republicans have disgraced our country long enough!

    Stop doing business with people who support Trump.

    Trump is a liar and a traitor and his supporters are lying for him.

    Why would you trust your money to them?

    Think about it!

    Stop doing business with people who support Trump.

  42. The 518 dislikes are from faux viewers that somehow got your link to this video from comments made on faux "news" you tube channel. :o) your welcome Brian.

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