Don’t “Balance” our Constitutional Rights for Security

bottom accelerate your review of white
house light the joe car so i have uh… sarnia was given his was read his rights of choice and it’s
referred to as the miranda rights because the uh… the moran diverse as somebody rather uh… u_s_ supreme court case but the fact of the matter is that their
fifth amendment rights the fifth amendment the united states
gearing to use the you have certain protections against abuse by government with regard to to criminal yeah accusations of criminal behavior and these rights have been codified and somehow and i believe it was during the bush
industry i could be wrong but i believe over the last couple years the last decade or so but justice department without any input from u or me or even our elected
representatives somehow we cargo hold and we said well okay you can arrest
somebody and interrogate the naked in mind when the miranda case was ruled back in
sixty six short of the year was weather or at a case was ruled they
would arrest people and give time to chairs and beat them with belts slap around bill yell at them scream at
them threaten things to them burn them was cigarettes whatever you know threaten the to bid to put the
kids in jail back in one of the memos by john u_n_ j
by the they said that crushing the testicles of us seven or ten year old
boy in front of his father would be considered an appropriate way
of interrogating his father so what the miranda rights say uh…
what the fifth amendment says is that you may not do these things s an infected person has the right to
remain silent before you you have to prove that they’re guilty
they don’t have to beg in and and prove their innocence to you making cooperated not cooperate you be in the government you being all the rest of the societies which makes it harder for us to prosecute people who are criminals and
makes it much harder for us to prosecute people who are criminals bought ari easily influenced threatened
intimidated or frightened and i should be hard there is one institution in our society that we give the power to take us out of our homes for all of
our cars to bind us in ways that we cannot move to lock us in rooms from which we cannot
escape and in some states and nationwide for
some crimes to execute us and that one institution is our god now i find a particular ironic that the
at the so-called right wingers are just in love with the government’s pop our to
kill people ali i definitely great thank you know any marla but some other frailey government they
hate the government posed to me is insane i’m with thomas jefferson and george washington and james madison
these are the guys who said you know if were going to take on the power if we
that cuz they were all members of government back time almost all namely certainly
created if we’re going to create an entity it is going to have this kind of power he has to have some serious constraints and those constrain should not have
holes drilled in them and less we the people drills holes and
even that they should be similar to what those goals can be and here we have this so-called public safety exemption that says well you have to tell somebody
what their rights are an an has up as i recall i don’t have the
details and promote as i recall he had uh… the shot or beat up his wife that
he had a gun and he had a good holster he is wearing
the holes for the holster was empty and pressure was where’s the gun which is a very good question ’cause
guns kill people and the police asked him where is the
gun and they asked him that before they had
told him that he had the right to remain silent that so when he went to or all the way
the supreme court he said you know questioners said anything i didn’t you
know i should have been a part of our internet site and the supreme court said yall but that gun was a present threat to public
safety and if you’d left that got out the front
yard where some eight-year-old could pick it
up and shoot somebody that’s something that the police needed
to know and the public good was so compelling that are overwhelmed
to the fifth amendment right for you to be informed that you could be
silent now i disagree with that supreme court
ruling first of all i don’t think that we have a
constitutional monarchy immunize annie i do have knowledge that we do have a
constitutional monarchy enhances what i like the founders intended for us to
have on the supreme court should not have been able to make law like that and
they should not have been able to carve exemptions in the pit the memo like that
but they did number one but number two the justice department store it in the
bush administration big-time i mean during the so-called war on terror but
now even the obama administration do it saying okay were intake that supreme court
ruling that said that it is possible for you to
draw a little tiny hall the fifth amendment anesthetic doing use and roaring is a
jet camp and we’re going to have the even more or of these exceptions we upbeat appropriately have some
regulations on our so-called second number rates to
bear arms there were great well-regulated is in that sentence that
have also has the word arms and so it’s fairly clear that there’s some
intent for regulation there there is no well-regulated press through the press shall not be fringe
free speech infringe and yet we do in friendship there are certain kinds of
speech that her illegal i disagree with that as well but i think that we have not reuni crossed a serious line there i mean i i don’t like it but i can’t
make jokes about bombs at the airport or something like
that but i understand it by the way via video is flying out while
winded sunday when i was one of los angeles by uh… it’s uh… that he s a woman who checked
my i_d_ was worrying a high jeep that the word for the for the uh… wasn’t headrest
and i was so proud of my country in a moment here’s o amo somalia muslim dress went
insane uniform uh… you know deciding which security let it go bud and i’d just but this is so cool anyhow that that’s it the first and second amendment protect us uh… second i wasn’t let’s
set aside say about his also protect the first time for some interpret x’s in some ways but the fourth and fifth amount
literally protect us from being ripped out of our homes and content or death and the justice department wants in
their infinite wisdom without consulting taxpayers are voters the justice department wants to be able
to say oh we’re going to create tensions

18 Replies to “Don’t “Balance” our Constitutional Rights for Security”

  1. The thing about conservatives is that they refuse to defend the rights of others. They believe they should have their rights but other people’s rights don’t matter. Take Rand Paul: He just said that using drones in the U.S. to kill some guy suspected of robbing a liquor store is just fine with him but Rand Paul went on to say “Don’t spy on me while I am in my yard in my hot tub”. This is one reason I find it so hard to respect conservatives.

  2. I think our constitutional rights are being eroded and the constitution has been trampled on for at least 20 years. At the same time our safety net is being shredded and we are creating an underclass. I think we have essentially become an oligarchy. What is happening in and to our country, I think, is very scary.

  3. I don't like Rand Paul personally, but he was exagerating to make a point about the difference between being caught in the act and being targeted as a suspect. He was saying he has no problem with cops using deadly force, even a drone, to stop a violent criminal in the act. But he thinks it is wrong to create a list of suspects who are simply suspected of committing a crime and targeting them for a strike or even just surveilance. It wasn't about himself personally…

  4. Obama doesn't invade countries and call our allies pussies when they refuse to help out…In fact he ended the biggest bunder of a war since vietnam and has a definitive draw down date for the other…Obama doesn't torture detainees…Obama doesn't keep gays out of the military…Obama pushed for unemployment extensions and payroll tax cuts favorng the poor. Bush pushed for income tax cuts favoring the rich…………….Obama is far from perect, but comparing him to Bush is absolutely retarded

  5. Again, Obama isn't perfect but I will take a couple hundred dead civilians from drone strikes over Bush's 100,000 plus dead civilians just from invading Iraq…Most of the drone strikes and almost all of the civilian casualties have been in Pakistan and Yemen where the governments are currently fighting civil war with the pakistani taliban and Al Shabaab respectively. If Bush was still rpesident you can bet your ass we would have troops on the ground at least in Yemen!

  6. Really? Obama passed NDAA. He has Wall Street in charge of his treasury. He uses drones in war. Do your research on torture. He does torture. Gitmo is still open. He has done nothing to free Bradley Manning. He is invading countries with drones. You are deluded to think that he is liberal. Newsflash. HE IS NOT LIBERAL

  7. Obama threatened to veto the 2012 NDAA if sub sections 1021-1022 regarding indefinite detention (re-authorizing the powers under the 2001 AUMF). But he pussed out because he was worried that vetoing the the defense budget for 2012 would give the GOP ammunition to go after him in an election year and blame him for unfunded defense programs including veterans benefits! He is NOT a liberal, you are correct. But he never ran as one. I was just saying he has been a MASSIVE improvement over Bush.

  8. Yeah golfing with Oil executives while liberals are protesting Keystone oil pipeline is a big improvement. Wait it is the same. Bush did the same when he said "we must fight terror."

  9. His actions don't match his words. Golfing with big oil is being for it. The Kerry State office, Obama's new sec of state, says it is environmentally sound which is bullshit.

  10. So golfing with oil execs but still refusing to give them access to many public lands including deep water and the North Slope of Alaska is worse than Bush invading countries for his oil exec buddies over at haliburton? AGAIN, Obama is not a Liberal! He never ran as one! But his policy might as well be pure marxism compared to Bush! We are less dependent on oil than any point in the last 50 years! But Obama has done nothing to promote alternative energy supplies…

  11. Obama approved that pipeline through yellowstone? exactly…Exxon is also being fined by Obama's EPA nearly 2 million for the spill just in fines…THen there will be the impending law suits for damages.

  12. John Smith is too scared to write a comment directly to me…And sucks on michael moore's balls while crying that this country isn't more progressive 🙂

  13. The Constitution is only as good as the Judicial branch and that is bought off and under the influence of the power establishment.

  14. I didn't tell you to stop sucking Michael Moore's balls, I know that is all you have to live for…so your comment makes no sense

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