Encore of Revival: America, December 2, 2019

Encore of Revival: America, December 2, 2019 “Order in the ranks” of military discipline
includes that the president is the commander in chief who always gets his way—in the
military. Generals and secretaries in the US Armed Forces
have zero preference in any disagreement of decision with the president. As commander in chief, the president can overturn
any court-martial conviction and fire or dismiss anyone for any reason. This is intended by the Constitution so that
the Armed Forces serve the will of the people. The military does not give orders to the democratically
elected president. Anyone in the Armed Forces attempting to circumvent
a decision of the president should be discharged and possibly prosecuted for mutiny—based
on Article 94 (§ 894)(a)(1) of the 2004 Uniform Code of Military Justice definition of Mutiny
or Sedition. It is inappropriate for anyone to claim fowl
play in the the Navy secretary’s firing. Kevin Clinesmith from the FBI has been dubbed
the title “frontline lawyer”. He reportedly doctored evidence in the FISA
spy application as part of the Russianewsgategate scandal. If he was not acting under the explicit direction
of his “behind the frontlines” superiors, then the Obama administration’s FBI, including
James Comey, had even bigger problems. “Frontline lawyers” at the FBI are supposed
to follow instructions of the director, otherwise the director is AWOL. As impeachment moves forward, Democrats seal
their fate. They’ve already gone too far. Whether the House votes to impeach, Democrats
lose popularity. Either they let down their base or they anger
everyone Right of staunch Democratic voters with unnecessary drama. Two unanswered questions remain: Will they
choose to lose votes by impeaching or lose votes by not impeaching? And, more mysteriously, are they secretly
trying to help President Trump or are have they been operating on kook-directed autopilot
so long that they are no longer capable of knowing where they are headed? The biggest danger Donald Trump always posed
was that he would do too well and thus give Republicans a supermajority they couldn’t
have earned on their own. No one seems to be helping that effort as
much as House Democrats. Fortunately for the country, the ever-less-so
silent majority doesn’t make political decisions on autopilot. And, that majority is growing larger. Encore! Revival is returning to America.

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