2 Replies to “County commissioners approve funding for 500 body cameras for BCSO”

  1. Skip the Cameras! Demand random full spectrum UAs, Pre-shift alcohol residual Tests(hungover), Beyond medically necessary testosterone(injections), Anabolic Steroids, and full disclosure of prescribed schedule 1 and 2 narcotics. Randomly by an independent citizen supervised entity..I am very sure taxpayers would feel more assurred that they(Sherrifs, SAPD) are in their full mental capacities; When they strap on a gun, taser, OC spray, baton and put on the badge! If a pilot is unable to fly under any intoxicating substance, or medical issue with 200 souls on board; How can we trust these people with a million souls in a County or City? Eventually, they will/have made many mistakes affecting countless lives! Sadly, I would prefer a drunken pilot! The odds of new planes landing themselves is a better option!! Javier? What did you do about Jawoski? Im waiting?

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