Formal Session – Norfolk City Council 1/14/20

now in session the opening prayer will
be given by the Honorable Paul our Riddick and please remain standing for
the Pledge of Allegiance mr. Riddick having a father we come to you this
evening asking you to continue to bless our citizens and our residents we also
ask Lord that you go to places in our country and that have challenges as far
as natural catastrophes are concerned wildfires floods hurricanes the people
in Puerto Rico the people in Australia we ask that you give us the ability to
do this job in a fair and just manner we thank all the households who are
represented here tonight we hope we can disagree without being disagreeable we
ask that you give every person here traveling mercy they can get back to
their home safely these are all a blessing in asking my
name mr. clerk please call the roll
miss Doyle here miss graves yes Johnson here mr. McClelland here mr. Riddick
yeah mr. Smigiel here mr. Thomas here dr. Alexander here
the motion is to dispense with the reading of the minutes of our previous
meeting mrs. Doyle hi mrs. graves miss Johnson miss McClellan
hey mr. Riddick all right mr. Smigiel aye mr. Thomas aye
dr. Alexander aye mr. clerk please read the resolution certifying the closed
meeting for resolution certifying a closed meeting of the Council of the
City of Norfolk in accordance with the provisions of the Virginia Freedom of
Information Act about your resolution is a doll’s eye mrs. graves Johnson
hi mr. McClellan aye mr. Riddick all right mr. smiegel aye mr. Thomas hi dr.
Alexandra hi good evening those who do not regularly attend our
council meetings our procedure is to take up ceremonial items first
next we take up public hearings then the consent agenda which will be voted on in
a block if any member of the Council or the public to discuss an item will be
removed from the consent agenda and considered separately following the
consent agenda will take up regular jinnah items in the order as they appear
on the docket upon the completion of the agenda would they take up any new
business that come in for the council to address you should have registered to
speak in the lobby of the council chamber before 7:00 p.m. when your name
is called please come to the podium state your name and your address please
limit your comments to three minutes I be one I’ll be one is the next one of
the receipt of this pursuant imitation of is and notice of public hearing
scheduled this day pursuant to state law public notice having been inserted in
the local press by the city clerk to accept bids for a long term wireless
facilities franchise agreement with a term of ten years with up to three
renewal terms of five years each in the city’s rights of way
subject to certain terms and conditions just like how many bids have been
received obviously one bid sir please read the bid and Mark it for
identification mobile ID LLC has submitted the following a bid please
consider this correspondence a formal response to the city of Norfolk’s
request for bids for a franchise for the use of City rights-of-way in clothes
hurry review and reference you will find the non-exclusive Wireless facilities
franchise agreement as finalized between mobile lighting LLC and the city
pursuant to discussions with the city staff mobile ID LLC seeks access to
rights of way to install maintain and operate wireless facilities in the city
any additional bids offered if there are no additional bids offered I declare the
bidding closed is there any member of the public who wishes to be heard on
this matter if there’s no member of the public who wish to be heard I declare
the public hearing closed is there a recommendation from the city
staff regarding a Fiat received a mobile light LLC Mary the city staff recommends
that the bid by mobile light LLC be reviewed by city staff and a
recommendation be made to the council at the January 28 2020 meeting is there
motion to continue this man until January 28 2020 meeting of the City
Council to receive the recommendation of city staff and to consider the bid from
mobile light LLC mr. mayor I so move is there any further discussion if not mr.
clerk please call the roll certainly the motion is to continue to January 28th
mrs. Doyle aye mrs. graves mrs. Johnson this is
McClellan I missed really all right let’s just maybe I
Thomas I dr. Alexander hi mr. clerk emotions could continue pH 1 until
January 28th motions continued pH 20 until January 28th mrs. Doyle hi mrs.
graves mrs. Johnson there’s McClellan hi mr. Riddick all right mr. Smigiel hi
Thomas hi dr. Alexander hi mr. clerk pH 2
public hearing 2 scheduled this day under the state law public notice having
been inserted in the local press by the city clerk on the application of the
City Planning Commission for a text amendment to the Norfolk zoning
ordinance to revise and remove inconsistent definitions and fix
clerical areas errors in Section three point nine point six point B definitions
section three point nine point seven point G definition section five point
seven point three definition of terms and section eight point three point two
terms defined clerk please call the role of an ordinance to amend sections three
point nine five point seven and eight point three of the Norfolk zoning
ordinance so as you review and remove inconsistent definitions and fix
clerical errors dispense with the Charter requirement for reading the
ordinance and adopt with the effective date mrs. Doyle hi this is graves
this is johnson McClellan aye mr. Riddick all right mr. Smigiel mr. Thomas
hi dr. Alexander all right pH 3 public hearing 3 scheduled this day under the
state law public notice having been inserted in the local press by the city
clerk to hear comments comments approving a non-exclusive
telecommunications franchise agreement with PEG bandwidth Virginia LLC clerk
please call the roll have an ordinance approving a
non-exclusive telecommunications franchise agreement with Craig ban with
Virginia LLC dispense with the Charter requirement for reading or Donets twice
and up with the effective date mrs. Doyle night mrs. graves mrs. Johnson hi
miss McClellan hi mr. Riddick all right mr. Smigiel mr. Thomas aye
dr. Alexander high pH for public hanging for scheduled this day under state law
public notice having been inserted in the local press by the city clerk to
hear comments authorizing the vacation of two utility easements in the closed
portion of wouldest Avenue the Cole have an ordinance authorizing the vacation of
two utility easements in the closed portion of wouldest Avenue dispense with
the Charter requirement Gordon’s twice and not with the
effective date mrs. Doyle night mrs. graves mrs. Johnson hi mr. McClelland hi
mr. Riddick all right mr. Smigiel mr. Thomas i dr.
Alexander I’ve ph5 public hearing 5 scheduled this day under the state law
public notice having been inserted in the local press by the city clerk to
hear comments approving a lease agreement with SB 8 2012 TC assets LLC
for a parcel of land at 13 11 baby’ll street I’ve been ordinance approving a
lease agreement with SBA 2012 TC assets LLC for a parcel of land at 13 11
baby’ll Street dispense with the Charter requirement for reading the ordinance
twice and adopt with the effective date mrs. Doyle aye
mrs. graves mrs. Johnson aye mrs. McClellan aye
mr. Riddick hey mr. spiegle mr. Thomas aye dr. Alexander
all right pH six public hearing 6 scheduled this day under the state law
public notice having been inserted in the local press by the city clerk to
hear comments approving a lease agreement with Verizon virginia LLC for
a parcel of land at Fairlawn elementary school recreation center corporal of an
ordinance approving a lease agreement with Verizon Virginia LLC for a parcel
of land at Fair Lawn Elementary School Recreation Center in the City of Norfolk
dispense with the Charter requirement for you the ordnance twice that I dot
with the effective date mrs. Doyle aye mrs. graves mrs. Johnson I’m Susan
McClellan aye mr. Riddick all right mr. Smigiel aye
mr. Thomas aye dr. Alexander mr. Clark motion is to continue c1 to February
25th motion continued c1 until February 25th mrs. Doyle I think mrs. graves hi
mrs. Johnson I’m mrs. McClellan aye mr. Riddick all
right mr. Smigiel aye mr. Thomas aye dr. Alexander all right mr. Clerk the
motion is to include c2 c3 c4 c5 c7 c8 c9 c10 and C 11 in the block all except
c6 approve those items with the consent agenda dispense with the Charter
requirement for reading the ordinance is twice and adopt with the effective dates
except see 6 I’m just dual I mrs. graves mrs.
Johnson this is McLellan hi mr. Riddick all right mr. Smigiel hi mr. Thomas aye
dr. Alexander all right mr. Clark c6 c6 is an ordinance amending the FY 2020
annual appropriations ordinance number 47 636 so is to accept appropriate and
authorize the expenditure of grant funds up to the sum of 77469 the virginia
department of criminal justice services for the camp hope youth engagement
program for victims of domestic violence for the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office LSW
James mr. mayor mr. vice mayor and members of the council my name is Ellis
W James I reside at 2021 Kenlake place in the City of Norfolk I wanted to call
attention to this c6 item and put an exclamation mark beside it this is a
very important area and I’m delighted to see that the sheriff’s office is
handling the product of the program they have an excellent record in this city of
doing the kind of work that this item c6 represents the virginia department of
criminal justice services for Camp Hope youth engagement program
for victims of domestic violence and it’s being handled of course by the
Norfolk Sheriff’s Office this is an extremely important area in my opinion
and I would hope that the council will vote solidly and unanimously in favor of
authorizing the expenditure of the funds that are involved here this is a
big-ticket item mr. city manager in so many ways and I appreciate your patience
Thank You mr. mayor thank you mr. James mr. clerk call the roll
dispense with the Charter requirement for reading the ordinance twice and a
dot with the effective date is Doyle hi this is Grace this is Johnson aye this
is McClellan aye mr. Riddick all right mr. Smee all right
mr. Thomas aye dr. Alexander r1 is an ordinance approving the lease of certain
property owned by the City of Norfolk located at 204 East Main Street to
Philly D Inc for a period of up to five years upon certain conditions and
authorizing the city manager to negotiate and execute the lease
agreement on behalf of the city dispense with the Charter requirement for reading
the ordinance and adopt with the effective date mrs. Doyle night
this is grace this is Johnson this is McClellan aye
mr. Riddick all right mr. Smigiel aye mr. Thomas abstain
thank you dr. Alexander hi mr. r2 r2 is an ordinance to amend and reordain the
city’s operating budget for fiscal year 2020 to add three hundred fifty eight
thousand one hundred eighty four dollars to the budget into amend and reordain
section 1 of ordinance number 47 636 and section 1 of ordinance number 47 742
so as to appropriate and authorize the expenditure of st. Paul’s area of
transformation designated funds from the general fund balance for administration
of st. Paul’s area transformation Ellis W James mr. mayor mr. vice mayor members
of the council my name is Ellis W James I know you don’t hear from me very often
but I’m here to whisper sweet nothings in your ears this the reason I’m
concerned about r2 is it involves something that the residents of the area
that’s going to be impacted have legitimate concerns about now I am NOT a
big fan of HUD and I wanted to say that to you upfront the problem is that the
man who now runs HUD for the current administration is no friend of those of
us who have fought for years to eliminate discrimination in housing
especially where HUD is involved the issue itself is extremely important and
I hope that you will not be swayed by my concerns
but if there are residents who come forward to speak on this issue or
express their concerns during the public hearing session afterwards after the
regular agenda that you will pay close attention to what their concerns are I
know that some of you good people on council have had concerns and have
expressed in the informal session your reservations and you put forward your
questions st. Pauls represents an area that is about to be subjected to some
rough and tumble when it comes to the issue of housing legitimately
the residents who are going to be displaced and impacted I know that is
may sound strange to you but it is said to you from a person who happens to be
the head of tide board of fair housing I know a little bit about this battle and
how long it’s been going on and I do know what some of the pitfalls are Thank
You mr. mayor thank you mr. James mr. clerk call the roll
dispense with the Charter requirement for reading the ordinance and adopt with
the effective date mrs. Doyle aye mrs. Gray’s the opportunity to thank
Susan and her staff for all their hard work instead of allowing this money to
go by the wayside as unused is it on you okay instead of allowing this money to
go by the wayside as unused funds they are diligent in making sure that every
nickel penny and dime that is allotted for st. Paul’s is used responsibly and
is used ethically and therefore the requests whether rollover of funds so
this is operating budget money and we want to make we want
make sure we don’t fall to the old adage of use it unnecessarily or lose it that
we roll it over and that we use it and use it wisely so thanks to the staff but
not for someone who looks at this eats drinks and sleeps this every day like
Susan and her staff do we may have very well overlooked this look at this pot of
money so thank you and I thank you mrs. Johnson I miss McClellan I mr. Riddick
all right mr. Smigiel aye mr. Thomas aye dr.
Alexander I our three are three cent Borden is accepting the bid by mckennon
tower LLC for a long-term garage parking agreement with the term of 20 years for
the lease of 81 parking spaces in commercial place garage located at 520
East Main Street 118 parking spaces in the Fountain Park
garage located at 130 Bank Street 91 spaces and the waterside garage located
at 15 Martins Lane in 89 spaces and the Bank Street Garage is located at 441
Street in the City of Norfolk and this item was passed by December 10th and I
need a recommendation from the city manager in order to move forward sir city staff has examined the fiscal
impact of this bid and we’re recommending to council reject this bit a little bit of confusion that we had
two drafts of this ordinance one was in the affirmative to vote YES to accept
the manager’s recommendation the draft that you have before you tonight isn’t a
negative and so to accept the manager’s recommendation the vote would be no that
we’re not accepting the bit and so that if you agree with the manager your vote
would be known tonight on this ordinance thank you mr. Pishko Thank You mr. dr.
Fowler mr. clerk please call the roll the motions to reject the bid mrs. Doyle
no mrs. graves the manager or a yes vote is a no vote to support the clerk graded
in the affirmative the clerk read in the affirmative and the ordinance that I
have is in the negative so if I vote yes is that no if I vote no is that yes so
I’m sequester strike strike strike the the previous will let’s start again that
the the the motion is written in the affirmative but the ordinance is written
in the negative so what your be voting on is the ordinance accepting the bed
so the manager’s recommendation is in the negative right so to go with the
manager’s recommendation now it would be a no thank you so I reaffirm my no vote
thank you great no this is Johnson yeah mr. McClelland Epstein mr. Riddick
no mr. Smigiel no mr. Thomas no dr. Alexander we’re
about to start our new business when your when your name is called please
come to the podium state your name and your address please limit your comments
to to three minutes any leak in my name is Danny Lee again I reside at 38 44
dare circles I know many of you have gathered in this chamber tonight because
you’re concerned about your constitutional rights and you should be
and you should stand up for them but I think you need to change your priorities
somewhat because I think you’re probably ill informed that in this very City and
the City of Norfolk there is a written ordinance that gives the mayor of this
city the white to strip you of your First Amendment rights your freedom of
speech it enables him the power that if he decides not to hear what you want to
say or he feels that as human love and presentation it’s repetitive yeah it has
been adequately discussed he has the power by the City Council to stop this
presentation and discussion if he’s desires so I think that you should be
aware that not only your second Amendment or rights may be challenged
but in this very city your freedom of speech and your First Amendment rights
have already been denied if the mayor of the city so desires to exercise that and
it is in writing so you you may want to take a very good look at having this
portion of the statement removed as I have tried to do for years in order to
ensure that you will have your First Amendment rights guaranteed in this city
thank you again Carl Poole the second the third carpool
will be downstairs yes sir come right forward mr. mayor mr. vice mayor City
Council good evening first thing I’m not going to talk about guns just so you
know I know you said it’s your state your name and your address well I’m just
gonna get that out my address is two three four West 33rd Street Norfolk
Virginia Park Place thank you although this is new business what I am going to
talk about is something that should be older business to you in August of 2017
you were passed their unanimous a resolution expressing the desire to
relocate the Main Street statue honoring Confederate soldiers and requesting that
the Attorney General to expedite providing an opinion regarding the
legality of relocation mr. mayor you saved that night that uh it was the
council’s consensus that the time had now come to move the monument councilman
Gray’s you further asked to clarify about that asked
the Attorney General that if it was to see if it was elite lavinia it was legal
for the City Council to ask to move the monument and you also stated that it
would help to begin to heal this our city and continue conversations about
our past because we cannot forget about our past however in the last few months
I’ve been wondering whether or not you guys have forgotten your real recent
past end of October last year I believe the Attorney General
after some legal suits had been filed had finally given an opinion on the
matter and although I’m not a lawyer I been made to understand that he said you
could move the monument that he wasn’t going to do anything that his office
wasn’t going to do anything and that the law that you were concerned with didn’t
apply to the monument downtown that was October November what did you do I don’t
know December what did you do I don’t know
so January I’m here to ask just one question and you don’t have to answer me
verbally because I was raised by with the the mantra of my words don’t mean
anything to reflect my intentions more than my actions do so my question is
simple what are you all going to do the Attorney Journal said he’s going to do
nothing because it’s legal for you to move that Monument and in that
resolution you did state that you expressed your desire to relocate the
monument so what are you going to do you don’t have to answer that question here
like everyone in Norfolk I’ll be watching your actions and your actions
will tell me what your intentions are thank you I appreciate it thank you
Robert Brown they’re canceled we off the agenda
already thank you I’m Robert Brown I have an 85 oh seven Troy Street and I’m
chairman of the Norfolk Republican Party I’m here in support of the Second
Amendment you’ve been reached out to by number
citizens in the in Norfolk asking you to put a second minute resolution on the
agenda we’ve heard very little from you so I’m here to ask you to your face and
once you put a second amendment constitutional amendment on the agenda
our founding fathers believed that the right to keep and bear arms was
fundamental to our very freedom as a people and Virginia is the birthplace of
freedom in our country and I will not sit idly by and watch those freedoms be
diminished the Second Amendment is not about honey it’s not about target
practice it is a political right history makes it clear it was necessary
necessary to write it into our constitution they want a protection for
a good reason when the British made their first attempt to squash Liberty
and failed it was because the comments were armed because our founding farmers
were armed we gained independence that’s why the second minute was added to our
Constitution so would we remain free We the People believe our rights come from
our Creator we hold these truths to be self-evident that we are all created
equal and we were endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights life
liberty and the pursuit of happiness this is what American exceptional is all
about that’s why the Constitution begins with We the People not we the elected
not we the elite but we the people our rights come from creature and not from
government the Constitution said that our rights are on an l a– bill the bill
rights does not say the Constitution gives you the right to bear arms it says
the right to bear arms shall not be infringed the founding fathers believed
that the right to bears arms come from our cream from our Creator and not our
government our founding fathers knew that
didn’t have the right to bear arms they would have been crushed the right to
bear arms the political right designed to safeguard freedom said no government
can take away these rights that God is willing to give you those written by the
people who spent their lives fighting the greatest power in the world that ton
British Empire they gave their fortunes their sacred
honor and their lives to found its cunning and preserve that freedom they
knew if they didn’t have the right to bear arms they would have been enslaved
they didn’t want us to be enslaved either and that’s why you they guarantee
us the right to protect ourselves the Second Amendment is a political right of
the deepest importance of the disciple of the freedom in America control of our
legislators was bought by outside entities with billions of dollars to buy
control the Commonwealth we just saw the most expensive statewide races in
Virginia history Mayor Bloomberg spent over two and a
half billion globus George Soros spent millions we want four genes deciding our
little future not outsiders what we are seeing in Virginia is a phenomenal
grassroots effort to hold a line on the second a member of thank you so much I’m
pass roots that brought control but a real organic grassroots like nothing’s
everything Thank You mr. mayor Thank You mr. brown keyline Victoria yes my name is Victoria
Heinlein and my address is 323 West 34th Street in Norfolk according to the
annual crime data the crime rate in Norfolk is a hundred and eleven percent
higher than the average of the whole state of Virginia and when compared with
the national average is 52 percent higher when looking at violent crimes
Norfolk has 132 percent higher violent crime rate than for the Virginia average
while remaining 22 percent higher than the national average in property crime
Norfolk Virginia is a hundred and eight percent higher than the average of
Virginia and is 57 percent higher than the national average for every 100,000
people there are ten point seven six daily crimes that occur in Norfolk
Norfolk is only safer than 13 percent of the cities in the United States that
means that eighty-seven percent of the cities in the United States are safer
than the City of Norfolk and Norfolk you have a 1 in 26 chance of becoming a
victim of any crime in Norfolk Virginia you have a 1 in 216 chance of falling
victim to a violent crime such as rape robbery assault or even murder in terms
of property crime your chances of being a victim are 1 in 29 these crimes
include theft vehicle theft and burglary your overall chance of being a victim of
crime in Norfolk is 1 in 26 as I stayed at a minute ago ladies and gentlemen I’m
not saying that to you to disparage the City of Norfolk to disrespect the City
of Norfolk I have lived in Norfolk for 24 years I could have moved out of the
City of Norfolk at any time I have moved once within the City of Norfolk I
actually moved from Granby Street 6700 block of Granby Street 15 years
go to Park Place and I know all of you know about Park Place when I moved into
Park Place I heard gunfire in my neighborhood and what sounded very close
although it’s difficult to range to think about how far away gunfire is but
I heard gunfire I would say probably on a weekly basis that was back in 2004 we
actually had two cars drive the wrong direction down 34th Street the second
car shooting out of the window with the sawed-off shotgun and the police were
out in front of my house the next day picking up casings off the street there
are people who would think that that should make me very strongly against
guns against so-called assault weapons but I’m a patriot first an American
citizen first before a Norfolk citizen but I do love my city but I’m concerned
about the crime rate in Norfolk I recently put the neighbors app on my
phone and you get notifications so I just wanted to say that we have the
right to protect ourselves thank you can I ask you to support a second amendment
resolution and a hearing so that we can come back and speak and vote on that
thank you so much qinger no my name is Jim Letourneau
I live at 137 West Ocean Avenue in Norfolk distinguished council thank you
for taking our time to listen to our voices I had a speech lined out you know
it’s going to quote some Constitution at you guys you already know it I’m sure
every one of you have read the Constitution and understand how it works
I was gonna make some quotes on some famous historical people but I don’t
think I need to do that this lady just presented exactly one of our main
immediate reasons why we need to be armed especially in this area I didn’t
own guns I didn’t know it in handguns for many many many years I stopped using
a gun when I could afford to put meat on my table it’s primarily used for hunting
I gave it up for many years about two years ago a young man was murdered there
two houses down from my house a week later I went out and bought a
shotgun because I thought I needed to defend my family and that’s all
irrelevant because that’s not what the Constitution is is therefore and that’s
not what the Second Amendment is there for you guys know this the the big
problem I have right now is I made phone calls and sent emails to this council
two weeks ago I received one response and in that response the council member
a furnish Erdman the event unconstitutional laws were passed down
from Richmond that this council would direct the city’s attorneys to fight
those unconstitutional laws now I can I respect that in my opinion that’s
not good enough in my opinion we should not be here tonight having this
conversation another gentleman has come forward and was obviously displeased
with the council’s inaction on another matter and in my position the this is
another issue that there’s been an in action taken you as members of the
council should have already drafted up a resolution and absolutely unequivocally
told Richmond that we will not comply with unconstitutional laws and mr.
smiegel you’re an attorney correct I’m sorry there is an attorney here
I’m sorry mr. Thomas you should know that a law that is unconstitutional you
have no moral or legal responsibility to follow those laws and you have every
responsibility to resist those thank you so much for coming you’re welcome thank
you for you followed by James quell their evening
City Council thank you for the opportunity to speak here tonight my
name is Benna Loyola 3261 wilderness Lane Virginia Beach Virginia
god bless the ability to be able to assemble hear and speak and share our
concerns I ask you to support a second Amendment Constitution to to support our
ability to right to self-defense I want to share my humble beginnings because
it’s first-person experience of what happens when a country can be taken over
by the disarming is people I was born in Havana Cuba and Fidel Castro promised
that the masses prosperity and opportunity and how he took over a
country was first to disarm the people and after he disarmed those people he
samara arrested many of them and killed tens of thousands of them and that has
has been repeated throughout history too many times and that’s my history I live
that the Second Amendment is there for a reason it’s it’s a reason that god-given
inalienable rights to defend ourselves from tyranny individual tyranny yes from
an individual that might want to hurt us but also government tyranny the founding
fathers here in Virginia wrote it in the Constitution a constitution oath that I
took numerous times and that same authors have brought it into the
American Constitution we’ve taken the oath you’ve taken the oath I served in
the military I went to nail Academy I served 30 years as a combat naval
aviator I retired as a naval captain throughout my career I took that oath to
defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic
the same Constitution that you took oath to follow as well it’s unbelievable that
we’re here even questioning that fundamental god-given right that
inalienable right so I asked you to support the the support of the Second
Amendment it’s it’s it’s god-given it’s a human right it’s embodied in
Constitution and and we are here today because of that ability
I mean King George the third said sent his red coats died here in Virginia to
disarm the colonists because they don’t like what they were doing and he took
their away and that that that is in American
history it’s in my history that I was born because of we fled communist Cuba
so I can’t say enough for the importance of that it’s sad that it’s not supported
here in Norfolk like all the other municipalities across Virginia or tens
of thousands hundreds of thousands of people have supported that it’s a clear
message to what’s going on where a governor wants to take our rights away
and basically make felons of individuals that want to defend themselves what a
right run our lands when our businesses take care of our family just live the
American dream like I am and and we have to have the ability to defend ourselves
and defend ourselves against tyranny like the founding fathers like our
constitutional rights gives us that god bless you
god Bless America god bless come with a Virginia thank you for Chinese behavior James Carson hello my name is James
Quayle I live in on 93 29 Mason Creek Road mr. mayor members the council
I’ve never been accused of a crime who are ever convicted of a crime I’ve been
a service member in the Army since 2014 I’ve been overseas multiple times and
with the laws that are being proposed by Richmond I would be instantly made a
felon not only by the firearms I own but by holding maintaining possession of the
weapon magazines that the government’s issued me I’m concerned for myself
because if I’m pulled over for whatever reason and a police officer under the
new laws are being proposed seize the stuff the government’s issued me I could
be arrested until I get someone from my unit down to validate that they were
signed over to me my unit does not get enough funding to train for firearms
regularly so I own an ar-15 so that I can maintain my own proficiency for when
I go overseas on my own time my own money if the new laws are passed
I’ll be made a felon for possessing that weapon I do not believe that someone
being afraid of a scary rifle that I may own Trump’s my right to have it just as
I believe that if someone does something I disagree with they have a right to do
it I don’t have a right to take that ability friend they do that
away from them I feel like that’s the American Way and that’s the only fair
way to go about this I thank you for letting me speaking thanks for your time
thank you Kamran Carson followed by Kim shrouds good evening honorable mayor City
Council members mrs. Doyle it’s good to see you again my name is Cameron Carlson
actually as of yesterday dr. Cameron Carlson thank you I live at one six one
one LaSalle Avenue in Norfolk Virginia in accordance with the rules of the
decorum of the city council chambers all members and residents in support of a to
alpha resolution please rise again my name is dr. Kammer Carlson I’m a proud
but frustrated resident of the City of Norfolk
honorable mayor Alexander and council members Virginians have a long and proud
history of protecting the citizenry of this state in the American Revolution
Virginians fought and died at Trenton Monmouth courthouse Germantown and many
other battlefields whose names are in exonerol II linked to our country’s
proud heritage at first Bull Run general Bernard B in an effort to rally his
exhausted troops was reported to have said look men there stands Jackson like
a stone wall let us be determined to die here today and we shall be victorious
rally behind the Virginians thank God they are here
Virginians here tonight have that same spirit as our ancestors we have
previously asked you to support a Second Amendment constitutional City resolution
we have asked and we ask again for your help to fight the unconstitutional
actions of our representatives in Richmond
once more we seek your help I call on the City Council to draft a revolution
resolution dedicating Norfolk as a Second Amendment constitutional City to
lose this constitutional right is to open the door to further degradation of
our other rights you and the citizens of Virginia and Norfolk have a duty to
protect our rights we beg you to do this tonight not everyone owns a firearm care
firearm or even wants to be around a firearm and that is their right others
like those before you tonight are advocates of responsible firearm
ownership and that is our right we ask you to respect and honor everyone’s
right tonight millions of firearms already exist on our country individuals
with evil and illegal motives will obtain firearms we can’t stop them by
legislation how do we stop them I don’t know but the president attack on the
Second Amendment rights of all citizens honorable or otherwise is not the answer
I remind you of one of the most recent church shootings had it not been for an
armed parishioner many people could have died to paraphrase William Douglas the
amendments to our Constitution all of them including the Second Amendment
makes confidence in the common sense of our people and in maturity of their
judgment the great postulate of our democracy in closing if you feel how we
feel if you see the injustice being perpetrated all around us I ask you to
become champions for our city and fight for the people in this room downstairs
and around the country because these people will do the same for you we ask
the City Council begged the City Council to please draft and pass a resolution to
declare Norfolk a Second Amendment sanctuary city thank you Tim crowds followed by Eric pabich hi
I’m Kim short-shorts oh good have a good evening mirror and Alexander and the
City Councilmembers I’m very nervous I’m Kim Shores I resided 227 sir Oliver
Road Norfolk and the Cromwell farms area I’m third-generation owner of my home my
father was raised there through the years I’ve seen many accomplishments in
this city and I come to you out of concern this evening for my rights as a
Virginian you may recall the horrible rain event that took place in 2009 I’m
sure my husband was working to help those trapped in the rising water in the
Tidewater Drive underpass while he was there he was beaten and left for dead on
the street to die it chokes me up let’s talk about it um
the results of this attack left him with PTSD as you can imagine and as a result
my husband never leaves our home without his firearm he’s an avid hunter he’s
taught my three children how to respect the respect of a firearm as well as
handling firearms and he takes some hunting as well my concern over the
proposed legislation is it doesn’t seem to have been thoroughly thought out the
fact is our governor has proven to be less than honest and will do and say
anything to make amends to those he is harmed those amends and his restitution
should not come at my expense or these people’s expense he is removing the
citizens rights to protect us from the very people such as embedded refugees
coming into our communities as well as unleashing criminals back out onto the
streets our legislature continues to talk out of both sides of their mouth
they tell me my children aren’t allowed to babe or smoke or drink until they’re
21 yet they’re able to go and get birth
control or an abortion at the age of 15 my son can go to war at the age of 18
and he can die for his country but when he comes back to Virginia he’s not going
to be allowed to handle a gun until he’s 21 my I’m sorry the truth is I just feel
like the truth is nobody wants to address the real mental health and juice
going on in this country they want to take care of the low-hanging fruit which
is the gun it’s easy to go in and take a gun from somebody even though we are
rifle law-abiding citizens every day my gun does not jump out of a closet and
assault anyone I’m sorry and I urge the council to please protect my rights
protect my husband’s right to defend himself and my children thank you thank
you Robert Allen before my 30 minutes start I got a question this is my third
time here I came November I came December November I asked the same thing
and in the when I came back in December I was told hey here’s the process so I
followed the process I crafted an email I sent it to you mr. sneagle you mrs.
McClellan you mayor Alexander and you mr. bull so this is really an efficient
use your address and my name’s Eric Kovac HOV as in Victor I K
my address is 169 West Ocean Avenue so if I correspond with you again in the
future I expect to be acknowledged I don’t work
for you all right so this is my third time here the last time I was here I
spoke with you and I wrote a written resolution requesting that you make
Norfolk a sanctuary city so it’s already the works been done for you I’m just
asking that you vote on it the legislation being proposed by the
governor and the assembly is unconstitutional so there’s no
obligation to follow those laws the government’s conduct the governor’s
conduct and the Assembly’s conduct in in this legislation basically violates my
First Amendment rights my second Amendment rights and my Fourth Amendment
rights by doing that their conduct is criminal I urge you to read section 242
of u.s. code title 18 it states section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for any
person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or
privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States for the
purpose of section 242 acts under color of law include acts only done not only
done by federal state or local officials within their lawful authority but also
acts done beyond the bounds of that officials lawful authority if the acts
are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in
the performance of his or her official duties persons acting under color of law
within the meaning of this statute include police officers prisons guards
and other law enforcement officials as well as judges care providers in public
health facilities and any others who are acting as public officials it is not
necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race color religion
sex handicap familial status or national origin of the victim the offense is
punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term or the death penalty
depending upon the circumstances of the crime and the resulting injury if any if
gun confiscations are to take place in this city the city where you come to an
otherwise law-abiding person’s home and attempt to disarm them people are going
to get hurt and it is going to be on this council and on the governor and on
the Virginia assembly Robert what do I have to do what am I
not done I understand the time of six parts I get that but I’ve been ignored I
want to know what I have to do to get you to vote on this mr. mayor what email
do I have to send what memo do I have to write what do I have to do for you to
take actually mr. mayor thank you for coming sir Robert Allen followed by rich
Williams Robert Allen all right so Williams rich Williams come on followed
by Terry city Carter
thank you for being here tonight and for having this meeting it’s an exercise in
democracy and people do it better any after their government my name is Rick
Williams I live at 151 to God I’m Brown I want to to the concert to adopt the
resolution that would make Norfolk a chantry city in defense of a
constitutional Second Amendment rights it is my thought that standing in chat
the manner with other localities have taken a seminary stand is the best way
to defend our rights and to make clear to legislators that it is not worth the
time and effort to assure those legislations that impact our
unconstitutional and we’re not work by by defending the Second Amendment we do
in fact enhance Public Safety we when we defend the rights of wine with
finding the rights of all and we put the owner where it needs to be which is
craft and laws that acne honestly and had Public Safety by keeping criminals
off the street and addressing problems without threatening and undermining the
rights of law-abiding citizens one example of what I consider to be a
threat to our second constitutional amendment is the so-called red flag laws
which would presumably address the issue of people who have meant uses having
their firearm fit in a way until those issues are advocated well the fact of
the matter is the weight of Martyr legislation is written what would happen
is do those complaint can be filed against an individual without any
cooperating evidence the individual making the complaint doesn’t have to be
on record as to their name that flies in the face of being able to confront your
accuser if fly put the onus on somebody who had
accused who had the firearm cafetaria it was it put the onus on them to prove
they’re not a problem it says you’re guilty until you prove your innocence
that’s been our basic premise of American Jesus landing on its head we
say you’re innocent until proven guilty thank you so much sir Terry’s father by John Abernathy hello my name is Terry Allen Santori
I live at 63 89 Partridge Street Nova and I is this man behind me spoke
of deprivation of rights under color of law that was what I wanted to talk about
Hey the governor is saying this stuff is all constitutional what he’s proposing
and that’s not true it hasn’t been to the Supreme Court yet
and if someone is god forbid killed in a red flag well incident the law you
enforce today is maybe the law that is overturned later on and I don’t think
that I think that’s a sandwich I don’t think we want to take a bite off
and it could get you prosecuted later I don’t think anybody’s get would get
locked up over it or put to death about it but I could see somebody losing
everything they got and everything they’re ever going to get and I don’t
think we want to go there so I recommend you adopt a resolution to not use any
City resources to enforce this kind of stuff and as far as the universal
background checks go hey one time I was in favor of him you know but the Lois
Lerner in the IRS scandal showed me that the governor government has a tendency
to collect information for one reason and abuse it for another that’s why I
don’t believe in the UBC’s or the registration of the rifles or anything
like that because I don’t want it to be an electronic Star of David that’s gonna
use to stigmatize people keep them off juries target them for audits use it to
deny delay services and Ben it’s people don’t need that as far as
the safety issues go I’ll tell you what if if the revolution if the Nazi Germany
miles china that’s too long ago we got Venezuela today Chavez took over the
most prosperous country in the hemisphere one of the first things he
did was registration and one of the second things he did was confiscation of
private we owned arms and then he’s proceeded to run that country into the
dirt and I don’t think we want to go there either and as far as safety goes
prison isn’t safe and they don’t have guns there and quote Thomas Jefferson I
prefer dangerous freedom rather than safe slavery thank you very much John’s followed by Diane Sexton good
evening thank you mayor ladies and gentlemen my name is John Abernathy I
live at 4-4 8 Cummings Road Virginia Beach I’ve been a nine of these meetings
this is some serious stuff and everything everybody has said here is so
factually true but all you need to be worried about is two things to be
concerned about is two things what are you gonna do come August first if all
these laws pass as written are you concealed carry your family’s gonna be
in danger because the criminals are still gonna have guns and you’re not all
this is doing and the lawyer can tell us it’s not bla binding it’s common sense
no such thing as common sense safety gun laws that’s a load it’s the people right
here that wants you to stand up with them and tell that tyrannical black face
liar enrichment that you stand for us that you are here to back the people
here and I see a couple of smug faces up there on the tax dollar you work for us
and we just asked you you do not agree that these laws are
good bad or whatever I don’t care if you’re a Democrat independent Democrat
independent Republican whatever all we’re asking to do all we’re asking for
you to do is stand with us put it on the agenda let it get voted on and you put
it on the agenda and I’ll bet a paycheck you have three times as many meet people
at the next meeting to make sure that you vote on it and if you don’t vote on
it there’s a little check mark by your name sharpen your pencils clear out your
desk write your resume because you will be voted out of office the people want
to hear that you are with them and for them that’s all Sexton followed by
Robert Allen hi my name is Dianne Sexton I live at 7020 Gilder I have an offer
I’d like to thank you guys for doing the job that you do for us first I am from a
long line of a military family my father was a World War two veteran he was a
mighty man of God and served the United States of America in the military for 40
years his brother also was a World War two veteran I’m a Marine Corps Widow I
had two children Timmy Cory that I have raised since my husband was killed 21
years ago two other three military members in my family and household died
serving this country because they believed in the God whose government has
the shoulders of this hope the whole government is upon his shoulders they
believed it they believed it so much that they died for it they died for it
I’m without an uncle I’m without a husband and for the City of Norfolk and
each one of you not to consider to uphold it Meg Norfolk a sanctuary city
is a slap in my face because I have family members that died
defending this Constitution you sit where you said because of my father
because of my uncle because of my husband please honor their memory
and thank you for the job you do for the city and often you have a tough job I
wouldn’t want it but thank you so much and we will pray for you god bless you
thank you followed by Matthew Adams good evening good evening
born in Norfolk raised in Hampton Roads 48 years US Army veteran son nephew
uncle brother of Ruby’s police officers we are lawful gun owners are for force
multipliers of the police department they need us the burden should not be on
them to protect our citizens we can protect ourselves but we can’t have our
hands tied we need each other my mother is that if you haven’t heard
it tonight my mother says it all the time I carry a gun because I cannot
carry a police officer my wife and my little girl had been involved twice in
situations where they were outnumbered at a stoplight their car was surrounded
just because they tap their horn to let them know there are two green light and
if my wife were not armed who knows what would have happened
they literally drove over the hood of my wife’s car to stop her from leaving
I’m very shaken because I my brother was murdered in Norfolk because he didn’t
have the ability to arm himself because of where he was
it’s we you know the right thing Virginia Beach Chesapeake right tonight
Portsmouth is considering the same thing we got this we’re all neighbors were
right down the street from you in Virginia Beach they did the right thing
you guys please to stand with understand with the people stay what is your what
is your address five five seven six coin B Drive what city
Virginia Beach thank you sir yes sir Matthew Matthew Adams followed by Josiah
hunter ladies and gentlemen my name is Matthew Adams other 72-73 Kirby Crescent
Norfolk Virginia and I represent the average guy okay oh I say the average
guy I’m talking about 20 years in the service I was law enforcement in the
Navy I served on five different continents supporting five different
countries defending five different peoples I fought pirates
I fought terrorists and I fought sailors and Marines so as an average guy let me
tell you a little bit about my family my wife is Hispanic
my daughter lives in California I have seven grandkids her husband is a strong
black man color means nothing to me I’ve heard this argument is about race I’ve
heard we’re all racist I’ve heard we’ve all gotten prejudices I bleed blue I
bleed red we all do okay this right is not granted by the Constitution this
right is an inalienable human right just like our right to worship and our
right to speak somebody’s feelings don’t matter I don’t know why it is that
somewhere in between the 1950s and the 1960s we decided that we should make our
decisions based on feelings rather than facts and the facts say that an armed
sinister citizenry is a safer citizenry look at Chicago look at most of our
major cities this is a fact that is undeniable okay we all want our kids to
be safe we all want our loved ones to be safe
taking log abiding citizens guns away does not make them safe in fact it
probably puts them in danger and that is an indisputable fact so Richmond says that it’s okay to an
abort abort a baby after he’s born but we want to take away your guns to
protect our children so which is it at what point is my child’s life
valuable does anybody have an answer for me because I say conception in the womb until God takes him home thank you so
much one more thing when the Romans came to
take sir Jesus sir your time has expired after 20 minutes talking to lieutenant
governor yesterday and he did interrupt me once I don’t expect to be interrupted
here sir your time is expire you have other people who want to speak when the
Roman soldiers came to take Jesus away what’s going to happen hostels where are
the rest won’t because I will adjourn the meeting and you all the people who
signed up sir will be disrespected because of you Josiah good evening mayor
City Council thank you for having us my name is Josiah hunter I live in
3:01 Eastern Avenue in Norfolk Virginia I’m representing mr. Smigiel mrs.
McClellan and of course yourself mayor thank you came Norfolk from the Navy
I’ve been a proud Norfolk resident of 27 years I love Norfolk could it move
somewhere else stayed here as I like it I’m here also to ask you to represent me
and my fellow citizens to stand up and stand up for the civil liberties of all
Norfolk residents and join of neighbor cities of Virginia Beach and
Chesapeake and declaring Norfolk a Second Amendment constitutional city I’m
passion about the Second Amendment for a lot of reasons one of which is I’m only
here speaking to you tonight because I carry to God and the summer 2003 I was
violently attacked and the Oakdale farm section of town in front of my house by
stranger I’d never seen it was a four-minute response before with Norfolk
police showed up I’m happy they showed up they were outstanding once on scene
but in those four minutes if I hadn’t had a gun I was going to die gonna jump
ahead just a few months ago I had a friend who was killed Christopher rap on
May 31st 2019 ever dream Beach City Bridge me city complex I like to think
he might have been alive at mrs. Nixon had a gun on her that day gun-free zones
do not make us safer the governor and a lot of the General Assembly is putting
forth a lot of legislation that even by their own admittance wouldn’t have
stopped that when they’ve done anything and quite frankly it’s not going to make
anyone any safer segment Rights has stated before they’re not my rights
they’re our rights they’re women’s rights or minority rights or gay rights
they’re straight rights they’re everybody’s rights there are human
rights I’m asking for you my elected representatives to stand with us and
telling Richmond that the rights of the citizens of Norfolk
shall not be infringed thank you for your time and consideration Richard Richard Baldwin followed by
Bruce Sherman mr. mayor City Council ladies and gentlemen my name is Richard
Baldwin I reside at 339 East Lister eats Lester Avenue in ocean view
I’m a retired Navy Mustang I am a retired North sheriff’s deputy as of
tonight 125 out of 133 jurisdictions in the state of Virginia they declared
themselves for the Second Amendment for the rights of its citizens I’m here to
hurt you and as strong as possible terms to adopt a resolution to that effect
that you stand for the rights of the citizens in Norfolk I know resolutions
don’t carry the power of law they speak very loudly 125 out of 133 jurisdictions
in the state there are very many people here tonight come with me Monday come
with me to Richmond and look at the people that are going to be there for
this very same purpose the general said assembly is supposed to represent me and
my rights I just meet but my rights also City Council represents me and supposed
to represent my rights please do it I said I become sure I’ve come here and
beg for something as simple as that stand up and stage your stand for
freedom it’s not about gun control as much as it’s about control as much as
there’s about freedom when the constitution of the country and the
state both say the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and
shall be protected I don’t want us to say to you I don’t want you dragging
feet on this stand up and do the right thing for us
for all of us us and us it’s about your freedom thank you thank you followed by kin read mr. mayor council
people thank you for having this session if the Commonwealth of Virginia we’re
considering a law where our person can only post 10 times a month to social
media or needs a permit to open a Facebook account sir can you give us
your name in your office I’m sorry Bruce Sherman 1 1 2 7 Llewellyn Norfolk where
was I or if you need a permit to open up a
Facebook account you would stand with the people and make your voice known I urge you to join the 91 of 95 counties
13 of 38 independent cities and 24 towns who have declared themselves second
amendment sanctuaries this symbolic action will show that Norfolk stands
with decent law-abiding Virginia citizens and not with outside state
big-money interests as part of a targeted community any restriction on
our rights will negatively impact us my community and Norfolk directly a few
months ago on my way to go worship I heard a commotion coming from a
nightclub next to where I worship I personally stopped a woman from being
beaten by her partner that night when his anger turned towards me I showed
that I was able to defend myself with the lethal force
he second-guessed his actions and left police on the scene told me that I was
justified and legal in my actions at the court case the person received
two years probation along with a no contact order with the victim and I’m
not a police officer I’m not a veteran I’m a regular citizen who prevented
something that could have been very horrible join 95 plus percent of the
land mass of the state of Virginia in declaring us a second amendment
sanctuary location I know that it’s symbolic I know it does not carry the
weight of law but it carries the will of the people and that’s what you’re
elected to go followed by Carolyn fight thank you for the time dr. mayor I guess
it’s dr. mayor and members of council my name is Ken Reed 506 spots what haven’t
you I’m a new resident relatively and I love the city a lot it’s got a lot of
potential it really does I moved here from Northern Virginia and I’m a proud
member of this great Orthodox Jewish community see a lot of our our members
here in the audience tonight in support of the Second Amendment and here’s why I
think we all know there’s been a surge of anti-semitism in this country and
it’s been horrible and it’s been one of the worst
anti-semitism probably since the 30s and even in the 30s I’m not aware of people
being shot and killed in synagogues as they have been in New York I mean in New
Jersey Pennsylvania and in California all of which have very restrictive gun
laws recently a member of our community mentioned that he was writing walking
along and as you know we all walk yes we walk on Shabbos we don’t use our cars we
don’t walk we don’t use our cars on holidays Jewish holidays
and someone said to him on a bike get out of my way you F and Jew and I
couldn’t believe this and either could he and so we spoke to a member of our
community said I want to get a gun what do I have to do to
he says well there is no requirements rule you just go down and you get it you
should take training whatever you should do this get a concealed apartment is is
is is something else so a lot of our members have that ability and I think
that’s probably one of the reasons why you don’t see people preying upon the
Orthodox Jewish community in Norfolk it’s because probably a lot of criminals
know that people are armed however Virginia’s General Assembly and
the governor are now poised to do the same mistake that New York and New
Jersey is doing and what they’re doing up there in New York and New Jersey is
not just making it more difficult to own a firearm but they’re also relaxing
criminal enforcement and that’s why I’m coming to you tonight it’s because in
your legislative agenda you support safe neighborhoods that’s a quote and what
they’re talking about by eliminating certain cash bail requirements and by
making that a felony only if you still all over nine hundred dollars and going
back to parole is going to create more of a problem coupled with the
restrictions on firearms ownership that’s what concerns me and it concerns
me that there might be an attitude that it may not happen here that’s always
what people say and it seems to me to some listening to the people tonight
that you have been kicking the can down the road and you have refused to even
offer debate on a second amendment sanctuary or constitutional City why
don’t you amend your legislative agenda bring your sheriff your police chief and
your legislators and ask them do you really want to relax criminal
enforcement in this state do you really want to expose my community Muslims
Sikhs or anybody who looks different to criminals that’s the problem can you
live with that if something like that were to happen in this great city thank
you very much Carolyn is followed by William Jackson
senior hi my name is Carolyn fight my address is 94 30 at lands and ocean view
Norfolk I was for a living I hope handicapped people be mobile one of my
clients came in today and made me aware of this meeting tonight and I had to be
here been in Norfolk for about a year wasn’t in my house for about four months
and I had a bullet go through my window I’m just happy I have a gun I’m happy
I’m able to defend myself if somebody comes in my house single parent you know
I just want to be able to defend myself and I hope you guys don’t let that go
away that’s all I got to say William Jackson followed by Justin Edwards good
evening mr. mayor the City Council particularly Angela Mamie I know them
both well and they’re great people I’m 78 years old and I’ve been in Norfolk
Virginia since 1971 I spent four years in the US Air Force in the military
police I worked at Norfolk Naval Shipyard for 31 and a half years and I
crawled in some homes that you wouldn’t want to go in I spent all day yesterday
in the Pocahontas building in Richmond Virginia wavy TV last night said that
there was approximately 200 people in favor of the guns that’s a lie because I
was in that building and there had to be well over 2,000 people
I went from floor one if you’re gonna move around in the place
I didn’t prepare a text night because I really didn’t plan to come here but I
want to ask all of you to contact your representative and tell them vote no on
all this garbage that they’re trying to push through even the three that they
want to pass through to give you the authority to ban guns at a parade or any
city function okay good band good they want to let you ban guns and all of your
city buildings city parks city parks are safe places aren’t they okay a night
particular I’m going to tell you what those bills are if you want to write
them down SB 35 parades and market and marches SB 615 buildings and parks SB
450 chambers of local governing bodies guess where that is if they passed that
I’ve seen a number of these great people here or carry on I don’t carry yet but
I’m about to start I think please give very serious consideration
to this thank you very City constitutional amendment whichever they
want to call it sanctuary cities is great with me do you want to add
constitutional it’s okay but give it serious consideration and give us a
chance to vote on it thank you very much thank you deston followed by Adam Nussbaum my name
is Dustin everyone a little bit 6 1 to 7 Edward Street I had a whole list of
stuff here to say but everyone’s already said it there’s only one question
there’s only one thing that hasn’t been addressed I hear all these plans about
how you’re gonna get the guns from us law-abiding citizens now one time have I
heard how you’re gonna get it from the criminals actually that’s more the
question you have all these laws how you gonna get for me which you’re not gonna
get it from me I can say that right now and most of them – you ain’t get it from
them either how are you gonna get it from bad guys
the Second Amendment isn’t a guarantee of safety it’s a guarantee of a fighting
chance against tyranny even if it comes from our own government which it is good
evening my name is Adam Nussbaum and I live at 2:01 in Westover Avenue I hope
everyone here had a good holiday season just to be clear any my viewpoints
shared here tonight do not reflect any of my places of work throughout my time
serving in the US Navy as a current graduate student at American University
as a current employee of NATO I’ve given it my all to uphold American values and
defend this country from foreign threats even though I took that oath today I
enlisted I never actually thought I would have to defend this great nation
from domestic threats however these are trying times and
defend these threats I will the Bill of Rights was not written as a suggestion
or even as Rights bestowed upon us by the government these rights are simply
recognized as fundamental inalienable rights and as such are protected by both
the u.s. and Virginia constitutions even the current UN Secretary General Antonio
Guterres states peace security and human rights are mutually reinforcing and
rights violations signal threats to security but rights upheld contribute to
peace a fellow Virginian Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers
shared this beliefs and even wrote down their thoughts regarding this in the
Federalist Papers throughout my studies and my work in international affairs
I’ve seen firsthand what happens to countries whose leaders forcibly take
guns away from law-abiding citizens these leaders were
the law by not becoming a second minima sanctuary City you are in effect telling
all of us and your constituents that you agree with the unconstitutional laws
come down from Richmond the latest one HB 961 is even more
restrictive than the previous SB 16 however these laws exclude those in the
legislature police officers and military veterans this truly means that this
assumed higher class of people is above the law
these laws discriminate against anyone who hasn’t worked for the government and
even some that have with the grandfather clauses they also discriminate against
those who do not yet own a firearm children and our future generations the
1% can still afford armed security for self-defense also granting them this
status that they are better than the rest of us this notion of having an
upper class above the rest of us has already played America’s past for
hundreds of years frankly I’m astonished that you are willing to reenact and
support such laws as this idea should be anathema to each and every one of you
personally I side with the Declaration of Independence and Jefferson’s words
that all men are created equal they are endowed by the creator with certain
unalienable rights that among these are life liberty and pursuit of happiness
that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men deriving their
powers from the consent of the governed and the Virginia Declaration of Rights
George Mason also says certain inherent rights of which they cannot be deprived
I for one do not consent I implore you to take these words to
heart be guided by real common sense not emotions make Norfolk a second a minute
sanctuary City and join the 90 plus percent of Virginia localities otherwise
you are unequivocally telling us your constituents that you and your carnal
parts in Richmond are above the law thank you for your time Robert Robert Duncan followed by Julie
vesko good evening my name is Robert Duncan I reside at 1104 taller place
Norfolk Virginia I’m really shocked that we’re here today to even talk about
something that when I was growing up was it’s a constitutional right but here we
are a lot of this grounds are being covered so I don’t want to go over the
history lesson of course just Saturday we had to dispute in the house right
behind mine I had to call the police took 7 10 17 minutes or longer for the
police to get there there were three phone calls put in and I don’t blame the
police they’re spread thin they can’t be everywhere at once but luckily I knew in
the back of my head that I had the power to take care of myself
if need be and luckily that didn’t arise had a gun since I was probably about ten
years old I started caring since I was about 21
and bartending and I’ve luckily never had to pull my gun to use it and I pray
to God I never have to but to know that I can defend myself my family a little
three-year-old and my seven-year-old and keep that right I urge you guys to let
us keep that right I think what it comes down to is basically it’s a tool and
it’s like a plunger if you ever need one of those whether it’s a plunger a gun
you better have one notes are going to be in a really bad position ladies and gentlemen my name is Julie
Vasco I live at 12:14 East ocean view Avenue and I thank you for your polite
attention we are a port city Norfolk’s history shows that enemies have arrived
here from over the sea and from all directions on the land side as well
I’m sure people know just right out here on the street there’s a cannonball that
was fired by the British in the church wall many years have passed during which
our forefathers and our foremothers have lived through differing scenarios in the
interplay between weapons and government and war thousands of those years as
Europeans have experienced them are the ones I know most about as my forebears
are Europeans after thousands of years trying different political systems in
these many countries of Europe early Americans came here to America and wrote
what they had learned through those prior centuries into a hopeful document
that we still call the American Constitution and our Constitution has
served America almost 250 years having been tweaked ever since America’s
founding well now we’re here in Virginia and we’re leading the nation again in
our thinking in our debate about whether the collective wisdom on guns and
government of these past twelve hundred and fifty years needs alteration now in
this new age this age in which we also have to deal with the Internet and the
bombardments of 24-hour news and pressures from those who advocate a
world government and the cries of those who believe that the end times are
already upon us and advances in shooting technology and so they cry that the
Second Amendment which simply put says that the average citizen shall have the
right to keep and bear arms needs to be altered or they do so in a sneakier way
wishing to adopt new laws that would undercut this right I think not what’s
really changed in the 250 years since we had the Second Amendment well
the buzzing of the Internet does not alter the need to defend our bodies and
our homes against invasion of the bombardment of 24-hour news we are
wisest to limit our daily intake but they do not remove our need to be ready
to defend ourselves of the pressures of those who advocate world government to
them I ask do you really want to hand America over without a fight the history
of Europe shows that such a thing could happen any minute and does happen all
the faster when the citizens are denied arms put the cries of those who believe
that the end times are upon us why does this make it necessary to alter our
Second Amendment rights on the contrary I would say that our forebears suffered
thousands of years of abuse at the hands of various governments and that our
sacred US Constitution has put this situation right via the Second Amendment
and so just to quickly finish although the technology although the bullets fly
faster now as a freedom-loving American wanting to protect to protect my little
home in oceanview I just know if someone comes at me with a fast gun I want to
have a gun that’s faster Zep device by speaker okay all right
thank you very much mr. Clerk okay concerning the second concern in
the Second Amendment sanctuary City I’m prepared as the clerk to send this
letter to Governor north on lieutenant governor of Fairfax attorney general
herring and members of the General Assembly and members of the Norfolk City
Council we have been presented with a position the petition requesting the
City of Norfolk adopt a resolution declaring Norfolk a second amendment
sanctuary city is enclosed along with the correspondence and formal remarks
provided by citizens regarding this matter which will include emails and
comments this evening upon taking office in accordance with section 49.1 of the
code of virginia members of the City Council swear an oath to support the
Constitution of the United States this includes the Second Amendment support
the Virginia Constitution of 1971 and faithfully and impartially discharge all
the duties incumbent upon them need the US Constitution or Virginia’s
Constitution provides municipalities for the legal means to choose not to uphold
the laws of the United States in the Commonwealth of Virginia the Norfolk
City Council members respect and hopefully will deliberate hope that you
will deliberate this issue during the 2020 session of the General Assembly
respectfully submitted Richard Abel

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