100 Replies to “Even President Donald Trump Thinks Impeachment Is Inevitable | Hardball | MSNBC”

  1. Trump is one of the most privileged people ever born, but yet he still cheats, lies to the American people, breaks the law and blames everybody else for his problems. He claims to be a victim at every turn. Such a hypocrite!

  2. What more do you need to hear to prove the entire RePUGliKLAN party is involved in treason? How much more do you need to know? Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey blocking bills to protect our elections? Defending the blackmailing of an ally against their Russian enemy? Their closed mouths on Russia now gaining a foot hold in the Middle East? Vowing to stop the impeachment and removal of a criminal "leader" despite a majority wanting it. They're all in on this.

  3. Oh and please stop praising Pelosi! She has not shown leadership, but cowardice. Trump's impeachment inquiry should've started months ago. She has been playing politics instead of doing the right thing for this country.

  4. THE over 60% of the People in this country, besides the Demo's & a few Repub's WANT'S " Mr. D. Trump Out " before he starts a Major War & CAN'T Be Removed! JMO

  5. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff impeachment inquiry is totally unacceptable doing it behind closed doors in secret what kind of government is that? So are we now the new Soviet Union. Shame on the Democrats this is going to come back and bite them in the butt come the 2020 election. Trump will win re-election by a greater margin than he did in 2016 is my prediction. Trump gets my conservative Democrat vote in 2020. President Trump has kept his promises unlike the Democrats who did nothing but witch-hunts. NBC/ MSNBC is nothing but biased liberal fake news a total joke for people with working brains. Their pathetic ratings prove my point.

  6. But the Republicans were OK, with the fact that this president is dangerous to the country, personal political gain, as well as racist. I guess so because their pockets were being fattened. Is there no decency? He doesn't deserve anything, but to be shown the door out, why has this taking so long? How dare he call someone vicious, this is a evil man who has disrespected the office of the presidency.

  7. America is held hostage by Richie rich turned joker . . as we face the 6th mass extinction . Just Greta !Hillaryous

  8. t-rump wants to be impeached, he wants to be a martyr…so be it. He obviously hates our country, because he can't get away with being so obviously corrupt.

  9. It is fascinating that each time Trump makes a negative remark about anyone else, or any entity, he always makes an transparent. projection, thereby revealing something obviously about who he is, without realizing it; he is oblivious to his own psychopathology. One best example: "The Democrats are vicious". Why Democrats have been trampled and stomped on by the right-wing Republicans is that we have treated them as if they are honourable, decent humans.

  10. If Trump has to ask why America want's to impeach him😩
    Then I say Trump dosn't live in reality, time for his really big brain to retire

  11. Donny, you know what they did with traitors in them good old days? Well, that's what's gonna happen to you, you malodorous heap of parrot droppings. 😂

  12. Democrats in the house could get impeachment done if they wanted to get it done. Don't understand why they're being so meticulous? They have more than a wealth of daily evidence, witnesses, majority of public on their side and depositions. C'mon, democrats! Flush this turd of of office before he takes us down with him!

  13. If nobody likes Trump it's because he brought it on himself. If he didn't lie, if he wasn't cruel and if he wasn't racist, most of all if he worked. He waits till the last minute to do any kind of work.

  14. Donald…the things you have done are exactly the things that our founders were worried about when they created the impeachment process. I am in no way surprised that you and your low brow base don't understand that.

  15. Don't waste time on impeachment. Let Trump do maximum damage. When people hit the bottom, they are more motivated for change.

  16. I am starting tho think that Guilian's incarceration will be more enjoyable than Trumps.. although I think the GOP will enjoy Trump's jail time more than anyone.. they hate the slime bag

  17. If he think he might get impeached he is not too stupid. His mind is working OK. He should resign and go out like a real Trooper and stop wasting the politicians valuable time. and the tax payers money.

  18. The president has gotten very old very fast,the pressure is on the people that supports him will slowly realized they've been fooled…

  19. The men and women around the president knows he's compromised but he's giving them what they want and they would use him for as long as they can them they'll dump him.

  20. Good for you Chris …mentioning the power of heartfelt prayer…..when you say it ….I can tell it means something….because you don't cram religion down people's throats. Well anyways God bless you man and keep telling us the news.

  21. Trump calls upon the integrity of the 'Founder's while ignoring the supremacy of the Constitution. This man is the embodiment of evii, a master of the illogical,l and should he survive, I believe our nation to be deservedly doomed.

  22. They want to impeach because YOU have committed crimes against the American Constitution which according to you is phony. But you swore an OATH to uphold the Constitution!!!! You are trying to trash it not uphold it!

  23. Hardball? more like Softball. Of course, it's inevitable, the democrats have been obsessing over it since he was elected. herderrrrr

  24. Be careful "What You Wish For DEMS ? " Its going to go back the other way ..Republicans can CALL Who they Want .. They SET THE RULES IN SENATE ..YOU FOOLS ..

  25. How come rich people and corporations are the only people that gets to keep the money they steal? After the financial crash, all those industries that got busted. They got to keep the money they stolen and only paid a fine. And the fine was not even 10% of what they actually stole. Now we have Trump that has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from the tax payers. Does it look like Trump will have to give that money back? But you want to call getting impeached a victory? GTFOH!

  26. They Are Vicious? This from a guy who at one time had a lawyer.. a lawyer you may recall who never took notes.. a vicious lawyer by the name of Roy Cohn.. haha, they are vicious.
    He's so crazy.

  27. Glenn's characterization of Corey Lewandowski as a: "…cruddy, unreliable, unseemly…witness" is the finest moment of reportage I have encountered in months. Bravo, sir! Well played.

  28. Worst presenting voice on earth. Bloody wanker Trump DID NOT say impeachment was inevitable he said Of couse the Democrats want to impeach thats a world of difference you clowns

  29. What a smooth liar, gushing over our founding fathers, who created that emoluments clause in the constitution he called phony.

  30. The end is coming for democrats,Barr’s report is about to reveal Hillary,obuma’s and Brennan’s attempt to rig a presidential election and frame a presidential candidate…bye,bye

  31. I'm so looking forward to the FCC pulling MSNBC of the air, Trump will prevail and be re-elected. I only hope when the justice department is done with the democrats, that they don't forget about you guys.

  32. He said this would happen if Dems stole the hous vote wisely and purge the criminal Dems or this country will be heading towards civil war.

  33. Speaker Nancy Drew does not have the votes for impeachment. She is 40 votes shy. Many Congresswomen are from farm districts. Evangelicals have raised their voices and have advised Representatives they will vote them out.

  34. America selling Kurdish people in syria soo America show world how selling Kurdish people in syria no more tallk about Kurdish people America bissnes hads

  35. Trump knows that he can’t afford to lose the presidency, if he does he goes straight to prison, do not pass go, go directly to jail.

  36. If you do not need my consent to take action, dates do not matter and I as a Person have nothing to do with your cause.

  37. There is deception on both sides. Trump is talking double speak, so the dems hear: "it's inevitable I'm impeached" …and the Trumpsters hear: "it's inevitable that they will try, but it's illegitimate, so it won't happen". The media is also playing both sides. To the Trumpsters, it is the best economy ever…to the dems, it is the worst. It's all manipulated, and people hear what they want.

  38. Don’t worry, we the people elected him once…we will again, regardless of how much democrats want to overturn a free and fair election. They don’t want a free election…just read the comments below. Remember when Hillary and dems blabbed on and on about accepting the results? Well, sit down and buckle up princess because 4 more years is on its way. #MAGA #Trump2020

  39. Of course even trump thinks impeachment is inevitable. Impeachment is inevitable when the government is run by evil communists who foam at the mouth because we finally have a decent president. If he is impeached, be ready for civil war cuz it could happen. This country is NOT a communist country. This is America, people. Get ready for 1776 2

  40. I think the law should be passed anybody that wants to be a politician or the president has any criminal record whatsoever or has been impeached should not be allowed be in the government ever again this is ridiculous criminal gets out of prison he can't even get a job why should the politicians or the ones that want to be politicians or the president have privileges they made the laws they should have to abide by them you got a criminal record no job with the government

  41. America was a boring self important place until Trump.The world was just getting around to liking yanks again..oh well!

  42. Fake dossier, fake impeachment crooked intelligence agency's and crooked news channels yet trump is still getting thing's done. Trump will win 2020 by the biggest landslide ever

  43. It is scary that Senate Republicans must reject foreign interference in U S elections to impeach Trump. Accepting foreign interference opens floodgates to China and Russia with little hope of reversal. Halloween scary.

  44. Right before his impeachment, Agent Orange will take Air Force One to meet up with the man he fell in love with, Kim Jong Un. Their first conversation will be one similar to those of prison inmates. Who’s going to be the “wife”?

  45. Oh! Putin planted the idea of a hopelessly corrupt Ukraine in Trump's diet Coke-addled brain. No surprises there………

  46. I think Trump is a jerk….trust me I did NOT would not EVER vote for him …well or else I would have to be scared to death of an alternative (even Hillary did not scare me enough to vote for Trump)….anyway my point here is that doing anything new to impeach a president will set precedent which could possibly start a chain of presidential impeachments that I personally imagine would bode very bad for this country….just saying folks DO be careful what you wish for! Paybacks truly can be a MF'r….probably best to grit teeth knowing "this too shall pass"

  47. Inevitable is the overwhelming record breaking landslide lopsided election Win ever before in 2020 for a President. The few of you who lag behind are dwindling to small numbers are soon to be wishing you had some foresight.

  48. Why do US presenters always yell at their audience? You are wearing a microphone man, calm yourself and stop yelling at the camera.

  49. Yes trump…You are Illegitimate among so many other corrupt behaviors. The very worst this country has ever had to put up with.

  50. #TRUMP2020 great president exposing the corruption that has put the American people in disarray for decades. This is nothing more than a setup for when criminal charges come to those who are truly responsible to claim political revenge. But lets put our opinions aside and really look at the facts. God bless the U.S.A. and President Trump. TRUMP2020

  51. Impeachment is a charge.. That’s all the House of Representatives can do is charge…

    Lol! The senate is held by the republicans

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