Former UN chief Ban Ki-moon urges quick constitutional revision

Former UN chief Ban Ki-moon called on Korean
politicians to fast-track revising Korea’s Constitution before the next presidential
election. Conversely,… liberal presidential hopeful
Moon Jae-in expressed otherwise. Ji Myung-kil sheds light on both presidential
hopeful’s views. Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,…
who sees himself as a reform-minded conservative… suggested launching a consultative body composed
of all party leaders to discuss a Constitutional amendment before the next presidential election. “Revising the Constitution is the most important
task that could lead to reform. We must eradicate the so-called imperial presidency
for Korea’s future. Adopting a parliamentary or semi-presidential
system would be desirable.” Currently, the Korean presidency is limited
by the Constitution to a single term of five years. The constitutional revision, according to
Ban, would be instrumental in preventing a repeat of the current influence-peddling scandal
involving President Park Geun-hye and her confidante. “In recent polls, former chief of the Democratic
Party Moon Jae-in has been the most favored figure among all presidential hopefuls followed
by Ban Ki-moon. However, despite their leading positions in
the polls, the two have yet to officially declare their presidential bids.” However, Moon remained reluctant to immediately
push for a Constitutional amendment citing lack of time. Instead, he expressed his desire for a revision
after the presidential election. On Tuesday, Moon shared with reporters what
he would like to achieve if he became Korea’s next president. “I am leading the polls, which reflects the
people’s will for a change of government. I will eradicate regionalism and unify the
Korean people.” The liberal contender promised to transcend
the ideological divide between conservatives and liberals and seek national integration. Ji Myung-kil, Arirang News.

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