28 Replies to “FBI Sought To Interview Whistleblower At Center Of Impeachment Inquiry | NBC News”


    Gordon Sondland's full opening remarks to House Intelligence Committee | Public impeachment hearings https://www.facebook.com/dan.bongino/videos/572837630132293/

  2. Legit when I first heard about this, I thought it was a guy who just whistled at a speech… Like a heckler…

  3. DOJ, I would worry about the FBI wanting to now interview with the whistleblower. They have some people who are good friends the WH. I don't trust anyone anymore they all lie.

  4. Donald J. Trump is the embarrassment of the United States of America just like Kwame Kilpatrick is the embarrassment of the city of Detroit.

  5. White House's desperation to find out who the Wblower is, is now using a govt agency like the FBI and ymet there is no official investigation on the W blower.

  6. Republicans using the hunt for a legitimate whistleblower as a destraction from the first hand accounts of Trump ans administration wrong doing. Pompeo is a huge disgrace. Barr too. Mnuchin is dirty.

  7. Why is Barr not charged with this attempt to obstruct justice? F in FBI is FEDERAL not international making Barr guilty of abuse of his position for other use…to abuse the whole FBI to attack 1 person is a CRIME noone seams to notice is a serious offense just as bad as Trump did…in fact it is same in many ways. BARR HAS TO GO NOW! If ANYONE can explain WHY the FBI would want to become international in a job for the president to attack 1 single person probably in another country. Nothing federal about it. It is a cl rear 100% proof Barr overstepped hi8s power for the president and proof he works for Trump and no the USA people.

  8. The Whistleblo#er, Eric Ciaramell# fits a disturbing profile. Ex-Obama administration employee, a beard most of his life, purported Christian, (non-at attendant), has an FBI and CIA jacket (Currently non-disclosable, with a 9 rating, meaning his behavior was considered a threat). More to come.

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