100 Replies to “Diplomat Worried Trump Would Stiff Ukraine After Leveraging Favor | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. My full Registered Name works on my behalf as my Representative in conveying communications of ideas and the spirit of my Person where I am not Present.

  2. Seniority is nothing for president Trump only cut
    Them off fired or resigned

    All for money power leverage !

    Who is this president thinks just cause he has Money to rule everyone if the price is right !

  3. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;

    All the king's horses and all the king's men

    Couldn't put Humpty together again

  4. Every day he does something horrifying. He is tearing our country apart. He needs to go NOW! At lease suspend him from his duties. while this mess he made is dealt with.

  5. Anyone who feels they can still defend the nightmare of a president after this testimony should just get it over with and move to Russia.

  6. I’m afraid not much of this is going to be of any use the next election. Republicans won’t impeach Trump. And now if the economy turns, republicans can now blame Democrats for causing disruption for trying to impeach Trump

  7. Thanks! After tons of interminable reading and listening, you finally put the mess together so it can be understood in its entirety. Thanks again. appreciate it.

  8. It really sounds like he was trying too set them up for the Russians and the puppet master Putin, why is he still in office he’s a Russian asset that bunker trump got that 300k because the first money got took….. they really need too look into that family they are so not presidential and nobody knows or care how far there setting us back. Making a mockery of the constitution it should be a law for the next president they should know the constitution Word for Word.

  9. Spin Ghouliani and his bosom buddy Igor with their henchman Lev are under the money spell of the Big Orange Lying Warlock DJT.  Putin's Frankenstein has risen.  Dirty Donny learning fast from his puppet master. Witch hunt and the witch has been found. He squats on his Whitehouse pedestal spinning his lies on the enchanted loom of lunacy and casting his demonic spell all over his celebrity stricken idolaters.

  10. Not only bribery and extortion but a conspiracy. Yeah that is definitely a high crime/crimes which meets the requirement for impeachment.

  11. Just so you Democrats don't forget cuz you're probably unaware with the Russians invaded Ukraine while Obama was in office and they were begging for defensive weapons and Obama would not give them any he stood by why Putin ran over them it was Trump that approved sending them weapons along with Congress and every president has the bully pulpit nothing new

  12. A side issue here is, was this aid to Ukraine really 'crucial"? I would imagine that Putin knew this aid was being held back. If the threat by Putin is as they say (urgent,large,strong) why didn't Putin attack as he knew that the Ukraine was weak? We see how it is not so much the strength of the opposition that determines if an attack will happen. Since we now know Putin will not attack,even when the Ukraine is weal in a military sense is all this "military aid" really needed or is claiming there is a need simply a way for multiple persons to make a profit in the "military hardware" business?

    Why didn't tRump understand (OK,no laughing) how odd it would be for the Ukraine to call an international press conference to announce that all the state resources available will be mobilized in an effort to find out why Biden's son got a sweetheart job and salary? There are numerous reason to make such a announcement but not simply a corruption investigation and in the Ukraine no less. It would have been so,so obvious to see that the Ukraine did this under pressure from tRump. A good caparison (an internal corruption investigation) would be Wyatt Earp (sheriff in Tombstone AZ) investigating "The Cowboys"(the Clantons) as both were corrupt and using "the law" to further personal goals (sounds like tRump)

  13. This is the very definition of a conspiracy….I'm so glad there are so many regular working people have enough integrity to expose this crime Kabal

  14. These demons are so predictable because God is bright and the devil is ignorance. The law has zero tolerance towards ignorance. Facts and Truth matter. When Bill Clinton was in the process of being impeached his approval rating skyrocketed. This Democrat charade it's going to backfire on them. We should expect 2020 up to 2024 the real draining of the swamp and the transition from the petrodollar to the gold standard. Lastly it will come a second American independence when the Federal Reserve Bank is shut down and the people take control of the money again therefore we will not have to be taxed directly again

  15. Trump, Pence, Barr, Giuliani, and Pompeo all must be tried for high treason against the United States and must be punished!!

  16. The call was transcribed, it's out there for anyone to read. I recommend getting facts from the source, not listening to people like Maddow with an obvious agenda.


  18. "if you can serve your country – you do it"
    thus taylor testifies about trumps extortion of Ukraine to the house of reps impeachment inquirery

  19. As Pelosi told Trump directly, "with you all roads lead to Putin". Why hasn't anybody probed Trump on what sort of deal he has with Putin in return for lifting US sanctions on Russia? I heard from a Russian tourist here in Thailand that the rumor there is that Putin will pay Trump $5 billion if he succeeds in lifting the sanctions.

  20. It just gets worse and worse. IT NEVER ENDS! Get the monster-in-chief OUT NOW and IN PRISON, where he belongs! Along with all the GOP enablers. This NATIONAL NIGHTMARE MUST END NOW!

  21. Justice is coming, for Democrats that acted to remove a duly elected president. Their quest for power has corrupted their judgment. Incarceration if found guilty will give them time to think.

  22. Evidence is like an observation, the existence of an assertion does not limit it to one interpretation. Your filter of HATE Trump only can see one interpretation… I hope that works out for you.

  23. I love it how some declare that they are non-partisan and then they make a blatant partisan statement. Peter Strokz comes to mind.

  24. Highlights from propaganda? Wow, that's original Roger. Keep up the good work… you are getting real close to having… zero credibility.

  25. I am just floored that this gov't would withhold vital military aid that would likely mean Ukrainians would be killed or even the country might be invaded by Russia, and all to service a ridiculous conspiracy theory to hurl some dirt at Joe Biden and his son. What kind of petty charlatans would do such a thing? I have no doubt Trump was planning to stiff Ukraine anyway, leaving them as s sitting duck for Putin, who is, after all, the man in charge. Don't Trump supporters feel any shame?

  26. Gee, I wonder why anyone would think Trump wouldn't pay his bills? He has such a stunning track record of timely bill payments after all! ?

  27. It's very shameful that American political news outlet with this much power would spew this much poo… I feel sorry for you because you're not telling the truth… And you not reporting what's going on in the streets of America for the last three years it's Russian Ukraine check via whatever… You ain't got no idea what the truth is out here

  28. The American people picked a professional gambler… I assume you are a professional Gambler if you own casinos now or ever… That's the president of the United States in the Free World what kind of clown show were you expecting? Or are you serious you didn't think it was going to be a clown show… In my 59 years on this Earth this is the funniest joke ever in the country deserves it because they've been dogging people out for many many years

  29. Fantastic shoe Rachel. Thankyou for your constant vigilance
    Go Long Go Hard Warrior Princess. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  30. It appears as if this government has been corrupt from the get go if not sooner Trump just can't help himself and the sooner he is gone the better, and when I say gone I mean preferably out of office and in prison !!

  31. Today, I come to make clear some facts that Satan has covered in his confusion.  Evil has taken charge of the liberal political party in your nation.*  In so doing, it has made humanitarian issues into political footballs.  You have one party that has genuine concern for the welfare of the people.  The other is motivated by outside forces, political power and ambition.  This nation is My tool in the world and must not be reduced to what you call a 'banana republic'.**  Such a nation as that, tosses leaders in and out of office at the mere whims of a few." 
    "I have saved this nation throughout history, holding her above deceit and hidden agendas – bringing her to victory over foreign enemies – making of her a sign of Truth amidst confusion.  All of this – all of My Divine intervention – is under attack now by those in the government and outside of this nation whose desire is to weaken this nation, making her vulnerable to world influences and less independent.  The ultimate goal is the One World Government.  This war is in hearts but is more crucial than any military conflict.  I must continue speaking here to bring light into the fog of confusion which is attempting to settle upon My nation of Truth." 
    "I urge you then to be united in Me – in My Will.  Make this, once again, one nation under Me.  Renounce all who oppose this.  Recognize the direction your current President is leading you.  Unite behind him."    PRAY PRAY PRAY!!        Holy ?

  32. I think Giuliani is an old man HASBEEN, fearing fadeing into obscurity, -with -ILLUSIONS OF GRANDUER . He IS LIVING out his fantasy

  33. Looks like if trump really, wants to "drain the swamp", he'll have to pull the plug on the entire Republican party. They're just CROOKS ! and what nerve they have, to be on tv everyday begging to keep this CRIMINAL in the WH. Smh

  34. Martini what a hypocrite you are ,don't judge while you judge all Democrats !! Like I said use the Lord's words to criticize people that have a different political view. The Republican love kids in cages and as long as they are in their mother's belly. Not all Republicans but the power that in government. Stop using the lord for your promotion of hate!!!!!


  36. When one considers the scope & degree of sheer, blatant lawlessness & utter contempt for government (as well as self-restraint) the Trump “administration” has displayed & enacted; & when one also reflects on the fact that its “election” & installation were, in large measure, a national reaction & response to the Obama administration—both his “hated” policies: a national healthcare act, a bailout of derelict banks & automakers, a push for any type of gun/weapons regulation, a cessation to blind support for the Apartheid developing of Israel, a return toward stability & secular government in the Middle Eastern world, an adherence to global/climate warming with attendant measures taken with other world leaders, as well as his unquestionably hated “racial” identity— it’s a mighty HARD sell to the rest of the planet that the United States ought to have ANYTHING to say re: law & order, law enforcement, or integrity on the political world stage.

  37. The formula of Trump to win in 2016 was Russian interference with knowledge of Trump..This corrupt in WH knows very well the extortion formula.. He wanted use again forcing Ukraine President with conditional assistance in exchange of the investigation of Mr Biden son, to get a corrupted action with the purpose to win the 2020 elections.. Clearly.. At WH is seated the worst and most corrupted man in USA in whole history.

  38. Bill Barr created this mess illegally. He is the one who make Trump and his followers criminals. Now it’s time to fix USA from Barr and Trump.

  39. If Trump gets away with all his criminal activity throughout his life, why should WE as Americans abide by the law? Why dont we break the law whenever it suits us? If the President can do it, I certainly can.

  40. This is a CIA operation, rinse wash repeat. The whistleblower? CIA. It's sad to see our countries intelligence assets focused on hating one man. The swamp is deep.

  41. Roger… 24/7 propaganda media. Once this hoax is done, I wouldn't want to be you. No credibility, no stage, you might even have to find a new career. Because who on this earth would on purpose listen to you represent an exposed fascist cause in America. Only other fascists… and once they are outed in the light of day, you won't have any elitist cover.

  42. MSNBC spin spin spin your talking points that line up with all other affiliated MSM's. Enjoy what you are doing now, but in the end, the true American patriots will see you for who you are. Go ahead and set on your millions based on being a well-paid anchor… because in the very near future, everything is going to change, and not in your favor.

  43. You know I am amazed that all of these people know better than the president. And what are they responsible for if the foreign policy fails? Nothing, you know they will always blame the president for breakdowns. Foreign service does seem like a tough assignment, but many of these people are legends in their own minds. Rather than a little cog in a big machine. Everybody jumps over the part that no favors were done and the country got their aid as promised. So what is this really about? Politics, 2020, Democrats are scared. If they have to talk about leadership visions for the country, they are sounding more Marxist than anything else. Americans won't go for it, they may be slow, but they are not stupid. This place has a lot of bot stench.

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